Friday, December 17, 2004

Jenna gets a job...

The newspapers are reporting that Jenna Bush (one half of the dipsomaniacal Bush twins) is taking a job as fourth grade teacher in the Washington DC public school ystem. Details, as always, are pending.
This is naught but hilarious. Anyone else recall John Candy's old SCTV sketch in which he portrayed a drunken "Mr. Science" type kiddie show host-the project for the day was his patented hangover cure. All Humble Elias can say to Jenna's future pupils is "Nux Vomica Kids, don't come to class without a vial of Nux Vomica".
Still and all, The Bush twins are thoroughly graduated and inevitable gravitating towards their Father's imperial throne. Myabe Dad can keep the PRC's economic patronage of this country going strong by marrying one of these hoydens off to a Politiburo member.

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