The Chimes at Midnight
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Ghod it sucks to be Hillary Clinton doesn't it?
Grilled incessantly about ev-erything...I mean just ask Donald Trump....Monday night he wilted after forty five minutes of the scrutiny that is the very air Hillary Clinton has been breathing for twenty five years.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
We can but hope....
That last night's presidential debate represents Donald Trump's Waterloo....Citizen Clinton passed thru the usual cataract of vituperation unscathed, giving as good as she got....hell around the 10:15pm she started smiling like the whole damn thing was somehow gun as Trump ranted and raved like Captain Queeg.

It was a demented performance and more worrisome an utterly barbaric one.

AND THAT is my big takeaway from last night, that Donald Trump is literally campaigning to be PostApocalyptic King of the other words his every word and phrase last night came from a firm belief that "Might is Right". the core doctrine of barbarians from Genghis Khan to Pol Pot, and the fact that it could be the very core of anyone's Presidential Campaign is a good sign that the cause of civilization is in deep  trouble in the USA.
If Abraham Lincoln asserted that the Union cannot endure "Half Slave and Half Free" so too it may not endure if it is "Half Barbaric and Half Civilized".
That Citizen Clinton comported herself with brains, wit and ability last night is a given, but the overall cause of Civilization took a bad hit last did decency, civility, restraint and all the like.
I enter the middle of my fifth decade on Earth worried that there are fellow citizens out there, so mad with fear and setback that they are prepared to secede from common sense itself....And. Trump I fear is the leading edge of a much worse phenomenon going forward.
Does Donald Trump still expect
the endorsement of "dozens" of "Generals and Admirals" after last night's dismal demented debate performance?  I'm sure The Donald is "Good to Go" with his Landsman Captain Queeg but other than that.....

Monday, September 26, 2016
According to current polling
Charlie Baker remains The Most Popular Governor In The Known Galaxy with something akin to a seventy percent approval rating despite a year given over to dodging Donald Trump, unsuccessfully selling off the State House Lawn and hyping Charter Schools.
It's a pretty underwhelming record of achievement to be sure, but combined with Charlie's Coolidgean gift for silence it's put him top o' th' pops.
But boy howdy he still loves Patronage Doesn't He? He appointed his driver one James McGinn the head of the State's Environmental Police Force.
Geez what is it about these republicans and their drivers they must really bond as they go from town to town haranguing the masses or whatever it is Charlie does when he is out and about. Remember Joe Lawless he was Cellucci's driver and he landed an infamously Cush gig at Massport back in the day, seems like a pattern is emerging here. I mean, just drive for the winning candidate and you can pick your spot so it seems.
We can't proof the whole of the bureaucracy from ambitious chauffeurs , but maybe we can make that job a civil service position or something. Assign drivers to the candidates who can't lobby for soft touch jobs or something....

Friday, September 23, 2016
Thoughts While Waiting for My Computer to Boot Up
Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President of the USA and a Dallas Cop during his half assed getaway....and still he got Taken Alive.

James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King and lived to die in bed, in prison.

Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK in a crowded kitchen, in the presence of the LAPD, and got taken alive.

Squeaky Frome tried to shoot President Gerald Ford, and was captured arrested tried and shipped off to a Nut House.

Ditto Sarah Jane Moore.

And John Hinkley.

All of these people were armed and dangerous with very serious crimes to answer for, nobody pulled them over in traffic and saw something they didn't like....but they all lived to sit before a Judge and Jury.

But then

Almost all of them were white....I mean that's the big takeaway as we go thru another spasm of Police African-American Shootings.  Just sayin'.....I mean look at the big picture here.
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Kudos to Senator Warren
or taking Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf to the woodshed over that bank's abominable practice of forcing unwanted accounts and policies on unsuspecting clients.
This is outright economic piracy more akin to the financial practices of a Somali Warlord than anything a well run democracy should tolerate.
Yet without concerted congressional action we can expect more of these scandals, right down to the denunciations before congress, and then the miscreants duly retire with their golden parachutes & defy the world.
Too Big to Fail doesn't Mean Too Big to Bust Up.
A touch of the congressional vertical stroke is needed here, but until there is a majority in congress working on behalf of the average person we can look forward to more and more of this outright thievery.
So before we can clean out the banks, we need to clean out Dixie's Rotten Boroughs....GOP Bustin' then TrustBusting....
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Just remember at the end of the day, The Ayatollah Khomeini voted for Ronald Reagan
because he was hell bent on humbling Jimmy Carter and wished to derail the peace process in the Middle East. So he delayed the release of the hostages, gave Reagan some undeserved hero cred on Inauguration Day 1980 and hoped for the sort of chaos that all incendiaries dream of, every night.
So in the current bombing campaign, ISIS is clearly "voting with their bombs" for Donald Trump.....because true incendiaries always can spot one another a mile away it seems.
So lets not fall into the rhetorical trap of defending a fraught status quo...and we need to make the argument (however fine) that there is a clear and preferable difference between the current danger and  Trump's promise of Virile Anarchy.
And whatever else don't let the bastards see ya sweat.

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