Thursday, August 16, 2018

You know the Primary Season is at least upon us when

I have to take myself OFF "Barbara L'Italien for Congress" mailing list as I don't live in her notional congressional district and I can just tell she's about to go to three emails a day right thru primary night.
Indeed suddenly the local news hour is clogged with gawd-awful adverts some using that ghastly condescending narrator y'know the one I mean the one that drips with hatred for democracy itself...

BTW good luck to any GOP Senate Nominee who wants to run this fall as Donald Trump's "Apprentice", polls indicate the President is hated by a majority of the Commonwealth's citizenry.  But then I suspect all those jobbers are looking to make a sufficiently obscenely unpleasant spectacle off themselves to warrant a soft touch gig in DC after the election.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Just as I've long predicted

the decay and deterioration of the Alewife Red Line Station garage has forced that structure's closure this weekend for inspection & renovations.  This after a chunk of the roof fell on someone's car on Wednesday.
This has been a long time coming, the Alewife Garage exudes an air of dangerous dilapidation, there are holes in the floor that allow one to observe pedestrians on the level below, the dedicated exit ramp is a vast checkerboard of exposed rebar, temporary hydraulic pillars hold up the roof in ominous places...the joint feels in every way like a disaster waiting to happen.
I strongly doubt it'll be open for business on Monday, fixing said garage is gonna cost $$$ and take time with bad ripple effects on everyone's commute from Boston up into New Hampshire (it was a favored parking spot for inter-state commuters believe me).
Meanwhile what is Charlie Baker doing? Formally announcing his candidacy for re-election touting all his successes....and as usual staying silent about bad news.
Our one hope is that its an election year and if a dedicated allocation of state funds is needed to renovate or even replace the garage, Charlie will probably sign it, he'd sign a leaf that blew in from a window if it would smooth his path to reelection.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Charlie Baker has decided

To start running campaign commercials on TV during the Dawg Daze of August, predictably passive aggressive he's done it thru some bullshit PAC no one has ever heard of, until now. The adverts themselves are upbeat "happy horseshit" in every way, decorously declining to note that Lumpy is a republican and making the imcumbent governor the veritiable source of soft cooling breezes and gentle rainfall amidst droughts.
Its an old play from an even older playbook, "run to the center like a rat in a firestorm" it worked for Weld, Cellucci and it seems to be Baker's "brilliant strategem".
Ho Hum....
It works great by the way, as long as you don't recall that the MBTA is wheezing like an old derelict on life support or that the State Police is being investigated by the Feds, something Lumpy is monitoring by seemingly anxiously scanning the Boston Globe every day or that the governor probably has never given up his utopian fantasy of privatizing public education behind the electorate's back.
Other than that, everything is shipshape....

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The TSA has some

elaborate metric cued by everything from travel history, financial transactions to general twitchiness that activates covert surveillance by a team of agents, who sometimes actually fly along with the mark,  undercover....
Its called "The Quiet Skies Program", you wish they could put all this superfluous effort into quieting squawling infants in Coach, they'd get better results maybe...
My Ghod, some spectrumy programmer wrote the code on behalf of a paranoid administrator for an agency with seemingly little to do save shadowing passengers at random!
Its akin to the Arlington PD arresting every tenth person to walks past police headquarters on grounds  that 10% of the population abuses crystal meth!
This is all the earmarks of bureaucratic mission creep from an agency seemingly that doesn't have enough to do....

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bolton versus Putin...

John Bolton wants war with Iran, a notional conflict I am sure he defines as a cakewalk (he is wrong it'll be Iraq x 10 but who listens to me huh?), so of course the President he serves uses Block Capitals to Threaten Tehran on Twitter.
On the other hand, Putin doesn't want war with Iran since he is doing a land office business with said regime so it comes down to which puppeteer controls the Trump_Strings long enough to implement their cherished policy?  My money is on Putin, he has something perfectly appalling on Trump to compel such disgusting groveling behavior from the President  at Helsinki.
The constitution advises impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors" but nowhere does it mention the unique circumstance of a US President being him or herself a self destructive menace to national security. I suppose the implied corrective is the 25th Amendment, but Pence et al, don't have the guts to pull the trigger on option otherwise they'd a tossed Trump out somewhere around the time of the "stable genius" kerfluffle.
Which brings us back to Square One, which is pretty much where we always are with Trump, as for war with Iran I doubt it'll come off, so far with all his threats and tirades in chronological order the only persons he's successfully managed to hurt are unarmed parents and children at our southern border. North Korea still has Nukes, China is doing business world wide and Iran will likely abide for better and or worse.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Boston Sunday Globe's Idea of Voter Suppression...

is to run a big frontpage article exhaustively detailing Governor Charlie "Lumpy" Baker's allegedly liberal record and contrasting it with the paleo-conservatism that characterizes the rest of the GOP.
And it is true, that the legislature has had some success imposing liberal policies on this admin (nowhere near enough IMHO but I digress), but its plainly oblivious that Baker would himself be a far more conservative governor if the legislature didn't bird-dog him.
In other words that may give Baker the pleasing appearance of moderation and liberal impulses but it also means you have to watch him every second.
Just remember Charlie likes his spreadsheets to add up to "privatization" whether or not he can impose said policy or not.
Nope, the Globe ran this piece largely to reconcile moderates, marginal democrats and independents to Baker's presumed apoetheosis in November and to make it that much more difficult for democrats to activate their base.
And all because the Globe continues to collectively delude itself there is a moderate strain of voters in the GOP who can be appealed to, and negotiated with...
And Morrissey Boulevard will go on believing that right up to the moment when they are all arrested and deported to a Labor Camp in the Northeastern Kingdom of Vermont.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Why Die for Montenegro?"

Or so The President seemed to imply in a recent interview where he literally thought that Montenegro's innate aggressiveness could easily drag NATO into World War III.
Well two things have been on display with Trump for the last week or so, his visceral hatred for NATO (how he'd love to tweet out some provocation that would leave the alliance on the high road to annihilation) and his odd preference for the tyranny of Vladimir Putin.
Donald Trump is in some ways the creature of the corrupt falangist intellectuals who are skilled enough to stroke his fragile ego. In the case of his NATO animus Trump is more or less advocating a world of racially homogenous homelands that somehow compete and somehow cooperate with all the innate integrity of New York Real Estate Developers.
Its a crazy idea, courtesy Steve Bannon mostly but it is Trump's entirely utopian alternative to NATO.
As for Putin, well, Trump and his worst and most bloodthirsty supporter like the Russian Dictator because he is exactly the sort of violent homophobic reactionary autocrat THEY wish they could install in the USA.
Another utopian notion, albeit and dark one...but there you have it No NATO and a US Autocrat thats the New Vision to paraphrase William Blake. My only question is, what the hell is it like to have rational opponents?
I think I've forgotten.