Thursday, April 11, 2019

Stop & Shop goes on strike...

Let me assert publicly that I am in complete solidarity the five locals of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union that're currently striking for better benefits at Stop & Shop.
Stocking aisles, working a cash register is a hard dollar yo, people live off that money and the corporate in question ought not to nickel and dime their workers.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

"Polls are Open in Israel"

"Vote Early and Vote Often!"


I kid, but I stick by my prediction that Netanyahu will win in a squeaker, the coalition he assembles will be a marvelously rickety contraption and the opposition will simply lie in wait for the indictments.
Because, the indictments are indeed coming...

Sunday, April 07, 2019

So I guess...

per his column in Today's Globe, that Stephen Kinzer has indeed read all 300+ pages of the Mueller Report, a feat that not even the President of the United States has yet attempted.  Cuz...according to Stephen, the Mueller report does indeed completely and irrevocably exonerate Citizen Trump from any hint of collusion with Russia back in campaign 2016.
And Stephen being a scholar and a journalist would never ever take Attorney General Barr's crass exculpatory letter to congress at face value...he'd read the Mueller Report for verification...wouldn't he??
So if...Stephen does indeed have a copy of the Mueller Report, and he would have to, in order to issue such a blatant groveling Ukase as he did today, then could he at least have the decency to leak the Goddamn Thing??
Because I for one, want to know what sort of shitty lashed up telecom Team Trump was using back then, because something was preventing them from calling the FBI every time a Russian Security Asset came knocking on their doors promising assistance against Citizen Clinton.  Hopefully, that much, is in the Mueller Report.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Brute Life in Belmont.

Politics is an ugly business, take it from me.

Never moreso than in placid antebellum, upper class ,poorly paved Belmont Ma, where Tim Flood, a  guy I couldn't pull out of a police line up is coming in for all kinds of harassment because he is running for Town Selectman.
Never mind the fact that the Board of Selectmen, is a thankless drudgery, I've never yet met a local pol that wasn't visibly relieved when they left that particular office no matter what the circumstances of said departure.  So these Falangist Tactics over in Belmont are especially galling, so much viciousness over an office that pays nothing with limited power and much responsibility....
I've said it a thousand times there is something about local politics that makes people crazy, I could run against Dave Rogers on a communist ticket promising the forced collectivization of agriculture in Arlington and not make the lifelong enemies I'd make if I so much as announced for the school committee....
I've been blogging on and off since 2003, I've seen blogging rise fall, evolve and vanish, and in all that time I never thought I'd write these words "Hey Belmont, Knock Off the Rough Stuff Willya??"

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thought for the Day...

How Many Times did a Russian Flagged Operation or Asset knock on the door of the Trump for President Campaign and whisper thru the keyhole they had terrible evil career ending dirt on Hillary Clinton?
A lot, quite frankly...too many times in fact.
And did anyone in the Trump Campaign ever once call the FBI on these Porch Climbers from Muscovy?
In fact, Donald Trump like the stupid credulous pathetic man child he is, publicly encouraged the hackery....
So regardless of what is in, the Mueller Report (which will leak soon enough if it isn't legitimately released), we already pretty much know that that greedy hapless gruesome spirits around Citizen Trump are a treacherous lot and perfect reflections of their master's vile personality and worse value structure.
And that IS Collusion in every sense of the word to me.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

"Bartender Makes Good..."

I like this girl, she is a "kick in the head" as the late Johnny Carson used to say.  Of course, the Sean Hannity's of this world are malevolently obsessed with US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the mere mention of her AOC acronym gives Fox News the Vapors and Laura Ingraham the delirium tremens.
But of course, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would know all about the delirium tremens, she used to be a bartender after all.
It occurs to me, that the fugue state she induces in the whole rightical chic apparat is a function of her youth, good looks, her race and sharp little digital teeth.  Normally, a Latina Bartender is someone the Sean Hannity's of this world can safely patronize, ogle, dismiss or colonize, they have perpetual economic leverage over the Alexandria's of this world.  Until now at least, AOC has completely inverted that relationship, allocated power and refuses to rhetorically demure to anyone on the right.  As a consequence, they can't fantasize about her, she has taken control of that process as well, and all but called them out on it as the final indignity.

They can't fantasize about someone who has seized control of her own destiny, remember that...

These are people who want to return to the patriarchy ridden society circa 1963, what drives them crazy about Rep Ocasio-Cortez is she asserts empowerment by insisting on living in the 21st Century...