Friday, September 08, 2006

ABC grovels...

At the jackboots of the Praetorian Class. This whole 9-11 docudrama mishaugas isn't hard to figure out, it seems that every two years right on the eve of the election some major media stakeholder feels the need to make kowtow to the GOP.
The answer to that is equally simple, the republican dominated congress (despite it's lip service to rugged individualism and the sanctity of the free market) has made it clear that it expects proper servility from the media conglomerates as the price for de-regulation and a wide open field for the big boys.
Therefore a paradox presents itself, even as News Corp, ABC-Disney, CBS et al become bigger and more profitable, they are simultaneously bound up in a servile relationship with a GOP dominated congress.
Normally size, wealth and power put you beyond the reach of government supervision, but in George Bush's America we have the worst of both worlds, an intrusive corrupt regulatory government and a "free market" dominated by a few bloated conglomerates.
With so much riding on the continued beneficence of the current administration, it is a wonder that ABC doesn't blame Bill Clinton for hurricane Katrina and the death of Steve Irwin.
Well, what is to be done?
At the moment nothing except register our outrage, CBS caved in to pressure from the right over their miniseries about Ronald Reagan, but for the moment Disney-ABC is standing a lonely iconclastic watch against political correctness, blah blah blaaah!
You all know the cliches they spout when they want to lick the asses of praetorianism.
However if we do well this fall, I would hope that someone in congress in the right position would make things hot for Disney, Murdoch etc when the time comes.
Really honestly a malevolent memory is the only thing they people understand.

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