Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Governor Lumpy

reversed himself and declined sending Massachusetts Helicopters to assist the National Administrations grotesque child snatching anti-immigrant policy down on our Southern Border.

For this I suppose Lumpy deserves some credit, but make no mistake he caved in simply because he could sense the public outrage swinging off Trump and onto him, that was his sole motivation...fear, as usual.
Not exactly a profile in courage and proof positive as well you have to watch Lumpy like a hawk 24-7, our only hold over him is his fear of local public opinion which vastly exceeds his terror of Donald Trump.
For now at least.
Lets face it, Charlie Baker is a "coper" not a leader he has is head down as far as dignity & safety allow hoping this "Trump Ptomaine" will somehow go its course and vanish given time.
This will be Lumpy's policy if Trump is impeached and dragged from office and it'll be his policy if Trump self crowns himself Emperor of North America.
But what the hell, the child-snatchers down on the Rio Grande will have to ply their hateful trade with two less helicopters.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ugly Thought for the Day...

if these refugees down on the Rio Grande were all bible thumping cover-to-cover Xians, Jeff Sessions would be up to his knees in said river, calling in Uber drivers for ALL of them & making mass reservations at the Ritz.
But...they ARE Xians, probably pretty good ones as well, just catholic, not protestant, and so thus, the AG Comports Himself like Pontius Pilate....one who can misquote the Epistles.
Well, and here comes the Ugly Thought, "Saint Paul didn't Sign the Declaration of Independence"....

Thursday, June 14, 2018

If Michael Cohen

Donald Trump's ex-attorney, a man openly called "a fixer" by the news media, is signaling his intention to cooperate with Mueller Probe, then likely the accused is simply fishing for a pardon from his former client, POTUS.
And given Trump's penchant for impulsive anger/fear driven decisionmaking, this could easily happen, stranger things have happened already in this  unholy mishaugas.
Of course Pardoning Cohen is yet anothe de-facto confession of guilt from POTUS et all, but those indicators are quickly piling up like cordwood.
My guess is, Cohen won't cooperate and he won't get his fanciful pardon...but I could be wrong.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I was one of those poor saps stuck in the tunnel on the green line, for the first time in forty two years of commuting in Boston I was told to "hoof it" down the subway tracks to the Arlington Street Station.
Kudos to the MBTA for sending multiple personnel down into the tunnel to help the passengers (the tunnels are every bit as dangerous & dirty as they appear from inside the trolleys) into the station, bug GEEZUS the system isn't breaking down, its broken.
Meanwhile today, Governor Lumpy was bleating away that the eight billion large the state is allegedly spending on the MBTA will fix everything, given time and patience.
Well I for one, am out of patience, Charlie Baker could allocates sixteen billion dollars to fix the MBTA and still somehow the damn thing would be broken, count on it,  plugging holes stops the leaks it doesn't address a compromised dyke.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Congrats to President Trump

he got his nothing "agreement" with NK which more than sufficiently vaguely worded to ignite a sickening self congratulatory tweetstorm once POTUS gets home.
The IAEA wasn't tagged in, no sign of NK's signature on the Non Proliferation Treaty, to say nothing of any specific pledges or even a hint of a TIMETABLE for Cthulu's sake. Nope like a credulous dope Trump hinted around normalizing relations with NK, a peace treaty and is apparently thinking about suspending training drills with the South Korean Armed Forces, which IF implemented, is de-facto capitulation to Pyongyang.
Granted, we got our prisoners back, but this is NK they can take new hostages in a heartbeat, and meanwhile other than that, what substantive concessions did we get out of this summit?
Answer: Nothing.
It would appear that Trump has been intimidated out of putting any more military pressure on North Korea (hence the possible suspension of training drills I wonder what SECDEF Mattis & Senator McCain think about that??) and simply declaring victory bailing out, tweets to follow ad nauseum.
Meanwhile, North Korea collects a nice fat prestige bounty and keeps its nukes for the foreseeable future, all Trump did yesterday was compromise our regional alliances and pose for pictures with an insolent smirk. Peace Now? Not Hardly.

The DOJ...

has apparently ruled that mere physical abuse is not in and of itself grounds for conferral of refugee status on some poor scared unfortunate.
Which makes that stern righteous puritan, Jeff Sessions our US Attorney General The Best Friend of Pimps and Wife Beaters Worldwide....

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summit Checklist

1.) Komrade Kim & President Trump will likely come to some sort of agreement and or "framework" that will literally mean radically different things to both men and yet allow each of them to claim "victory" in the "negotiations".
2.) Unless of course, Kim "plays it straight" with the usual two and one half hour long denunciation of US Imperialism solely designed to drive Trump out of the room in a screeching fury.  I doubt this scenario but its the line of least resistance for NK and it does quickly prove to Kim's Patrons in Peking that nobody can negotiate with Trump in good faith and expect anything.
3.) So barring #2, both men will be screeching "victory" to their respective bases on Wednesday, will Trump's tweetstorm coming long and loud, designed solely to permit his "base" to participate vicariously in another one of his amazing unexpected super duper triumphs.
4.) That having been said, we can expect on Thursday, for NK to retain its nukes indefinitely regardless of any solemn promises they make tomorrow or Wednesday and we can expect Korea to remain divided and fearful for decades to come.  Those are the facts that Trump & his Base will shout down or ignore starting ...now.
5.) Its a little more difficult to assess what harm these negotiations will do to our alliance structure in the region, but here we are at the mercy Trump's whims and right now he seems hell bent on the praise and admiration almost any agreement however harmful or innocuous it may be...
Shit Neville Chamberlain & Premier Deladier were less desperate for a "win" at Munich....