Monday, June 14, 2004

Enter the Bushops...

We went to bed on Friday knowing that Ronald Reagan was dead, and wake up today to the discovery that the President has been frantically brown-nosing the Pope for votes in the upcoming election.
Mother of Ghod is there nothing this no-class tramp won't do to advance his own interests???
On his last visit, the President allegedly told Angelo Sodano the Vatican's Secretary of State "not all the American Bishops are with me" on cultural issues (or words to that effect).
Is there any doubt that presidential snitch Karl Rove already has a list of who is on their side and who is not among the conference of bishops?
Cause that is one thing this admin compiles with alacrity, nice long shit-lists.

I wonder what the Bishops think about a US President who feels utterly unconstrained to lobby their boss on behalf of his own electoral prospects?
What am I saying? This IS the U.S. Conference of Bishops I'm talking about...a drearier more self destructive bunch cannot be imagined.
Low on money, pews are empty, and morale is nonexistent, and these yobs are on the cusp of signing over the remnants of their sovereignty to a sleazy Protestant born again and his vile rabble.
The R.C.C. has been little more than a sad bumptious mouthpiece for the Republican National Committee since the beginning of the year.
Heartened by this loutish spectacle, there is no doubt Bush told "da hully fadda" any number of expansive lies in hopes of igniting a crack down on catholic liberals in general and my honest coreligionist John Kerry in particular.
I think Bush is lobbying a pretty sick tired old man quite frankly but that is beside the point.
No....if I was John Paul II I'd take any promises the little skank made with a grain of salt.
After all Bush can pledge with all due solemnity to lock all faggots and queer after January 2005, he can promise to shot abortion doctors on sight, and imprison women who even thinking about aborting their precious little fetus...
But the reality is, who knows what the world will be like come next winter?
Bush could lose the presidency, the democrats could seize the senate...there could be winds storms tidal waves-and then where will the Vatican be?
Who can believe the promises of such a selfish ill starred so willing to upend diplomacy for his own personal gain?

Truth be told it's the usual Bush Family pincer movement, they want to get the Vatican behind their push for catholic votes this year. Bluntly lobbying the Pontiff plays to that audience that is seemingly so eager for a great reckoning on various social issues.

Well yeah....except JP 2 ought to recall Bush once promised the world a "humble foreign policy" as well.
Frankly da "Hully Fadda our Pope" is well advised to repeat William Burrough's famed admonition:
When you are doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing! His word don't mean shit with the good lord telling him how to f*ck you on a deal".

And just speaking as an American, there is something sad and gruesome about a U.S. President sucking up to a foreign potentate for votes and for a free hand with the local bishops.
It is all very sad and ghoulishly medieval...and it's a clear sign that we are headed for post conservative civilization in a pell mell rush.


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