Sunday, March 18, 2018

Steve Bannon gave an interview in Europe

where he extolled Benito Mussolini's "virility & fashion sense".  Yeah....this guy.
Well it is true, Mussolini did have an impressive collection of hats and even more polished jackboots (with trick heels to make him look taller)...he was resplendent as he reviewed his troops clumsily goose stepping past him in ragged uniforms carrying rusty rifles. As for his virility, its true he fathered five children inside his marriage and at least one out of wedlock...but then a lot of this bed hopping on his part was "justified" as setting an example in reversing emigration driven population loss.  Just as conquering the Mediterranean Basin was supposed to create a vast "virility zone"where the phantom surplus population would colonize and procreate ad infinitum.  To that end, Mussolini allied with Hitler since the only way he could redraw the colonial map of North Africa was to destroy the French & The British in Europe. Like Steve Bannon Mussolini was obsessed with Nationalism, Race and other examples of populist false consciousness.  The problem with Bannon is, he is making the same mistakes as Mussolini, white populism and exclusionary politics is somehow supposed to repel the encroachments of "Global Corporate Elites".  Well ya know, transnational corporatism IS a problem...that much I can affirm...but white solidarity ain't gonna resolve jackshit, its nothing but a power trip for intellectual corruptards like Steve Bannon, boots and hats and all.  

Friday, March 16, 2018

Congrats to Connor Lamb on his razor thin

win down in Pennsylvania Tuesday Night. He took a deep red congressional district and flipped it blue, kudos to his hard work and positive attitude.
There is wild talk of a "coming blue wave" in the Fall's Midterm Elections, we ought not to succumb to complacency or exultation, after all we were supposed to win in a walk last time. And lets keep a weather eye on Moscow, they'd love to cement themselves as the USA "election disruptor of choice" maybe with some targeted blackouts on election day hmmmmm?
My main takeaway this time is that Lamb's victory will be an open invitation for the Boston Globe to gin up a "Seth Moulton for President" thing going forward. Moulton was "all in" on Lamb fundraising and campaigning for The Candidate and thus has reaped a reputational windfall on Tuesday Night.
I urge Congressman Moulton "Not To Inhale" or at least talk it over with Former President's Kerry, Dukakis & Romney.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tillerson Outski

Rex Tillerson our embattled & embittered Secretary of State was literally fired via Twitter by his Boss the President of the USA.
Rex Tillerson was no prize, but he was undeserving of this sort of treatment which is increasingly par for the course with Donald Trump. Apparently Secretary Tillerson backed British PM Theresa May in a diplomatic showdown with Moscow AND THAT was the last straw for Trump.
My two big takeaways from this deplorable situation is that CIA Director Pompeo (slated to replace Tillerson) is a huge Iran Nuclear Deal critic so that diplomatic framework will be gone before the end of the year...which is not good news, because while we can dispense with the arrangement we probably can't stop Iran from building and deploying nuclear weapons. they've seen in North Korea, "nukes prevent invasions", and Iran likely has to consider the coming clashes with the USA.
Firing Tillerson is also a big wave-in for Putin in Eastern Europe disquieting news for NATO and any and all "frontline states" that abut Russia in said alliance.
So in sum, The Iran Nuclear Arrangement is going down, NATO is worried (and it should be) and somehow Trump and Pompeo are supposed arrange to "denuclearize" North Korea when they just backed out of the same deal with Tehran....anyone else see light at the end of that tunnel cuz I do not.
What am I missing here?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Apropos of Nothing...

but patriotism and nationalism are pretty much mutually exclusive categories.  Orwell has a lyric definition of patriotism that I like very much, a patriot is in Orwell's view is one who likes their particular way of life and has no wish to impose it upon others.
Nationalists so far as I can tell, are haters, they want to conquer, repress, expunge or avenge real and intangible wrongs...not only are they haters but much of their nationalism comes out of fear...status anxiety writ large in other words.
Keep in mind, very few patriots ever call themselves nationalists & their rhetoric really never reflects the twitchy nationalist agenda, but most nationalists inevitably identify themselves as patriots. Nonetheless as their subsequent rhetoric unspools, their gruesome intentions are exposed well & thoroughly, nationalists are in the end pseudo patriots in the words of Richard Hofstadter.
So using these categories, Winston Churchill was a Patriot, Adolf Hitler, a Nationalist.  As far as life in the USA is concerned, I actually expect patriots to have the last laugh on the current nationalist spasm in public life....but for now we need to keep the distinction clear in our minds.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

If Don meets Kim...

The President with his usual heedless abandon agreed to a "Summit" with North Korea's tyrant godling Kim Jong Un sometime in May. Allegedly, the subject of the negotiations will be denuclearizing North Korea as well as mothballing her ballistic missile inventory...thats what Trump thinks is gonna happen but the best I can determine, NK asked for a summit (semi politely) the way they've been asking for decades and Trump like a damn fool said yes without a single concession in return.
"The Art of the Deal" indeed.
Likely Trump will back out of it citing NK's continued belligerent behavior, just as likely Trump made this decision sans any input from Secretary Tillerson or The Pentagon so with any luck it'll end up like his plan to arm the math teachers & home economics instructors.
Which is a good thing, because Trump is so easily distracted and confused he'll be basically prey for a character like Kim who will derive immense diplomatic benefits whether the summit comes off or not.
For one thing it tags in Putin who'd love to play the arbiter on the Korean Peninsula, and it validates Moscow's duplicitous approach to sanctions, it also allow Peking to take a step back and let Trump fall flat on his face...which he will.
In sum we lose prestige and diplomatic maneuvering room whilst our rivals and opponents reap a rich  harvest of the same.
I say Kim has basically figured Donald Trump out...lets hope Secretary Tillerson (or someone Eric even) can put the kibosh on this one, we've already suffered enough damage from this meshugginah summit conference palaver.

Friday, March 09, 2018

In Honor of "International Women's Day" Yesterday

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi suggested that Senator Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test to settle the whole "is she really of Amerind Heritage" argument.
Good old Joan, she always falls for the phantom terrors of wingnut talking points thus validating the same and empowering our opponents, and she always seems to do this to democratic women, I mean whassup with that??
Maybe Senator Warren could swing by her doctor's office while she is at it, and get her gender verified as well, maybe Howie Carr could be her Uber...
Frankly I think the whole issue is no one's business,  I see no evidence that Charlie Baker has a human heart in his chest but I require no x-rays for proof one way or another.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


(Late word comes to us that the Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick is conjuring with running for President in 2020.)  C'mon Deval, this is yer pal Elias talkin'...I was there at the Sons of Italy back in 2005 when whatzisname threw a temper tantrum and stormed out? You didn't turn a hair, didn't bat an eye, "presence of mind" is your super power it always has been in my books.
But this is different Deval, this is the mute weight of history, the general electorate doesn't cotton to candidates from Massachusetts, otherwise you'd shaken hands with Presidents Dukakis, Kerry & Romney by now.
Hell sometimes we don't even prevail in the primaries....cough "Kennedy & Tsongas" cough!
Face it man, they hate us, there is an entire department of media whose financial well being hinges on slandering the Commonwealth en masse with the most powerful rhetorical weapon ever created "guilt by association".
Don't do it, its not worth one ounce of your dignity.
YES I agree you could well force the issue in New Hampshire yer smooth as silk on the podium and people do listen to you, but unless you move back to Cicero Illinois I'd say the whole project will end in tears.
I know why you are doing it, you gambled in 2006 that you could beat a still popular Mitt Romney in a straight matchup and the Gods Smiled and Delivered Scary Kerry Healey unto your hands.
So it must seem like a similar scenario to challenge Trump, but the Gods are Fickle, They Give Their Love Only to The Daring, But Then Just as Often They Render No Help Whatsoever.
I'm serious Deval don't do it....its a heartbreaker, just ask John Kerry.