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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Putin in Syria
I wish him the sweet unfettered joy of trying to set up a sustainable Alawite Syrian Enclave for his Pal President Assad, Russia clearly wants a big buy in back into Middle East Politics but believe me it won't come cheap if it comes at all. We will see how long Putin can hang in there once his troops start getting beheaded on Youtube and ISIS starts shifting it's sphere of action to Russia Proper.
Monday, October 05, 2015
Alex Beam does a bang up job
in his current Boston Globe column of concealing from his readership that the famed columnist hasn't mastered his cable remote and the TV is permanently stuck in "Cambodian Mode".... Insert "Three's Company" Gag Here for Pop Kultur Bumpage....


Friday, October 02, 2015
That having been said...
Working Class Xenophobia in this country does come from A Real Place at the end of the day. The USA has deunionized, deindustrialized, become casually atomized and now outsourcing to Manila is all the there any question that very real economic concerns are in play here? Granted a lot of that xenophobia comes thru a nationalist blustery filter, which of course is a cue for Good Liberals to Disdain It All which I think we do at our peril. Hate to indulge a cliche' but a little smidge of compromise is the only answer, liberals have to concede certain xenophobic streams have legitimacy, white working class inflictees have to concede prioritization economic concerns and therefore the need to enter a de facto coalition with almost anyone else than Donald Trump. Because while we are finally exiting the recession we are still hobbled by an unequal economy that will literally do anything and everything to forestall the practical redistribution of income.
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Because at the end of the day I'm cynical about the US Congress
Most especially the US House I firmly believe that particular institution's malevolent paralysis will grown progressively worse as long as The Majority depends on a network of undemocratic rotten boroughs down in Dixie. Until someone tracks back to that corrupt set of circumstances we the people will be largely bystanders in a seemingly endless cycle of gridlock-shutdown-short term solution. Changing The Speaker (and from all accounts Rep McCarthy the current frontrunner sounds like a belligerent shit in every way) will not solve or even address the problem, which is to put it simply that the US House of Representatives doesn't truly Represent the Electorate, these congressmen have been self selecting their constituencies so relentlessly & corruptly that they've sidelined whole majorities of voters.... This can't be sustained over the intermediate term but that in no sense means it will end well for any of us.
Monday, September 28, 2015
Boehner Outski...
John Boehner with a sob and sigh, is resigning from congress next month even as he declares his intention to get the budget thru before he goes.... Well I tell yuh, Live By The Tea Partei, Die By The Tea Partei (metaphorically speaking of course.) But not fuh nuthin' but back in 2010 it was Rep John Boehner who discovered the Tea Partei, saw the electoral potential therein and whistlestopped Dixie promoting every Birther Sumbitch Candidate in every Rotten Borough from the Missouri to The Gulf of Mexico. And now the selfsame are making his job a living nightmare so of course he is quitting all to clear the way for someone even worse to become speaker. And that mah frenz is a simple stark reminder of how busted politics is in DC, because IF the best case scenario involves succession by some anarchist wingnut then YES you John Boehner have helped ruin the US Congress...period end of story. And that is John Boehner's legacy he empowered, enabled and was ultimately engulfed by Wingnut Anarchism and he leaves US to clean up His Mess... Thanks John, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Jeb Bush does want to live in a "multicultural society" so I read on da internet. Well...gee whiz Governor maybe you could Set The Example by not caving in and changing your religion all to mollify your spouse herself most immigrant. Cuz otherwise, Jeb Bush is himself the very picture definition of multiculturalism in action, I mean....he speaks Spanish after all the mother tongue of all those Mexicans right??


On The Other Hand....
I can suddenly understand why a sacerdotal silence stole over all of Mattapan as Baby Bella was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend....didn't that selfsame silence envelop all of Boston when James "Whitey" Bulger ran amok like a Sociopathic young He-Ape? And if so, aren't we ever gonna discuss this entirely undiscussed problem hmmmmm??

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