Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disaster Relief:

I feel Honor Bound to post a Link to the Red Cross
This thing down in New Orleans and beyond is shaping up to be a bigger disaster than anyone could imagine.

In the News:

Apocalypse Now

I begin to wonder if this whole thing isn't George Bush Jr's own personal Chernobyl...which is of course a very bad thing for us all.

The Miracle of Diversity

from out the So Called Liberal Media:

The Boston Globe released it's revised columnist schedule for the Op-Ed pages on Monday.
Oh it was a triumph I assure you.
Sunday's will mark the beginning of the opinion week with regular columns by Jeff Jacoby and Joan Vennochi.
Thus the Sunday Globe will kick it off right with a range of opinion from Joanie's shrill inanity to Jeff's Praetorian Apologism.
Now there is a broad spectrum of opinion a nigh incoherent woman who thinks John Kerry is a bully when he isn't being a wuss and Praetorian Tribune who thinks John Kerry is probably a menace to National Security.
Shit, they've got it all covered down there at the Globe, they surely.
Ah let us bask in the liberal media's devotion to letting a hundred flowers bloom, Morrissey Boulevard is truly letting a hundred voices contend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Baker drops out...

The Globe relegates this story to the City-Region section for some strange reason.
I wonder if Charlie has some advance knowledge as to the actual political plans of a certain controversial Viceregal Personality?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Notes: So Mitt tells Chris Matthews

that he will be re-elected in a landslide?
Well...what can I say, delusion follows fantasy as autumn followeth the summer.
Of course, once again Mitt cuts out the local news in favor of a high end national cable news personality...its like he has never heard of NECN or Channel Five News isn't it?

Meanwhile, Chris Matthews is such a delight isn't he?
He was so exicited about Hurrican Katrina last night, like a little boy watching the fire department at his first tenement blaze.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Briefly seen on cable last night:

a "debate" between the eminently sensible former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders and one Leslee Unruh head of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse.
They were "discussing" sex education in the wake of a story from out rural Ohio wherein one in seven girls at a local High School are pregnant.
Elders took the view that sex education and certain abstinence programs were the key to driving down such distressing numbers.
Unruh on the other hand smirked horribly and announced that since her fellow true believers controlled the Executive Department, the Legislature and the Courts it didn't matter what what Elders had to say.
Unruh then devoted precious air-time to a paean of praise to President Bush who is allegedly a fervent believer in fairytales like abstinence education and creationism.
The contrast between the two couldn't be more striking, Elders was factual and engaged, Unruh was vulgar, arrogant and preening...a bloated bottle blonde with tiny piggish eyes that glittered shamelessly under the kleig lights.
In short, Leslee Unruh is a praetorian, worshipper of power and a camp follower in the Third Cowboy's ever lengthening posse.
her rap last night was pretty shameless but the praetorians are a prideful egomaniacal bunch.
Fat times have made them all acolytes of Shakespeare's un-natural & false god "Commodity".
Indeed, my only reaction to last night's "debate" was an earnest wish to see a few of these proud bastards humbled...a little comeuppance would go down nice right about now.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just in time for the latest round of Bombings and

shoot outs in Iraq comes a "We are Winning the War" column from Jeff Jacoby.
All Humble Elias can say is Thank God...he was afraid Jeff's support for the whole maishaugas might be faltering. Whatever meds they've got Jeff on, they work wonders at keeping unwholesome reality at bay.
I especially like this howler:
Yet in so many ways, Iraq doesn't look like Vietnam at all. Vietnam was never the central battleground of the Cold War,
Actually, Jeff is right in a sense, in Viet Nam the US Army despite being poorly trained and badly lead, managed to contain the Viet Cong and its North Vietnamese allies for some nine years until the political and human cost became too high for this Republic.
In Iraq on the other hand, the US Army is naught but referees in an unfolding civil war.
Jeff also claims army morale is high over in Iraq...that may be so its also no reason to perpetuate this catastrophe or act as midwife to another Islamic Republic.
That Army morale is high is nice, hopefully when its all over no one will come home to fear, doubt and abandonment.
But its no justification for the war in itself.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not to belabor a beloved point or anything...

But Senator Rick Santorum really is a vain humorless power worshipping infantile little prick.

The proof of which lies in this ugly little incident

Ghod he just can't wait to start bossing us all around can't he?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Numbers:

Polls don't lie...the majority of Massachusetts voters think Romney is inept, callous, the wrong ideological fit for the Commonwealth and obsessed with his national ambitions to the detriment of the Bay State.
The Boston Sunday Globe's poll is pretty much bad news for Romney all around, in hypothetical matchups he is lapped by Tom Reilly and runs dead even with Deval Patrick.
Tsk...tsk....pretty big come down from the reform Titan of 2002.
Given all that, I was amazed to see Romney still retains about a fifty percent approval rating this is after eight months of embarrassing equivocations and vexing setbacks large and small. That to Humble Elias is the most interesting revelation of the entire poll.
Don't kid yourselves, Mitt might opt to run for re-election this fall, he can blame all his problems on the legislature and retire behind the fastness of his man-tan charisma whilst Patrick, Reilly & Galvin get into the usual back alley donnybrook.
He could win next year.
Wanna bet that Karl Rove has been working on Mitt getting him to reconsider and run for re-election?
Anyone gonna take that action?
Willard is young, stupid, credulous and craven with a full head of hair,in all the perfect Rovian dupe.
Imagine the sorts of blandishments Karl is holding out to Romney, promises of an easy time in the NH Primary, names of movers in South Carolina...its a tempting list to be sure.
And all contingent on running in 2006.
Mind you Rove will never pay off on any of these markers, but Romney is too naive to see through Uncle Karl's machinations.
It could happen, Mitt may surprise us this fall, if he does it will be a function of his national ambitions and not out of any regard for the welfare of the Commonwealth.


Monday, August 22, 2005

The Globe has a front page article today

entited "More Young Blacks Ready to Embrace the GOP"....(Or something like that)

Truth is, the Globe usually runs these articles about twice a year during an elections season, they've been doing it for years its their special political boilerplate. Clearly its been a slow news summer so they broke out a nice scary article about new constituency defections from the democratic party. Morrissey Blvd just loves scare stories like this, cause' truth is, the Globe is a beaten defeated newspaper...bereft of ideas, encrusted with yammering jerkwads like Joan Vennochi and Scot Lehigh they are just waiting for the end of the two party system in America.
When it happens, nobody will mourn with more gusto than the Boston Globe, the editorial tears will fall like rain in a nor'easter.
The article itself, seems built on fairly sketchy evidence (Howard University now has a undergrad GOP club fourteen whole members, c'est formidable)...but like I said its hot out and the President is dead drunk in Crawford....nothin' much comin' in on the wires.
"Adam Hunter" (The Howard U GOP Chair) is quoted with respect to all the typical praetorian talking points including most interestingly, privatizing social security.
If wonder if friend Adam or any other campus conservative outfits might be collecting anti-social security subsidies from the Rove gang in DC?
Joshua Micah Marshall has reported that there is a ton of conservative welfare in circulation for anti social security purposes it wouldn't surprise me if some of it drifted down to the undergraduate level.

On the other hand, if African Americans defected en masse to the GOP, then do y' suppose they'd finally get the right to vote in Florida and Ohio?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Airing All Views...

Point 08 takes a different view of Joan Vennochi's column. In the interest of a fresh full and hearty debate y' oughta go over there and assess his opinion.
BTW, Joanie also marked out hard for a guberatorial recall as they had in California. This is, in my opinion catastrophic nonsense. If Massachusetts can survive a ineptoid like Ed King it can survive Mitt Romney's charmless equivocal reign.
A hypothetical recall would only yield up someone worse than Romney - count on it, Look at California, they got stuck with Schwarzenegger who has already run through his limited skill set and is stumbling now from catastrophe to catastrophe out there.
No, we have a recall in Massachusetts, its called Impeachment, but even Mitt is too smart set something like that off.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

It is always slightly disturbing

When Joanie Vennochi seemingly starts cribbing columns from the Chimes at Midnight. Today for example she swings into a spirited denunciation of our current string of inept dilletantish part time governors, including of course, Mitt Romney.
However, this is Joanie we are talking about, her current diatribe also contains this odd little howler:
Romney ran for governor under false pretenses, as a social moderate who would use his business savvy as a check against the Democrats who control the state Legislature
Joanie is leaving a crucial point out here, Romney ran as a REPUBLICAN social moderate, which is defined as an empty series of election year pundit pleasing gestures and little else. The implication here is obvious, if Charlie Baker or even Kerry Healey can get the wrist action down pat, Vennochi and her ilk will be marking out hard for them come October 2006.
Again, for seemingly the hundredth time, Willard's patent phoniness was hanging out for all to see long before election day 2002. Sadly, the local punditariat simply refused to accept Romney as anything else but a Man on Horseback sent by Divine Providence to save us all from the legislature.
And in due course, they will be building up some other hopeless hack as the same savior...anything rather than see an simple democrat elected.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Weld for Governor...of New York...

Bill Weld, last seen seemingly face down in the gutters of the Upper West Side of Manhattan following his divorce, has sobered up enough to think seriously about running for Governor of the Empire State.
Good God the clown car sure has rolled up early in the Big Top that is Campaign 2006 hasn't it?
Bill is ancient history, he belong to that antedeluvian Massachusetts era of lowered expectations called 1990. He won back then because he was a visible eccentric running against John Silber a malevolent weirdo in extremis. He balanced the State's budget using tax hikes Mike Dukakis and George Keverian rammed through and squeezed the localities dry for transport funds that got poured down into the vasty deeps of the Big Dig.
He also ushered in the age of the dilettante governors cutting short his second term on a genuinely bizarre quest to become Ambassador to Mexico.
In all, a sparse record of accomplishment larded up with as much personal freakiness as the notoriously puritanical Bay State electorate could withstand.
We live in different times now, a flake like Weld just won't fly - sorry!
He is runnin in New York out of sheer boredom...there is only so much gin one can guzzle up in the posh nighteries of West 72nd Street before a vague feeling of unease rolls up....a sense of not having reached one's brahmin potential.
Weld could just get married again, NYC is crawling with chorus girls and gold diggers...that would shock the squares at the very least.
Alas no, in Bill's case that uneasy feeling has sent him out on the hustings again...god help us.
Frankly the NY GOP has a perfect right to very closely examine Weld in respect of his commitment to the job, he walked out on Massachusetts and if elected somehow he could well walk out on New York...or go on a bender who knows?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quote for the Week:

William Donohue, head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told Newsday Magazine (in respect of John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court) "'I'm going to try to do my job to intimidate the Senate Judiciary Committee so they do their job more carefully"

Intimidate the Senate Judiciary Committee? Hey Bill why doncha go the whole KGB route and kidnap Chuck Schumer's wife Iris, that'll get him to toe the line!
This is the state of American Democracy after 229 Years...grown adult men openly assert their intentions to "intimidate" our elected representatives.
The Romans had this problem, and you wouldn't like the way they resolved it either.

Friday, August 12, 2005


that asinine & spineless old wretch Arlen Specter has his jockeys all in a bunch cause' NARAL dared to produce a hardball TV ad opposing Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts.
Gosh you can just hear Arlen's jowl's quivering with rage all the way to Mentomy Massachusetts.
How much you wanna bet Rove got on the phone with Arlen and browbeat him into intervening with NARAL to get the advert pulled?
Arlen is an embarrassment to the US Senate, Bush sez "shit" and Specter whines "what color SIR!?"
Where was all this indignation when the Swift Boat Veterans were tearing into John Kerry last summer?
I didn't hear squat-shit out of Arlen Specter, he was FINE with that set of lies - so who is he to police NARAL's political campaign against Roberts?
The same goes for Scot Lehigh he is all up on his high horse today over the NARAL affair. Oh he inserts a teensy qualifier about the Swift Boat Vets at the end, which is by my reckoning his first criticism of said group since their malevolent debut last summer!
The implication here is gruesome and obvious, that its OKAY for the Praetorian Class to treat national politics like a blood sport and yet at the same time WRONG when Liberals take the same line!
Thats the message from Arlen Specter and Scot Lehigh and I get it loud and clear.

If those are the rules my friends, then we are headed for a revolution in this country and you can all kiss freedom and liberty and justice and individual rights good-bye!

What else can be expected when our rights and live are supposed to be protected by craven opportunists like Scot Lehigh and lackeys like Arlen Specter??

NARAL does not have a right to lie in pursuit of its agenda, but neither do the Swift Boat Vets or Rush Limbaugh or Bob Novak.

Having seen these Praetorians in action why WOULDN'T NARAL indulge the same tactics??
The current outrage is nothing but the same old biased media claptrap and proof positive that there are one set of rules for liberals and another more flexible set for the Praetorian Class.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still no word from the Deval Patrick campaign...

he has chatted with all the other kewl bloggers....why not meee-eee? (Sniff whine).
Waal...the reason for that is simple, either CaM's numbers are too insignificant to merit Patrick's time or some bright young thing on his staff has gone far enough back into my archives to scan all the tasteless & incendiary references to "The Kolobian Viceroy" and "Governor Decaf".
Well what can I say? CaM is crudely written indifferently self edited ideological warfare of a particularly venomous type.
If I was running for Governor I wouldn't solicit an interview with anything like it!
And anyway, I'd only harangue the poor man...and who needs that kind of mishaugas?

However to keep a decorous and polite distance between the Deval Patrick Campaign and the Chimes at Midnight (aka "The Little Blog that Cried") let me remind my readers (all seven of you) that Governor Mitt Romney has the oleaginous smile of an ashamed and chronic masturbator.

There, that oughta settle things.
Good luck to all democrats of good conscience in 2006...I'll get around to an endorsement in due course.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Adding Insult to Injury...

King Snitch Bob Novak is apparently a convert to Roman Catholicism.
THAT is just the last straw!
We have really got to start charging money or something, it seems like any played out hack can join up sans demure.
I mean look at trash we've let in, Laura Ingraham a screeching incubus and the archtypical "mean drunk" and now Bob "The Prince of Darkness" Novak.
Good lord, whoever converted them seriously needs to explain themselves to the Holy See.
Ah but this is the Aufklarung of Bennie the Pope the very embodiment of William S. Burroughs famous dictum "Any old soul is worth saving to a priest, but not every soul is worth buying, so take the offer as a compliment".
We will let any freaky deadbeat in, Clarence Thomas, Larry Kudlow, Clare Booth Luce, and Jeb Bush to name but a few.
You wouldn't mind so much, but these dingbats are all climbing into what amounts to a burning lifeboat intent on finding spiritual certitude amidst a crisis that may well annihilate catholicism west of the Rhine.

Maybe it is just time to migrate out, leave these jack-offs to bail as best they can...any room in the back down at the Unitarian Universalist Association?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Uncle Rom's Cabin

Please note, thanks to unspecified budget cutbacks the Town of Newbury no longer has a full compliment of lifeguards on it's beaches. This means that if you want to park and swim on the stretch of beach nearest "Jeanne's" restaurant, you and your family must take your chances.
Of course, Newbury is the only beach where I've seen EMT's show up to deal with an badly injured swimmer. I've also seen the results of a non fatal plane crash all in all you'd think a full compliment of lifeguards might be a good thing seeing as how the beach is usually packed like Coney Island.
IF Lt Governor Healey ever shows up there on one of her pretentious and presumptuous listening tours just drag her boney ass down to Plum Island and ask her to count all the lifeguards.
According to today's Globe, Kerry is a Researcher, so she probably knows how to count.
Ghod knows you'd never get the Governor up there to review the situation, even if you did what gaurantee would you have that the whole sorry situation wouldn't become fodder for one of his hilarious anti-Massachusetts rants down in Spartansburg.

Friday, August 05, 2005

A quote from USA Today 8-3-05

Russell Johnson, Pastor of the First Christian Church in Canton Ohio tells his flock:
It's time for the church to get a spinal column and push the seculars and the jihadists...into the dustbin of history

Hannah Arendt talks about totalitarian movements as a formless national fantasy state with its own definition of the earthly paradise and its own counter-rationality.
The most salient feature of classic totalitarian movements though, is the selection and ruthless persecution of outlaw classes and ethnic groups. Initially these classes exist only as a fantasy within the mind of the leader, but soon enough thanks to the movement's power of identification and oppression
they become real enough, real enough in fact to kill.
Stalin of course went after the reactionary Kulaks and the Trotskyites, Hitler of course slaughtered the Jews.
All these groups are whole classes of persons deemed an impediment to the establishment of the Totalitarian Earthly Paradise.
Totalitarian movements need outlaw classes and the like in order to prosper, given the nature of their utopian cosmology, nothing less than the usual vast conspiracies could ever stop the partei from it's apoetheosis.

Anyway...all you seculars and jihadists out there should keep that in mind as campaign 2006 unfolds. Johnson's quote up there about the Dustbin of history is a sturdy phrase sadly straight out of Stalin's pre-purge playbook.
I'm just sayin'....

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This passage...

from Joan Vennochi's current column just drives me crazy:

More evidence of their difficulty comes from Ohio. On Tuesday, former state Representative Jean Schmidt, a Republican, narrowly defeated Paul L. Hackett, a Democrat and Iraqi war veteran.

Schmidt won a special election to replace Representative Rob Portman, a Republican who resigned from Congress after winning Senate confirmation to become US trade representative. Hackett, an underdog, lost by only about 4,000 votes. He scared the GOP, but still he lost.

In his campaign, Hackett called Bush a ''chicken hawk" for failing to serve in Vietnam and ''a cheerleader for the enemy," for goading Islamic militants to ''bring it on." It was not a winning strategy against Bush in the past, and it wasn't for Hackett against Schmidt. His attacks caused Republicans to throw money and resources into the race. Besides, chicken hawk Republicans have a track record for knowing how to dissect and dismantle war heroes, from fellow Republican John McCain to Democrats Max Cleland and John Kerry

Is it so much to ask that Joanie just occasionally acknowledge the outrageous treatment the GOP metes out to veterans in general and democratic war veterans in venomous particular???
In fact I can't recall a single instance from campaign 2000 wherein this spiteful no talent ever denounced the GOP's mendacious attacks on Kerry's patriotism & war record.
Oh no somehow its the DEMOCRATS FAULT for bringing down this shitstorm of lies and innuendo upon some of the bravest and most honorable men to walk this earth!

This is appalling, Joanie ought to be ashamed, alas she comes from out a cohort of punditry singularly proud of their shamelessness.

Advice for democrats...

this goes for newbies like Deval Patrick up to comfortable apex predators like Senator Kennedy.
DON'T listen to Joan Vennochi.
Yup you guessed it, the dog days of summer have once again yielded up Joanie's annual "the democrats are all LOSERS" column.
During campaign '04 Vennochi must've run that sumbitch every two weeks....a predictable as an unloved season.
How many times did she demand that John Kerry humbly apologise for whatever it was that irked her and the Fox News Channel?
Four or five times prior to the nomination as I recall.
Well..this'll get me into trouble no doubt but it needs to be said: "Joan Vennochi is a spiteful no-talent bitch".
She really is, when the democrats attack she screams we are playing too rough, when we back off Vennochi howls like a stuck pig that we are all sissies and cowards.
She was all right back in the nineties when politics was all about blow jobs, policy incrementalism and petty chiseling but in todays world of PATRIOT Acts and Terrorism she is utterly at sea.
It comes from having a lot of cranky dislikes but no real ideology. She has been writing for the Globe for years and years and I still can't figure out what she believes in other than the imminent demise of the two party system.
Is she for anything other than shitting on John Kerry like a sort of porch hag Howie Carr?
Hell, all Joanie really knows is attacking democrats and liberals is easy money...she may not be an avowed GOPer a'la Laura "Hollow Leg" Ingraham but her instincts beautifully parallel the current shrill conservative zeitgeist.
I say the Globe should get rid of her and Lehigh,they have both tarried too long for the good they have done and in the bowels of Jesus Christ they must go!
God will decide the issue between them and us.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another thought...

If Senator's Kerry and Kennedy set their minds to it, they could easily spend the rest of the summer baiting and taunting their "colleague" Senator Rick "High Pitched Rich" Santorum over the clerical sex abuse scandal.
They could remind the public that Pennsylvania has been immune to that chickenhawking clergy and lovingly recount Rick's many bizarre ideas about church and state relations.
Since Santorum's weakness is, he is an utterly humorless uptight prig, at some point he has to erupt in a screeching pre-infantile shit fit...preferably on camera and in public.
If the videography is good enough, this would make preemo footage for the opening campaign adverts in the New Hampshire Primary.
Ah but John Kerry and Edward Kennedy are at the core gentlemenand would never single out a fellow Senator for abuse simply to humiliate a nasty and ambitious political sociopath.
Mores the pity...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I used to think

that Senator Rick Santorum was a sort of U.S. tyrant in the making...a real life "Fred Van Ackerman" straight out of the pages of Allen Drury right down to the nasty "psychotic whine".
More and more though, he is sounding less like Our Future Master and more like a spoiled five year old who won't climb down from atop his tantrum.

He has now decided that the priestly pedophile scandal is the fault of Senators Kerry and Kennedy who remained silent and thus somehow enabled Cardinal Law to keep reshuffling the deck with sex offenders.

What would Senator Santorum have said if John Kerry had blamed the clerical sex abuse scandal on Newt Gingrich and Strom Thurmond?

Now doubt he'd howl like a stuck pig, much like he is howling now.

Alas however a sort of shrillness illness is spreading through out the GOP when it comes to this issue. Former State Treasurer "Average" Joe Malone, looking old and thoroughly mean sorta kinda agreed with Santorum last night on the Braude Show inferring that since Congressman Gerry Studds got off with a pat on the ass that somehow inspired every sex fiend in the Commonwealth to fresh outrages.
Of course, as I recall, Gerry was censured by the U.S. House and he was never beyond the reach of the voters in his now defunct district. Unlike Cardinal Law who is riding fat and happy in Rome with an honored place at the table.

Its always funny to me when a lumbering corruptard like Joe gets up on his high horse and starts lecturing the peasantry about morality and such.
I mean nobody censured Joe for the seven millionlarge his gang stole from out the treasury...

Or did I miss something?

Meanwhile I look forward to Senator Santorum blaming it all on Adlai Stevenson, John Dewey, Arthur Schlesinger (trust me, Artie is next!), JK Galbraith, Geraldine Ferraro and the Scottsboro Boys.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Frist Flopping...

Senate Majortity Leader Dr. Bill Frist ought to be at the top of his game right now, ought to be but he ain't.
On paper, he is formidable, a southern conservative, a pious bible worshipping xian (therefore a theocrat and a proud one), an MD from Harvard, vain, arrogant, narrow minded he is therefore the perfect GOP candidate for higher office.
And yet for all that, Bill is shapng up to be a spectacular political failure.
His every visit to the White House occasions a horrible scuttling sycophantic performance. His long range "diagnosis" of the late Mrs Terri Schiavo has been exposed as errant nonsense and Frist proved too whipped to tell Meet the Press' Phat Tim Russert proper AID's preventative measures out of fears of his angry fundamentalist constituents.
H.L. Mencken once gushed that Harvard University was a fine school as they "hadn't graduated a single wowser in 150 years". In the personal of Majority Leader Frist, that long and celebrated streak has at last been broken.
Now suddenly, this DOctor who gets serious medical advice from backwater parsonages has come out hard for stem cell research.
We can now safely add indecision to Frist's list of vices and shortcomings.
I suspect the science behind stem cells must be pretty irrefutable if a toady and yap like Frist can change sides so swiftly.
That and the pro-stem cell forces are well organized, with a simple message and a host of telegenic personalities to press the matter.
If Frist behinds in the wind from the White House, there is nothing to prevent him from succumbing to pressures from another direction- remember that.

To contend for president in the GOP primaries, one must have a lot of money and run as a hero, be it a war hero (McCain), religious fanatic (Santorum) or the barefoot boy from the executive suite (Romney).
How Frist with his ever lengthening record for failure and equivocation recasts himself as a hero in 2008, I do not know.