Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another outcome of GA 06...

I suspect Handel's victory slightly emboldened the Senate Leadership to release an "All or Nothing at All" anti ACA Health Bill to the public...clearly McConnell & Ryan don't fear consequences at the polls in 2018.  Make no mistake this is a bad bill that will deny healthcare to millions, force those who do have it to pay more for less coverage.  Nothing drives this save a nigh autistic devotion to the twin conservative myths of rugged individualism & small government...but the "debate" (if I can call it that) is largely driven chimerical ideological notions. A lot of people may well end up suffering intensely and needlessly because the leadership of this country can't deviate from their fixed hysterical notions about public policy, to the point where they literally deny there is any "debate"  at all to say nothing of grounds for compromise.
I don't know what else to tell any of you, the wrong people have too much power and are deaf to discussion, under these circumstances saving some radical alteration in the composition of congress likely the ACA will be repealed and a veritable "health care recession" will fall upon the American People...
And when it does, this blog will be a loud loud voice for high taxes and a single payer system, we may as well "go for broke" if this thing works out as I think it will.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A note on GA -06

I wanna take a moment to reach past all the gloaters and social media bullies and pay unashamed tribute to the democrats of Georgia's Sixth Congressional District, they fought this thing down to the last ballot, the last voter, maybe they didn't win but they sure as shit were not defeated last night.  I've passed thru a few heartbreakers of my own and it must be special disappointment to come so close in such a challenging district.
All I can advise is, Don't Listen to the Haters, they are all as useful as tits are to a bull, The Just always sleep easier when they know they have executed their Duty Come What May.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mirror Imaging the Tactics of Your Opponents....

Especially when you have imputed vast and imaginary powers to said opponents, is almost always a bad idea and complete confession of impotence.

Hence James Hodgkinson shoots up a collection of GOP Congresspersons practicing for a Baseball Game and some Jobber in London tries to drive his car thru from Muslims exiting a Mosque.

It almost never works, especially when you consider the motives which are usually driven by rage, reaction formation, suppressed envy etc.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Thought for the Day

Forgive me if this is repetitive:
"We must be Equal to Our Times".

I do not expect our national nightmare to end any time soon, in fact in many ways things will get worse before they get better.  Nonetheless our progeny are depending on us to stand the watch with all the vigilance of FDR's Myrmidions or Abraham Lincoln's Dauntless Legions.  We live in a Free Republic, Republics are inherently self regenerating therefore we are collectively responsible for our own safety and our own betterment.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jeff Sessions' Testamony Amounted to...

"I Probably Did Nothing Wrong, But If I Did, Then I Don't Remember It".

Is it me or does this entire vile rabble exude the sheer pathetic terror of miscreants with something very serious to hide?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"We. Are all Targets Now"

And we have been so, for a very long time despite a pathological refusal to admit the truth. THAT is my big takeaway from today's shooting in Virginia. We've saturated our society with firearms and poured motivational vitriol into the ears of every twitchy weirdo from The Aleutians Islands to Cutler Harbor. Its a wonder this doesn't happen more often...oh wait IT DOES.
Congress ducked and ran like rats in a firestorm when one of their own Gabby Giffords got plugged in the head, they did less than nothing when Sandy Hook was turned into a pre teen graveyard...and it'll do nothing now believe me.
I'm repeating myself ad nauseum but the problem has become so widespread that I don't think any congressional action at all will even begin to resolve it. Like cowards we've waited too long and now we reap the whirlwind...whats the answer? Not sure, maybe we need to start building bulletproof redoubts in our homes or something.
Meanwhile succor to the victims....

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If Trump's reciprocal summit with Theresa May in London

is suddenly "in doubt" it can only stand as a defacto admission that the PM's coalition stands on ver shaky ground indeed.
Hell I think a few good belligerent tweets from the So Called US President and May's Government could well fall.  I don't think Corbyn et al, want Theresa May's government to fall anytime soon, I suspect they'd like the country to get alittle rest from all these election whilst May and her Ministers get worked over well and thoroughly.
But Trump could upset that timetable, at the very least he could RUIN the Brexit Negotiations beyond hope of recovery, Theresa May already has so little work with, the wrong tweet from Donnie could compel her to "Sue for Peace" from the EU.
Hence the current indecision about Trump-in-London....

Monday, June 12, 2017

I want to take time to THANK Governor Baker and his

"Picked Finance Board at the MBTA" for holding my Green Line Commute between Park Street and Boyleston Station to an entirely manageable SIXTY MINUTES.
I thought for a while there that I'd finally kidnapped by the MBTA in a vain hope that the ransom might purchase a new and hopefully more reliable signals system for the Green Line.
Thankfully I was able to disembark and was only seventy five minutes late for work today....NICE GOING CHARLIE!!
The trouble with Charlie Baker is that he is a cowardly blockhead, he knows the MBTA's problems require revenues, maintenance and new equipment cost $$ after all.  But he persists in substituting administrative solutions to deal with systemic budget issues. In short he doesn't wanna solve the problem because that will cost money he simply doesn't want to spend.
Is anyone gonna hold him accountable for Epic Failures like Today's Red and Green Line Commutes?
Probably not...who are we kidding here after all?
Just please...DON'T give me that "we could do worse than Charlie Baker!"Rubbish,  Because right now an MBTA transit time that compares unfavorably with an ox cart seems a pretty dismal state of affairs....

Friday, June 09, 2017

Wow , from a twenty point lead to a Hung Parliament in the U.K.

I used to think you'd have to go a long long way in England to find a bigger chump in politics than David Cameron but by Ghod Theresa May surged right past him!
She went from a serviceable majority in the House of Commons to going Hat in Hand to Belfast to Preserve her Administration from dismissal. Now she clings to power at the behest of a collection of weirdo Orange Falangists in the North of Ireland who, irony of ironies are entirely PRO EU in sentiment.
If I was Jeremy Corbyn I'd promise the UK no vote of confidence over the intermediate term (unless "forced by irrevocable events") and just let this malfunctioning robot they got for a PM completely break down all by herself.
My Ghod Theresa May lost the youth vote by 44%, did she have NO IDEA those cohorts were laying for her after the Brexit referendum? Those kids a mere two years ago were beguiling themselves with the happy notion of working in start ups in the South of France now they've got to tote their resumes up and down Desolation Row in Liverpool, THE HELL they weren't gonna take that out on the Tories!
May broke an important unwritten rule in democratic politics never break a promise that the electorate is counting on, the voters in the UK were counting on a little peace and quiet in the voting booths after Brexit and Scottish Referendums...and Dumbass Theresa couldn't give them that....and they very nearly gave her "The Shove" in brute retaliation.
In other words her party's popularity depended on her pledge not to call an irritating snap election, she broke her promise and reaped a harvest of disaster, Instead of being fortified for the upcoming Brexit negotiations the UK is badly weakened.
Epic Fail All Around.
Frankly I think she'd a lost outright but for the last two terror attacks in England.  There I said it...if the conservatives wanna do any business going forward they are definitely need some new different and above all smarter cadres at the top...cuz there is blood in the water in the UK and certain cadres therein are developing a taste for it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

4th Middlesex State Senate Democratic Primary, Candidate's Forum, Arlington Town Hall 6-5-2017

Internet or no internet it still take ninety minutes of your life to discover there is almost no ideological differences between the three current democratic aspirants to the late Ken Donnelly's seat in the State Senate.
Where do Cindy Friedman, Sean Garballey and Mary Ann Stewart disagree....exactly nowhere folks.
Sentencing Reform a loud yes from all three, universal health care They are all all for it (but tellingly provide no plan to get there) nobody wants to raise the Charter School Cap and everyone wants to fix the funding issues at the MBTA.
This is not a field given to dissent from the broad range of concerns within the democratic party's base...neither were a lot of new ideas bruited about. If newness is in play it comes from everyone's desire to be a fresh perspective in State Senate.
Given the broad range of consensus in this particular race, I suspect a lot is going to determined by personalities, shoe leather politics, signage, mailings, name recognition and the willingness to spend money somewhat heedlessly.
So as such let me assert that Mary Ann Stewart seems a little more sure of herself behind the podium but her experience is limited to the Lexington School Committee (which admittedly isn't a bad place to start as the schools in that town seem very well run) and a lifetime of activism. In short she seems to understand a lot of the issues in this race from a point of view of the marches she has gone on and the petitions she has signed.
On the other hand, Sean Garballey has been in public life more or less since the day he graduated high school, not sure what his last private sector job was, I suspect it was literally scooping ice cream somewhere. Given that he is a very polished presence on the podium and can quote literally dozens of pieces of legislation he has either "gotten passed" or is "working on" hear him tell it, Sean Garballey is a One Man Great Society in the State House of Representatives. Tellingly though, how much of this legislative cataract is gonna be signed by Charlie Baker remains a silent sacerdotal mystery.
Which brings us to Cindy Friedman the Late Senator Donnelly's Chief of Staff a woman with a varied. Resume within and without the private sector, she has a strong insight into the legislative process and the mores of the State Senate in particular. She is funny and honest but very new to the game in terms of being up at the podium out in front so to speak and sometimes that shows....both her opening and closing remarks last night were read off of 3x5 cards, spiels like that ought to be memorized from the git-go.
Those are the choices in the Fourth Middlesex, given the degree of consensus this race may well come down to intangibles like name recognition, "likeability" and just plain luck.  Word on the street is, the race is very wery close with a lot of undecideds, (which is to be expected) last night's forum was thankfully well attended which might start turning some of those undecided numbers a bit.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Anyone who knows me,

knows I don't think much of off-year state democratic conventions, nothing much gets affirmed and more often or not the party ends up making obligations it can frankly so without.  So it comes as no surprise that this years's confab failed to impress me, granted a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric got aired, but everyone seems to be suffering from "gubernatorial aphasia" a weird inability to utter the name "Charlie Baker" let alone criticize him vociferously.
Listen, I yield to no one in criticizing Donald Trump, beating him up in front of the State Democratic Convention keeps the newcomers and activists charged up and thats usually a good thing....but ghod guys save some ammo for Charlie Baker, running him out of office next year is one of our tasks at least.
The sad thing is, Charlie is getting a pass from certain democrats they are resigned to perpetuating him in office as long as he doesn't interfere too broadly with our domination of the legislature or Senator Warren's tenure in office.  So its no wonder Trump gets beat down at convention time, he is he biggest broadest target.
The sad thing is, there is a case to be made against Charlie Baker, exactly what has he done about the opioid crisis, the transportation crisis, the budget shortfall and the attending revenue crisis?
To say nothing of his lack of leadership where Trump himself is concerned,...
These are all good places to start but so far no one wants to start there...

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Ah The "Trump Bump"...

Just enough prosperity for just enough of a limited cast of multinational billionaires to start exporting US Jobs to a semi despotism called the Phillipines.  But...we were warned, Paul Tsongas said a service economy could never create the transmission belts beltween the lower classes and the middle class to keep said middle class in the business of keeping the Republic Strong.
But at least we are an Exporting Nation Again, even if our Chief Export seems to be mid level financial jobs to any overseas wage sinkhole the Board of Directors can Unearth.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Well it sure looks like

Trump has gravitated back to his notion of busting up NATO either by judicious neglect or else overt action whenever the coast is clear. Why else lecture the German's about the trade deficit & yet remain silent on Article Five of the NATO Covenant?
For all intents and purposes this is a de facto withdrawl of the formerly rock solid American Nuclear Guarantee from NATO, so it's no accident that virtually the day after the summit German Chancellor Merkel went straight to Dusseldorf and told all that they could no longer rely on the USA in all things.
THAT is not good news my friends, not with a proposal being bandied about in Brussels to arm the EU with nuclears weapons (French warheads on persumably German financed and sourced missiles)...for fifty plus years the US and NATO have kept the peace in Europe, dismantling said alliance largely at the behest of a Despot in Moscow has grave and immediate consequences for all of us.  Put it simply we don't want Germany to feel itself free to make its own way in Europe, either by capitulating to Moscow or deploying it's own cruise missiles, and we certianly don't want Paris and Berlin cooking up their own set of strategic rules in Central Europe. But as of last week we've all but gotten up from that table...I've said it before, ISIS has dynamite, Moscow has Nukes, which horde of "Barbarians" poses the closer threat?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You have to go a long ways in Massachusetts Politics

To find a politician more bereft of ideas than Charlie Baker.  Faced with a budget deficit, the usual infrastructure challenges, his mule-like status with the National GOP, looming cuts, revenue shortfalls, The Governor's Answer to EVERYTHING is raise 30 million for his reelection campaign, play to the center , leave the legislature unchallenged & run on his "Bipartisan Accomplishments"...

Its like Bill Weld Never Resigned....
If Charlie Baker was a sitcom he'd be "Thats so Weld!"....Nothing seems to echo in that cubed shaped head of Charlie's save the search for an opportunity to swan dive into the Charles River.
But ya know what its a proven model and it works, so far the democrats are underfunded and at loggerheads with the usual image problems, but then again a good part of Baker's plan on us doing exactly what he wants us to lets at least agree not to do that eh?

Monday, May 29, 2017

4th Middlesex Special Election Forum....

The Arlington & Lexington Town Democratic Committee are hosting a candidate's forum, Monday June 5th at 7pm at Arlington Town Hall, 730 Mass Ave Arlington Ma. Doors will open at 6:30pm All three democratic candidates will be in attendance, Cindy Friedman, Sean Garballey & Mary Ann Stewart, the primary is June 27th, so this is a priceless opportunity for all three to outreach to the party's base.  Likely this will follow the standard non-League of Women Voters format, written questions from the audience and moderation regarding time limits. The forum itself will be moderated by Charlotte Golar-Richie...

Meanwhile someone spent some cashola this weekend on a phone poll in Arlington a legit phone poll at that...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sources close to

both the Garballey & Friedman State Senate Campaigns tell me that no Republican has pulled papers or collected signatures to contest the special election for the Late Ken Donnelly's Seat. This means that no Republican will be on the General Election Ballot come July....
A couple of thoughts come to mind, this special election is pretty much "The Only Game in Town" for the GOP until next year, you'd think, given that Trump DID carry Billerica that they'd make a pro-forma effort at least even if its a notoriously safe democratic seat.
I assume that if Charlie Baker wanted a candidate in the 4th Middlesex, he'd a gotten one. Maybe he thought this meant he'd have to make a deal with some neophyte Trumpist...or else the Governor is defaulting to "Reelection Mode" and wants to discourage stirring up the democrats thus to encourage ticket-splitting come November of next year.
Of course this doesn't rule out some sort of write in campaign but those are doomed efforts in the Bay State and a pretty blatant confession of defeat.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Roger Ailes is dead

The Diabolical Founder of Fox News was seventy seven.  In his memory at 9pm at Fox News Headquarters there will be a "twenty two gam salute" with ceremonial short skirts and then a memorial women's dash around the late Political Pontiff's Desk.
Rest in Peace....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It'd be funny if James Comey...

simply concocted this story about a memorandum indicating Trump asked him to drop the Flynn Investigation....because he knows disproving said story would implicate the adminstration in an illegal wiretapping felony. Ironic given the President's irrational insistence Obama bugged his phones.
Besides the mere hint of said memorandum seems to have detonated the pyrobolts holding Trump's delicate psyche together...payback is a mother ain't it?
But truly these stories are moving very fast I don't expect the crisis to end soon keeping up is gonna become arbitrary and capricious around here....

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

According to the Washington Post...

Alt Right PostBoy Richard Spencer (think of him as a sort of local "General Eon O'Duffy" sans brogue) led a march in Virginia this weekend decrying the iminent removal of a Confederate Statue. "Dozens" showed up to protest bearing torches and placards which read (among other things) "Russia is Our Friend!".
Didja read that one? The Racial Right in the USA suddenly has a hard on for Moscow, I don't doubt Vladimir Putin spends a nice chunk of the Russian Taxpayers Money on all sorts of noisy freaks like these in hopes to sparking something nasty.  So clearly, Putin's Russia is back playing the part of "European Reaction's Reserve Army", to quote Karl Marx, a status that predates the Crimean War and persisted as Russian Policy right up until Nicholas & Alexandra were placed under arrest.  Up until fairly recently the Racial Right in the USA had a burning hatred for the Russians in part out of CounterMarxist Frenzy as well as antipathy for the "Vile Slavic Hordes of Muscovy."  Signs like "Russia is Our Friend" at a Racial Right Rally just tells me, someone somewhere is spending big money to make twitchy weird friends in far off places....
And that dynamic "Russia as Reaction's Firewall" is something well worth keeping an eye on....I'd love to know how far something like this goes, if indeed it is happening at all.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Comey Outski

I suppose I'm in the minority when I say I'm not surprised hat Trump found a reason to fire FBI Director James Comey he must have reasoned anyone willing to interfere in a US Election (the famous "letter to congress" the week of the election) is probably more than willing to terminate Trump's administration in due course via a thorough investigation.
I can't fault the President's "Corleonesque" logic, his honesty, goodwill and ability, yes but his logic is lowbrow and irrefutable.
That having been said, these are the actions of someone who THINKS they have something to hide, they may well not know for sure, but the possibilities are endless and frightening hence last week's example of Trumpian "Frightfulness".  We can expect more of the same because I doubt firing Comey quieted any of Donald Trump's fears...he'll make worse decisions in due course count on it.
It might be a good idea to take a giant step back here and recall we've been interfering with our own elections in deed and in spirit for quite some time now, we've been letting jobbers in rotten boroughs "vote for their own constituencies" for a generation now, we've permitted funny money to become the deciding factor in most elections and now we are experimenting with outright voter suppression. So it should be no big shock when a foreign tyrant and some Hillary hating FBI agents decide to sway the election by any means necessary.  Hell we all but beckoned them to "come on down".

Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Let All the Poisons That Lurk in the Mud, Hatch Out"

Since nuclear war initiated by the present Administration will come as no surprise to me, James Comey gettin' the old heave-ho by Trump is hardly any shock at all. Comey did his level best to help Trump into office last October and his reward was to get shown the door allegedly by Trump's personal bodyguard no less...but then Comey went into business with Trump last October and got screwed over thoroughly like ALL of Trump's private sector creditors, partners and investors...why should Flynn or Comey or possibly General McMaster's fate be any different?
What surprises me is that people are surprised....y'all were warned in no explicit terms this would happen....
But let me put this out there, Trump is no clever three dimensional chess player, he is impulsive and secretive, and truly based on this latest outrage, he has a lot to hide.  But that isn't a confession of strategic genius by any means I don't think Trump understands truly the danger he has brought down on himself, I think he believes that his own luck and impulsive wits will master any situation. ANd if that is the case "Hubris" is really in charge of the USA down to custody of the nuclear launch authority and no that is not a good thing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Gruesome Prediction...

In the wake of the Fields-Bolanos murders down in the Seaport District we are gonna hear a lot of loud advocacy in favor of the death penalty from Governor Baker.  All you democrats out there be prepared for a lot of tepid but insistent demagoguery from our tepid insistent Governor....
Just remember the last time it was before the legislature in the 1990's it lost by a single vote, and election years tend to make people crazy around here.
I tell you I can just see the TV commercials with Texeira's battered zombie face all over them....

Monday, May 08, 2017

Just as I suspected

The Firefighters Local 1297 endorsed Sean Garballey for State Senate today, their absence was pretty conspicuous at the Friedman kick off yesterday, so I am not surprised.
Its ironic because the Late Senator Donnelly was fire chief in Lexington and whatever commitments he undertook on behalf of First Responders were probably in the main executed by his loyal chief of staff, Cindy Friedman.
But at any rate firefighters were a good chunk of Donnelly's "ground game" back in 2008, no doubt they'll loom large in Garballey's calculations now.
Its a seven week campaign plus a few days not much time to do thorough voter ID a lot turns on big billboards, endorsements, mailings etc...its given the exceptional and truncated nature of the race the outcome could well turn on quaint retrograde factors such as that.
So its "game on" most definitely....

Off & Running

Cindy Friedman piled into the democratic state senate primary for the Fourth Middlesex at a well attended event at Arlington's Venerable Elk's Club.  There were a lot of young people in attendance which is fairly unusual for an Arlington off election year event but then the Spartans have been murmurring about "Trump Multiplier Effect" for several months now.  Lexington's well tenured State Rep Jay Kauffman is acting as co-chair of the campaign, State Senator Will Brownsberger is apparently doing a Friedman fundraiser, Anne Paulsen, Jeff Thielman, Jim DiTulio, Local Chair Aimee Coolidge and numerous other notable Spartans were in attendence, their common trait they are excellent political organizers. Citizen Friedman clearly has some outreach into the incumbent class of politicians...If there was a theme to the announcement it was "Revenge of the PUMAs", they clearly absorbed their setback from Last November and are rested and ready for new adventures.  Hillary Clinton's Local Imperial Guard should not be dismissed lightly they've won some lost some but their drive, determination and SKILL is undiminished. Clarissa Rowe and Company will run Sean Garballey a very close race when all is said and done.
I didn't see any representatives of the public sector unions at this event, that is significant, Friedman is running as Ken Donnelly's personally approved sucessor and part of Ken's electoral success was built around a strong volunteer base among police/firefighter.
Politically I think the plan is simple close to within three points of Sean Garballey in Arlington and then sweep Lexington, that mayb well be enough to tip the nomination. The presence of Mary Ann Stewart, a former Lexington School Committee on the primary ballot is a sure sign that someone wants to keep the vote in that particular town divided and unconcentrated.
As for Citizen Friedman, she is personable enough, even funny at times, but she is new to being at the podium so to speak, she needs to cut down her tendency for multiple examples and tighten her pitch a bit.  The debates ought to be spirited affairs, as a campaigner Garballey is no slouch he is one of these "up at six am run all day long and into the night" type politicians.  What ideological points said debates will turn on is unknown at the moment, Garballey & Friedman probably agree on much and disagree on little in the Main, their two way debate may well hinge on questions of gravitas and experience....
The Game is Afoot!

Friday, May 05, 2017

I have friend

(I do have them, the wiser of this small cohort never ever read this blog)....and he is a cancer survivor, he vociferously asserts that the ACA (aka "ObamaCare") saved his life, covered his chemo, his extensive and ongoing rehab, got him the special nutrition he needs to live, all of it.
Now yesterday with the weary connivance of many many GOP "moderates" in the US House (a group that is as useful as tits are to bull in the patois of my youth), Paul Ryan FINALLY rammed thru a ACA "repeal and replace" bill and dropped it on the US Senate for good measure.
The bill is by all early indications a disaster that'll likely shorten my friend's life by many many years if the US Senate has the temerity to pass said measure.
So my question is, can we get the Middlesex County DA to indict Speaker Ryan for attempted murder? Because thats what AHCA is, murder in the last decree, higher premiums, less care more dead citizens....
Failing that since Ryan resolved the US House into a Huge "Board of Medicine" then can we sue him for Malpractice? Making medical decisions without a license ought to be actionable in a Civil Court I would think...besides you know the twitchy sumbitch doesn't have medical malpractive insurance (his insolent and vile aides likely have never thought of it) we could potentially clean him out but good.
All kidding aside I have a friend whose life hangs in the balance and there had better start being some dire electoral consequences for such a pretty pass....

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Word on the Street is...

that Lexington School Committee Member, Mary Ann Stewart has pulled papers to run for the democratic nomination for state senate in the 4th Middlesex special election.  She joins the Late Senator Donnelly's Chief of Staff Cindy Friedman and Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey in vying for said sinecure, so far no republican has pulled papers, the deadline to pile in is May 16th.
At a first glance, Stewart likely impedes Friedman's ability to build an out-of-Arlington coalition to counter Garballey's name recognition, & alleged fundraising edge.   I think it likely the Friedman campaign was hoping the endorsement of Lexington Rep Jay Kauffman would help bind said community to her cause, its also a pretty transparent division of the "women's vote" leading me to wonder exactly how a Lexington School Committee Member is gonna raise the 100K+ needed to be credible in this race and who encouraged her to run?
Otherwise Stewart's issues seem decorously boilerplate, climate change, education, infrastructure a woman's right to choose....etc etc, nothing new but quite frankly the three candidate so far differ in very little save perhaps their utterly intangible and unmeasurable leadership potential.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

As if there is nothing else going on in the world...

worthy of a front page berth, The Boston Globe piles in ginnin' up Congressman Seth Moulton for President in 2020. They cite his youth, energy, articulate style, anti-Trump bona fides and his status as a....(sound the forlonr hunting horns) moderate.
Waaa-al Ah Swan before we git all misty eyed over Moulton's Moderation, just remember he is a "Massachusetts Moderate" and that is, at the end of the day, nothing that would pass as a middle-of-the-roader in Alabama or Florida.
But lets face it, Seth isn't dumb enough to run against Charlie Baker next year and Ed Markey's plans for 2020 aren't clear yet, so by process of elimination the Globe came up with "Moulton in 2020"...
Of course his office officially denied any such ambitions (for what that is worth which is nothing really). Nonetheless this does spotlight the Boston Globe's enduring status as a newsdaily in favor of restoration really any restoration at all when push comes to shove. Dealey Plaza went down fifty four years ago come this November but Morrissey Blvd goes on searching for a Presidential White Knight from Massachusetts, someone who'll bring the Big Job Back Home where they can keep an eye on that end they've hyped everyone from Mike Dukakis to Mitt Romney.  Its a little sad like an aging Uncle's eccentric diet or something, to me, it seems clear that a Massachusetts Home Address is TOXIC for a serious presidential candidate but the Globe just goes on pretending it's 1962 and we are all Equals in the Sight of the Electoral College...
Seriously they need to stop flogging this equine skeleton, and get going on a nice thorough Spotlight Series expose, like maybe why the roads in wealthy antebellum Belmont are universally abominable...rutted & potholed like the Sea of Tranquillity?

Monday, May 01, 2017

I guess Trump's Plan to get rid of Kim Jong Un

is to alternate bellowing and cooing until he sues for peace.  This morning we were on the brink of war, this afternoon the So Called President called Comrade Kim a "Smart Cookie" someone with whom he might be able to negotiate....oh sure cuz Japan, South Korea, China et al really want those two in a room alone making commitments....
But I digress, nothing will come of the threats or the entreaties, Trump will get rid of Kim's Bandit Regime the way he got rid of the ACA....oh...wait....

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sorry Folks

but you can't compromise Ann Coulter's First Amendment Rights without Compromising Your Own. Listen, I hate the bitch as much as the rest of you, she is particularly detestable since she makes such good money being a "controvore" (ergo a deliberate exuder of mental excrement)....but be that as it may, she has a right to speak on the Campus of UC Berkeley.  I realize college students think they have so much more to lose in the current political environment, and indeed they do, but shutting her event down doesn't effect Coulter in the slightest...only rigorous peaceful engagement Can alter that equation...And that is what has gone missing here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump got schooled this week

He tried to force the democrats to help fund his "AntiMexican Wall" with the threat of a Government Shutdown, Pelosi & Schumer didn't fall for it, and predictably Trump folded.
Kudos for the democrats for hanging together in face of adversity, we could all use more of that I am sure.  Otherwise this yet another historic lesson, Congress can Blackmail a US President if that body is sufficiently determined or the issue is important enough, but it remains difficult for a sitting US President to do likewise and the same to Congress...even the so called much buffetted minority party.
Trump doesn't get that, because he has almost no discernable political skills and he isn't gonna develop any either if I am any judge.
No, he'll retaliate by ramping up enforcement in cities and localities, more round ups,  more punishment of those what can't fight back, more mayhem and maybe a nice tasty stand off with a sanctuary city. In that way, he will build his wall and it'll be a nasty one, look for it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I can infer from Today's News

That the Governor put 78 million in the current budget to help fix UMass Boston's dangerously dilapidated underground garage as proof positive he is gonna track back to the Center in Campaign 2018. A mere year ago news that The Boston Campus had a public safety danger that put coeds in mortal peril of plunging thru the Earth's crust would have ellicited no reaction from Charlie Potatoes other than the admonition that UMass "slender down" and "live within its' means" etc.
But that was pre-Trump and the Governor wants to run as a split-the-difference moderate so badly he is practically lactating the milk of human kindness....
So pay heed though, Baker is never going to be much of an anti-Trump factor in the National GOP, but he'll play the centrist card to the last deal of the deck.  As democrats we need to remember how much of this is truly a feckless pose as we go forward into Campaign 2018.

Monday, April 24, 2017

If I read the rags rightly

Rep Lombardo (GOP Billerica) is not running for State Senate in the 4th Middlesex Special Election, all that money spent on a push poll fer Charlie Potatoes gonna give this one a pass? If I was the GOP I would not, the potential for mischief on the cheap seems too tempting. Then again the State Senate is getting to be a costly venue for a two year term on Beacon Hill, there are those who can't raise the money or simply don't want the mishaugas.
Will the General Election be contested ? Stay tuned folks!
Meanwhile CIndy Friedman (The late Ken Donnelly's redoubtable Chief of Staff) has piled in for sure and racked up the endorsement of Lexington's State Rep Jay Kaufman...thats important because with the democratic vote seemingly divided in Arlington the importance of racking up good totals in Lexington Burlington, Woburn & Billerica becomes paramount. Normally sweeping the democratic vote in Arlington & Lexington is tantamount to nomination and theoretically sufficient turnout in Arlington alone can get you the State Senate Nomination, but that likely won't be the case in this go I said, stay tuned!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Marine Le Pen

an alleged blonde and pronounced falangist, has made to the Presidential Run Off in France come June on a platform calling for a public ban on hejabs and yarmulkes. Apparently the yarmulke must go because everyone must make sacrifices in the our common apocalyptic death struggle with "Islamic Terrorism".
So I'm wondering, is she gonna ban the Nun's Habit as well? Commonality of Sacrifice and all, and what about turbans, the Papal Mitre or will she force Shaolin Monks to start growing their hair again? So if the Pope visits the Elysee Palace "President Le Pen" will snatch the white skullcap off his noggin eh?
I know I'm going for laughs here but it's sort of inevitable, the one thing serious authoritarian populists always lack is a sense of humor...remember that.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The rumor is....

That Cindy Friedman Ken Donnelly's uber - able Chief of Staff is about to pile into the Middlesex Four Special State Senate Election. This is per State House News and thus a rumor (til some one calls me  at least). This would be Friedman's first campaign "out front" after years of either managing campaigns or assisting governance in the State House so she at once, fresh and yet experienced as well.  She is also "in good" with the local PUMAs who are still growling around their fires and sharpening their assegais looking for a fight to win.  Eight years ago the quote I heard on a State Senate Fight was 110K, likely that has gone up and if Friedman is a serious candidate it comes with a mute indication that she too can raise the cash and quickly for this race....key word their quickly since the timeline terminates on all this next summer.  This also means that the fabled "Arlington Vote" will likely be divided on primary day, which in turn may embolden potential democratic candidates from Lexington-Burlington-Billerica-Woburn.

Let the games begin!

Scott Brown cashes in his Chips

and gets nominated US Ambassador to New Zealand....Initially I guffawed because I just knew that the famously unintelligent Scott Brown probably needed an embassy that didn't require him to hire translators or perish-the-thought, learn a new language.
But then I thought supposedly there is a mute trend among the overclass to secure real estate in New Zealand due to its relative distance from notional radioactive fallout should nuclear war break out.  Who knows maybe Scott knows something we don't....and if he does can he please take his best and most loyal local apologist, Howie Carr with him....and let me go down with the ship with dignity while they cower in the Murdoch Family's palacial bunker?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

O'Reilly Outski at Fox News

for apparently being far too salacious a bully for a conservative "news" network built and administered by salacious bullies who select their leggy newsreaders on the basis of their photographs.
As I' ve said before hypocrisy is a cumbersome unreliable weapon indeed, especially in these post hypocritical times we live in....but O'Reilly has been driven out and largely because he preached patriarchy and puritanism and lived prurience and perversion 24-7, so yay us.
Nonetheless, discourse and debate are dead in this country (and whats worse they died before this internet thingie got big as well) so rest assured "the din will continue"....with different voices but even louder to be sure.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Something worth remembering in respect of the Middlesex #4 Special State Senate Election...

Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey has had the advantage of occupying the safest seat in the Great & General Court, but he hasn't had to fight a seriously contested general election at all for the span of his incumbency.  But then I can say that about almost any other democrat currently tempted to pile into the all and sundry are hereby admonished to drop any notions that "nomination is tantamount to election".
That push poll yesterday (via phone) was a clear early warning to democrats that the GOP plans to drop some money and effort into this race, indeed its the only game in town at the moment, Charlie Baker has plenty of money on hand and knows where to find more. Flipping  a State Senate Seat is a way to get toned up for 2018...don't laugh Scott Brown got in thru a special very certainly can happen here.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An outfit called "MRC" has started push polling

the 4th Middlesex State Senate District not even 2 hours after democrat and Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey announced for the Late Ken Donnelly's vacant seat!  Said poll heavily trafficked Garballey's name and cited an alleged vote to make Massachusetts a "sanctuary state" (which it has been since the Revolutionary War as far as I am concerned) as well as his supposed support of the recent legislative pay raise.
Wow that was quick...This isn't the first time the Fourth Middlesex was push-polled on behalf of the GOP, the Late Ken Donnelly was similarly trafficked last fall on the road to an Easy Win in November.
In sum is it possible the GOP or any of it's outliers think they can do business in one of the democratic party's allegedly safest seats?
Maybe they do, or maybe they just have no other outlet for their mischief this year, either way local democrats should take heed.

Monday, April 17, 2017

I can personally attest that

That the BPD, the Commonwealth & da Feds take elaborate precautions to ensure a safe & secure Boston Marathon, never moreso than in the aftermath of 2013's tragedy.
I should know, I'm sitting in cafe a bare fifty yards from the Finish Line and I am basically surrounded by police officers including a large contingent of motorcycle cops.
All that is fine....but the flyover this morning of fighter jets is pure Terrorist Porn and only served to remind me that the granite and steel behemonth I work in, likely designed to resist Luftwaffe Bombardment...probably couldn't stand up to today's ordinance....
But thats a fanciful ideation indeed....but we live in fanciful times yo.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I see Governor Baker

To a seventy five percent approval rating.  This in the teeth of an intractable opioid crisis, our increasingly dilapidated state infrastructure, and MBTA held together by luck & chicken wire, the usual unimpressive appointments and Baker's own intangible status as a political mule with no natural constituency within the GOP to speak of.
But Charlie Baker is good at framing the debate in terms of a low set bar, there he is truly a genius, people expect little of him, he delivers still less and his polling skyrockets.
Sooner or later though, that low bar gets raised, suddenly, and then politicians like Baker are in trouble...but that requires events to take a hand, and so far, events have favored Baker. Again that can change in an instant, the MBTA could have a catastrophic foul-up, Donald Trump could decide to make an example of him...any number of things. And keep in mind...things are not quite going Charlie's way despite his polling, I think for example The Governor would Piss on a Live Sparkplug to keep Geoff Diehl OFF the GOP senatorial primary ballot....he must have legit nightmares of Trump coming to campaign for his favorite local apologist maybe a nice campaign event on campus somewheres....
But we as democrats and liberals can't let events dictate our decisions we must make the best fight we can polls or no polls with a united integrated effort everywhere....strength in numbers, strength in depth is the only way forward.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Of course Passengers are being beaten bloody and bodily dragged off US Airline Flights,

They are consumers not citizens in the eyes of United Airlines, and core concept of the rigid and heirarchical consumer producer relationship is "caveat emptor". The consumer - producer relationship furthermore is entirely undemocratic in character and will always remain so.
For a generation now, our status as citizens has been overtly degraded into mere consumerism in both the public and private spheres, it colonizes political rights and obligations and even degrades our political discourse (expl "Brand Romney") to an appalling degree.  I take the Radical Jeffersonian View that "inalienable rights" take precedence in all relationships, they must be respected when one is voting, buying an airline ticket or being vetted as Cabinet Secretary. Granted this is a retrograde notion with heavy tinges of William Jennings Bryan to it, but without this most necessary Jeffersonian infusion aggreived passengers on our airlines can look forward summary execution if they don't obey an officer's orders.
Just remember, we didn't get to this pretty pass because the Institutions are so Powerful, Irresistible and Corrupt, we let them do it, OUR PASSIVITY ALONE incited them to degrade us all to the status of cattle-with-credit-cards.
As far as I am concerned this passenger "stood his ground" he wasn't armed and he doesn't have a million wingnuts at his back, but he was asserting himself as a citizen while the airline simply treated him like a consumer with all the abuse and violence that entails.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Let the record show

that the Ex Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley MD (R)....that pathetic philanderer, that tepid rake...that guy was the Alabama Christian Coalitions "Statesman of the Year"!!??
Will he at least have the decency to send the damn thing back?
Because we are officially in the "Hypocrisy is Dead" era, and if we are, then at least we should grant refunds!
I mean the guy's politics was crude xian dominionism even for Alabama...doesn't anyone think there is a necessary link between his repressive politics and his stunted withered gruesome libido....??

Friday, April 07, 2017

A Clintonesque Cruise Missile Cannonade

on Syria, undertaken for the usual feckless impulsive reasons by President Trump....all on behalf of a benighted and oppressed people he has been trying to exclude from the USA since he was sworn in.
Why else would Assad use nerve gas on those poor bastards? Hell we practically waved him in, last week Trump said we were resigned to The Supreme Opthalmolocrat's Hold on Power in Damascus...after all Assad is only nerve gasing people the US President hates and fears.  I myself can't believe this atrocity was undertaken without Russian connivance and tacit approval...because for the moment it'll bolster the Q Rating of their Mark in the White House and make Assad all the more dependent on Moscow...if such a thing is possible, advantage, Putin, IMHO.
Hell we daintily warned the Russians the missiles were coming via the hotline and their response was entirely Macchiavellian, they are now gonna help strengthen Syrian defense to prevent such attacks in the future.
Again, advantage Putin he must be laughing at us right now.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Bannon Out at the NSC...

although supposedly Trump can let him tag along down in the situation room when and if it comes time to Empty the Missile Silos.  From what I've read this is a pretty big coup for General McMaster who also get the JCS, the CIA back to the table and routed a few cabinet departments to his "in tray". Pretty deft move but I'm sure Bannon had some legal exposure on several fronts so McMaster just wanted him far out of the room when the Work Boot Drops.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Bill O'Reilly

is finally coming under some serious advertising pressure after seemingly years of alleged sexual harrassment allegations.  Mercedes Benz has dumped his ass on Fox News and some other outfits have similarly bailed.  "Weaponizing Shame" is always a cumbersome and time consuming option when it comes to an odious hypocrite especially one who preaches patriarchy & puritanism and practices insolent has been alleged with regards to O'Reilly. In fact, its a shaming process that usually only works when a great deal of money is either taken off the table or is profligately spent to crush a target in the court of public opinion.
Left unaddressed is the larger issue that Fox News is clearly a sort of a wingnut wet-tee-shirt contest run by gruesome old oinkers who use leggy news readers as cannon fodder to hook in an aging & belligerant audience. Which is only the physical manifestation of an even larger issue that  a captioned wingnut can preach puritanism and live debauchery for years and get paid for it and never get called to account unless someone is willing to devout time and money to shaming them.
Meanwhile the rest of the hypocrite disport like Satyrs loose among the virgins....color me unimpressed and weary of the whole farce. If O'Reilly goes down great, but there is a worse sexist twerp waiting in the wings for his "big chance"...

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

State Senator Donnelly's wake...

will be this Friday, April 7th, 4 to 8pm in the Auditorium of Arlington Town Hall 700 Massachusetts Ave .  Undoubtedly this will be a well attended wake, with many notables within and without politics paying their respects, the Man Made Friends in his public career, I can think of no better epitaph.
It'll be a political wake of the old school, but let us foremost recall that The Family is Mired in Sorrow, bring comfort one and all.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Sad News from the Fourth Middlesex,

Of the untimely death of State Senator Kenneth Donnelly of Arlington after a long battle with cancer.  In life he was a loud unreconstructed Hubert Humphrey style democrat, unabashedly liberal, fond of labor unions, a tireless advocate for every dispossessed and downtrodden citizen on the map and a "gem of a man" or so it was said up and down Arlington.  He will be missed very dearly, he was a former firefighter and cancer that pitiless slayer of firemen finally got him.  If some good comes of this tragedy then if might issue from an increased awareness of the special carcinogenic risks run by firefighters nationwide.
He was a friendly man, avuncular, never anything but honest and aboveboard in all his personal dealings with me, his staff rendered yeoman service to my family when my late father needed full time care outside the home.  Would that fate had been more discriminating.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

VP Mike Pence...won't dine alone with any woman other than his own wife

Its a sense of ethics that died out roughly about the time Teddy Roosevelt left office in 1909...but geez what a way for the Veep to rebuke His Own Mother Eh?

Well what of it? Given his 10th century approach to gender issues what woman would ever want to dine with him other than that sky-grifting wife he's got?

Friday, March 31, 2017

To Read Yahoo.Com's news feed

is to be told that Putin's Russia is fifty to hundred years ahead in all aspects of weapon's research and development, they have missiles that fly at five thousand miles an hour, death rays that can obliterate the Moon and likely time machine technology that can make us all cease to exist at any moment.
I've come to the conclusion that "news" defined here as "who what when where why & how" died about ten years ago....and no one wants to man up and admit it.
Just remember one this Facts, NEVER cease to exist, factual reportage can be obliterated....but events go on conspiring to make fools of us all.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Crazy Christy Mihos, RIP

Late word comes to us of the untimely death of "Crazy" Christy Mihos local convenience store magnate and perpetual political hawt mess.    Mihos was for a while Shakespeare's own "imp of fortune", a early and loud critic of the Big Dig (I mean that literally, Christy had no discernable "indoor voice" he shouted seemingly at everyone), he put Mitt Romney "Back on the Map" in 2002, he broke with the GOP in 2006 then tried for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2010...
He was populist insurrectionist waaa-ay before it was popular, but like a lot of those guys, he paid a price, a cringeworthy divorce a dire reversal in his financial fortunes, a sad self off of assets then...cancer.
Its a political career full of sudden violent shocks, perpetual drama, loud oathes, louder rejoinders, and it could only go down in Massachusetts, Land of the Free, Home of the Rave.
I made fun of Christy when he was out on the stump, but unlike Donald Trump who is Fraud Incarnate it is important to recall that Mihos was trying in his own blustering wingnutty way to spare the taxpayers getting stuck with the bill for the Big Dig.  But for me his fabled craziness starts with his naive belief that Mitt Romney was gonna resolve that problem sans any burden to the citizenry.....
Say what you like he was a populist mercurial and loud, he made no apologies, he was no breaker of proverbs he will give the Devil His Due.

Monday, March 27, 2017

BTW Kudos to Nancy Pelosi

She held her fractious caucus together, keep the media byplay to a minimum and surrendered no votes to the ACA Repeal on Friday, I promise you democratic solidarity was a big reason why Trump and Ryan went down in flames.  When you consider how hard it is to hold any US House democratic caucus together this is no small achievement and a example of that ineffable quality called "Leadership" from Rep. Pelosi.
She's had a bad couple of years so its nice to see she still has a few good haymakers saved up....

Saturday, March 25, 2017

ACA lives another day...

GOP Infighting doomed the bill forcing Paul Ryan to cancel a vote he and the White House were sure to lose.
Sucks to you guys for sure.
Trump's reaction was typically pathological, he blamed the democrats (who control exactly nothing in DC at the moment) before mumbling something about getting democrats to "join him" and producing a future healthcare bill.
Good no wonder Nancy Pelosi was smirking at her press conference she's been called every name in the book down thru the years and likely saw her last chance to be House Speaker go down the tubes last watching her tormenters and opponent murderously brawl amongst themselves must have been precious and lovely indeed.

Friday, March 24, 2017

A Lot Rides on the House Vote Today...

Paul Ryan's ego and reputation for one thing, if he cannot leverage Trumpcare Bill to Passage then he looks like an impotent schnook after years and years of big talk about "repeal and replace".
If it passes though, (and passage in the Senate still sounds doubtful) Congress will be willfully creating a native class of lumpen unisured "refugees" and if that doesn't spark some form of mass consciousness at the polls then this country is surely doomed.
If it doesn't pass then we are faced with a far more dangerous and ambiguous situation (those two words are the very crux of "Brand Trump"), a brutish hostile US Congress and President are compelled to administer a law they've sworn up and down to repeal....I doubt the administration will waste any time to make sure the ACA is badly enforced and a burden in extremis to all and sundry.
Under those circumstances repeal is oddly enough the better option for Us Liberals, we can then self transition completely to the "single payer" option (the same one all of Congress Has to this day) having tried a private sector centric approach.
Keeping ACA on the books yet badly administered muddies the waters policy wise, I am assuming here that no matter what healthcare is going to become a very controversial issue over the intermediate terms costs and burdens will rise services will be restricted.
On the other hand it'll just be fun to watch Ryan try to spin an abject defeat today....he has it coming to him believe me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Terrorists are a classic contradiction, the successful practitioners all adapt seamlessly to the very societies they are so desperate to disrupt & destroy.  They can identify "soft targets" with malignantly shrewd insight and secure such weaponry as said society makes available to them. That and they have the secrecy mania and advantage of surprise, and that in turn works best of all if this is a one-off lone wolf style attack.  If something like today's tragedy had gone down in the USA the perp would've had easily some large magazine'd carbine or a pistol with a similar capability....again its a question of the weapons easiest to procure and this time it was a hunting knife and a fast car.
Attacks like this are gonna become the norm, low tech one off murderous actors, largely trained on line in a sort of "homicidal MOOC", mass action on hard targets seems largely denied these people so the action gets automatically exported to the streets where determined self destructive recruits can rack up a few casualties and seize the headlines.
In some ways its a confession of sheer impotence, a well programmed hidden asset largely wasted in bloodthirsty street theatre...but I'm sure the news media will see it all very differently.

My Heart Goes Out to the Victims...As Always.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Charlie Baker and the MBTA backed down from their scheme last week to shut down the Commuter Rail on Weekends. I think it's hilarious that the Boston Globe was able to cite a ridership of some ten thousand every weekend, a simple statistic that somehow eluded our spreadsheet worshipping Governor.
But this is the new normal count on it, Baker and his handpicked Financial Board are gonna constantly be on the prowl for new ways to cut services and reliability while forcing the ridership to pay more...outrage saved us this time, the next instance though, maybe not so much.
Which just tells me what a "Big Sneak" (as my white haired old Irish Mother would say) the current Governor truly is, he hasn't got a plan he dares enunciate without strong opposition so he goes around in the dead of night looking to chisel off a piece here and there.
Its a lot of things, but it is Not Leadership....

Monday, March 20, 2017

Does Anyone Out There Think....

Deutsches Chancellor Angela Merkel had a good summit in DC this week? Trump basically called her a mark for refugees and terrorists on the campaign trail and a military moocher to her face. He wouldn't even shake hands with her...churlishness indeed.
I suspect that Snub may pay Merkel some short term electoral dividends going the same time she does need him erect and nominally functioning at the EU Economic Summit in July although based on last week's performance she might be conjuring with finding a pretext to delay the whole mishaugas.
Experiencing Trump's unreliability up front must be giving Merkel second thoughts about that much rumored proposal out of Poland to arm the EU with it's own nuclear deterrent.  Thats a lot of political and diplomatic ground to cover but after this summit its must look like a better bet for the buck with an erratic aggrieved US President presiding over NATO. A lot depends on the outcome of the French Presidential Election next month (Merkel would have to come to an agreement with nuclear armed France to "subcontract" a nuclear umbrella for the EU AND security post Brexit England's tacit connivance as well) as well as German's Federal Elections this Fall.  Hell Paris and Berlin could be in the hands of angry populist irredentists come the fall....or a collection of deeply offended integrationists with aspirations of nuclear independence....

AM I the only person in Massachusetts

that is plainly astonished at the revelation that the MBTA and Charlie Baker's Financial Board thereof, has no means whatsoever to estimate the ridership on the commuter rails on weekends???  I thought this was "Governor Spreadsheets" we are talking about??  This is his managerial genius at work? If so gimme back the ineptoid antics of Jane "Jingle Money" Swift.
Ah but I think we all know what is really going on here, its not that the Governor et al, can't estimate weekend commuter rail ridership, its that they don't want to....since the real goal is to shut down said branch of Public Transport as a cost saving measure.
Which largely forfills the predicition I made two years ago, that Baker's stewardship of the MBTA means higher prices for lesser service...and right here and now, we are getting that fabled decrease in service.
So I am in turn forced to reiterate my original notion is that the only way the ridership (the MBTA's much abused constituens) can get control of this situation is to get into some sort of a defacto alliance with the Carmen's Union. Yeah I know its a forlorn hope but it's likely the only short term solution that leaves all of use forced to pay more for less deliverables.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Anyone notice

that via the public prints in Today's Globe, that Jeff Jacoby puts on a Fetish Mask and dances ecstatically around a shopworn stone idol he called "Free Market Healthcare"?
Has Jeff's Rabbi ever taken him aside and discussed the columnist's routine disdain for The First Commandment whenever he starts groveling and venerating this False God Called "The Free Market"....serious book worshippers would call it blasphemy, I'm sufficiently broadminded to call it sickening (no pun intended).

Friday, March 17, 2017

Thought while shaving....

Lynda Carter (star of stage and screen and when she wasn't Wonder Woman, Ms. Carter probably longed to be Cher) could go up to New Hampshire in about 18 months, proclaim herself "a petitioning centrist democrat" promise all and sundry a balanced budget with no new taxes or tapping social security, & likely be in the top three poll-wise before she even rents her storefront on Elm Street Manchester.
And for this degraded state of politics where mere name recognition is necessary to start at the top of the game, we can thank Donald Trump.
As for Carter, again thanks to Trump she doesn't need to prove herself in any other office she can just start up with the tweeting and be off to the races. Believe me, on paper she looks great, she used to be a GOP stalwart (she can utter that bromide "I didn't leave the GOP, it left me" with unctuous sincerity I am sure), an actress a TV pitchwoman, her second marriage is rock solid and her kids decorously photogenic.
On the other hand, Occam's Razor strongly suggests that Trump's Presidency will either end in a series of mushroom clouds or else abject failure and perhaps the current vogue for populist celebrity politics will have crested and waned.
But I was Lynda Carter I'd make a few quiet phone calls, ya never know....Just don't hire John Podesta.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I think we can all agree that

"Prison Rules Suck".

They do, they are uncivilized and more importantly reduce all transactions into brutal zero-sum game calculations.
So I have to laugh a little bitterly when I see that Rachel Maddow tried to gin up a "release" of Trump's 2005 Tax Return last night and got trolled heavily on Social Media for violating The President's alleged privacy.
This is the same crowd that bayed on and on for Barack Obama's birth certificate back in the day....But Like I Said, "Prison Rules Suck".
Anyway the American People have a perfect right to say all of Trump's Tax Returns going back to the days of Tumbledown Dick and the English Protectorate if there is probable cause to believe a security risk inhabits the Oval Office.
After all our right to survive as a free people ought not conflict with his right to privacy, assuming Trump can man up and release the returns but he won't for whatever reason and as far as I'm concerned until then, He Has Something to Hide!

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Globe is Ginnin' Up Disatisfaction Among

Senior democrats with respect to the emerging field of Gubernatorial Challenges to Charlie Baker.
Fair enough, its gonna be a difficult year and the usual collection of big money and or big names are giving a hard uphill race a quiet pass.  I also think some PUMAs within the state democratic party are trying to tempt AG Healey into the race despite her assurance a week ago she was running for reelection in 2018 and nothing else.
Frankly if Healey wants to be Governor  then 2018 is likely not gonna be her year, moreover she might wanna seriously reconsider whether the AG's Office is a proper platform from which to leap to something better.  I think something like four AG's in my lifetime have gone for the corner office and come up short...hell the only one who managed to move up was Ed Brooke and he had the common sense to run for the US Senate.
You make enemies as AG, especially in this state where the office tends to be sort of de facto "quality control" over chiselers in the legislature.
The off year convention in June up in Lowell should be interesting, I'm sure Healey will get intensely lobbied to reconsider by the usual suspects I urge her to resist the temptation she'd only be sacrificing herself in vain and opening up the AG's Office needlessly.
I still say we need someone "outside the box" who can strongly self finance, either gender will do if they can demonstrate some moxie.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

GOP Soreheads and assorted

Tantrumps are grousing at Governor Baker in the wake of his announcement last week to the effect that the State will make up any funding shortfalls to Planned Parenthood should the Feds defund said group.
Waaa-al I tell yuh, Charlie Potatoes can say all sorts of things but whether he does it is whole different matter.
But true to form, The Governor has waltzed his way back to the center (accompanied by the usual sighs of relief from the Boston Globe) after his twin ballot question debacles (charter schools and legalized pot) last fall.
Mind you, nobody expects Baker to get "primaried" next year, the GOP bench on the right in The Commonwealth is preposterously thin...although if these guys were dead set on challenging Baker they'd likely need someone who can self finance & raise hell, and likely there just isn't another Donald Trump to be had here in Massachusetts.
Advantage Baker, for now.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rumors are cropping up to the effect

that the European Union is considering deploying it's own nuclear deterrent entirely independent of the very explicit strategic guarantees the US has issued to NATO practically since Day One.
The modalities of such a move are relatively simple, the Union could "subcontract" a nuclear umbrella of its own from France (which I believe still has the third largest operational nuclear arsenal in the world), maintained in part from general EU Funds with some sort of a dual-key or triple key launch system...
The Poles are allegedly agitating for such a deployment (those cruise missiles Putin has supposedly deployed in Western Russia in violation of INF Treaty obligations HAVE to be aimed at Berlin, Gdansk, Warsaw etc to say nothing of the Baltic States), Angela Merkel might see this as a better bet for the money rather than depending an impulsive and duplicitous US President, one with an ambigious relationship with Vladimir Putin.
"Our Source" to quote Peter Bull in "Doctor Strangelove" is "The New York Times" so take all with a grain of salt.
If your "Iron Dream" is a world composed of homogenous "Racial Fatherlands" (and a big believer in just that nonsense is sitting in the White House Situation Room even as I write this), then be warned, "Europe" has feared the "Barbaric Hordes of the East" for a thousand years, just because they may be white doesn't mean Europe doesn't regard them all with loathing. And should said "Barbaric hordes" start building bivouacs on the Vistula River & stringing barbed wire then I do not give this civilization six months to live....not with all these glistening racial homelands armed with nukes.
So lets all hope I am wrong....:)

Monday, March 06, 2017

Rioting at Middlebury College....

Denying Pseudo Eugenicist Charles Murray a platform at Middlebury College via violence and disruption, may seem cathartic, but ultimately does horrific violence to the First Amendment and to the associated notion of academic freedom.
Let me be clear, Murray is a racially colonized jerk but racially colonized jerks got a right to free speech which under ordinary and even extraordinary circumstance should be no incitement to violence whatsoever.
Whenever someone like this shows up, the rule should be "duly promoted, lightly attended, peacefully protested, fully engaged".
I will remind my readership (all six of you) that last fall Former Secretary of State Clinton took her campaign to the campus of Saint Anselm College (a very very conservative Catholic College indeed) where she unequivocally proclaimed her support of a woman's right to choose and full federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
There was a crowd of several thousand thereon, no rioting, no attempts to supress her right to free speech the Monks that ran the school said nothing and did nothing to disrupt this event ...I should I was there.
If Hilary Clinton can get that consideration from Saint Anselm College then Charles Murray deserves no less the same from Middlebury.
And yes it grieves me to defend him....think twice kids is my closer here.

Friday, March 03, 2017

"We are going in!"

So NH Governor Chris Sununu told some businessmen up there having asserted that The Granite State's opioid crisis was a function of narcotics being shipped in by illegal alien drug dealers in Lawrence Ma.
Yup...thats his argument.
"Martians are doing it!"
My big takeaway from all of this is that we've been trying to eliminate drug addiction using a belligerent punishment-driven model since roughtly 1903 and we have exactly nothing to show for it.
I could discursively note that drug addiction and drug dealing are themselves heavily consequent on the slow elimination of economic transmission belts out of poverty....and there is a lot of said poverty in NH.
No...I'll just note that it might be time to stop doubling down on punishment when it comes to narcotics addiction....cuz its not working. At All....look at all the martians in Lawrence that're making a fortune in the morphine biz!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Good Ghod

Was Anyone on Last Fall's Trump Campaign NOT blabbing away to the Russian Ambassador? Cuz now AG Jeff Sessions has "suddenly remembered" two discussions with the Ambassador in the heat of a US Presidential Campaign...only two huh? I promise you there is another shoe to fall on this one...I'll bet he had all sorts of contact with the Russian Embassy all of it entirely suspicious and inappropriate.
For that fact, you'd better hope all that contact was initiated in a public park under a pedestrian causeway cuz if any of it was over the phone, dollars to donuts the NSA has that audio and its crystal clear & broadcast ready at that.
Congress is well within it's rights to remand the matter to the House Judiciary Committee as a prelude to Impeachment, the man clearly lied to Congress, a body that has a right to try and remove from office Cabinet Members as well as the President & VP.
To say nothing of what the hell they were talking about....and why it was necessary to conceal the same....

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Just remember there is a larger

And Far more dangerous context to the President's Pronounced Taste for Declinist Tropes and Apocalyptic Scenarios. No I'm not just talking about the fear that he'll be quick on the trigger when the moment of truth comes (count on it, he will but that is another matter), no what he is creating is a sort of "Reichstag Fire Narrative". Look at all the times he's tweeted out "I was right" when some god awful incident has gone down over seas to say nothing of his pronounced tendency to invent terrorist attacks out of whole cloth. Its not that he is delusion (though he may be who knows?) he wants to be able to bray "I wuz right SUSPEND the Bill of Rights" when some serious shit detonates in the USA and count on it, something will sooner or later. At that point our rights and lives will be in the hands of too few persons of honor in Washington DC and elsewhere. That is what he is setting up when he carries on so incontinently, an excuse to vastly expand police and detention powers in the for it, we are in the end the only reliable guarantors of our own rights and freedoms.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Maybe the White House Correspondent's Annual Dinner

Should be allowed to expired quietly after all. Trump is declining to attend on grounds that his prematurely thin skin makes the whole event a health risk for him, which is good grounds to rethink the whole enterprise.  If done "Well" the event opens the press corps to charges of raw sycophancy and when it goes "badly" its a tremendous generator of needless Ill Will.
Either way its a weird clumsy attempt at bonhomie....and right now ersatz bonhomie is really the Last Thing in the World We Need.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump as CPAC last week

otherwise known as "Burning Man for Wingnuts", The So Called President laid out a bold pro-worker populist agenda last week.  Granted its a room that'll sooner put the American Worker behind barbed wire, but all the same it was something new and different. The problem is, Trump's solution seems to revolve around radical deregulation in the workplace, so everyone's job will be more dangerous and wages will likely stagnate. How that grows the economy is anyone's guess...but then this is Trump ,"2+2=Rhode Island" in his mind.
If we wanna do right by American Working Class, how about starting with something simple? Like Raising the Minimum Wage? The Federal Minimum Wage is a paltry $7.25 a hour, if Trump really wants to "Take on the Establishment", he'll have a helluva fight with his own GOP is he wanted to put it up to say $10.00 an hour.
But thats pure fantasy, Trump doesn't want to raise the minimum wage he wants to make it harder for injured workers to sue their employers, he wants to abolish occupational safety statues....everyone is will work harder for less money and under dangerous circumstances THAT is supposed to save the American Working Class.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thought for the Day...

Jobbers, the Dregs of Dixie, Book Worshippers, Sky Grifters, Floor Walkers as Policy Makers, Money Grubbing Corruptards that can hear a nickle drop a mile away, Utopian Onanists, A scattering of women that ought to know better, Yes Men and Yes Women, The In Over Their Heads, A Few Persons on Honor shoved into a corner....In Sum, Mitch McConnell's Senate.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Limey Wingnut Freak-Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos got dumped off of Breitbart  for making wistful nostalgic comments about Man-Boy Love.
I would pay The Howard Stern Show's Resident Phone Prankster Richard Christy a Nice Chunk of Change if he'd call Yiannopoulos' agent and see what Milo's asking price is to act as Grand Marshal in NAMBLA's Annual Pride Parade.  Tell him its going down in the KiddieLand Amusement Park in Ossipee that would be memorable audio yo!

Just remember, misogyny will be the last bitter prejudice to go when its time comes it'll go down guns blazing, believe me.

Good Luck to General McMaster

at the NSC....he is gonna need it and every ounce of props his long resume gives him. After all he has literally not one but three security risks in the room from the git-go, white power freaks Bannon & Miller and then there is the Very President that appointed them in the first place.
So yeah Good Luck General....yer gonna need it.
Personally I suspect yet another emerging faultline in the Trump Regime will be ongoing conflict between "The Loony-Tunes Sky Grifters" and the Numerous retired Generals that now dot the National Security Apparatus.
But I could be wrong....

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy "So-Called President's Day"

(enacted because the US Congress never ever had the courage to make Abraham Lincoln's Birthday a National Holiday....shitkicker soreheads then as now)

Given the Pretty Pass We've Reached Here in the USA, there is nothing left to do but post a picture of the Late President Warren G. Harding modeling a Dress Fez.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Keep Smiling, Guffaw Freely

keep making jokes, act like the whole diresome mishaugas is the proverbial "laughing party". It may not alter our fate one whit, but making humor your response to book worshipping provocation or that fixed autistic stare favored by serious Objectivists or some giggly little fidget from the Kampus Konservative Bund...will always put you in charge of the situation even if for only a moment.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Story So Far...

A Russian Spy Ship is meandering up the East Coast like the Edgartown Ferry, the Russians are shredding the INF Treaty and deploying ground launched cruise missiles in Western Russia, we have no National Security Advisor (unless you really think Steve Bannon is good to go in a pinch) and the Secretary of Defense is telling NATO to "pay up" or else the USA will "moderate" its commitment to said alliance.
This is shaping up to be the biggest foreign policy catastrophe of my lifetime short of VietNam or maybe The Cuban Missile Crisis, and we aren't done by any means,
This means that Poland and the Baltic States are now once again under the nuclear gun, this means they are going to become a de facto military flashpoint in the near future unless something to done very very quickly. And the only thing that stops me from thinking actual war will break out is a nagging suspicion that if the Russians send in Troops, Trump will just sign them all away.
This is rank appeasement but it's ultimately idiotic because we are appeasing a third tier power that is in decline by every objective measure.
So much for a reset with Moscow....Trump may well have asked the Kremlin not to retaliate for the post election sanctions and this now is their pound of flesh so to speak.
Congress is well within it's rights to lay wide open the entire story of Trump's contacts with the Russian Government, and they'd best do so quickly because given the situation in Europe we are are gonna need to know if any obligations have been laid on the President by the Kremlin prior to Election.
Yes, the situation is that serious...we are being played here, a bunch of vicious oligarchs are working us like yokel in the three card monte game.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wow Flynn is O-U-T as NS Advisor

To our Alleged President.  Well...Congress can sweat out of him all the details and background on his discussions with the Russian Ambassador last December...IF it has the collective mind to do so.
"Was it s quid-pro-quo" for hacking the DNC email server? Is Trump under any undisclosed obligations to the Kremlin and if Flynn was a blackmail risk per acting AG Yates, then what the hell is Trump???
All fascinating things, but a constitutional crisis is literally being held at bay by the collective cowardice of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, they've amply demonstrated that where Donald Trump is concerned they've got the spin of a chocolate eclair.
All this makes me all the fonder of Sally Yates....if any of us survive til 2020 then she is definitely someone to watch.

Monday, February 13, 2017

It sure sounds like

National Security Advisor Mike Flynn promised the Russians a quick end to sanctions once Trump was sworn in, while still serving as a private citizen.
That is a felony my friends, a violation of the admittedly seldom invoked, Logan Act.
But more than that, its an act of credulous unconscionable stupidity, who promises sunsetting sanction with nothing on offer?
Someone who shouldn't be making foreign policy thats who, a situation like this is Amateur Night in Dixie entirely avoidable....and to think we aren't even one hundred days into this Trump Mishaugas.
Kelly Should Resign, on grounds of being a simpleminded dope first and foremost unless of course someone can persuade him to come clean as to whom put him up to it.
Cuz I think that is in play here....definitely.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Jay Gonzalez in Menotomy...

I had a chance yesterday to see Jay Gonzalez (so far the only democrat running for Governor in 2018) do a five minute stand up at the Arlington Democratic Caucus.  He is a wiry energetic little guy who was once Deval Patrick's Budget Chief.  Seriously I could eat beans off this guy's head.
His central thesis is right off of "column A", ergo "We Can Do Better!"  Off of column B he is imputing quietism to the current governor (which is certainly a factual account of the situation) and does his level best to manacle Charlie Baker to Donald Trump. That part is easy to do since Governor Baker's favorite move is to hide under his bed at the mere mention of Donald Trump's name....essentially if demonstrators are doing the mentioning.
Gonzalez other big theme was immigration, he is the son of immigrants and is likely gonna use that notion to bedevil Charlie Baker and by proxy Donald Trump.
Otherwise Gonzalez is peppery and energetic enough, he does not seem to have much capacity for soaring rhetoric, he might wear well in a primary given his bona fides with the departed Patrick Admin...assuming of course he can raise the money.
At the moment there is no one else in the Field, Newton Mayor Setti Warren is supposed to be looking at it as well as some others, but iven the still daunting polling data, its gonna come down to a serious fundraising gut check for a lot of these candidates which is turn probably means a somewhat restricted field.
In all its a good start for least he understands that he cannot win if he does not oppose and offer a competing vision for politics.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

"So Called Judges" Strike Back!

Court of Appeals voids President Trump's travel ban from various so called Muslim Nations.

So lets hear it for an independent judiciary, at least until it gets booted up to the Extreme Court lord knows what that lot will do with it, if there is a gawd of mercy and justice in heaven above that Judge Gorsuch will not be confirmed as yet when it goes down.
I mean given the fact that its "Reactionary Christmas" every day around here, the least we can except is that John Roberts has to put in some OT cuz the Supremes are Short Staffed.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Alex Beam....

Fatous and inane as always, devotes a whole column to comparing Donald Trump & the former Mayor, Governor & Jailbird James Michael Curley.
THAT is a insult to the memory of the Late Mayor....and trust me that man was On The Take 24-7!
Curley was a crook don't get me wrong he deserved the two jail terms he racked up, but his heart was riveted to the right place or so I like to think.
I'd a never voted for him believe me, and I'm a Spartan and a democrat comfortable in the party's last ditch...But when he was Governor (and a hot mess he was as Governor's go) and Northampton was flooded along with a big chunk of the Pioneer Valley, he never hesitated.
No that was not "Curley Country" to be sure, Northampton was Calvin Coolidge's hometown, but all the same Curley rolled up, called out the National Guard, ordered in the State Police, drafted convicts to pile up sandbags, established refugee camps (!!!) and personally handed out food and blankets.
And if it was somehow Donald Trump in Curley's place circa 1937....The Donald would have bought up the town to build a golf course and sent the residents packing at bayonet point.
And no he'd a never paid his contractors either....

Monday, February 06, 2017

Kudos to the New England Patriots for

A nice day's pay for seasonally unemployed Duck Boat Drivers.

The Victory Parade in Boston is allegedly schedded for tomorrow at 11am, in the teeth of an oncoming snowstorm, but lets face it that is the price of doing business in Boston. My Ghod Gronkowski will likely be clowning around from Government Center to the Shoulders of Orion.
I'm not much for football (supposedly the violentest thing going but they sure do stand around a lot talking, they could serve pastries and tea out there with all the palaver going on) but what the hell, it makes others happy who am I to judge?
I was sufficiently intrigued by the late rally to actually read Dan Shaughnessy's front pager on Today's Globe. THAT proved a hilarious exercise in futility for sheer abstract verbiage & dense superlatives I may has well have been reading Hegel in the Original German.
Ah but I suspect that Pro Ball is peaking the USA, not sure but all the concussion politics is gonna start eating away at it's mainstream'll be a slow fall though believe me.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Interesting article courtesy the AP

in respect of Team Trump's Ubiquitous Foreign Policy Ideas.  This however is the relevant quote:
"According to one U.S. official, national security aides have sought information about Polish incursions in Belarus, an eyebrow-raising request because little evidence of such activities appears to exist. Poland is among the Eastern European nations worried about Trump's friendlier tone on Russia."
Let me ask this, the above idea is utterly fantastical so... "Who put it in Donald Trump's  Head?"
Because its obvious US Intelligence isn't the source, someone had to gin Trump up about it....its exactly the sort of nonsense pseudo provocation Putin would dream up to justify action against Poland.
So I ask you is Trump preparing to sell out Warsaw to the Russians?  The why of it is almost immaterial given the immensity of the proposed almost doesn't matter if he still owes them money, if they are paying him a huge stipend or if Putin has got negatives...whatever the reason we may be drifting into a defect alliance with Russia at a time when they hunger to redraw their western border.
And THAT my friends is why the doomsday clock keeps get reset closer to midnight....

Friday, February 03, 2017

Somewhere out there in the vast reaches of America

I swear the GOP has a vending machine that requires a purely nominal sum to eject some dreamboat wingnut Supreme Court Nominee who reliably loves God more than the Constitution, Couldn't care less about the Bill of Rights Save the Secular Sacrament that is the Second Amendment, with a boundless passion for Punishment, Entitlement and Patriarchy.
They invitable grin beautifully before the cameras have decorous hairdos, spouses and children and will sit on that court far into their dotage and eagerly ruin ever right you were foolish to believe was inalienable.
Such is Neil Gorsuch, bland rigid photogenic, entirely reconciled to succeeding to a seat on the court stolen from Judge Garland....He can't wait to bore us to death and put us all behind barbed wire.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Of Donald Trump's Many Many Ever Increasing Sins...

perhaps the only one that viscerally bugs me, is his craven hypocrisy about religion.

By that I mean, the man is a complete agnostic if not an outright atheist....No one that wealthy and that prideful has any real Love of God in Him or Her....sheee-it my next door neighbor's Cotton Poodle has a far more intimate and humble acquaintance with The Lord of Hosts than does Trump.
As evidenced by Today's Barbaric Performance I doubt the Man Even Knows How to Pray, it was like watching a Viking Berserker Trying to Go to Confession....
But he keeps on lying in really transparent and obvious ways about his alleged Love of God and his supporters completely enable this tedious farce, thus proving that the GOP Base is perfectly willing to   engage with a Russian Puppet, an Agnostic and a Thrice Wed Reprobate if it means all that their liberal taunting will somehow get read into policy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sally Yates in 2020!

Can someone find the ex acting AG a nice safe seat in the US Congress?? She only needs to warm it for one term (hey good enough for Abe Lincoln yo) before she starts a-tramping the snows of NH...
I liked this Dame She Has Moxie! She questioned the constitutionality of Trump's freaky immigrant ban and got fired hours later, in these perilous thats a Badge of Honor and. Key Qualification for High Office!
Remember you heard it here firstest!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

With respect to everything that happened this weekend

And ALOT happened this weekend, try to fix in your heads that no matter how loud and truculent, "Crazy Never Lasts". It can sustain itself to toxic and genocidal degrees but it cannot survive over the intermediate term.'
In other words it cannot be "The New Normal" because sooner or later rationality comes in and lays out all comers.  We are in some ways compromised by popular culture which inculcates us with the notion that madness is a sort of unbeatable super power, but in fact pathology is a disability, sooner or later that fact will win out.
It may be a painful victory or a painless one, but it will happen.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Scientists at Harvard have managed to create a metallic version of hydrogen (lightest and most common of the elements) which if viable at ambient temps holds out the promise of a real revolution in semiconductor technology.
I know I make terrible fun of Harvard (and of BU & BC by way of full disclosure) but this is freakin' amazing news across the board and proof positive that scientific progress is our only way forward in respect of solving any one of a number of current problems.
So given all the benign applications I am just sitting here waiting for the Trump Regime to figure out some way to Put A Stop On All This Nonsense....

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Current estimates are

That Trump's Wall of Shame that is supposed to secure the southern border of the USA from Martians, Jesuits and SqueeGeeMen...will cost the US TaxPayer 25 billion dollars. Shit it cost less to put Neil & Buzz on the Goddamn Moon!

Ah but this is money and sometimes you can't put a dollar cost on sheer malevolent delusion.

Meanwhile I'm guessing the ACA will be gone by July 4th of this year, irregardless of the maundering qualms of the John McCains in the US Senate.  So given that, what is next?
What Is To Be Done"
If ACA goes down then screw it I'm coming out banging the pots for a British Style Single Payer Healthcare System its the only fair and sustainable solution. I mean we tried letting the free market run healthcare and it was ab abject 200 year long failure, we tried the public-private option...I say we Go For the Gold.
I think a temp with 100k in school debt and a degree in accounting deserves at least a healthcare system as good as what keeps Mitch McConnell's Black Little Heart Beating.

And while we are on the subject of the loss of buying power among the US Working CLass lets admit if all those "tombstone" factories are gonna reopen at Trump's fiat they'll assuredly be monuments to automation, non unionized and "administered" by a staff of technicians.  The living way wrought out of an assembly line is as gone as the Spectre of Big Labor or Military Dirigibles. One thing we can do is scrap the entire welfare and unemployment system and replace it with a simple minimum basic

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Someone needs to send a Doctor up to the Corner Office

Of the State House, based on last night's State of the State Speech, Charlie Baker has a bad case of Aphasia.
He cannot for the life of him pronounce the Proper Noun "Trump" to say nothing of the phrases "Charter Schools" or "Legalized Marijuana", all words & phrases that symbolize significant setbacks for "Governor Fifty Nine Percent".
So maybe we should send a good psychiatrist...
That speech was otherwise hilarious in that Baker tried suddenly to pose as the best pal ever of public schools having spent millions last Fall in phunny money to trying sell off the classrooms of the state to McDonalds.
For that fact, is Charlie ever gonna follow up on his promise to enact campaign finance reform in this state? Likely not since it would give the Lege an opening (if they were so inclined and that be an iffy thing) to close off the wellsprings of that out of state phunny in sum More Aphasia from the Governor.
BTW I read the speech I didn't see it broadcast It must've been gangbusters live because as text its the dreariest collection of bullet points punctuated by robotic shout outs to various special guests in the aud. An AI audio program could've read it.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let the record show that when the Women's March

Hit Boston Common Saturday, Our Illustrious Governor metaphorically hid under his desk by decamping to the Mass Municipal Association's Comfab in South Boston an obligation whose importance rivals cutting a ribbon at the Boat Show.
So far as I can tell (feel free to contradict) His Excellency declined to send any official representation to said March at all.  
The problem here is one of leadership, its no longer adequate for a Governor of Massachusetts to demonstrate he or she can "ride herd" on the Legislature, its a question of Who is Gonna Stand Up to Donald Trump?
It sure as shit isn't Charlie Baker who has engaged three shifts of contractors to rebuild the bridges he loudly burned to Team Trump back in July.
Craven....Utterly Craven.
Oh and there is poll out there indicating that Baker's popularity is still higher than Elizabeth Warren's but there is a streak of false consciousness there in that Baker's overall score has dropped to fifty nine percent from a stratsospheric score of seventy percent. And trust me, he is not taking a header into the 2018 Senatorial Race he'd have to start over fundraising with no obvious successor to slot into the Governor's contest...besides those desks in the US Senate are TINY a big feckless galoot like Charlie Baker would never fit under one of them.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Meanwhile in Moscow

Donal Trump's real constituents are in the process of decriminalizing wife beating & child abuse. Apparently Putin wants to make it legal okey dokey to beat one's wife with fists and or inflict a prolonged spanking on a helpless child.
As Orwell has pointed out authoritarians are always truly hypocritical when it comes to moral issues, they are almost always perverts or some type or another with a pronounced preference for reinforcing ugly patriarchical mores.
Pretty shameless I know but keep in mind, you can't "shame the shameless" you have to beat them in open political combat. They have a kind of "moral autism" that prevents them from feeling any guilt about their own unpleasant opinions and actions....they cannot be taught they must be overcome.
Such is the case in Moscow and on the Potomac....

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Real Howler in the Globe Today

For the First Time Ever, Joanie Vennochi has nothing but nice things to say about Hillary Clinton because the Former Secretary of State has decided to "be a good sport" and attend Trump's inaugural tomorrow. Ms Clinton likely thought it was a Wake She Could Not Skip....regardless of the petty humiliations Team Trump has waiting for her no doubt.
Joanie goes on to snark at Rep's Capuano & Clark who have declined that selfsame attendance...I myself hold no one here to to any fixed standard that is what the enemy expects me to do so thats out First Thing.
No...the rules have been shredded and everyone is gonna have to find new rules to both live and fight by, and I have a feeling that "Being a Good Sport" is as Dead as Free Silver as of Noon Tomorrow no matter how much Joanie Vennochi longs for the antique political mores of Saint Ronald Reagan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If ACA get repealed

and its likely in the last seventy two hours of it's life, then those who about to lose coverage have a right and responsibility to shut down via direct nonviolent action the physical constituency affairs office your local congressperson, especially any beneficiaries of Dixie's current network of Rotten Boroughs.
Why limit action of the specific constituents of specific congresspersons? Invade someone else's damn district, the thieving bastards have imposed their own bitter agenda on the whole nation why shouldn't persons outside the district protest?
We have to stop playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, doesn't mean we are to dishonest or dishonorable but we must force a decision of grounds favorable to us...and thats a whole process and a half when you control NOTHING in DC.
I mean pester these people unmercifully...they wanted this cram it down their miserable throats!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So now Trump claims NATO is obsolete

or whatever the tweeted pejorative was, this doesn't surprise me though I've been waiting for the NATO combat boot to drop since election night.  Words fail me as to what a bad idea this is, and how much undeserved leverage this grants Vladimir Putin even before Trump is sworn in.
I dunno if Trump is a Russian Asset or pursuing a Weird Utopian "Nativist Power Bloc" Agenda, I am however pretty clear that without NATO strong & united the peace of the world is very much imperilled.
It means over the short term that the Baltic States & Poland are being offered up to Moscow (we are appeasing a third tier economy whose GDP 's rivals....Italy and yes that rankles) which puts Germany in an exposed position militarily and otherwise.
What people forget is the NATO (and its now defunct foe the Warsaw Pact) were defacto non-proliferation guarantors....both alliances were backed up by the nuclear umbrella of their bipolar sponsor, thus paradoxically allowing most of the member states to be non-nuclear actors.
If NATO goes for the terminal dirt nap how long before Berlin withdraws from the NPT and deploys its own nuclear detterent? Indeed sans NATO protection what choice would they have other than going Hat in Hand to Moscow?
And if this is the plan for whatever reason we have to be very very certain that their are irremedial political consequences for anyone who backs such a dangerous shameful plan here at home.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Its a Rough Week and Likely to Get Rougher

and we are bereft of the counsel of some of our very very best on this Cold Clear Martin Luther King Day....

But even in the darkest days of 1968 Doctor King could still crack a Preacher's Sort of a Joke....

So do not be downhearted....