Friday, May 19, 2017

Sources close to

both the Garballey & Friedman State Senate Campaigns tell me that no Republican has pulled papers or collected signatures to contest the special election for the Late Ken Donnelly's Seat. This means that no Republican will be on the General Election Ballot come July....
A couple of thoughts come to mind, this special election is pretty much "The Only Game in Town" for the GOP until next year, you'd think, given that Trump DID carry Billerica that they'd make a pro-forma effort at least even if its a notoriously safe democratic seat.
I assume that if Charlie Baker wanted a candidate in the 4th Middlesex, he'd a gotten one. Maybe he thought this meant he'd have to make a deal with some neophyte Trumpist...or else the Governor is defaulting to "Reelection Mode" and wants to discourage stirring up the democrats thus to encourage ticket-splitting come November of next year.
Of course this doesn't rule out some sort of write in campaign but those are doomed efforts in the Bay State and a pretty blatant confession of defeat.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Roger Ailes is dead

The Diabolical Founder of Fox News was seventy seven.  In his memory at 9pm at Fox News Headquarters there will be a "twenty two gam salute" with ceremonial short skirts and then a memorial women's dash around the late Political Pontiff's Desk.
Rest in Peace....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It'd be funny if James Comey...

simply concocted this story about a memorandum indicating Trump asked him to drop the Flynn Investigation....because he knows disproving said story would implicate the adminstration in an illegal wiretapping felony. Ironic given the President's irrational insistence Obama bugged his phones.
Besides the mere hint of said memorandum seems to have detonated the pyrobolts holding Trump's delicate psyche together...payback is a mother ain't it?
But truly these stories are moving very fast I don't expect the crisis to end soon keeping up is gonna become arbitrary and capricious around here....

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

According to the Washington Post...

Alt Right PostBoy Richard Spencer (think of him as a sort of local "General Eon O'Duffy" sans brogue) led a march in Virginia this weekend decrying the iminent removal of a Confederate Statue. "Dozens" showed up to protest bearing torches and placards which read (among other things) "Russia is Our Friend!".
Didja read that one? The Racial Right in the USA suddenly has a hard on for Moscow, I don't doubt Vladimir Putin spends a nice chunk of the Russian Taxpayers Money on all sorts of noisy freaks like these in hopes to sparking something nasty.  So clearly, Putin's Russia is back playing the part of "European Reaction's Reserve Army", to quote Karl Marx, a status that predates the Crimean War and persisted as Russian Policy right up until Nicholas & Alexandra were placed under arrest.  Up until fairly recently the Racial Right in the USA had a burning hatred for the Russians in part out of CounterMarxist Frenzy as well as antipathy for the "Vile Slavic Hordes of Muscovy."  Signs like "Russia is Our Friend" at a Racial Right Rally just tells me, someone somewhere is spending big money to make twitchy weird friends in far off places....
And that dynamic "Russia as Reaction's Firewall" is something well worth keeping an eye on....I'd love to know how far something like this goes, if indeed it is happening at all.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Comey Outski

I suppose I'm in the minority when I say I'm not surprised hat Trump found a reason to fire FBI Director James Comey he must have reasoned anyone willing to interfere in a US Election (the famous "letter to congress" the week of the election) is probably more than willing to terminate Trump's administration in due course via a thorough investigation.
I can't fault the President's "Corleonesque" logic, his honesty, goodwill and ability, yes but his logic is lowbrow and irrefutable.
That having been said, these are the actions of someone who THINKS they have something to hide, they may well not know for sure, but the possibilities are endless and frightening hence last week's example of Trumpian "Frightfulness".  We can expect more of the same because I doubt firing Comey quieted any of Donald Trump's fears...he'll make worse decisions in due course count on it.
It might be a good idea to take a giant step back here and recall we've been interfering with our own elections in deed and in spirit for quite some time now, we've been letting jobbers in rotten boroughs "vote for their own constituencies" for a generation now, we've permitted funny money to become the deciding factor in most elections and now we are experimenting with outright voter suppression. So it should be no big shock when a foreign tyrant and some Hillary hating FBI agents decide to sway the election by any means necessary.  Hell we all but beckoned them to "come on down".

Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Let All the Poisons That Lurk in the Mud, Hatch Out"

Since nuclear war initiated by the present Administration will come as no surprise to me, James Comey gettin' the old heave-ho by Trump is hardly any shock at all. Comey did his level best to help Trump into office last October and his reward was to get shown the door allegedly by Trump's personal bodyguard no less...but then Comey went into business with Trump last October and got screwed over thoroughly like ALL of Trump's private sector creditors, partners and investors...why should Flynn or Comey or possibly General McMaster's fate be any different?
What surprises me is that people are surprised....y'all were warned in no explicit terms this would happen....
But let me put this out there, Trump is no clever three dimensional chess player, he is impulsive and secretive, and truly based on this latest outrage, he has a lot to hide.  But that isn't a confession of strategic genius by any means I don't think Trump understands truly the danger he has brought down on himself, I think he believes that his own luck and impulsive wits will master any situation. ANd if that is the case "Hubris" is really in charge of the USA down to custody of the nuclear launch authority and no that is not a good thing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Gruesome Prediction...

In the wake of the Fields-Bolanos murders down in the Seaport District we are gonna hear a lot of loud advocacy in favor of the death penalty from Governor Baker.  All you democrats out there be prepared for a lot of tepid but insistent demagoguery from our tepid insistent Governor....
Just remember the last time it was before the legislature in the 1990's it lost by a single vote, and election years tend to make people crazy around here.
I tell you I can just see the TV commercials with Texeira's battered zombie face all over them....