Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Brexit, stage right...

My prediction is, Theresa May's Brexit Plan will not get the approval of parliament today, either it'll be voted down or withdrawn in the face of defeat. Perhaps the Tories will make one more attempt for an up down vote, but I think, this will end in an uncontrolled "Hard Brexit" next month.  I don't think thats the end of Theresa May's Government at least for the short term, the PM has a Netanyahu-like talent for stitching together a tattered coalition by which to cling to power.  What she has to fear, is a vote of no confidence and another general election, May had thin margins last time and complete uncontrolled diplomatic & economic chaos is hardly a bouncy upbeat message for the British Electorate.
Under the above scenario, a lot depends on what the Labor Opposition defines as "the opportune moment" to call for a vote of no confidence, in the lead up to a "Hard Brexit" or take a chance on complete chaos presumably attending on the aftermath?
I'd never discount Theresa May's capacity to survive certain electoral destruction, but the odds are getting longer every day and she has fewer and fewer carrots and sticks to apply to the problem.

Monday, January 14, 2019


I thought some endless "Wall" or "Steel Fence" down on the border of Mexico was the alleged answer to the problem of illegal immigration....and it is not, Donald J. Trump is the last person on Earth I'd pick to bring such a useless boondoggle to fruition.  The Man is a Hopelessly Compromised F**k Up of epic proportions, if he ever actually builds the goddamn thing, it'll fall to pieces inside of two weeks, count on it.  Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer are well within their rights to dig in their feels and take a hard line against President Trump's shut down, its economic hostage taking and a bones-hunting on a grand scale...the public knows it, the polls are all against this stupid scheme.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Spiking the Homeless...

The Ma Department of Transport put a series of spikes in a Route 2 underpass favored as shelter by the Homeless in Fresh Pond, the Town of Arlington is to say the least nonplussed...even chagrined by this decision.
Frankly that whole area is an ongoing hotel-zone so to speak for The Indigent, if you walk up the path that parallels the Little River towards Belmont, count on it you'll find a tent pitched or some other homeless encampment.
A holistic approach is called for, in my humble opinion, however for the moment perhaps Lumpy AKA Governor Charlie Baker can take time out of his busy schedule of raising funny money and running a Victory Lap around the State and maybe I dunno...look into the problem?
Maybe he could get the spikes taken down, its a barbaric measure to say the least...

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

If I was the RNC I wouldn't be worried about

"Senator"Mitt Romney's critical Op-ed piece about Trump, The Freshman from Utah hasn't got the fortitude Ghod Gave a Dunkin Donuts Cruller, he'll walk it back before the weekend I promise you.
To stand up to Trump within the GOP, would require something Mitt doesn't have, that is to say, courage, he's never displayed an iota of it before and he won't start now.
Besides its hardly a Jeremiad that Romney composed, The President...has not risen to the mantle of the office.”this ain't Cromwell's dismissal of the Rump Parliament believe me.
Like his stance on Abortion, Romney has been pro Trump Twice, and against two more times that is if you include his fitful negotiations to be Trump's Secretary of State as an embrace of the current President.
I will be blunt, I doubt that Mitt Romney has the money, the courage or the even the ability to challenge Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020...he is at best mildly criticizing Trump without committing any resources or incurring any risks.
In short, "Vintage Romney".

Monday, December 31, 2018

I'm Calling It Folks...

Clearly The Senior Senator from Massachusetts neither heeds nor reads this..."The Little Blog That Cried".
We begged her not to run for President, but nevertheless she persisted on that one as well.
The only good news here is that likely she'll empty the local fundraising pool completely inside a few months and dissuade Representatives Moulton & Kennedy from any wan hope of piling into the presidential primaries.
Deval Patrick at least, has already come to his senses.
My only advise to Senator Warren is to keep her language plain, coherent and even a bit salty, focus relentlessly on the economic inequality, constantly stress that want respects neither gender nor color.  Get ready for a shit ton of Indian war-whoops and attacks from that angle (some of which will come from Native Americans count on it), but you've stated your case on that matter so classify it as a distraction and stay focused on income inequality and the decline of the Middle Class...frankly that is your only hope.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Live Free or Die...Just Don't Try...To Get High"

NH Governor Chris Sununu has engaged the $ervices of one Kevin Sabet who fronts something called "Smart Approaches to Marijuana" to lobby the Granite State against legalizing marijuana.  There is a bill pending in the NH State Legislature and the regional trend is towards decriminalization and or outright legalization...so there is a lot on the line for Sununu, whose mind is stuck in the mid 1980's "just say no" era.
I myself just find it plainly hilarious whenever The Granite State cannot live up to it's utopian libertarian fantasies which seems to happen with mirthful regularity these days.
This is the same New Hampshire that practically promotes driving while intoxicated by putting their Massive State Liquor Stores next to all major highways leading into and out of the State itself.
The fact that yet another member of Sununu Family (the perpetually stale poster boys for Torpid Dynastic Entitlement) is in on this "campaign" is itself just the Crowning Touch. Clan Sununu has had but one idea in fifty years; make State Government as Small and as Burdensome as Possible.
I just wanna know how much Sabet is raking in to keep pot illegal, untaxed and unregulated in New Hampshire??  I'll bet its a bundle, and I wonder where that money is coming from?  Tax dollars I'm sure..."The Government is Best that Governs the Worst".

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Careful Donald...

Don't boast in front of the  the troops about phantom pay raises , that never works out well, you can send them to die in some hell hole on a whim, but don't pay them in promises.

The Emperor Nero's successor, aged indolent Galba tried to shortchange the frontier troops and the praetorians and he ended up diced up like hamburger by his own bodyguards...pay heed (like that is ever gonna happen...)