Thursday, April 19, 2018


So now...outright embezzlement is alleged at the State seems to rain down from the heavens onto Troop F at Logan Airport. Meanwhile our Governor Charlie Baker (a doubtful Profile in Courage on his best day) is largely relegated to the sidelines where he looks baffled and emits vaguely disgruntled noises.
You'd think with a spreadsheet worshipping supermanager as governor, revenue leaks like this would induce a more aggressive response....but so far nada.
Sadly this is not "all on him", I think the State Auditor's Office needs to decisively intervene and audit the State Police Top to Bottom, the results should be published and anything actionable needs to be remanded to the office of the Commonwealth's Attorney General.
Because believe me, this situation is toxic, it is eroding the State Police's reputation for public probity, the Governor at best will cope with the crisis, what is needed is leadership.
Democrats hate taking on law enforcement out of respect for public sector unions, the GOP is loath to do likewise out of a religious veneration for peace officers, fair enough, but someone has to cut this Gordian Knot and Fast!
Whaddya say??

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Barbara Bush, RIP

Y'know its worth remember on this solemn & sad occasion that Richard Nixon supposed opined back in the 1970's, that the future First Lady, "Knew How to Hate".
Indeed by all accounts she was a stern steely character who kept long mental lists of persons who'd antagonized her Family over the years, her on camera persona as American's Grandmother notwithstanding.
Indeed never has such a strong inflexible character labored so long and so hard to elect a mediocrity and then his son, the dangerous mediocrity President.
Ah but let me be charitable, the woman had challenges, the alleged fidelity of her husband has long been questioned & doubted by others down thru the years. Her decision to stick out the marriage despite all challenges marks Barbara Bush down as at least as loyal & courageous as...Hilary Clinton.

Peace to the Former First Lady's Ashes, Succor unto Her Loved Ones.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

All Cruise Missile Cannonades Follow the Same Pattern

outrage, followed by a desire to send a message via military means sans the use of US Troops, a target list selected very carefully and then the inevitable "Surprise attack" by night.
Its an option favored by the last four Presidents of the USA and will likely hold onto it's popularity for a good long time to come.
It evades the suspicion of Super Power Impotence, Its Loud Messaging directed to a Rogue Regime  & it establishes obliquely a de facto platform for potential escalation down the road.
In Trump's case its his own erratic policy that likely brokered those poison gas attacks in Syria, so he had no choice but to launch those missiles, but as has been said before we've got this whole thing down to a science, even warning the Russians on the ground to take cover while we upbraid Assad via airstrike.
I'm cynical, I think you all get that, I suspect at best the only message that we've sent Assad is that he'll have to "electorally cleanse" the majority that hates him "The Old Fashioned Way" via artillery, machine guns and landmines...but mustard gas that we cannot abide.
Its a cynical view but likely true.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Josh Zakim in Menotomy...

The Boston City Councilor is running for the democratic nomination for Secretary of State, "primarying" the longservinf incombent Billy Galvin.
Zakim is young (and appears much younger as well), reasonably personable, reasonably articulate, his spiel wisely centers on the voting rights a topic guaranteed to fire up the liberals in the state democratic party (voting by mail, early voting, election security being his big applause lines), on most other issues as best he can, Zakim is positioning himself to the left of Galvin.
The vibe I get here, is that Zakim much like Jimmy Tingle intuits that 2018 isn't gonna be a year where he can run the board so he may be making the race chiefly to build up useful contacts and beef up his fundraising against a future run for some other glittering electoral bauble.
All that may be worth incurring Galvin's wrath to someone with a twenty year time horizon in state politics.
Galvin would be wise to take this Zakim seriously, The City Councilor is not some twitchy ambitious weirdo trying to bootstrap themselves out of Acton Town Meeting.  And indeed Galvin has been making the rounds of the city & town committees reintroducing himself and his touting his various accomplishments.
I've always been ambivalent about Billy Galvin, I don't accord with all his views, but he has a faction of some weight behind him within the party so I tend to see him as a sacrifice I must make on the altar of party unity.  If he falls short of our ideals, well then so do we all, sooner or later.
All the same, I'm gonna try and keep an eye on this race as best I can....

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ghastly News out of Marston Mills

Where a Police Officer in the canine unit was shot and killed while serving a warrant.  Peace to the Officer's Ashes, Succor unto His Loved Ones.
IF I had to guess we are gonna find out that drugs were at the bottom of all this, Cape Cod has a huge under the radar drug problem that admittedly tracks perfectly the scope of the challenge state wide.
All we can hope at least politically, is that somehow this gets folded into the election debate in a positive way as we struggle to overcome the opioid problem by the light of Justice.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

You know

at Waterloo, Field Marshal Grouchy declined to "ride to the sound of the guns" while his Boss, The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was jacked by the Prussians and the English.
And that is Paul Ryan in a nutshell,  he is good for forty four million dollars in fundraising, his speakership's only real challenge til the advent of Trump was keeping the lid on the rotten borough, but when the shit gets real, the Man is a Ghost.
Well...if Ryan longs for the Big White House, this might be a smart move, the swamp in DC is overflowing, raising money for submarginal seats is no quick way to acculmulate political IOU's & a little distance from the fray may pay off down the line.
On the other hand he may need to get out now and enjoy his ill gotten gains before the missiles fly or the Trump ADmin implodes or the public wakes up to the fact that Paul Ryan is a rigid hateful ideologue 24-7.
But as I said yesterday, "Wayward Sister Go in Peace" the GOP Caucus in the House has been primed for a nuclear detonation for several years now (too many crazies in safe seats is the core issue) and now at last I think the rubble will truly'll be a hilarious show I am sure.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A lot in the olde inbox today...

Paul Ryan is leaving congress having done his damndest to destroy civil society and democratic governance itself..."wayward sister go in peace" sez I. Time will test all of Ryan's Rigid Little Ideological Fantasies and find them all wanting.

President Trump is threatening to Fire Special Counsel Mueller, being egged on by Fox News and no doubt incensed by the raid conducted on his personal attorney's office.  I still suspect that Trump makes a lot of scary noises on and off stage,  but I still think that he hasn't got the guts to fire Mueller...but then like most mentally ill people he is prone to impulse.

Oh and the Russians are formally threatening to fire back on our missile sites if we opt to punish the Assad Regime for it's latest poison gas attack that was likely induced by Trump's own inconstant policies in the region (expl Syria, are we in or out???). So we are a year into Trump's term and we've stumbled into a confrontation with Moscow, so much for the "reset with Putin" huh? I suspect Trump will make some bloodcurdling noises and back down....Putin has to have some very scary evidence regarding The President on File. Putin may not have the missiles but he sure has dedicated hackers, remember that over the short term.