Saturday, May 25, 2019

Theresa May: An Autopsy...

This is a portrait of a beaten politician.  Faced with a parliament that apparently wants out of the E.U. without endangering their soft touch gigs, May negotiated and renegotiated with Brussels and with every conference her power and confidence was systematically reduced to nothingness.  And so at last, with the Conservative Party in full revolt, she resigns.  The entire sum of her Premiership has been the living embodiment of Reginald Maudling's old dictum "All Political Careers End in Failure."
Failure Indeed....
True, Theresa May had a genius talent to jerry-rigging coalitions to outlast the short term, but the short term has run out.
Most everyone in the U.K. knows a hard or a soft Brexit is a bad idea, Britain suffers needlessly under either scenario, there is indeed a pro-Brexit faction, but the largest faction of all, wants to keep their phony baloney jobs, and right now, the nigh unavoidable "Hard Brexit" imperils everyone's prospects.  Everyone in other words, is bound to implement a policy they themselves know to be disastrous, and its impossible under those circumstance to get good people to make smart decisions or even sustain transparency and honesty. A constitution, written or unwritten, is not a suicide pact, referendum or no referendum. The U.K. cannot figuratively hold a revolver to it's head and scream "You are next!" to the World...
Its long past due for the electorate to take parliament in hand and issue clear and concise instructions, no last minute miracles, no sudden coups no ridiculous drama.  In other words, psychologically it is time for a election, I know the UK is sick unto death of voting seemingly continually but the current Leadership in Whitehall is pretty blatantly failing them, a new mandate is desperately needed.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Phil Scott

the incumbent republican Governor of Vermont, is actually ginnin' up Charlie Baker as a GOP challenger to Donald Trump in next year's presidential primaries.
Apparently Charlie is still The Most Popular Governor in the Country...And Governor Scott thinks that might prove to be leverage over Donald Trump.
Nothing could be further from the Truth, The President still has toxically high approval ratings among the GOP base, exactly how a Phil Scott, Bill Weld or a Charlie Baker is supposed to do business in a GOP Primary under those circumstances is a mystery to me.
Moreover, Charlie looks great on paper, in reality he is an even bigger fatuous bore than Mike Pence with a curiously irritating sing-song delivery, MBTA commutes have gotten longer and more uncertain under his administration and the Massachusetts State Police are hemorrhaging federal indictments.
And then there is his kinky devotion to Charter Schools, a malign rightical chic fad that he thinks can quite literally cure gunshot wounds.
No, Charlie won't get in, he is too equivocal to even endorse his old boss Bill Weld, no Baker will make the same old helpless noises and keep his head down all next year, worked like a charm in 2016 after all.
You have to understand something, to confront Trump in a GOP Primary, you have to have something of a "heroic mood" (to quote Theodore Roosevelt) and that requires a willingness to sacrifice, take chances risk annihilation.  Phill Scott, John Kasich or Charlie Baker just aren't "Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden" type politicians.  They believe in small government and low taxes and narrow minded judges, the conservative echo chamber that nurtured them gave them little by which to resist a shopworn would be tyrant like Donald Trump.  As long as they aren't being attacked, they think they can wait this cyclone out, they may bleat piteously when backed into a corner, back that is it, don't ask for more.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Faced with a Nation that has fitfully

legalized marijuana use, gay marriage and foreign fundraising for US Presidential Candidates, what does Alabama do to keep up? They decriminalize incest and rape.
Thanks to Alabama's New Draconian Anti Abortion Law, the Taliban look like a bunch of Loony Leftists, the punishment for terminating a pregnancy within the State of Alabama is ten years years in Prison.  Rapists and Incest Perpetrators can sue for caregiving rights under the law...Truly Its The Day of the Beast in Alabama...and elsewhere.  Meanwhile Texas is debating outright gendercide by debating the death penalty for women who obtain abortions.  This is all malignant insanity...there is a native class of power worshipping brutes on this loose in this country, and if we don't stop them now, we will be fighting them on the Banks of the Connecticut River.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

It Is Not...

or "America First"....Its "The Constitution First", it is to that sacred document foibles and all we must take increased devotion to quote Mister Lincoln. Look at the Oath Sworn by Commissioned Officers of the US Armed Forces: "I do solemnly swea that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God." The Country, per se, is barely mentioned, the whole of the sworn oath is to protect The Constitution itself, its laws, its ethos, its rights, obligations and its very survival. The planet is crammed full of countries with bombastic anthems to power and glory eternal, but there is only One, All Too Fragile United States Constitution and we'd all Best Love It Or Else.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Biden Piles in (for a third time...)

Its Joe Biden's third bid for the US Presidency, after having run nationwide for VP twice...thats a shit ton of experience that neatly obscures the historic fact that politicians that's this dogged rarely achieve the office they seek...
But watch that word, rarely it is a strict qualifier indeed.
Given the spate of bad publicity he's run up these last few weeks I do think, that if Joe Biden is nominated (which is hardly set in stone no matter how strong his fundraising), its a lead pipe cinch he has to take the hoodoo off by nominated a woman for Veep.
The Good News is, The Democrats are Lousy with Qualified Women.
The Bad News is, Most of Those Qualified Women Know It and thats why they themselves are Running for President.
Anyway forecasting is impossible at this stage of the game with twenty candidates so far, its less a party primary and more like a Kentucky Derby Cavalry Charge, with more candidates getting in, even as I write this...
So, I will make this pledge, I refuse to do the work of a Russian Spambot, and cite anyone as inherently unacceptable, at this point I'd vote for Juan Peron if it meant Ousting Trump next year. My job isn't foisting my views on the Primary/Convention/General Election, no my job is saving The Constitution and the Republic...and God Damn the Russian Spambot Primary too....

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Weld Announces, Romney Denounces...

"Senator" Romney, announced he was "sickened" by the blatant "dishonesty" & disregard for the law detailed in the Mueller Report, and then of course, being Mitt Romney did exactly nothing to end the lawbreaking.
He can do that, not because he comes from a very safe republican set, but because he is ineffably Mitt  Romney, he will speak out sometimes and then do nothing. He once groveled unsuccessfully to be Trump's Secretary of State, just remember that, if the going gets hot, he'll grovel again, count on it.
Mit contradicts himself like this because he holds the electorate in contempt, he thinks they don't pay attention to his contradictions, but in fact they do, in case anyone is wondering why Romney was never elected President.
Truly the thinnest loneliest book in all of the Library of Congress is "The Political Courage of Mitt Romney".
Meanwhile Bill Weld has awoken from his latest bender to discover his lance has been freshly painted and he has somehow announced for president, yet another Windmill looms in the morning mists it seems. Weld is making brave noises about raising six million large to compete in Iowa and New Hampshire, that sounds like very wishful thinking on his part. If this is the scope of Trump's GOP opposition then he need fear nothing, for now.
On the other hand, Weld did beat Trump's 1990 Beta Prototype, John Silber in a fair and open contest, so he does have some experience defusing blustery extremists, there is that. That was twenty nine years ago though, Weld is seventy three years old and has been off the grid effectively for decades, I cannot begin to imagine how his fundraising will go, likely badly and quickly.
What all this comes down to is, there is a myth out there, that there is substantive GOP opposition to Trump, there is not, that party may not be entirely united behind Trump but they are thoroughly cowed, which is bad news because short of an electoral earthquake it'll take coordinated action by both parties to rid us of this outlaw administration.