Sunday, September 27, 2020

I haven't yet paid $750.00 in Federal Taxes...

 but I Did That, The Honest Way, By Being Poor and Marginal!!  Not like that penniless chiseler Donald Trump who is using every dishonest trick in the book to conceal his huge losses and massive indebtedness. Allegedly Trump has personal debts that total to over four hundred million dollars that come due in his notional second term, he doesn't seem to have the money!! 

His kids must be sweating like whores in a church, I'm sure they knew how busted Daddy was, no, I think they were counting on the whole  cringeworthy mishaugas remaining a secret.  I wonder which one of them will turn state's evidence? I think Junior is too high on the prospect of power to make a move, Eric might snitch but word is, Eric is as dumb as a bag of my money is on Ivanka, her eyes are full of cold inhuman hate, she is just the type to sell out her father and brothers to the IRS  all the while crying her eyes out on the news cameras.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

You Were Expecting Better of Senator Mitt Romney? Really??

 Today, predictably, Mitt Romney did the right thing...for President Trump and Mitch McConnell and came out for an unseemly and hypocritical fast track process for the Late Justice Ginzburg's successor, per his statement, Romney incredibly asserted that what happened to Merrick Garland and this current misgauges both are constitution and both somehow serve precedent!

Look you all have to grow up here, and realize Mitt Romney was never "A Man of Honor" not when his political interests are on the line, nope never. He simply poses as a Man of Honor because the remnants of his conscience bothers him at times. Its a sad little tax his compromised convoluted equivocal self pays to virtue, nothing more.  The Man that Mitt voted to Convict, Somehow Rates Hasty Consideration for a Supreme Court Nomination, THAT is Romney's definition of Legality and Precedent!!?? And  Also, thanks to Mitt, no doubt McConnell can now really put the screws to that other Senatorial "Profile in Discourage", Susan Collins.  

I hate to say it, but until the American People themselves flip the Senate there isn't much that can stop this rubbish quite frankly. Romney made his big grandstand play during impeachment, that is pretty much all he had in him when it comes to His Country's Honor.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Senator Susan Collins...

 locked in the fight of her life up in Maine, has this to say about Mitch McConnell's hypocritical haste to replace the late lamented Ruth Bader Ginzburg on the Supreme Court:

""Given the proximity of the presidential election, however, I do not believe that the Senate should vote on the nominee prior to the election,"

Its not exactly "we will fight on the beaches" is it? But then its never like that at all when we are talking about the Senator Susan Collins the Moderate from Maine who has never actually successfully moderated anything in her long undistinguished career.  And anyway, look at the quote carefully, she doesn't say what she'll do if a nominee is referred out by the Senate Judiciary Committee...likely she'll do as she has always done, vote to confirm.  Moreover she will vote to confirm regardless of whether or not she is reelected in November. All she is really doing is expressing a preference, in a rather passive voice and furthermore Collins asserts no leadership let alone takes much of a stand quite frankly.  But she is locked in a tight race and this sort of timid utterance is classically her idea of hurling her defiance at The Gods Themselves.

And of course, our own "Profile in DisCourage" Governor Charlie Baker actually endorsed Collins for reelection last week and cut an advert for her!  Pretty badly timed on his part quite frankly, but Charlie needs to mend fences with the National GOP and helping out Mitch McConnell's Most Reliable Mark is part of that obligation I'm sure.  Charlie's riding high in the popularity polls right now, but the State GOP is riddled with disgruntled and angry Trumpers who'd love it if Baker got primaried on the road to his third term. If I was that lot though, I'd primary Lt. Governor Polito, it'd be serious leverage over Baker to force him to run with someone the likes of Scott Lively.

Alas I digress, I do think this sickening haste to cram another Falangist onto the Supreme Court is a heaven sent issue for all democrats running for the US Senate this Fall. Incumbents and Challengers Alike, ALL need to pressing their GOP Opponents on Ginzburg's successor...I mean I can promise you, they were fine "citing precedent" when it was President Obama's nominee, now however pure power is in play and its a different story by Ghod. So hammer them on this, Hammer Them!

If for nothing else than a fitting memorial to Associate Justice Ginzburg.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

"Markey Beats Kennedy"

 Wow who expected that to happen? Wasn't Markey trailing by eleven points last winter?  I got to hand it to Ed, he never flinched, raised the money secured the endorsements and fought Kennedy to a standstill.  Ed's greatest and most consequent decision was to simply refuse to back down. Don't kid yourself, a lot of democrats in this state, privately wanted him to step aside, on grounds of age or out of respect for Camelot, Markey stood athwart the whole sickening process and cried "HALT!" Certainly a Kennedy had never lost in Massachusetts but there is a first time for everything isn't there? A lot of things went into the brew that is this victory, securing AOC's endorsement (note to the punditariat, The Lady has Reach Outside Her District, Pay Heed) and running to the Left of a Kennedy, successfully and the campaign's entire bold defiant all paid off.  I also think this is a reminder to the state that John Walsh, Ed Markey's campaign manager can still make things happen in this Commonwealth, Charlie Baker had best pay heed....

As for Kennedy, he gave up a sure thing, hoping to replicate the "rise by challenge" mythos that drove his Grandfather & and Great Uncle into the Primaries, but sad to say, it must also be noted neither man won their respective nominations.  If JPK 3 had but waited, he could likely have succeeded either of our current Senators both of whom though feisty, are also of an age. I think though, the usual blowers-of-smoke that surround any given Kennedy were all whispering that once he was in the US Senate, JPK 3 could pile into the Presidential Primaries Sans Demure as the Candidate of Camelot Redemption circa 2024...assuming we even have free elections in 2024.  Don't laugh, ludicrous ambition, thats how the Smoke Blowers Really Think! 

Otherwise, this sure seems like "The Twilight of the Gods" in Hyannisport even if for different reasons the Herald and The Globe will continue to blow on those embers, the back story is too juicy for either daily to walk away now.  Nonetheless I think it's over the enchantment is gone, I can't miss it because I know it fled a long time ago.

Anyway Kudos and Congrats to Senator Markey, "He Stood His Ground" On To November!!

Monday, August 31, 2020

Oh and a Hearty Endorsement to Steve Owens

 in the race for the democratic nomination for State Rep in the 29th Middlesex District Tomorrow.  Humble Elias had some doings with Steve back in the Great Days and always found him thoughtful, reliable and honest in his views. He will make a fine State Representative for Watertown/Cambridge in every way. Vote for Steve Owens tomorrow!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Down to the Wire...

 Senator Markey made another successful campaign appearance in Menotomy today, Congressman Kennedy seems to be doing very little business among the Spartan Elite.  But then, Ed signature is on every political IOU in town from the Mugar Wetlands to the Great Meadow.

But should Kennedy prevail on Tuesday, it is because he took to heart his Grandfather and Great Uncle's example's to heart i.e. "only by challenge shall I rise".  In the example of Bobby Kennedy his race to unseat LBJ as the Party's Presidential Nominee in 1968 and then Teddy Kennedy's quixotic and unsuccessful bid to supplant Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Y'know whenever a Kennedy runs especially in Massachusetts the air turns blue with superlatives like "leadership, dynamism, zeal, zest, energy, service, enthusiasm etc etc", sometimes it is all emitted to obscure the lack of specifics or else an unspectacular record in public life. In this case though, it is supposed to delineate an intangible difference from that long serving congressional work horse, Ed Markey.

And in Truth, Kennedy has to prattle on about leadership, service and dynamism because for the most part, he has to run on the same platform as Markey to get anywhere in this democratic primary. So what it comes down to is this,  if JPK3 wins, it is because those intangible shibboleths still has some power in a Massachusetts Democratic Primary.  On the other hand, if he loses, then its a sure sign that the Blazing Sun over Hyannisport has dipped below the horizon and the Twilight of the Kennedy's is upon us.

I make no secret of my preference for Senator Markey, he has put the time in with respect to a myriad of pressing issues, he indeed the classic congressional work horse, he has no interest in higher office, he is a ambitious older man who still dreams of new legislative successes.  I say keep him, "Good Enough for AOC, Good Enough for Me" is my motto.

With Kennedy you'll get all the above cited mantras, I'm sure he'll talk up any number of Markey's signature issues, I doubt he has the patience to bring any of them to a successful conclusion though.

And anyway we all know what happens next, if nominated & elected, no matter who wins the Presidency this fall, assuming there is an election 2024, Kennedy will have a Presidential PAC by Thanksgiving.  Maybe JPK3 can't walk away from "Avenging Dallas & Los Angeles", maybe he cannot resist another Death March to the Potomac, but we can, we can say no, politely but firmly.

And we should, on Tuesday, Vote for Markey....

Monday, August 24, 2020

Four Nights of Trump talking in Prime Time..

 Apparently because he craves the limelight and the groveling approval that can only come from a thoroughly cowed and sniveling GOP Convention. Like all narcissists, Trump thinks all his ideas are genius, they go awry only because of the mendacity or the incompetence of his underlings.  But, Four Full Hours of Trump blathering away between now and Thursday, is a very bad idea indeed.  Let me tell ya why, there is indeed a thing called "Too Much Trump", because the more he talks the more he damages his own prospects. Oh he'll be cheered, he make all the usual crowd pleasing threats, the delegate will debase themselves like trained circus animals, but believe me Trump's incoherent berserker act will wear thin by tomorrow night 10:30pm EDT.

This is what went wrong with his daily corona virus press briefings, instead of steadying the public's nerve, disseminating facts, controlling the narrative in a positive the President became a daily dose of ignorance and chaos. Instead of addressing the problem, he became the problem, and that is all that will happen with these nightly speeches, they will lose him support outside the hall. Moreover, at a four hour commitment the GOP exposes itself to the very real risk that Trump will make some humiliating irrevocable gaffe that'll only confirm his rumored illness & malevolent confusion.

No wonder the only legitimate outcome they'll accept is a Trump Victory, they got no choice, made too many bad decisions to back off now. That having been said I think a majority of the GOP won't do a thing if Trump loses in November, at least in turns of any threatened violence or mayhem. The problem is, none of them will do a blessed thing if he steals the election.

So given all that, is it any wonder that the GOP has started pounding itself over the head with a 2x4 and screaming "You Are Next!!"?