Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Boy not since the Fabled Days of Nikita Khrushchev

and the "Shoe Incident" has the UN seen a more degrading spectacle than Donald Trumps' heralded speech yesterday...nothing but threats animated by a childish need for dominance or else a definite "yer on yer own" vibe.  Keep in mind over the short term this is what Pyongyang wants, the more Trump threatens the less chance he'll back it far most of his threats have proven hollow.  That having been said, the President is systematically backing himself into a corner where he'll need at some point to either lash out or cave in...nothing else seems to be in the pipeline. Oh and He is back threatening Iran as well....the pro nuke faction in that country must be high-fiving itself, Trump is gonna eighty-six the nuclear deal give them a free hand....
If I was Netanyahu I'd reconsider all that clapping and nodding...Trump has three Generals at his elbow telling him how tough a nut to crack is North Korea to say nothing of Iran.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

As Trump rants and raves at the U.N. Today...

Its important to remember some context, its the U.N. Security Council that in the summer of 1950 sanctioned the use of armed force against North Korea (and by extension her patrons in Moscow and Peking) clearing the way for a half dozen or so member nations to participate on the battlefield.
"Make the U.N. Great"...Indeed.

Likely all this is a historic fact lost on the President, he can of course ignore history to his heart's content, but that doesn't mean history is gonna ignore the rest of us one bit.

Monday, September 18, 2017

In response to North Korea's Latest Missile Test

The President tweeted out this weekend a video inflicting some humiliation on Hillary Clinton, today at the UN that same President opened a major speech on North Korea's continued intransigence with a virtual commercial for a nearby Trump Property.
Seriously is this any way to win a war? Even a cold war??
I wonder who Trump will send to Pyongyang to Get The Best Deal They Can for the American People? My money is on seems like it'll be his turn by then.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Its important to remember

that North Korea is fecklessly testing ICBMs over the South Pacific in part because President Trump has such a sketchy commitment to the USA 's Military Alliance the question might need now to be asked "Are South Korea and Japan Paid Up?"
Keep in mind, North Korea only knows "what it reads in the papers", they know nukes "work good" at deterring overwhelming conventional challenges. They also know they are all but bereft of serious allies internationally, at best they can be described as the PRC's nuclear armed mendicant. So if the President of the United States can't decide if "NATO has a right to exist" then just possible a small nuclear power can deter intervention with enough threats and bluster....because rationally speaking that is whats on the table for them, regardless of their twitchy bloated Supreme Leader Komrade Kim.
Its a problem that requires caution, patience, cunning and resolution none of which is present in the Oval Office at the moment, which puts Pyongyang in the Driver's Seat Policy Wise. Komrade Kim keeps testing strategic weapons, we keep threatening and doing nothing, he concludes that his policy is working and then keeping testing and pushing the envelope.
I'm not Stephen Kinzer I'm not a "peace at any price" man by any means, at best in this situation we need to keep our powder dry, lines of communication open and make sure all and sundry understand that our word is good. If we draw a line we have to honor it sans bluster or dithering...

Thursday, September 14, 2017


This is an indifferent likeness of Nathan Bedford Forrest (to say nothing of Braxton Bragg)....but surely even this lot Have First Amendment Rights Yes?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

One of the few bright spots on election night 2016

was that the charter school expansion ballot question went down to defeat in Massachusetts. Now today we find out that two of Charlie Baker's Cabinet Secretary's donated well north of a half million dollars to some shady dark money "privatize education" outfit that spent big bucks in this state in favor of said initiative.  Let this be an object lesson to all those democrats & Boston Globe Columnists out there who still think Charlie Baker is some sort of Kumbayah singing GOP Moderate.  Nope the man is a libertarian sky-grifter, granted he is passive aggressive about it, but his collaborators and his big political projects all inevitable revolve around some species of dubious privatization of public functions. This is simply another case in point, and let me further assert that unaccountable privatization is no way compatible with Jeffersonian Principles of Local Governance and Small simply seeks to create an nice new shiny autocracy for the few and the many can go to hell in a handbasket.
This is the eschaton that Charlie Baker is always trying to immanentize...its utopian unworkable and thoroughly dangerous in every way and the fact that the electorate said no to it loudly and definitely won't register with his passive aggressive temperment one damn bit, we'll get more of this sneaky ideological nonsense going forward unless of course Charlie gets turned out of office next year...and that depends in part on democrats waking up.
Everyone awake yet?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Memorials Amidst Disasters...

Its a beautiful day today in Boston, skies clear, warm sans oppressiveness....just a perfect "kiss of a day". Of course I recall, 9-11-2001 was a beautiful day as well...Like all Fraught Anniversaries on Social Media the range of commentary will careen from Wise to main taeaway these days is that shocks and surprises and all, we have to adapt to history, history shows no sign of adapting to us.