Thursday, December 03, 2020

If Charlie Baker signs the Police Reform Bill

 that I am sure, the legislative leadership doesn't want him to sign, I'll bet Scott Lively or some other Loonytunes primaries him come 2022...IF Charlie breaks for third term that is.  If he doesn't sign it, the Senate President & the Speaker will probably emit sighs of relief and thank Ghod that Charlie Baker fears the Patrolman's Union more than he fears BLM. If he DOES sign it, that means he thinks it is more important to draw BLM's alleged claws than it is to keep peace with the Police.

But I digress, I don't think Charlie will sign it, thats my prediction.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This Guy....

Literally cannot take a good picture, Stephen Miller looks like a reptilian stiff from every damn angle.  Why would anyone schedule a face to face job interview with a cold miserable condescending man?

Oh well, if he ends up on relief, I'll need to rent Harvard Stadium to laugh in...

Happy Thanksgiving...

Friday, November 13, 2020

Oh and while I am at it,


The Boston Globe must feel Biden's inauguration is a sure thing come January, because they ran their usual speculative piece on which local democrats are gonna go to work for the incoming democratic admin. They did it for Clinton, Obama and now Biden, you can set your watch to it, IF the democrats happen to win a presidential election.

And as usual they've picked out a heroic sinecure for our redoubtable Senior Senator, Elizabeth Warren, Secretary of the Treasury, among other beguiling portfolios. All I can advise is, Liz don't do it!!  If you grab off a plum job with the admin, that means Charlie Baker appoints your temporary successor and we then have to fight a Special Senate Election, you will recall, we lost in 2010 catapulting your onetime rival Scott Brown to the US Senate.

I'll be blunt, I don't wanna fight that election, we botched it once, and it could get botched again, easily. Chuck Schumer can't be sanguine about the idea of even a temporary GOP US Senator MA, even with all his own prospects riding on two Senatorial Run Offs, In Georgia...

If Schumer is smart he's already asked that Biden not upset the senatorial equilibrium in any way, that doesn't favor the democrats...

Anyway, my message today is, "Liz Don't Listen", the people blowing smoke in your face here all wanna sell newspapers, get themselves a soft touch in DC, burnish their credentials or boost their ratings. They don't give a rat's ass about the great challenges of our times, challenges best met by Elizabeth Warren fighting it out in the US Senate!

CNN calls Georgia for Biden...

 this is an astonishing turn of events, Joe Biden is the FIRST White Liberal Democrat from the Northeast to carry The Peach State, since....My Landsman, John F. Kennedy. Funny, they are both Roman Catholics too...

But of course, as I've said before, Biden carried Georgia and cracked the Solid South thanks to Stacy Abrams, whatever she wants please give it to her, I only wish that what she wants to win both the Senatorial Run Offs down there come January.

Four Years Ago, at the dawn of a new dark age, Trump hailed his 306 Electoral Votes as "A Landslide", who am I to deny that Biden has touched off his own landslide??

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Congrats to President Elect Biden & VP Elect, Kamala Harris...

 who finally kicked Donald Trump's fat @ss this week with a four million and climbing Mandate...Today, for the first time in four long terrible years, I woke in a good mood and sustained it, all day long.

And I have Joe Biden to thank for that.

Amazingly our current good fortune goes back to the South Carolina Primary, where an entire democratic electorate, woke up too one look at the still considerable slate of presidential aspirants and turned to Joe Biden, as one, and cried out "Joseph, Veep of Barack, Lead Us Out of the Wilderness, Lest We Perish!!"

Thats when the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down and a scant two week later, Biden had a lock on the nomination...because Ghod Knows Prior to that Biden sure as hell looked like a punch drunk plug with more bruises than sense.

But I will say this about Joe Biden, he can get up off that canvass like nobody's business and go right back into his stance, any other politician who got hit like Kamala Harris hit him last fall would have literally disintegrated on camera.

Now today, He is President Elect, and that Champion Pugilist Kamala Harris his Running Mate...Kudos to Biden for doing the right thing and graciously elevating a former competitor, he "transcends"...

I'm not gonna split hairs at the moment about his margins in the Electoral College (newsflash, they were always a little thin), or the House or the Senate, our paramount goal in this election was to separate Donald Trump from the nuclear codes, we took a giant step on that this week, we should be proud and breath easier.

From this day forward

 during an election cycle, if someone comes to me, with data, insisting with hushed yet astonished tones that "Texas and Florida are In Play..." My response will be loud and emphatic "BULLSHIT!"

But...if...Stacy Abrams sez "Texas and Florida are in Play", THEN I will believe and send money and do my part. That woman is a sorceress, she reversed engineered a voter suppression statute and drove 800,000 new voters to the polls. Whatever she wants, President Elect Biden should give it to her and please God, put her in charge of the two pending Senatorial Run Offs in Georgia!!

I mean it, Abrams should get her pick of a Cabinet slot, Ambassadorships, if she wants another Go at the Governorship in Georgia, whatever it is, I'm fine with it.

Monday, November 02, 2020

"Whats the Worst Thing That Could Happen?"

 If you are nervous, uncertain, wracked with anxiety, just remember this one very steadying thing, you've already been thru this once before, and in 2016 it came as a surprise and a shock as well. So whatever happens tomorrow and in the days or weeks to come, you've been there.  You can take some strength and even comfort from that grim memory.

To quote Churchill (always our refuge in testing times),"Let Us Brace Ourselves to Our Duties", to which I must add "We Must be Equal to Our Times". Our progeny are counting on us to right these manifold wrongs wrought by Trump's Cabal in DC and to not pass along to them the dire necessity of hard decision.

History and Democracy Itself, Are Counting on Us, Our Challenges are Great, Therefore Our Determination Must be Greater.

Good Luck to All of You, God Bless.