Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it me or is

Governor Patrick up to something?

His fundraising continues even though he is a "lame duck governor" by personal degree and now he and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray are embarking on a "listening tour" of the Commonwealth.
Two of the Governor's initial stops are noted below:

SALISBURY: July 7th at 5:30 p.m. - Town Common, 17 Elm Street

MILFORD: July 12th at 6:00 p.m. - Draper Park

Why is the Lt. Governor "on tour" as well?
That seems odd.
Is the Governor trying to raise Tim Murray's profile prior to some announcement? Does that announcement involve the Governor's future political plans or the Lieutenant Governor's future political plans?
This could all be speculation on my part...But Governor's of reasonably prosperous states do not ordinarily bestir themselves in the hot weather months unless there is something in the wind.
If any of the high democratic primary towns show up on the schedule (exp. Arlington) then that would be an interesting indicator.
Just sayin' thass all.
Hell I could be wrong, anything to avoid joining the bluster about Whitey Bulger.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann...

is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to GOP Presidential contenders.
In the past week The Right Honorable Bachmann has confused John Wayne Gacy with John Wayne, tried to pass off John Quincy Adams as a founding father (Which triggered her fans to swarm wikipedia to revise the John Quincy Adams entry with a zeal unseen since the salad days of Big Brother's Ministry of Truth)and come out for a deficit doubling moratorium on the Federal income tax.
Three weeks ago, the clown-king of the GOP was Newt Gingrich, but now today, Michele has lapped the former Speaker of the US House by a country mile. Nothing she says makes the slightest sense whatsoever, every speech a goldmine of smugly delivered rubbish.
Bachmann is also the sort of brassy dingbat who'll give that stern misogynist Mitt Romney screaming shit-fits, I look forward to all the GOP debates in New Hampshire as comedy extravaganzas in extremis.
Honestly, I couldn't be happier if Earl K. Long rose from the dead and announced he challenging Scott Brown next year.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If Deval Patrick is over-and-out done in 2014

then why is he still fundraising?

Yes indeed, I got an invite to a July 15th birthday fundraiser at the Governor's "Sweet P" vacation cottage in Richmond Mass this week, with tickets at $200 & $500 respectively.

Granted politics costs money, but since the Governor has disavowed any interest in running for the US Senate in 2012 nor has he set up a Federal campaign fund (to my knowledge), I'm assuming this is workaday gubernatorial political cash he is trying to raise.
maybe that "over-out-and-done in 2012" thing, isn't set in stone?
Mere speculation I know...Well what can I say? It is hot out and I have little to add to the Whitey Bulger affair so let flow the hearsay and innuendo!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I can't recall the last time a leading democrat

demanded an apology from a news commentator, and got one.
For all the times that charges of communist sympathies, stupidity, arrogance or sexual deviancy or the usual epithets that get applied to liberals-progressives and democrats, never once have I ever heard apology one from the likes of Tim Russert and his ilk.
So I think it's hilarious that when Chris Wallace on Fox News asks Rep Michele Bachmann a leading question as to whether or not she is a "flake", the GOP candidate didn't catch his drift took it as an insult and demanded an apology.
Which she got, almost immediately.
Honestly, Michele Bachmann is either too stupid or too insulated by the Washington conservative echo chamber to realize she was being given a golden opportunity to deny charges of flakiness in the approved Stalinist style of Fox News.
SBachmann has had it too easy for too long, she couldn't answer a question that almost all democrats in public life have to deal with nearly every day. She couldn't even turn the situation to her advantage...stupidity or inexperience? You be the judge.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

D'ye know who would make a dandy candidate for the US Senate?

Former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich.

Stop and think, he has already run for Governor, so he knows all about stumping the state, he has been to Brockton, Peru and Florida...all the big time towns and beyond the Connecticut River as well.

He is a former Secretary of Labor and a brilliant economist, he can talk about JOBSfrom a position of experience and authority. We are not gonna defeat Scott Brown without a very strong economic program, Reich gets us that just on name recognition alone.

Presumably his name is still magic among progressives, he'd bring a strong cadre of volunteers to the table. He might just clear some of the unserious names out of the race just to start.

He has a reputation as a progressive and something of a populist. Against a notorious trimmer like Scott Brown Robert Reich can very successfully run on a "You know where I stand" program. You can't run on such a slogan if people don't have a sense of your strongly held beliefs.

The strikes against Reich are two-fold:

1.) We have no clue as to what appeal he'd have for independents in this state, he has to be anchored in the progressive wing of the democratic party yes, but he also has to pull in unenrolled voters.

2.) The poor schnook has gone meshugginah and hied himself off to sunny Southern California for a mad phat gig at some academic institute. I doubt he is even registered to vote anymore in the Commonwealth. This isn't a deal breaker by any means, after all Mitt Romney had pretty much quit on Massachusetts before Crazy Christy Mihos convinced the wavering financier he was the only man who could save the State GOP from Jane "Jingle Money" Swift.
Reich could do likewise, the Massachusetts electorate is famously flexible on these matters (look at the mook we got for a Junior Senator if you don't believe me)...But the Former Labor Secretary would have to make his decision soon if he was to pile in with both feet.

Well who am I kidding here?
From all accounts Reich has lost interest in the Big Game at least as it is played in Massachusetts...Its sorta hopeless to think he'd wanna ride in and save our bacon, but he remains the type of candidate we need, eloquent, intelligent, with strong convictions and a base within the democratic party.
Are ye tempted?

Friday, June 24, 2011

I just love the fact that when the

local media rousted Billy Bulger out of bed at 6am with the news that his brother Whitey, the reputed murderer, had at last been caught, the Former Senate President more or less replied in true neighborhood fashion "I dunt know nuttin' about no one!"
Class all the way Billy Class all the Way.
Oh and I don't know if the stolen Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum paintings are in Whitey's storage space in Santa Monica, I do think it'd be funny if the Federales found fifteen years worth of Christmas cards from Billy neatly tied in a bundle.

I know Whitey will cut a deal, but I'd pay good money to see Brother Billy testify at the trial...That would be the crowning touch.
Shit I'd pay good money to see Mike Barnicle explain to a court of law whatever gave him the erroneous and idiotic notion that Whitey Bulger "protected" South Boston from hard drugs...THAT would be a "YouTube Moment".

Giddy Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul...

(Who is reliably anti abortion as any dues paying member of the College of Cardinals) has teamed up with Barney Frank to decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level.

The message here is you can get high and the Federales shall not mess with you, but if you are carrying Arnold Schwarzenegger's demon seed abortion is not an option.
So if Ron Paul were to spy a healthy young pregnant woman toking up in full exercise of her rights, well, I guess his head would explode.
this is my problem with libertarianism in miniature, they all draw line over what constitutes legitimate grounds for state action. But those lines are drawn by personal prejudice, opportunism, greed, foolishness, whimsy, utopianism you name it.
"Arbitrary and capricious" are the two words I'd use to describe libertarianism...Which is exactly why Ron Paul (the Cicero of US Libertarianism) can propose a law decriminalizing marijuana at the same time remaining a stalwart police presence in the wombs of women all over the country.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whitey Bulger...FOUND!

And goes into captivity as meekly as the late Machine Gun Kelly.
I guess the final tip off came from someone the Feds were aggressively waterboarding at Guatanamo Bay?

Seriously though, first Bin Laden now Whitey, Colonel Khadafi had best lay off the nitrous oxide and watch his back the Feds do not fool around!

This is good news for Howie Carr the trial will likely snap him out of the vengeful humorless funk he has been in since Patrick got re-elected and give the Herald's columnista back his crime reporter mojo.
On the other hand, without Whitey to kick around what has Howie really got to offer?

Oh and anything that reminds all and sundry that Mike Barnicle once shamelessly toady'd up to Whitey in the public prints, is all to the good.

Still, the trial has to be the Biggest Show on Earth...IF there is a trial, likely the best option for Whitey is to cop a plea no matter how unfavorable the circumstances.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah Palin has prematurely terminated her own

personal "torpedo of truth" tour and gone back to Alaska.
I guess she just ran out of stupid things to say, amazing as that may seem.
Or to quote the late Curly Howard "I keep tryin' ta think, but nuthin' happens!"
So she bailed on the Alaskan Governorship, now she has bailed on her tour..I mean Sarah Palin does like quitting on a job doesn't she?

Hell hath no fury like a Shriver Scorned

the Arnie-Maria divorce, still only a whisper in the air despite it's rock slid inevitability yet already Maria Shriver has got forensic accountants swarming all over Schwarzenegger's bank accounts.
At the rate this thing is going, Arnold will be doing "pilot season" next winter for sure, or else endorsing vacuum cleaners in the Sci Fi Channel.
That seems to suggest that Maria wants everything to which the law entitles her. She may be polite about it all, she may still be talking civilly to Arnie, but in the end, Maria is gonna get paid.
All this is an interesting contrast to the whole Clinton intern affair, therein Hilary Clinton chose to tough out her marriage despite almighty provocation from her husband the President, Maria suffers an even greater public humiliation and quietly rings up her lawyer.
Those Kennedy women, they are tough in ways their husbands don't always get til it's too late.

Too bad she is a California resident, Maria would make an interesting challenger to Scott Brown next year....calm, poised, focused.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How does Mitt Romney stay so fit and trim?

he spends an hour a day rigorously back-pedalling and then another hour devoted to acrobatic flip flopping.

I don't quite understand Romney's rationale for declining to sign the Susan B. Anthony's list restrictive anti abortion pledge. The former viceroy claims such a pledge would cost hospitals federal funding and constrain his power of appointment as President.
But certainly finding qualified associates was never one of Mitt's priorities as Governor, he happily appointed all sorts of moochers and porch climbers to high political office, where do you think a dingbat like Scary Kerry Healey came from?
Now suddenly he needs a free hand when nominating a cabinet?
That as President he'll let a hundred flowers bloom within and without the executive department?
Sounds like th' old Romney shuffle to meeee-ee.

BTW the Globe still persists in trying to drag Mitt to the middle, check this juicy quote from the above article out:
It is a difficult balancing act for a liberal Massachusetts former governor, who ran for office twice here supporting abortion rights, and in two presidential campaigns has had to seek support from conservative Republican activists.

Note to Morrissey Blvd, MITT IS NOT A LIBERAL, nor is he a moderate and he certainly is not a real conservative, he is out for himself first last and always and will say anything to win, because winning is all he cares about. And if the Globe doesn't get that after seventeen years of Romney's nonsense then perhaps at long last they are too dumb for help.

Monday, June 20, 2011


eff Jacoby actually wrote a column decrying the lamentable historical ignorance of American High School students without once mentioning Teacher's Unions!!!

Geezus what times we do live in!!!

Well, let me add a few unrequested comments, I can always mount up my favorite hobbyhorse even if Jeff won't.

The teaching of history is important, but if it does not activate the student to a fully civic life within a democratic republic, then you may as well schedule him or her for another semester of Home Economics or some shit like that.
What I mean is, that the teaching of history and the almost abandoned topic of civics go hand in hand, both courses acting together, prepare the student for citizenship.
Anyway the current education set up is completely wrong anyway, too much time is wasted in classrooms on standardized testing which is nothing but a means to keep teachers under the thumb of the ignorant rabble in the state legislature. I'm surprised quite frankly given the toxic over scheduled environment in the classroom that history scores aren't lower.

Our classrooms are geared pretty much to churn two types, MBAs and the sort of people that MBAs get to boss around. Our economy on the other hand has been pretty good until recently in adapting to this restricted selection of manpower.
Of course we are currently mired in recession so take that as a grim reminder as to what happens when all you can graduate is thralls and middle managers for over 20 years.
Not two weeks ago, the President of the United States of America had to plead with academia to graduate some thirty thousand more engineers thus to spark off the usual technological revival that'll bootstrap the economy of out it's current torpidity.
What is this 1957??
Eisenhower trying to catch up to Sputnik??
There is something really really wrong when America of all places, is suddenly sort of engineers! And that problem starts in the classroom, shit we haven't got any instrumentation engineers, but the 4th grade's MCAS scores are like thru da roof!

Father's Day

Duly noted and discussed Hyar:

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Mitt Romney refused to sign a restrictive pro life pledge.

A scant 24 hours later, faced with the usual winds of disapproval from the usual sources, Romney's campaign issued a groveling press release promising to defund and or destroy Planned Parenthood...Whatever it takes to get the crazies back on his side.

24 more hours of this and he'll be promising to clean out every abortion clinic in the land with the Navy SEALS.

And this is Brian McGrory's idea of a nice safe GOP moderate.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reps Behaving Badly...

As for Anthony Weiner, sometimes mere embarrassment is ten times worse than the most epic of defeats.

And Sal DiMasi's conviction on influence peddling charges?
THAT is a wake up cal for the entire state legislature, either they fix themselves or the medicinal dosage will be administered at the ballot box, the choice is theirs to make.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm sorry but

This is without a doubt the worst book promotion tour I've ever seen in my entire life.
A cement company? (yuk yuk...)
A farmer's market? (a known attractive nuisance for Moonbats Howie, take heed).
A Stop-n-Shop?? (What Howie Carr is gonna sit next to the "Cars II" standees?)
If WRKO booked this, then maybe they really do hate the Boston Herald's foremost columnista, I mean this is an embarrassing collection of dubious venues.
And not fer nuthin' but this is a gangster-book Howie is promoting, it's a no-brainer it ought to pack them in at Borders etc.
What am I not getting here??

Careful Mitt!!!

A lot of loose talk and a poorly turned phrase about the Viet Nam War doomed your father's chances to win the Presidency in 1968.

So if I wuz you, I wouldn't go speculating about the where and when of pulling troops out of Afghanistan...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last night...

More or less out of the blue, Brian Williams at NBC News annointed Rep. Michele Bachmann as the GOP new rising star based on her performance at the recent debate at Saint Anselm College.
On the surface that has to have Mitt Romney seething, the last thing in the world he wants is for the Tea Partei squadristi to get themselves a effective female leader.
He'd rather they remain leaderless and divided the better to negotiate with them from a nominal position of strength when the the time comes, assuming his front runner status holds up and it may not.
On the other hand Bachmann is just the sort of yappy nullity Romney co-opt as a running mate under the precedent set by his Lieutenant Governor "Scary Kerry" Healey.
Or...Romney's misogyny will hold true (its the only deeply held political belief Mitt hasn't compromised nigh these eighteen years) and he'll move heaven and earth to stomp Bachmann good and hard.
So, it could go either way...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Credit where Credit isn't due....

Everyone seems to be high-fiving Mitt Romney and all because in last night's debate he made Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty recant (more or less) his earlier criticism of Romney-care.
The bar for the Former Viceroy, seems to be set suspiciously low...I mean so what if Romney beat down Pawlenty? The Governor of Minnesota is as light as ashes and as charismatic as an invoice...big whoop.
BTW note to whoever organized the debate at Saint Anselm College last night, the stage decor strongly suggested a down market TV game show. This is a bad look when you are talking about a bunch of hapless porch climbers that're trying to look presidential.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Once a week or so

the Boston Globe runs it's requisite "Senatorial race bummer article".
They review the low star wattage of the democratic aspirants for Scott Brown's seat and then note that Rep. Mike Capuano has not yet clarified his status.
You wouldn't mind but they run this damn thing once a week.
It has gotten so bad that Joan Vennochi tried to coax AG Coakley into the race yesterday. All I can say to Martha is, "Don't fall for it" the Globe's punditariat just want an easy election full of snarkage and nice Brown blowout for them to write their usual "Death of Liberal Massachusetts" obits.
I don't know who to tempt into the race, the people I like are all either dead or out of the game.
Although, Senator John Olver has a nice soporific ring to it...
You guys take this waaa-ay too seriously.
Honestly, Humble Elias is of two minds, he'd like to see a serious high name recognition Maacher get in, if for no other reason than to ensure that the critical weapon, money will be in good supply.
On the other hand he also thinks that there ought to be a full and fair debate within and without the democratic party as we move closer to this campaign.
And sometimes that means turning loose a lot of rookies and ambitious minor leaguers and seeing what comes up...

Who knows? Less well known back benchers have caught fire over night.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thought for the day

Well constituted Republics, that have been lulled in a frantic state of perpetual tax-phobia, ought to eschew multiple and simultaneous wars of volition.

A long time ago we choose low taxes over paying for our wars in a sensible manner, now we reap the harvest in the form of economic inequality, recession, huge deficits etc.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I don't think that Newt Gingrich ever

really wanted to to run for President. He had a nice easy life as a paid consultant at Fox News, steady money as an after dinner speaker and all the wives he could afford. Rubert Murdoch forced Newt's ass into the GOP clown-car, hoping to add some intellectual heft to the debate.
So of course Newt is running badly his heart isn't in this one, he'd much rather be writing bad counterfactual sci fi novels, flapping his yap on "Meet the Press" and sleeping til 10am on Saturdays.
It just speaks volumes about the sheer dopiness & credulity of his campaign staff that they have just now awoken to Newt Gingrich's craven opportunism and resigned en masse.
I strongly doubt that Gingrich will last out the year, he is in free fall politically almost everything he has said or done since announcing has alienated some major constituency in the GOP. All that sez to me is "Newt wants OUT!"
Of course there is something grimly hilarious about Newt's campaign staff ditching him like he was one of Gingrich's ex-wives...For Rick "Secesh" Perry, current Governor of Texas. Everytime the cry goes up for a "Serious Conservative" to get into the Presidential race, some falangist lunatic takes that as his or her cue to announce for the White House... and so we move from Gingrich to Perry and ultimately I guess Colonel Khadafi.
If Gingrich isn't doing all this deliberately, then you have to wonder just how someone as slap happy and inept as he ever got elected Speaker of the US House, just two heartbeats away from the Presidency...On the other hand, don't answer that question.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Senator John Kerry shot me a blast e-mail last night

requesting donations for the Red Cross Chapters of Western Massachusetts in the wake of last week's wave of tornadoes.
So here it is.
I won't conceal from my audience (such as it is) that this is a lightly trafficked blog, but if everyone who "dropped by" today contributed ten bucks, that would be about an even thousand raised at the end of the day.
Yeah like I said, "lightly trafficked", be that as it may, a thousand bucks is small money to most of you, but to people blown to hell by wild weather it buys blankets, diapers, food all the necessities.
So c'mon ten bucks, it hardly buys anything anymore, a movie ticket, seems like a worthwhile contribution in the aggregate...Besides have you seen those photos from Monson, next time it could be us!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

In a blow to Holocaust Deniers everywhere

more evidence came to light implying that just possibly Adolf Hitler was a Jew-Hater of long vintage.

Since we are losing a congressional seat...

Maybe the delegation should draw straws and the "Odd Congressperson Out" could take a flyer in the democratic senatorial primary next year?
I mean all this peeps are loaded with campaign cash, rolodexes crammed with names and with some public sympathy having been laid off in the recession.
It could work.
Imagine John Olver, the Junior United States Senator from Massachusetts, Howie Carr would have a fugue to say the least.

Okay so it is a childish notion, but it might get the DNC offa our back and at the very least get some of this big feet we got to p*ss or get off the pot.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Late Bruce Lee...

a man who came within an ace of being Nietzche's super-man in mind and body, was adamant about avoiding all processed sugar and baked goods in his diet.
I think, the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives would be well advised to impose the same regimen on himself with respect of lobbyists.
I mean look what they did for Sal DiMasi, the big schnook imbibed too heavily and the rollers ended up jacking him.
But of course, the problem is larger than mere individuals, the Speakership of the Massachusetts House over the past 20 years has become a virtual counter-governorship with it's own sources of patronage, powers of appointment and all of it cloaked in obscurity.
Til now at least.
DiMasi is the third House Speaker in a row to come under indictment, it seems pretty clear that we are gonna see more and more trials like his until there is serious and abiding reform in the State House of Representatives. Too much money cloaked in too much secrecy and to the benefit of too few insiders is not sustainable over the long term.
So yes let the guilty be punished, but there is a larger context here that has to be addressed, the House Speaker's role must change, evolve or at least grow transparent.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Sixth of June, Part II

This is also the forty third anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's untimely death back in 1968.
Some will want to remember him as a sneak and a sort of American Cromwell. Others will hopefully recall his battles on behalf of America's poor, his devotion to the cause of civil rights and the ultimate sacrifice of his very life in a bid to end the Viet Nam War.

However, tragedy rules us like a tyrant if we do not let a little whimsy in now and again.
So let me take time today to recall that per Adam West's memoirs "Back to the Batcave" that then Senator Robert F. Kennedy lobbied the producers of the old Batman TV show for a ccameo appearance thereon as an otherwise un-named US Attorney General.
Mere scheduling prevented this whimsical marvel from happening, which is a helluva shame really.

The Sixth of June,

D-Day, for all our veterans out there a hearty round of thanks and quiet moment of reflection for those who rendered up their very lives in service to the Colors.

As my white haired old irish mother once observed "There are people who just love symbols and then there are people who are willing to die for their country. Usually these are two different kinds of people."

Sunday, June 05, 2011

If I was Sarah Palin

I'd go with the "I was Drunk" defense at this point.
Her patently moronic explanation of Paul Revere's ride (which she thinks has something to do with firearm confiscation) is only exceeded by her cringe worthy subsequent clarification. The crowning touch is Palin's counter thrust which classifies a simple query over the Old North Church as "a gotcha question".

This is in the annals of all time quick questions along with "2 + 2" and "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb."

But as I've said before, the woman is reigning queen of the GOP Clown Car...No Doubt About that.

David Bernstein seems to think that

If Sarah Palin piles into the GOP Presidential race that it will ultimately be "Advantage Romney" as it will force the ditherers and fence sitters among the Republican Power Elite to back Mitt to prevent Sarah's Tea Partiers from taking over the whole conservative shebang.

That is a logical possibility to say the least.

Humble Elias on the other hand thinks that maybe just maybe Romney versus Palin might be just the short of "war in heaven" scenario that will ultimately destroy the GOP, as far as 2012 is concerned.
It has happened before, Rockefeller versus Goldwater in 1964, where was the GOP Power Elite then? Dithering and fishing for some safe nullity who could snaffle the nomination away from the two intransigent battlers...They failed, Goldwater was nominated and then the roof caved in on Election Day.
Then there is Reagan versus Ford in 1976, Ford had to bribe, promise, bribe, promise and dance a miserable little self hating jig and still he just barely got the GOP nomination despite being an incumbent US President for Cthulu's sake! All this did nothing but set Jerry up for defeat that fall agin' Carter.
All I know about Mitt Romney is that he is a very serious misogynist, he hates women in politics, republican or democrat. If you don't believe me ask Governors Jane Swift, Shannon O'Brien or Kerry Healey of Massachusetts.
He may not win the nomination for President in 2012, but he will make damn sure that Sarah Palin never gets within a thousand yards of the White House even if it means breaking the GOP.
Sarah Palin is as soft as puppy dog shit, but she is bitter and resentful and very good and working her base into a frenzy.
So to my way of thinking it is Romney's misogyny versus Palin's rage...and as for the ditherers and maachers in the GOP? They may not get any leverage over that conflict at all, history shows they aren't omnipotent.
That is assuming that Palin gets in,since prematurely exiting the Alaskan Governorship all she has done is demonstrated a taste for easy conservative welfare money and snarkage.

Friday, June 03, 2011

David Bernstein from da Boston Phoenix

one of the best local political reporters still extracting a paycheck from the game, was kind enough to answer my question over on his blog.


Romney announces for President...

and yammers on like a declinist fool, Sarah Palin blows into New Hampshire like a busted Teen Idol and the both of them are knocked off the top fold of the Globe by a deadly cluster of tornadoes.
You could actually almost enjoy the irony if it didn't cost lives and livelihoods.
Meanwhile over in the Metro Section, Brian McGrory manfully huff on the embers of Mitt Romney's moderate republican cred trying to ignite some sort a blaze.
This passage is signficant:
Watching Romney’s speech yesterday was a little like going back in time, back to 2002 when he won the election for Massachusetts governor by effectively portraying himself as a straightforward, business-minded outsider who would get caught in none of the traps that snare lifelong, overly ambitious politicians.
Geez, Brian is heavily invested in the Romney-is-a-Moderate meme isn't he?
Indeed there is a whole cadre of professional huffers at the Boston Globe who are desperate to portray the former Viceroy as a nice inoffensive Middle of the roader.
Indeed, the Herald is in the tank for Romney as well, you'd think they'd mark out hard for Palin or Santorum or some other gaudy weirdo, but no last time I checked One Herald Square was guzzling Willard's near-beer with gusto.
No man who believes in so little save his own good can rise so far without apologists, and of those Mitt has plenty.
Thus we enter 2012 with the same native class of huffers that excused, projected and frankly fantasized ad nauseum about Romney for over a decade now.
Palin is right about one thing though, Romney isn't a conservative, nor is he a moderate. The modalities of the GOP Presidential Primaries though, compel him to pretend (badly) to be a hardcore wingnut...In reality though, Mitt is a perfect opportunist uninterested in ideology unless it can help him win.
The huffers of course, don't get that.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mitt Romney announces for President...

Given the current round of wild weather, his timing is as usual, terrible.
Still and all that, who knew Mitt Romney was a whiny old declinist?
I mean not for nothing but this country has transferred trillions of dollars in tax breaks and other financial goodies to his native OverClass, and all Mitt can do is bitch and moan about the end of rugged individualism in the USA?
Ingrate, thass what he other word for it. Oh well, Mitt is off to a churlish and indefensible start, did you expect anything else?

The Governor's Hair is Turning Gray

and after last night, I can Gawd-damn well see why.

I hope all of you out there came thru this mother all right....

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Per Today's Globe

Former US Senator Rick "High Pitched Rich" Santorum has made seventeen trips to New Hampshire in the past fourteen months and rates about two percent in the most recent GOP Presidential Primary Polling.
I can see his problem right away, he started out as the US Senate's premiere incendiary Fred Van Ackermanesque nutjob, ranting and raving into the C-Span cameras about anal sex and how society was to blame for the clerical sex scandals.
It was lurid and riveting stuff, akin to watching the explosive bolts that hold together Santorum's psyche finally detonate live on CNN.
AS would-be US Dictators go, he was definitely one who had mastered the art of invective.
These days he is trudging around NH trying to lay off the gruesome stuff and find some way to reach out to the Granite State's famously hard to please conservative electorate.
The result is, he is languishing below five percent, bad karma I'd hate to see Santorum drop out but unless he starts howling for blood and dynamite I don't see how he can advance in the rankings.
He has come out for Representative Ryan's fabled "family annihilator" budget, the one that abolishes medicare and gives the elderly a fifteen thousand dollar voucher to buy a shiny tombstone in it's place.
That is akin to the old explosive Rick Santorum, lets see more of that Rick!