The Chimes at Midnight
Friday, November 27, 2015
According to the New Yorker
Senator Marco Rubio has odd religious habits, in that he worships on Saturday at a Protestant Evangelical Church and then executes his liturgical obligation to the Roman Catholic Church of his birth on Sundays. This is a practice that was once common in Louisiana back in the 1930's where the Catholic - Protestant Divide runs north to south as in Ireland, but these days what with instant media and all, you'd think it'd be an odd slightly hypocritical affectation. Not so to Rubio I guess.... Of a Catholic, Marco Rubio ought to realize that the the RCC does not approve of "Open Communion", non Catholics may not partake of communion nor can Catholics receive the eucharist in non Catholic Churches. Of course Rubio has a first amendment right to sit in any church he likes...but if he is celebrating the eucharist in a Non Catholic Church YOU WOULD THINK his Local Bishop might just take him in hand for a refresher regarding doctrine.... After all John Kerry got stung in public for "preaching" in certain African American Churches by the US Bishops, this practice of Rubio's if true is deserving of a similar rebuke at the very least. But I won't hold my breath on that one, these are the US Bishops we are talking about.....
Thursday, November 26, 2015
World War 2.5.1
I don't worry about US and Russian fighter jet getting into accidental conflict escalating dogfights over Iraq & or Syria. Even though that very scenario was at the core of a lot of political thrillers back in the day, conflict avoidance seems pretty much deeply woven in the diplomatic-military DNA. No I do worry about dumbass Russian Pilots flying their rattletrap jets over Turkish territory (and thus giving Erdogan an excuse to do even less about ISIS) or else straying into the Israel Air Defense Zone. THAT has escalation potential everyone should be concerned about....especially when Putin's policy goals are so utterly vague and amount to nothing more than propping up a useless regional client and asserting great power status. Poor reasons to endanger the lives of Russian troops...but then that's Putin in a nutshell, pay a dirty shopworn dollar to get a shiny new quarter.
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Kudos to Congressman Moulton
for pushing back on Governor Baker's surly passive aggressive resistance to housing any Syrian Refugees in the Commonwealth. It may not be a popular stance for the freshman Congressman but it is principled and at least...definite. More than I can say about some other big name democrats in this State. The problem with democrats in Massachusetts is that we make easy terms with just about any GOP Governor who is not a demonstrably twitchy falangist....and everyone decamps to their districts to moan and groan about budget cuts when they aren't doubling the carbon footprint in their local Elk Clubs bloviating about the "Republican War on the Poor". Nothing gets done but then everyone has an excuse for inaction and maximal rhetorical bombast. As democrats we need to get out of the complacency zone all the way down to the precinct level, delineate our differences with Baker forcefully and make it clear what our stance is when He is Wrong. So far though, I'm not hearing much of that, the Election was a Full Year Ago Folks it's already a different world....get crackin'!
Sunday, November 22, 2015
Ghod the Boston Globe just loves Mitt Romney...
Doesn't it? They've got an entirely meaningless poll out today indicating if Mitt Romney ran for President he'd be the Front Runner. The Globe is never more sad and pathetic than when that scary thousand yard stare falls over it and the venerable news daily starts into it's "Mitt Romney is a Moderate" trance. Its a moot point now since the deadline to register for the NH Primary has passed, but the poor doddering Globe goes on fantasizing. Romney wouldn't last two weeks against this crowd he can't take a right hook he succeeded last time because he had unimpressive underfunded competition, two weeks of Donald Trump calling him a cross dresser and a sellout and Romney will run home to Belmont crying....
Saturday, November 21, 2015
Piyush We Hardly Knew Ye...
Amidst all the other things happening this week came the thin piping word that Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, Governor of Louisiana is dropping out of the GOP Presidential Race. Allegedly he has taken that browbeaten, bewildered & baffled mug of his down to the Greyhound Station on Canal Street in Manchester NH where he is piteously begging for bus fare back to Baton Rouge. But that is all part of the hazing ritual we call "The New Hampshire Primary", Texas John Connolly allegedly went thru the same thing back in 1980....


Thursday, November 19, 2015
Scot Lehigh went on Safari in NH...
and discovered with breathless excitement that Ohio Governor John Kasich is really a Moderate Republican. I mean read the column Lehigh virtually coos with happiness he can just see the Charter Schools sprouting up magically on every street corner. And then the next day Kasich wrecks the whole vibe by proposing the creation of a US Agency to "promote our Judeo Christian Heritage"abroad...Bill of Rights be Damned! Ghod I think I'm gonna need Harvard Stadium in which to laff..... But let me say this, moderate republicanism is dead, it may come back though I doubt it but it will NEVER come back as long as credulous columnistas like Scot Lehigh simply project their need for a moderate republican messiah onto some cynical conservative. All that does is corrupt the brand and ensure moderate republicanism is nothing but a pose not a principled stance.
Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Baker sez no for now...
to any Syrian Refugees being domiciled in the Bay State....not exactly a Profile in Courage eh? Ah but when you've got a 65% approval rating yer kinda stuck with the whole "keep those numbers high" meme....which leads to more short money high fructose decision making. Which is the irony high public approval, it turns you into an @sshole with limited options.

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