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Wednesday, July 01, 2015
For the moment I'm scoring Charlie Baker as a
squish on the subject of the Olympics. Oh don't get me wrong if the pro-game percentages were just a wee bit better he'd be banging the pots in the streets for the Olympics, but at the moment public opinion seems to restrain him. Although I suspect that in his heart of hearts he'd love to get behind the IOC bid, it's the just the sort of "innovative public private partner$hip that moderate republicans love, tax cuts galore and the tax payer doesn't get officially screwed until the Governor himself is long out of office. Moreover Joh Henry, owner of the Red Sox, The Boston Globe, Liverpool United and pumper of moderate republicanism would allegedly dearly love to get a soccer stadium in Boston as long as he doesn't have to pay for it. The IOC Bid will supposedly get Messr Henry his stadium, so there is that to consider as the governor mulls over and over and over his options. My gut is, Baker will come around on the Olympics sooner or later, thats a lot of Big Money Men on that committee and the few surviving moderate republicans out there have historically been great respecters of money although the polling could nose dive...if it doesn't this could turn into Baker versus Walsh. So far neither man has a natural advantage.


Monday, June 29, 2015
When SCOTUS said yes to "Marriage Equality"
last week Jeb Bush was heard to respond that "his faith" predisposed him towards support for 'traditional marriage". Fair enough, no member of the La Famiglia Arbusto has ever stuck their necks out on behalf of the rights of any minority....ever. But then, I do so love the sacerdotal silence that falls over Jeb Bush whenever the subject of global warming and the RCC's stance thereon is under discussion. But then it's a mutual sacerdotal silence, Jeb doesn't believe in climate change and won't let "his faith" inform him on the matter, meanwhile the US Bishops WILL NEVER EVER EVER call him on his apostasy. Certainly they will not get on Jeb's case about global warming and the death penalty they way they dogged John Kerry's ass in 2004. On that you and La Famiglia Arbusto may rely.


Sunday, June 28, 2015
In Case You Hadn't Noticed....
Piyush Bobby Jindal the Grand Mendicant and Governor of Louisiana has announced for President this week....overshadowed and overtaken by events, as usual. Ah but it's been a long slow inexorable fall for Jindal a bare nine years ago, Piyush was the GOP's answer to Barack Obama, young, pragmatic, ethnic and thin. Now look at him, his whole "Governor Spreadsheet" persona is effaced, Jindal has long been Grover Norquist's narrow minded tax lowerin' bitch and the result is Louisiana is a debt ridden tumbledown mess and it's current Governor's approval rating is competitive with that of the Norovirus. So having ruined Louisiana, there is seemingly nothing left to do but for Jindal to run for President as literally the ninth wingnut sock puppet in the race blustery craven and likely the most luckless governor currently serving in the USA. There is a sad shamelessness to Jindal oh he can denounce "the tyranny of the Federal Government" with the best of them on a Monday & by Friday he can abjectly beg the Federal Government for Help after some natural or man made disaster has laid his state low. And besides, Bobby Jindal just looks like a loser, constantly surprised and overwhelmed he will not wear well with the American People. Just remember this we've got a few politicians in this state who have been elected to high office as spreadsheet worshipping pragmatists...well that was Piyush "Bobby" Jindal once as well look how he ended up....
Friday, June 26, 2015
Freedom won big today...
When SCOTUS essentially nationalized marriage equality today. Everything I know about freedom as an abstract concept I got from Abraham Lincoln's "Peoria Speech" in 1854. Much of the arguments therein are heavy going vis a vis the "Missouri Compromise" but there is also a definition of freedom both practical and philosophical that stands for the ages. In the play of logic as it relates to freedom, we have not exceeded said Lincolnian definition even today. The Great Emanicipator's argument is simple, when I govern myself I am essentially free in my self governance, when I govern another in contravention of their inalienable rights that is despotism no matter how free my own self may be. Therefore freedom and self government cannot exist in an exclusive enclave, it must apply to all or it withers away. Despotism therefore flourishes where freedom and self governance are applied to some but not to all. And that notion beautifully applies itself to the entire marriage equality question, what was unjustly reserved to the few is now freely available to all under the rule of law...the very essence of the Lincolnian Definition of Freedom. Well done. Well done....
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Obamacare Uber Alles....
Survives yet another challenge before the Supreme Court and sails thru to victory 6 to 3....Scalia's dissent read like a Howie Carr column blustery & impotent. The real fun shifts to the GOP Presidential Field where at least half a dozen governors now must explain themselves...why access to a doctor is somehow a bad thing and terrible mortal blow to liberty. I predict a veritable cataract of incoherence....nice divisive wedge issue the GOP should have a few more driven into them...
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Dzhokar is Sowwee....
...for the lives he took. Or so he said at his sentencing hearing today. Well shit I'm all broken up a this heartfelt expression of remorse. Just remember the twisted little bastard smirked as he put down the bomb in front of family with children....I'll just bet he is sorry...
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Its certainly a nice gesture
for SC Governor Nikki Haley to call for the Confederate Battle Flag to hauled down from over the State Capitol, granted it's the legislature's decision and as of today, they tabled the motion...still it's a nice gesture. It's also classic American Distraction Politics in that while we slang back and forth about th' Banner of Th' Rebellion....and never once will anyone discuss the lax violence promoting firearms laws in South Carolina or the thick atmosphere of sheer gun worship that permeates the whole region. From That Debate, Nikki Haley will flee believe me, that woman has dreamy-dreams of being someone's VP Candidate in 2016 so this whole flag mishaugas is a perfect way to "Do Something" without really "Accomplishing Anything". But again...its a nice gesture but that is all that it is...

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