Friday, September 30, 2011

It and it doesn't sound like the

"model airplane bomber" could have accomplished much with his plot.

He probably would have run afoul of devising a reliable homemade detonator for his scheme regardless of his degree in physics from Northeastern.
Still I'm glad the Federales take these things seriously and follow up, these days its the skinchy little Al Queda sympathizers in basements that you have to worry about.
 "The one offs" US Citzens that've been recruited *& radicalized...

Try as Humble Elias might...

he can't seem to catch up with Rick Santorum to hear the Former Pennsylvania Senator's presidential stump speech in New Hampshire.
And that is because...Santorum seems to be spending all his time in Iowa.

If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense from the Former Senator's perspective. If he is gonna catch fire anywhere, it has to be among the hard core rightical chic wowsership in Iowa, those folks vote and show up for stuff in fanatical droves.
The problem is, that is the exact same game plan that Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry all have.
Shee-it all three of them will insist in pious xian unison that moonlit stumpwater is sovereign against warts and that the Founding Fathers were the lost fourteenth Tribe of can screechy old Rick Santorum complete with mookery like that??

Thursday, September 29, 2011

As for the mook in Framingham with the plan

to blow up the Capitol and the Pentagon with model airplanes...My only question is, are these sunsabitches jet powered??

Otherwise if you cannot disrupt command and control by dropping an airliner on the Pentagon, as was the case on 9-11, what the hell is a model plane loaded with C4 gonna accomplish other than a lesser increment of mayhem assuming success?

I give the little jerk credit for an original 007 style scheme, but am skeptical it would prove effective against the captioned targets.

Nonetheless, kudos to the Federales, they seem to be a bit more on the ball these days.
And I'll add, in the face of the usual cries for profiling and fingerprinting and barbed wire for illegal immigrants, that the alleged perp was a US Citizen.

Setti Warren bails on the democratic senate race...

I'm not surprised to say the least, I'd always thought he got in to gin up his name recognition and put some new fundraising names in his rolodex.
Doesn't seem like he accomplished either goal so why stay in the race?
Humble Elias has long suspected that Mayor Warren had his eye on Barney Frank's congressional seat assuming Newton stays in his district. Otherwise given the remorseless logic of redistricting and "stability of cadres" that characterizeas our congressional delegation, there wasn't much Mayor Warren could do, other than say concentrate on Newton or run for the US Senate.
And that in part is why we have such an odd assortment (for the most part) running for the democratic nomination for the US Senate, none of these peeps can get their foot in the door either in congress or the state legislature.
So they migrate to the open statewide seat, be it the Lt Governorship (as was the case in 2006) or the US Senate, as it is today.
Well, I still maintain it's a loss to the race as a whole, at this point my main interest is in fostering as wide and comprehensive a debate as is possible within the strictures of a democratic primary. That means everyone running gets a fair chance to make their case, the election is 14 months away a full discussion won't kill us by any means.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Clear Call of Booty

The State Senate, acting behind closed doors has seen fit to whittle down a proposed five year ban on ex-legistlators working in the notional gaming industry, to a one year ban on ex-legislators working for the gaming industry.
Well, if that isn't a pretty blatant declaration of intentions then I don't know what is. Clearly the casinos are going to become a source of easy-ass lobbyist gigs for the feckless Morlocks in the state legislature.
Nice enticement for retirement to say the least a powerful bulwark against the recession for a lawyer who is clipping coupons on the back benches of the lower house.
Well of course, this low chicanery induced a notable quote from GOP senator Robert Hedlund (who favored the five year ban) “I sat next to Wilkerson for a while. I sat next to Marzilli.’’

Bob, old pal,I dunno what was up with Dianne Wilkerson, but whatever else Jim Marzilli is guilty of, he never took a dime and he was always a stern opponent of casino gambling. Trust me, he'd a been for a seven year ban on ex-legislators working for the casinos.
No, what mostly Marzilli is guilty of is making the state senate feel foolish, instead of simply looking foolish and selfish with that vote yesterday.
So there is a difference in my mind, but Hedlund probably couldn't care less, like me he sees the downfall of the state democratic party in casino gambling, he is just marking time tim the moment to strike arrives.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

looks and acts all the world like a man who just triumphed at a Coney Island Pie Eating Contest.

On the other hand, Rick Perry's "game face" suggests a baffled neanderthal who came to the debate venue in search of the secret of fire...And of didn't find it.

And both these mooks are ample proof that the GOP will sooner nominate Achille Starace for President than the likes of Mitt Romney

Monday, September 26, 2011

If I was NJ Governor Chris Christie

I'd steer clear of getting into the 2012 GOP Presidential race.

On a practical basis, most of the big money is locked up for various candidates as well as all the quality political help you need to get ramped up in Iowa and New Hampshire. I think there is like one remaining registered republican in Moultonborough who has not endorsed someone in the New Hampshire Primary...everyone else has found a candidate. Thus I doubt Christie's ground game would amount to much between now and January. Besides the odds don't favor late starters unless you are Bobby Kennedy, and let us soberly remember he was neither nominated nor elected God Rest His Soul.
On a intangible basis, Christie is fat, notoriously boorish and has a little problem with the indoor voice, one expects he'd have a good four weeks of press and then come plummeting down.
No, If I was Christie I'd wait til 2016 and resist all entreaties to play the Hero's Part in the current round of primaries, but then because this is the GOP, likely plain common sense isn't a factor in any political calculation.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman Cain...

Just whipped Texas Governor Rick Perry fat white ass in a Florida Straw Poll.

Oh Ghod, I'm needing Harvard Stadium to guffaw in...
I Really do...

Lordy two weeks ago, Governor Rick Perry was the Man of Destiny in the GOP, except he fell off his charger, shot himself into the foot and while he was hopping around crying & cursing liberals he concussed himself badly falling over the hitching post.
So much for Rick Perry as "Shane" at this point he more likely resembles Batman's old foe, "Shame" World's thickest outlaw cowboy (played by the late Cliff Robertson).
Still I don't think Herman Cain should burn down Perry completely, the Texas Governor is just stupid enough to serve as Secretary of Transportation in a Cain Administration, gotta look ahead on these things.
Godalmighty, Perry had it all, except he couldn't debate worth a damn, I mean he got schooled by Mitt Romney himself a truly terrible public speaker in every way...what does that tell you?
And the kicker is, all this chaos in the GOP Presidential ranks is increasing pressure on New Jersey Governor Christie to parachute in and save the GOP from the last guy who swooped down to save the GOP....
Cuz thats what the country craves, a fat crass lout from the Jersey Shore...
Y'know the GOP due to it's repugnance of good governance, has fallen into a dangerous "hero trap" where every single candidate is being evaluated not for the US Presidency its glories and toils, but for Demigod-hood.
That seems to be their current very public neurosis, hero worship, they can't find one.
Still if he wasn't such a slow witted specimen, Rick Perry could survive this, John Kerry once polled behind the Reverend Al Sharpton in New Hampshire, but then the Senator didn't wanna be Hercules, he just wanted to be President.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The New Queen Elizabeth

docked at what the Globe describes today as the "recently renovated Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston."

Frankly, I think the "recently renovated Black Falcon Terminal in South Boston" could seriously use a lick of paint and some fresh cement to cover up the rusty rebar that pokes thru here and there.
Mayor Menino, this seems like your cue....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm a little shocked the Boston Globe

(or whoever) didn't pick up on this, footage of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart in Lexington Ma and snarling for civil war and a conservative revolution in the USA.
Many thanks to my colleagues at the Blue Mass Group for this highly suggestive video clip, them fellas get around thank Cthulu!
Y'know whenever conservatives run out of ideas, they start babbling about insurrection and secret cabals and shooting liberals, I know I'm supposed to be scared, but frankly it's all very very childish. Andrew Breitbart would SHIT himself at the slightest sign of civil disorder and if his sick little fantasy of revolution ever came to pass he'd be the first one to flee to Toronto.
That guy has been living inside the conservative echo chamber since he was 13 years old, he has figured out how to monetize his wingnut politics and he has a degree of celebrity.
Breitbart lives a slack pampered life believe me.
That kind is always the first to go up against the wall when civil society crumbles.
I know Breitbart was trying in his own sad pathetic way to scare liberals, but I'm done being scared, it would be more embarrassing than horrifying to get into a shoot out with a such a hopeless mook.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Poll out suggesting that...

Citizen Elizabeth Warren is up a few percentage points over Former State Senator Scott Brown.
Okay everybody chill the eff' out!

it is just one poll, and if Citizen Warren has a good campaign staff behind her, then they are all remembering what happened to Charlie Baker and insisting to their candidate that she is the current underdog, poll or no poll.
Well other than that I'm gonna idly suggest that this poll indicates that Scott Brown hasn't quite sealed the deal yet with the Massachusetts electorate. It does seem to matter that Brown has changed his mind on dozens of issues in the past year and seemingly solely on the basis of the potential pay offs for Wall Street.  Maybe the electorate doesn't have a clear sense of where he stands on a lot of things...that is a vacuum, and politics abhors a vacuum.
Given that, I think it is sensible for Citizen Warren to keep brandishing her Anti Wall Street bona fides.
As a practical matter, this poll will likely provide some ammo to those within the democratic party who want to winnow down the Senatorial Primary Field.
For the most part I think we should not be stampeded by some early polling results, Humble Elias thinks what is best for the Massachusetts democratic party right now is a full and complete debate of all the issues impacting on the senatorial race.  Election day is still 14 months away...

Not for nuthin' but

Howie could stand to lay off the "Rolling Rock"....

Just sayin' thass all...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wish List

With the New Hampshire Primary (biggest gaudiest medicine show since the FDA forced Hadacol off the market in 1953) soooo tantalizingly close by, I thought I'd share the politicians and stump speeches I'd like to see this time around.

1.) "High Pitched Rick" Santorum. The very living embodiment of Allen Drury's fictional "Senator Fred van Ackerman" character, with a predilection towards the slaughter of unarmed straw men. He came in for some coverage from the Globe today, I'm anxious to see his stump speech since I'm not sure if he'll tough it out til New Years. Romney and Perry must both being querying Santorum on his asking price on a "bail-n-endorse" scenario.

2.) Michele Bachmann, Ah crazy Michele, she hasn't said a single sensible thing in over a year and auds go wild for here. Thirty years ago, she'd a been relegated to a straitjacket at McLean's Hospital, now she is bidding on the White House. If that doesn't perfectly illustrate the decline and fall of politics in the USA what does? Otherwise I hear Michele is shrill and crazy, the campaign appearances ought to be a hoot. And besides, I suspect she just might have some Mike Huckabee style traction out there, enough perhaps to get her a Vice Presidential consideration if the top swank ends up being a useless stiff like Mitt  Romney.

3.) Mitt Romney, last time I saw Willard run thru his act in Nashua he was semi unintelligible due to a tendency to rocket thru his bullet points. That is when he wasn't mumbling, wallowing in feckless insincerity, evading the point or plain lying and lying badly.
All the pundits say he is a much improved public speaker since 2008, I need to see that for myself. Besides, this is Mitt Romney we are talking about, when he tells the grandkids dinner is ready, they text grandma to make sure.

One last point, I'm having a divvil of a time figuring out the the NH schedules of the above captioned citizenry, their campaign websites are awfully obscure as to where they are gonna be next in the Granite State. Any tips on that whole process will be appreciated, and don't worry I'm a low key observer, I don't confront the candidate or anything. I just go back to my keyboard and snark on their asses behind their backs, as Kathy Griffin says "I wuz raised right".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There is nothing worse than...

when a child predeceases the parents, especially when those parents have reached old age.
Such is the tragic circumstances that has overtaken the Mondale Family as their only daughter Eleanor has passed away after a long battle with cancer.
The Former Vice President and his Wife, have been struck a emotional blow that no one should have to endure,
I should know, I had to help as best I could when an Aunt and Uncle's favored daughter (the one they were counting on to usher them out of this life) died unexpectedly.
Octogenarians, crying like babies....very sad to see.
My heart goes out to all the Mondales at this tragic time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear President Carter...

PLEASE endorse Mitt Romney for President.
Please please please!!???
Do it under the big statue of JFK in front of the State House... please back Romney on the basis of his "outreach to the gay community in 2002", his "willingness to compromise with democrats", his "achievement in bringing the US one step closer to a single payer health plan" and his record of "moderation on the issue of abortion".
C'mon Jimmy you owe me, I proudly voted for you in 1980 and I've never recanted on it come hell or high water.
Good Ghod image it, the explosive bolts that hold the collective psyche of the Tea Partei together would detonate simultaneously....
Ah but it's a humorless election, we are getting some laughs off of it, but entirely of the unintended variety.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This may sound awfully elitist but

profoundly stupid people ought not to be allowed to run for President.

And so it is with Michele Bachmann who thinks nay proclaims that an anti cancer vaccine makes kids "retarded".
That has to be the dumbest thing anyone has said in this Presidential Campaign so far, and this is a race with Ron Paul AND Rick Perry in it!
Demagogues need brains to make their mojo work.
When they have it, they are Tom Watson, Huey Long or Father Coughlin.
Without it, they are William Jennings Bryan, shouting himself to death in a stiffling Tennessee courtroom.
Bachmann is a demagogue on the Bryan model, too stupid to eithe explain coherently or back off of gracefully her own idiocy.
One wonders how this woman is allowed to roam the streets without a chaperone....But then this is the US Congress we are talking about, for conservatives the bar is set low how else to explain Scott Brown?

Congress is in a lather because

the USA loaned 500 million to the solar energy company Solyndra who promptly repaid the generosity by going bankrupt last month.
This is the same congress that has yet to investigate the six billion or so in cash that the Bush Administration rushed into Iraq in the wake of the 2002 invasion, not dollar one was ever heard from again. You'd think the Witchburning and Book Worshipping Caucus of the Lower House might be just a tad interested in that, but no, Obama's signature isn't on it, so they pass over in silence.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sal DiMasi just got eight years in the slams

for some bush league porchclimbing he did on behalf of a lobbyist for Cognos Inc. Meanwhile an oblivious state legislature is debating the revenues to realized off of as yet unlegalized casino gambling.
DiMasi's sad fate ought to be a wake up call to Beacon Hill, if we cannot run the Speaker of the House's office on the up and up, then who the hell in their right minds wants to add the temptations of casino gambling to that mix???
Humble Elias is no fool. He knows this is a lightly trafficked blog, but widely read or not let me state explicitly that casino gambling is political suicide for the Massachusetts democratic party, the monetary temptations thereon will prove too much for Beacon Hill with catastrophic consequences to follow.
There I said it, deal with it.

It is official

Citizen Elizabeth Warren is running for the democratic nomination to the US Senate.  It is important to recall, that the Glass Ceiling in Massachusetts Politics is still three feet thick with a grinning Airhead named Scott Brown on the wrong side of it, gazing down with a nasty hateful smirk on his face.
And trust me, Eric Fehrnstrom will make sure that his favored Airhead, Former State Senator Scott Brown does not go quietly, if he goes at all.
But nonetheless, welcome welcome to Citizen Warren, if she wants to meet lots of uncommitted democrats in a town with very high democratic turnout, she'd couldn't do better than to drop by Arlington's Town Day this Saturday.
Just sayin'...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rick Perry came in for a hiding at last night's debate

he got swarmed the way Romney got swarmed on the eve of the NH Primary 2008 at the Saint Anselm College debate.
Mostly it was all about "Saving Social Security", Perry's great hope for the short term is that every single person next to him on that stage last night has themselves  said or written something perfectly terrifying about Social Security in the past five years.
Hell, you could track the insanity very easily on a spreadsheet.
But Perry...he has a neanderthal's confidence that he can win and be President of the Cavemen, so instead of trimming he goes right on promising to take a club to social security...How well that works going forward remains to be seen.

The Boston Globe on-line

has gone over to a pay service model.
I'd put up a link but what would be the point?
I suppose I can't blame them, they've had a very rocky recession over on Morrissey Blvd with serious rumors of closure and ever thinning ranks in the bullpen.
Hell even the Globe's ads look bleak these days.
So any port in a storm sez Humble Elias, whether or not this pay-wall mishaugas works is another matter entirely.
On a practical note though, this does mean that when I tuck into Vennochi-Lehigh, McGrory or Jeff Jacoby it'll be via paraphrase.
Which is, of course, the very essence of blogging.
Oh and by the way, Scot Lehigh and Joan Vennochi both scored last night's debate as a win for Romney, big surprise there eh?
I mean, Mitt would have to morph into Joe E. Ross and start chasing Michele Bachmann around the stage with a club before certain local pundits would give up on him....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just as Humble Elias predicted,

Tim Pawlenty has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

He did it with unseemly haste, I wonder if he even held out for a good ambassadorship. Cuz trust me, Tim Pawlenty is too unimaginative and naive a politician to negotiate his way into a notional Romney cabinet.
The colorless leading the colorless...
Well, that is one way to look at it.

Then there is Josh Marshall's theory that the GOP establishment is terrified of Rick Perry and therefore must close ranks behind Romney no matter how dim and flavorless a prospect that might be.
Then again I'm wondering if, if, if, Tim realized that maybe the worth of his endorsement tracks neatly with Perry's current popularity. So far so good, this is still in Marshall's territory, but if there were some stressors of a personal type with a disastrous potential impact on the Perry Campaign then it behooves Tim to pull the trigger on an endorsement sooner rather than later.
if Perry dropped out suddenly, who'd give a rat's @ss about Tim Pawlenty's endorsement?
Then again all Perry's caveman ranting and raving about Social Security might be putting everyone's endorsement in play...who knows?
 These are republicans after all, little that they do makes sense.

Short 9/11 Memoir...

Can be found here....

Friday, September 09, 2011

Mitt Romney wants to "save" Social Security

that is a laugh to be sure, he probably wants to turn it into a giant hedge fund for the amusement of the many many investors and beneficiaries of the Bain Capital Gruppe.
Ghod Mitt is so wonderfully craven and opportunistic, he'd sell out the nation to President and doesn't give a damn who knows it.
The really fun part of Mitt's sudden lurch to the middle in this week's debate will be reading all the Boston Globe columnists that'll be puffing and blowing on the embers desperate to get Willard to blaze up as a moderate.
They drank the kool aid last time and they'll do it with lip smacking relish this time.  I don't pretend to understand it, but there is a cadre of pundits here locally that're emotionally invested in converting Mitt to Republican Moderation.
It won't work, it didn't work in 2002, 2006 or 2008 and it won't work in 2012.
Besides am I the only blogger out there who recalls that as of MONDAY of this week, Romney was still kissing Tea Partei Ass?

Thursday, September 08, 2011


per WBUR, in a hypothetical match up Elizabeth Warren "only" trails Scott Brown by nine points.  She hasn't even announced yet and already in the single digits, roughly comparable to where Scott was polling at the outset of the special election in 2010.
And Scott has a plurality, not a
Frankly I am wondering if all that support for Brown isn't a mile wide and an inch paraphrase Arthur Miller, he is "liked" but not "Well Liked".
Such are the perils of having name recognition but no great concurrent reputation....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Senator Kerry has

solicited from his constituents a request for ideas to "reduce the deficit".
This is of course, Kerry at his best, fostering dialogue, creating debate etc etc etc. However I'm not sure it comes to a Hill of Beans in the current political environment, we seem to have stopped listening as a republic.
Of course the last time we stopped listening for a prolonged period...the Civil War was the result.
So lets not "borrow trouble" to quote my white haired old father.
It goes without saying that I like John Kerry, he means well.  Anyone with the undying emnity of Joan Vennochi can't be all bad in my books.
But this deficit reduction stuff is doomed to failure...Its a world wide recession, the spender and hirer of last choice is always the government. And if it isn't then what is stopping the private sector from touching off a big economic revival? Taxes, they've never been lower, regulations, didn't bother anyone when Bush was abusing the White House...the deficit?
The deficit quadrupled in four years under Bush and you'd have to penetrate the seventh circle of hell before you found a tea partei stalwart who spoke up about any of it before election night 2008.
Still, John Kerry is a statesman, and I'd hate to leave him cold.
So how about this:
Jack up the top rate to fifty percent in this country, end the oil depreciation allowance, end farm subsidies for factory farms and cut the military budget twenty five percent. And if corporations are people let them ALL be liable for 15% off the top to the Social Security trust fund.
Just those five alone brought to debate in the US Senate could probably fracture the Federal Union.
Or else JK could just go down to the well of the Senate and in a short speech announce that the USA is now a miserable & squalid oligarchy that would shame the Rome of Commodus Caesar.
Might be quicker that way....

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rick Perry keeps praying and praying...

and Texas keeps burning and burning.

What is it?
Does Ghod hate Texas or there something about Rick Perry that just irritates the Almighty?

Meanwhile down in South Carolina (where the Former Viceroy usually kicks off his toadying & groveling)...Mitt Romney was asked what decision making process he'd bring to the White House...his response?
I go on my knees...I’m a person of faith and I look for inspiration. . . . And then, with all that God has endowed you - with your mind, with your values - you make that decision.’’
Metaphorically speaking, Mitt just crawled before the Tea Partei, begging like a derelict for votes.
Class all the way Mitt, class all the way.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Good Old Mitt Romney...

He is as reliable as a ruined clock.
He is offering the Tea Partei Right the exact same craven sell out of a deal that he tried to fob off on the religious conservatives back in 2007.
"Forget my religion, and forget all my many flip flops down thru the years, VOTE FOR MITT and I'll let you torture and persecute all the liberals just as long as I git ter be President".
They didn't buy it then and they won't buy it now more than likely.
Still the important thing to note from the above link is the paltry nature of the anti-Mitt counter protest, twenty five peeps all told, pretty thin stuff if you as Humble Elias.
This seems to suggest that in some respects the Tea Partei's ability to muster and industrialize outrage seems to have peaked.
So why does Mitt kiss their ass so assiduously?
I dunno I never said Romney was smart or even good at politics.
Ah but Humble Elias has suffered down thru the Presidential Years, he was the last man off the street for Dukakis, Tsongas, Gore and Kerry, many ugly confrontations has he survived.
But nonetheless, it has given me a front row seat on the loudest, gaudiest, most vulgar and hilarious political spectacle of the past twenty five years, the decline and fall of Movement Conservativism.
Once an unstoppable colossus that gave us a Ronald Reagan and a William F. Buckley, its very life now depends on the tattered likes of Jeff Jacoby and Mitt Romney (A man who a generation ago would be considered barely qualified to serve as an interim Secretary of Commerce).
I would not miss this even for the counter factual joys of a incoherent concession speech from Ronald Reagan.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Texas is burning by the way

If I was mean spirited, hypocritical and a bit of a mercenary, I'd observe that fire is God's way of telling Texas something important.

But that would be cruel and unjust.

So instead I'll simply observed that this endless wildfires would seem to be the consequence trying to resolve climate change via faith healing.

Capuano sez "No"

to a run for the US Senate next year.

Well what can I say?
You read it here first (I think).

Isn't it interesting though, our entire congressional delegation would rather take a chance on redistricting than challenge Scott Brown. An odd sort of political psychology seems to be at work here.
I wonder if Congressman Capuano had some presentiment that redistricting wasn't gonna go against his interests so to speak?
Otherwise its a loss to the race and the unfolding debate.

I don't think that much can be done to

save us from the imposition of casino gambling in the Commonwealth.

The stars seem to be in malign allignment this time.

Joanie Vennochi has argued in the Boston Globe to the effect that "now is the time" to rewrite the pending gaming bill to include certain local aid guarantees as well as a ban on state officials doing any business with the gaming industry.
Those are high minded thoughts to be sure, but utterly ineffectual in the final analysis, this is the Massachusetts Legislature we are talking about and they are in hot pursuit of easy money, you can forget about any bans oversight or guarantees.
Humble Elias is a liberal and a democrat, but he also has a healthy suspicion of the state legislature and it's motives in this matter. Moreover I bluntly maintain that the corrupt temptations of casino gambling are toxic to the welfare of state democratic party.
I guess a few well known personalities will have to be frogged marched down the steps in handcuffs before anyone believes me.
I wish someone was listening...but that is a forlorn wish at this point.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Presidential Campaign has officially begun in earnest

Because it's four months til the New Hampshire Primary and Mitt Romney is groveling before the the Hard Right Wing of the GOP.
A mere three months ago, Mitt was disdaining the Tea Partei, but that was Before Rick Perry got in and threw a few right hooks at Romney's eternally undefended jaw...
You wouldn't mind so much, but the Tea Partei is currently polling very unfavorably in comparision to ringworm...Dunno if this is the time to start sucking up to the GOP's restive right wing.
The irony is, Romney is a shitty groveler, insincere and unintentionally hilarious, Willard has had lots of practice at toadying over the last ten years and no conspicuous success with it either.
One's core beliefs ought to be a shelter in trying times. Alas Mitt is neither a liberal nor a conservative or even a particularly successful moderate, he is an energetic opportunist that is all. The best you can say about him is that at various times he has allied himself with liberals, conservatives or moderates to suit his own short term agenda and then casually betrayed them all when a bigger prize was to be had.
He just wants to win, doesn't really care what he has to espouse to get there.
And so being unfortified by any cumbersome deeply held beliefs (save the superhumanity of corporations & winning) Mitt is deeply vulnerable to outside pressure and fanciful neuroses.  And in turn one of things that Romney fears the most (along with certain local columnists) is the pure bowel loosening terror of being on the wrong side of a right wing backlash.
That, is the sort of thing that gives Mitt Romney the screaming bedspins.
If you don't believe then please someone at the next debate contrive to ask him plainly what his thoughts are on Darwin's Theory and Natural Selection...that is if you really want to see a grown man turn to shopworn paper before your eyes and blow away on the breeze.
Nonetheless, as Holmes said to Watson, the game is afoot.