Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Weld for Governor...of New York...

Bill Weld, last seen seemingly face down in the gutters of the Upper West Side of Manhattan following his divorce, has sobered up enough to think seriously about running for Governor of the Empire State.
Good God the clown car sure has rolled up early in the Big Top that is Campaign 2006 hasn't it?
Bill is ancient history, he belong to that antedeluvian Massachusetts era of lowered expectations called 1990. He won back then because he was a visible eccentric running against John Silber a malevolent weirdo in extremis. He balanced the State's budget using tax hikes Mike Dukakis and George Keverian rammed through and squeezed the localities dry for transport funds that got poured down into the vasty deeps of the Big Dig.
He also ushered in the age of the dilettante governors cutting short his second term on a genuinely bizarre quest to become Ambassador to Mexico.
In all, a sparse record of accomplishment larded up with as much personal freakiness as the notoriously puritanical Bay State electorate could withstand.
We live in different times now, a flake like Weld just won't fly - sorry!
He is runnin in New York out of sheer boredom...there is only so much gin one can guzzle up in the posh nighteries of West 72nd Street before a vague feeling of unease rolls up....a sense of not having reached one's brahmin potential.
Weld could just get married again, NYC is crawling with chorus girls and gold diggers...that would shock the squares at the very least.
Alas no, in Bill's case that uneasy feeling has sent him out on the hustings again...god help us.
Frankly the NY GOP has a perfect right to very closely examine Weld in respect of his commitment to the job, he walked out on Massachusetts and if elected somehow he could well walk out on New York...or go on a bender who knows?

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