Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Damn Tax Bill Edges Closer to Passage

dropping the corporate tax rate to 21% sans any reciprocal obligations only incentivizes US Corporates to accelerate exporting US Jobs to low wage offshore providers. A generation ago, the process began under Ronald Reagan with the wholesale decimation of the manufacturing sector (in part to destroy "the tyranny of the closed shop") now that same "ship em' out" ethos is denuding the financial sector of thousands of mid level jobs.  A 21% corporate tax rate is nothing but a bright clear blood red signal for one last apocalyptic impoverishment of the working & middle classes in the USA and once the dust settles pull up the ladders lock the doors and shoot anyone who dares cross the moat without a signed pass.
A Cheeful Little Earful, Happy Holidays to All.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Congrats to Senator Elect Doug Jones of Alabama!

A pro-choice democrat elected to the US Senate last night over an alleged pervy wingnut...oh how Justice Grinds Slow But Pure.
Frankly I had my doubts which I freely shared with all seven of you out there, so this is as good a christmas gift as one could have hoped for since Trump's election.
Social media is of course awhirl with malign revisionism asserting Jones won simply because Roy Moore's alleged perversity was too much for the famously conservative Alabama electorate. That is likely the primary factor behind the win, it will be conceded, BUT you don't pull off upset wins like with without a massive GOTV campaign, party unity, a positive message and candidate prepared to fight to the last ballot and the last voter.
THAT is Doug Jones in a nutshell he made a magnificent fight and reaped the benefit. And while we are at it, kudos to Former Governor Patrick, Former President Obama, Charles Barkley (a sonorous baritone seemingly made for public life) & Senator Booker all of them made time resource or their very selves available and can rightly share in the victory.
I don't know how long Jones can stay in the US Senate, he was elected to serve out Jeff Sessions term which I believe runs out ioon 2020, there is likely already a daunting fundraising challenge for Jones should he opt for reelection. Moreover the local GOP seems pretty well schooled in the pitfalls of nominating an alleged pederast for a High Public Trust....but all that in God's Good Time.
Hoepefully Jones can use his new venue to press for fair voting laws and easier ballot access initiatives, there is no point in not staying in their faces, he has nothing to lose believe me.

But let us take a moment, to fall to our knees and humbly raise our eyes to a Just and Almighty God & Gloat.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Good Luck to Doug Jones today

Down in Alabama, I still think he faces long odds, but he has made a brave and honorable fight of it right down to the Last Ballot and in the very best democratic tradition.
Whatever happens tonight or tomorrow let us all remember that sometimes morality and human rights intersect and when they do, we must not compromise or permit retreat.
And as always, "We Must Be Equal to Our Times".

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Boston Herald Rides Off into the Sunset...

as the Boston Daily files for Bankruptcy and is summarily sold to Gatehouse Media for a mere 4.5 million dollars.
Shee-it I coulda raised that kind of money had I but known.
But lets face it, newspapers are all but dead and buried...the nurses won't perform CPR the next time they "code" believe me.  If the Herald does manage to stay in business once they run the gamut of lawsuits on the union contracts & pension obligations they are officially disowning, I doubt it'll be little more than a louder version of the Boston Metro.  Thin with nothing but sports comics and Howie Carr...and I doubt even that can be viable in today's market.
I've made vicious fun of the Herald and it's "wingnut fan fiction" editorial mandate but this story does make me sad, for a long time the Hub was a "two newspaper town" with ideologically opposed daily's as well, its something that pretty much ceased to exist all over the USA decades but Boston contrarian to the loss, kept it up unto the last.
And as someone who has been laid off several times and will be again one of these days, I feel very bad that the Herald will unload another fifty plus employees by next February....journalists are clogging up the unemployment offices that is a bad thing of itself...the End is Truly Nigh.
In other words,  We've never been poorer in the midst of plenty.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Kudos to Former Governor Patrick

He is apparently going down to Alabama to campaign for Doug Jones this weekend, rallies and get out the vote type events so I read. This is exactly the right thing to do, in a campaign like Jones v. The Political Pederast the last weekend before the Big Show has to be given over to high energy GOTV efforts, turning out African Americans is the key to any conceivable victory.
So win or lose its the right thing for Patrick to be doing...I just hope he doesn't have any "Big Plans" down the road but the fact that he is electioneering in Alabama is a source of disquiet in that regards.
On the other hand, if Ed Markey were to retire (the word on the street is thats an unlikely eventuality) I'd be bangin' the pots 24-7 for "Deval for the US Senate" race.
Anyhow Good Luck Governor ...

Thursday, December 07, 2017

If Jerusalem is now official by US Presidential Fiat

Israel's "Eternal Capital" then when does Dublin become the "Eternal Capital of a United Ireland" 26+6=1 or...thirty two or some damn thing.
We all know the answer to that, some Eternal Capitals are More Equal Than Others and for the exactly nothing in return Trump gave away an important concession in Israel, Putin and Netanyahu must be laughing their asses off at our Amateur Manchild President.
The only real short term cost will be in the lives of outraged Muslims in the Region but thats of little account to us these days, until some fellow citizen in endangered or killed.  This is otherwise a dumb fan service sort of a move from Trump it restricts our options in a region where we've never had a greater presence and less influence.
But it makes the Jeff Jacoby's of this world happy but thats all who are happy with it believe me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Alleged Pederast Roy Moore

Candidate for Senate and not sadly, maximum security, is currently Up in the Polls in Alabama's Special Senate Race.
That is to be expected sad to say, the myth of grievance is pretty strong down there right now, Alabama will apparently vote for any loudmouth sonovabitch who promises a few asses to kick.
Doug Jones is running the best campaign he can, not sure what the right move is right now, my original advice was to "Give Em' Heaven" but now I'm wondering if his campaign slogan should be "Doug Jones for Senate: One Less Predatory Freak in Washington".
Meanwhile Steve Bannon is ranting and raving like a real life "Fred Van Ackerman" so all in all, I'd advise Senator McConnell to quietly keep the female interns and pages a nice safe distance from Roy Moore, if necessary get a restraining order.
But then this is Mitch McConnell we are taking about, courage is not his strong suit...