The Chimes at Midnight
Thursday, October 20, 2016
"Your Two Minutes are Up"
I hate it when I am right sometimes...because as predicted last night's debate was a rock bottom experience in every way including the mere existence of Our Constitution has become an irritant to a would be demagogue.
On the other hand THAT demagogue is Donald Trump who clearly hasn't got the common sense Ghod gave a bag of hammers.
In a word a degrading spectacle, I could tell Citizen Clinton was getting visibly bored by Donald Trump's weird pidgin English and mind numbingly repetitive lexicon of threats.
I give the Lady Credit, she kept her cool for the most part as her opponent angrily dismissed those cozy constitutional notions of legitimacy & the orderly transfer of power.
Trump on the other hand fumed for ninety minutes snarled and harassed and accomplished nothing, I suspect this is what he does when he is baffled by events that run outside his control.
I struggle with the right literary metaphor for Donald Trump, the line of least resistance suggests Willie Stark or perhaps Buzz Windrip Sinclair Lewis' dictator from "It Can't Happen Here".
But last night was a veritable "primal scream" pathetically desperate to confront and affront...suggests Performance Art, less Yoko Ono and much more Andy Kaufman perhaps.
Kaufman & Trump share a similar disconnect, Andy thought he was being funny (even when he was being willfully weird and obscure) and Donald thinks last night's prolonged tirade was a species of persuasion.
Kaufman had a character he loved playing, an temperamental lounge singer "Tony Clifton" whose whole stage act would degenerate into insulting and baiting his audience with a abandon that would give Don Rickles' pause.  At this point Tony could well be a sort of grim prophecy of Donald Trump....if any of you have a better metaphor feel free to share, I for one still feel dirty from last night and need a shower.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Curt Schilling ain't Running for Sh*t in 2018
The LAST THING IN THE WORLD Charlie Baker wants in 2018 is some dumbass miniTrump running against Elizabeth Warren in the General Election, the very race that The Governor longs to cast as a replay of 1994 with a nice bankrupt no-name democrat as his key opponent.
Who the hell is Curt Schilling kidding anyway I promise you the necessary money will never materialize, Charlie will make sure of that!
Moreover Schilling supposedly claims he'll make the race if his wife agrees (!!!)....I guarantee Charlie Baker will pay that good woman a princessly sum in off da books funny money to kibosh the whole dealio.
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
I Hope I am Wrong but
I suspect that tomorrow night's debate is gonna hit a new low for rhetorical crapulence.  I make this prediction as I am weary "agreeance" with Josh Marshall that Donald Trump's answer to all electoral adversity is to treble down on belligerence .... And tomorrow night is his last time to primally scream at Citizen Clinton in Real Time.
Because that is Donald Trump's real breakthrough, he is first NSFW candidate ever nominated by a major party.
So as such, I recommending that all parents of small children make sure they do not watch said debate, if need be, put on "The Iron Giant" or "The Incredibles" or "Frozen" in the fact stay in the playroom and watch it with the kids..
Monday, October 17, 2016
There is wild talk out there
of post election violence and or insurrection should Citizen Clinton Clear the Boards on Election Night.
I'm skeptical quite frankly.
I don't see Donald Trump as a sufficiently motivated and ruthless revolutionary leader to attempt such a foolish thing.  I for one believe that at a lot of his alt right rhetoric is cynical dabbling on his part but in some ways that's a more dangerous path.
Moreover I suspect Trump just doesn't have the guts to see something like that through to it's natural conclusion, billionaires have "way too much to lose" when push comes to shove.
His base simply isn't organized for insurrection anyway blustery threats aside.....
Occam's Razor however suggests that Trump will simply go on inciting others to violence sometimes casually and sometimes quite deliberately just to see how far he can push things.
And yes that is a bad precedent to set in every way.

Sunday, October 16, 2016
By the Way
I just wanna humbly and politely retract all those trepidations I had about Bernie Sanders' "electability", cleared if faced with Donald Trump as the GOP Candidate the Vermont Senator would have Cleaned the Donald's Clock.
But then I suspect the democrats could have nominated Earl K. Long or the James Michael Curley and beaten Trump like a red headed stepchild....
Friday, October 14, 2016
Tons of News
All of it though mystically the same....the news cycle is stuck on a repeat loop.

Every day the GOP Candidates educates a new "Tantrump" and wallows in bellicose nonsense and self pity while the GOP just tries it best to avoid what is the world's first NSFW republican presidential contender.

Meanwhile here in Massachusetts funny money floods the airwaves on behalf of abolishing the charter school cap, whether  the ballot measure passes or not, funny money will become the New Normal in Massachusetts Politics.

And up in NH the Presidential Campaign replicates itself in miniature in what is, up to now, a tight tight race.  Boston's TV stations are making a fortune running those goddawful adverts on behalf of Trump, Ayotte and bellicose bloated Frank's no fun to be perceived as a swing state is it?
Thursday, October 13, 2016
The GOP Base is Living It's Own Nightmare
Normally the hardcore of the GOP Base is compelled to "Make a Bad Deal for Short Money" during a Presidential Election. This is how a gender/ethnic/theological exclusionist electoral cohort has to come around to vote for a more outwardly moderate candidate like George Bush Jr, John McCain or Mitt Romney.
Normally the rejectionists don't have the numbers or the money to dictate a "sugar high candidate" entirely to their satisfaction. This is nothing new, it's coalition politics and it's been par for the course since Thomas Jefferson was branding John Adams a Kulak Landlord.
But in Donald Trump the GOP Base has At Last the Very Embodiment of Their Iron Dream....Christian politics, oppressive gender norms, ethnic exclusion etc etc....the whole menu in one enormous serving.  So of course it's just hilarious that at the end of the day they've traded making a bad deal with a goo-goo squish like Mitt Romney for an even worse deal with an unelectable perv who hasn't the religious sensibility God Gave a Cotton Poodle.
And the lesson here is, to get their sacred agenda broken over the head of the republic, ideologically colonized voters will vote for almost anyone down to the aforementioned cotton poodle as long as their candidate doesn't deviate.
So literally, deviation is the only real sin, not philandering, sexual assault or borrowing mad path cashola from dubious Russian Oligarchs.
Remember that as we go forward here....

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