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Sunday, December 04, 2016
If you wanna see the Boston Globe in Deep Denial
about Mitt Romney's craven cave in to Team Trump (all in a bid to be Secretary of State of all things) check out of today's front page article by Matt Visor.
The Globe is just desperate to project the mantle of healing comforting moderation on Mitt Romney, the former viceroy walks back his Anti Trump vituperation and Morrissey Blvd starts sighing about his "commitment to public service".
Moderate republicanism is as Dead as Adam but The Globe keeps trying to resuscitate what amounts to a Museum Class Mummy.  They give a craven schemer like Mitt  Romney a second third and even fourth chance...and all because they can't come to terms with the contemporary GOP's ever rightward zombie lurch.

Well Mitt Romney has come to turns with said zombie lurch, by capitulating to it in public.
Never mind the fact that the former viceroy is likely being played by Team Trump in a rather crude vengeful manner as well. Meanwhile the Globe goes on fantasizing if Romney scores for Foggy Bottom then its a victory for moderate republicanism, if he is not appointed then its because he is again too saintly a moderate for Trump's Cabinet.
Really what color is the sky in the world of the Boston Globe?

Thursday, December 01, 2016
Hillary Clinton is on track....
to have won the last election popular vote by about 2.5 million votes as a high a "mandate" as was claimed by George Bush Jr in 2004. And yet Trump, thanks to the splendidly inane Newtonian Mechanics of the Electoral College is the one selecting Cabinet Secretaries.
Okay granted, the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College as a bulwark against "popular passions" which was in part defined in the Federal Papers as the somewhat more spurious notion that large states would somehow "bully" small ones at the polls.
BTW just as a digression was there a better example of malign "popular passions" in this election than the belligerent wave that swept Trump to glory in the Electoral College?
Clearly the Goddamned Thing does not work as designed.
All Constitutions (if well written) are inherently biased in favor of legitimacy, legality and the Perpetuation of said Constitution. Legitimacy here is the question because you cannot have two contradictory "legitimate" outcomes of one "winner take all" election.
And yet we do.
The response (from the Trump Campaign's Screech Monkeys) is that the Electorial College's election is the Only One That Matters....and yes on paper that is the case.
But let me ask all seven of my readers this, why then do we have popular presidential elections at all?
The tactical setback from 2016 is that we've got Trump as President and our odds of survival either as a democracy or even physical person is at best a tick over fifty fifty.
But the constitutional issue here is even more disquieting the popular vote is suddenly rendered meaningless...which to my mind is the first step to getting rid of it in all but name only....
Think about that please.
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
full year into Charlie Baker's Management Revolution at the MBTA
and a mere two days of rain turn the Red Line into a torpid mess highlighted by "switching problems", endless stoppages, idiotically crashing doors and slooooow trips when moving at all.
And thats just rain....just wait til the snow hits.
"Mister Seventy Percent"had better hope for another dry cold winter he can blame Deval Patrick but once for the MBTA's poor weather performance but the Next Time Its On His Bony Ass Fer Shurs.
I'll be his political team get hourly weather updates...."winter is coming" indeed.
Monday, November 28, 2016
Castro is Dead....
color me unmoved.

The thing I always thought fascinating about Castro is that he was at the end of the day Marxism-Leninism's closest approximation of a "Hipster Revolutionary". Fidel had a rep and a elan' entirely at odds with the usual Soviet Mendicants from the Cold War, the Ulbrichts the Gomulkas etc.  Castro like all true hipsters knew the deadliest sin was being boring and or predictable...and lets face it, in the USA he had the nigh perfect opponent, something he could endlessly harp on to burnish his "David v Goliath" marxist mythology.
All of that beautifully obscured Cuba's status as a Soviet Client a veritable Carribean "Ruble Pit". Billions in Soviet Investment was flushed away on the entirely debatable notion that an island economy with a limited industrial base and a finite agricultural sector could somehow transform painlessly into a modern social economy.
That and the fact that Castro deftly weaponized "refugee expulsions" back in 1980 via the infamous Mariel Boat Lift (sp) remain his two greatest contributions to world politics.

If I was Cuba though, I'd double down on the "Single Payer Health" plan and market it in the USA as a form of "Medevac Tourism". Once Trump is inaugurated we are likely gonna have all sorts of health care problems in the USA (assuming we aren't all blown sky high)...Cuba could make a lot of money filling in those entirely avoidable gaps.

Friday, November 25, 2016
I realize that
"Hitler got in" on a plurality, bluff & street violence, as did Mussolini before him. I dismiss no tyrannical bluster from Donald Trump believe me...nonetheless there is something utterly shameful about having the cheap and vulgar likes of The Donald as a U.S. Despot.  Its like being ruled by the cast of "Up With People" or Joe E. Ross at his most prurient.....
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Since Donald Trump apparently thinks
He can run the Executive Department of the Federal Government sans contact with the working press....I guess that means he won't be bedeviling the networks with press conferences. So the White House beat is about to become a weird backwater....but there is work for those people all the same believe me.
Since First Lady (or third who is counting?) Melania is staying in Manhattan, I'd advise the White House Press Corps to keep a sharp eye on who goes in and out of the Executive Mansion. Trump is a notorious tomcat with few inhibitions when his current wife isn't around so sharp eyed reporters can potentially build up a reasonable dossier of Presidential Mistresses pretty quickly.
Anyway it'll be a change from reporting on those dumbass pidgin english tweets of his, which is at this point Trump's whole media plan for his Admin.

Monday, November 21, 2016
Melania Stays Behind....
Apparently Nominal First Lady Elect Melania Trump (AKA "Threezacharm") is staying behind with her son Barron in NYC while Donald acts as President come January.
Allegedly this is to prevent any disruption in the ten year old Barron Trump's school year, fair enough on that part I guess, other Presidents though thought nothing of replanting their kinder in DC's numerous toney private schuls.
The reasons for this decision seem simple enough to me, Donald Trump is the first US President whose wealth and lack of taste are in such close allignment that the White House literally holds no "Snob Appeal" to him and his family (or families to be precise).
He'd clearly prefer to run the country from that ghastly gilt gold monstrocity "The Trump Tower" in upper Manhattan.  Hell I suspect he may well attempt to be a "Commuting President" a distraction & affectation that likely has Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell & Chuck Schumer salivating in unison.
BTW who the hell names their youngest child "Barron Trump" anyway? Its a plain invitation to utter ruin later in life, the kid's monicker sounds like one of Frederick The Great's less competent courtiers.

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