Monday, June 15, 2020

If I had to guess

I think both the Player's Association & the Owners both mentally walked away from the table weeks ago in respect of restarting Professional Baseball in the USA. The players want all the money they contracted for in March, they also don't want to set any precedents that'll impede their freedom of action at next year's contract talks. The owners, are owners, they wanna spend as little as possible in a fraught and fluid pathogenic situation.
The issue of how many games will be played,is a mere sideshow, the players and the owners are both waiting for Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to order the teams to play ball on a truncated fifty game schedule, one that allows players to collect 100% of their pro-rated salaries and which also imposes the least financial burden on the allegedly cash strapped owners. Everyone can simply blame Manfred for imposing a restart via fiat, everyone gets to keep their money and their freedom of action...and if anything goes wrong, its Manfred's fault because he forced everyone to play.
I don't often have anything sensible to say about professional sports, today's commentary is derived from reading the Boston Globe's sport page to My Mother over the phone while she sits out her own lockdown in a Nursing Home.  I cannot analyze the sport from any experienced perspective, but I do have a background in politics and can assess things on a political basis.
No one has an incentive to negotiate since they know they'll be compelled to play under that are circumstances the least disadvantageous to everyone.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020


I'll bet Esper is out by the weekend...the reason will be "interfering with a tyrant when he is unlawfully trying to project strength".

Or maybe Trump will try and provoke the Iranians...or maybe a mix of both, because when Trump F*cks Up this Badly, he usually opts to distract...when he cannot project strength of course.  And right now despite a ring of bayonets around the White House, Trump looks like a weakling & a loser.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

There is Something Grimly Hilarious

about Donald Trump, literally cowering behind sandbags in the Oval Office, tweeting out childish threats to demonstrators protesting the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Clearly Trump is trying to goad the protesters into some foolhardy act of violence, and to stoke the fires he boasts in a cowardly way of the firepower and ferocity of The Secret Service.
This my friends, Is Praetorianism, but not in the way you think, these are Trump's threats, which the Secret Service May Have to Make Good On...I wonder how the rank and file agents feel about that?
Keep in mind, its the Praetorian Guard that assassinated The Emperor Caligula (they got tired of being his personal death squad), when it was Nero's turn, the Guard refined their technique, they simply withdrew their protection and the Emperor promptly committed suicide.
So If I was Trump I don't think I'd be polarizing his own security like this...the historic precedents are ominous.

Monday, May 25, 2020

"The Feast of Annihilation"

Y'know if Roy Cooper currently the Democratic Governor of North Carolina, wanted to create absolute chaos in the National GOP, all he has to do, is nothing.
Nothing, in the sense that, he will simply enforce the current public health & social distancing guidelines that would prohibit the Republican National Convention in Raleigh from packing the hall to capacity.  Trump has already thrown a tantrum about it...apparently the President's malevolent, senile vanity includes creating his own personal pathogen petri dish to scream his praises. So Cooper should insist the guidelines be honored, stand fast, do nothing and let the President blow his stack and impulsively send the convention elsewhere.  There will be the usual twitter tantrums and more darkly death threats...but Cooper has every right to insist on the maximum safety margin during a pandemic with limited treatment options and as yet no vaccine.

I say he should stand fast...who knows this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Trump looks terrible these days by the way, I think he's gained 20 lbs in the last two months, he's clearly increasingly incoherent and berserk.  He's a fat sick senile old man with an alleged fondness for the recreational aspects of certain medications.  Let him apply all that to finding a new location for the RNC, it'll go as well as his response to the pandemic I assure you.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Palliative Potions...

Late today the President (who is looking increasingly bloated befuddled and feeble) casually announced he is taking "Hydroxychloriquine" (sp) as a precaution to prevent a covid19 infection.
This is sheer nonsense, if the President's Personal Physician has even the common sense of a Medicine Show Croaker, he has issued a placebo to Trump and clocked out early.  Trump gets to pretend his magic potion works, the WH Physician gets a little peace and quiet for a change.
I guarantee you someone in that medical office has given Trump's blood a toxicity screening so they know all about his alleged abuse of adderall, as well as Ghod Knows What Else...
But lets pretend for a moment, Trump is getting his much touted palliative, can anyone out there answer this question?: "Can someone with a bad adderall dependency take "hydroxychloroquine on a daily basis without risking malign side effects or some sort of dangerous reaction?"
I'd love to know the answer to this one...

Sunday, May 17, 2020

If Covid 19 is truly

"The Downfall of Donald J. Trump", it will because his toxic and ominous rhetoric cannot alter the fatal optics of this crisis. Death tolls are mounting all over the country, testing is more or less rationed and all this weekend Trump rants and raves on twitter...
And the ultimate tragedy, IF this is his Waterloo, nothing else save a fatal pandemic could get rid of him, not law, nor convention or morality. No that it cost lives to do it, like in a war.
Dear God!
Perhaps the President can can convinced to resign, I doubt it, but its worth exploring. It depends on people giving up their fear of him and confronting fearlessly...all he can do is yell threaten and curse like a sad nasty end of lifer in a nursing home.  Meanwhile the optics out there are relentless, far more damaging than any tweeted threat.

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The Flyover Tomorrow

is tolerable since it is executed by the Massachusetts Air National Guard, at least its the local Unit trying to keep up local morale among First Responders.
If it was the Blue Angels (redoubtable though they may be) I'd probably blow a gasket, the Feds sending us jets when my mother's Nursing Home is desperate for PPE of all kinds. At least our National Guard is committed to executing Covid-19 testing in the local Nursing Homes, thats more than I can say about the leaderless Feds at this point who are still seizing PPE on a moment's notice and stockpiling it Jared Knows Where.