Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Cursed Times

Last week"our" President joked loutishly on camera about Iraq's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.
This week five American soldiers, dispatched to that wretched desert hell hole to FIND said weapons, were blown sky high in a roadside bombing in Faluja.
Good God I'm gonna have a stroke if I read any more "good news" from out Iraq!
My disgust with George Bush has at last reached nigh critical mass.
He is proof positive that one can descend from the best families, go to the best schools, dodge all of life's worries and woes and still end up a tasteless graceless asshole.
What do people think of this oaf as he jokes gruesomely about WMDs whilst his beloved soldiers are shot dead by ones and twos??
But oh I can just see the President's reaction to today's massacre-what a performance that will be!
He will narrow those beady little eyes drop his voice down to that ominous growl and snarl threats like a tourette's syndrome victim.
It will be a jubilee my friends, Bush promising blood death and destruction like he was Heliogabalus gone mad on crystal meth.
Anything to divert the public's attention from his own appalling cynicism.

Meanwhile he and Cheney are scheduled for a "joint appearance" before the 9-11 Commission.
Joshua Micah Marshall has several possible theories for this set up...the most convincing being that the President can't be relied upon to get his story straight over the course of a three hour interview.
His wits do wander very easily as you all know.
This is a disgraceful state of affairs for a once proud republic...the President cannot speak extemporaneously in an interview without "help" from his allegedly subordinate.
I think it is truly time for Bush to resign...he hasn't acted as President since that fateful day three years ago when the airliners took out the World Trade Center.
He flew away and hid at NORAD Headquarters until Cheney, Karen Hughes and Mary-effin' Matalin got things squared away in the White House Situation Room.
Mostly since that terrible day Bush has been a conduit to enact the plans and schemes of his malevolent Vice President.
The best thing Bush can do is resign.
Either he is unwilling or incapable to discharge his office...the constitutional remedy for this is simple-resignation.
Let President Cheney try to function in the light of day as a full time Commander in Chief, I don't think he could hack it!
It is time George, you have tarried too long for the good you have done, and in the bowels of Jesus Christ our savior you must go!
God will decide the issue between thee and us.
Meanwhile by all means enjoy "clearing brush" on your "ranch".

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Voids, Stays and Governors:

Well... the anti gay marriage and pro-civil unions amendment passed the State Legislature yesterday.
With consummate churlishness Governor Romney vowed to request a stay of the SJC's original decision legalizing gay marriage until the amendment can be voted on in 2006.
One problem though, Attorney General Reilly won't sign off on the requested delay in implementation...meaning the Kolobian Viceroy may have no legal recourse in the matter.
Well bully for Reilly I say, he has finally grown a pair!
Of course this matter is in part mired in gubernatorial politics, Tom wants to run in 2006 and has figured out that agreeing with Mitt Romney on a crucial issue is no way to acquire an edge.
Alas, the Great and General Court had to do something...something both progressive and restrictive at the same time. My understanding is, the lege as a whole couldn't countenance Massachusetts being the first state to all-out legalize gay marriage...hence the current amendment and all it's manifold confusion.
Meanwhile there is the tantalizing prospect that gay marriage may become legal by default in the Bay State come May least until the electorate can vote on the proposed amendment come 2006.
That loophole is the only hope for the matter in the near term...that after two years of gay marriage the public may become used to the idea and disinclined to revoke anyone's rights on the say-so of a bunch of out-of-state wowsers and their pet governor.
Otherwise it is gonna be a hard slog to get this issue dealt with fairly in the Bay State I doubt any single politician or group thereof can do much on behalf of gay marriage.
It is up to he gay community to dig in and take a stand.
Tom Reilly though, wants to be governor, I wish him well...I doubt he can win though.
Frankly we've sent nominated main-chance state wide pols and they've both gotten beaten soundly.
We need someone new and someone who can self finance the race...who that person I do not know.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Deaf and Dumber

Shutmouth Condi is stayin' dummied up no matter what it seems.
Condi will happily talk to "Sixty Minutes", she'll editorialize in the New York Times, and she will rail at the donkeys of the White House Press corpse.
But she won't say word one under oath...a better courtier couldn't be found outside the Corleone Family quite frankly.
Suddenly all of GOP DC is in an uproar claiming executive privilege and other royal prerogatives...
This is hilarious to watch as these are the same puritanical windbags who subpoenaed the First Lady in 1994 over a bad land deal and impeached the President in 1999 over a blow job.
But of course Whitewater and Monica are much more important issues in the grand scheme of things...far more important than a mere suicide attack on the World Trade Center.
Nope Condi won't sing, the Clinton rules have been retired and that is that.
The radio tyrants are in full cry against Richard Clarke today, Imus was squealing like a stuck pig calling Clarke a "gutless weasel" and other gruesome epithets.
Clearly the I-Man needs to creep back onto the Bush reservation after several weeks of mild criticism aimed at the Admin.
The funny thing is, Clarke's book confirms pretty much Imus' insistence that Bush used the terror war as an excuse to shut down Saddam.
Well if that is what Imus is saying today, one can only imagine the excesses Jay Severin and Sean Hannity will indulge.
These yankers are all screaming so loud and incessantly that I'm beginning to think they are all scared.
You can always tell when they've gotten a fright, they start yelling treason,conspiracy, dementia and the like...they haven't read the book and probably don't have the time either but that doesn't stop any of them from throwing deafening public tantrums.
I'm starting to think Bush and his henchpeople can dish it out but they sure can't take it...the slightest criticism and the next day Don, Rush, Sean, Bill and Laura start howling like someone shot their dogs.
Sadly Bush may come or go at the pelasure of the electorate but the rest of these ass-holes are with us like a bad case of melanoma.

Friday, March 26, 2004


Having blamed the current job hemorrhage alternately on high housing costs, traffic, taxes, unemployment insurance, the war in Iraq, "the bureaucracy" and having done nothing about any of these long before Mitt revives the notion of legalizing balls-to-the-wall casino gambling in the Bay State?
He has noodled around with the issue since taking office...the easy assed revenues have to be a temptation to our famously unheroic uncreative governor.
I'm thinking that roulette and blackjack are Mitt's next panacea for Massachusetts' chronic job losses.
However, aside from the inevitable fagbashing Mitt will build into the fall campaign how in the hell does a bunch of video store night clerks, creepy little bastards fresh out of college, and retired barbers recruited by the Kolobian Viceroy to run for the legislature, put over casino gambling?
I mean do these hapless ne'er do wells really wanna run on a platform that proposes a low cost utopia based on video poker?

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Condoleeza "shutmouth" Rice won't talk...

She has dummied up nicely and won't nark under oath to the 9-11 Commission.
This hasn't stopped her from replying to the proceedings through the press...but she will keep her trap shut otherwise.
Does anything else perfectly illustrate the mobster mentality that infects La Famiglia Arbusto?
And not fro nothing though, but Bush, Cheney, Rummie and Colin Powell...the cream of the whole useless gang are testifying...why does Condi get a pass?
I suspect that Wolfowicz etc know something we do maybe National Security Advisor Rice has the spine of a chocolate eclair and can be counted upon to fold up under strong cross examination.
Anecdotal evidence supports this thesis when you consider that Cheney and Wolfie basically brushed past Rice without getting their hair mussed on the way to talking GWB into invading Iraq.
She screwed up prior to 9-11-01...she probably signed onto the invasion as a means to obscure her own ineptitude.
In which case Condi's conscience might be bothering her...which could prove troublesome if she is put under oath and under pressure from even a half-bright interlocutor.
On the other hand, Condi is a prize trophy appointment right up there with Colin Powell...a black woman republican in a serious position of power does much to deflect criticism of her President's racial policies.
Besides, Bush would love to appoint her Secretary of State in his notional second term....her ability to handle the job (which is quite frankly, nil) is unimportant, it is the symbolism that counts.
Someone up there must be afraid that if Condi gives a poor performance in front of the 9-11 Commission her value to the President as a future marker might be undercut.
Such is the inherent disposability of a courtier and flatterer.
But it's worth it to the President to at least try and keep her out of the witness stand...although if she comes in for much more grief look for Condi to exit by way of an ambassadorship to some out of the way spot like New Zealand or Argentina.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Poor Mitt,

In the midst of a campaign to elect more republican's to the state legislature, Romney is taking time out to host a one million dollar fund-raiser for his patron President George Bush Jr.
That is another million dollars squeezed out of the fast withering local GOP money base and sent off pell mell to parts unknown to buy adverts in states far far away.
The Kolobian Viceroy will make the best of the situation never fear, trying out his latest and lamest zingers on John Kerry and otherwise comporting himself in a disgustingly servile fashion.
La Famiglia Arbusto demands nothing less of it's gubernatorial thralls and vassals.
The problem with Mitt is, he won in 2002 and this has given the Man from Kolob an inflated and delusional belief in his own skills as a political strategist.
How can he not believe in his own omnipotence?
What with toadies like Scot Lehigh praising him every day and in every way.
It is enough even to turn a Bishop's head.
Mitt really thinks he has to get on the good side of the Bush machine in order to clear the decks for his own presidential run in 2008 or 2012.
On the surface, Mitt has a lot going for him as a presidential prospect, he is decorously condescending, has a full head of hair and record of inertia to put the Statue of Liberty to shame.
What is not to like ?
Moreover, fanatical GOP activist Grover Norquist is predicting the demise of the two party system within the next eight years. This means that a well positioned conservative candidate need only sweep the N.H. primary in order to carry the day.
And a republican governor of Massachusetts is well positioned to do all this...very well positioned indeed.
Alas it will all blow up in Mitt's truly will.
Count on it.
When the time comes to jump into the race, Mitt will find himself under relentless bitter attack from his former patrons.
Willard will be down on his knees screaming for mercy before the first vote is cast in Franconia Notch-he can't hold up under that kind of attack.
After all Florida Governor Jeb Bush hasn't had his turn as President...and after him there is Marvin, Neil and young Noelle Bush to be considered.
No room for a bootlicking Governor of Massachusetts in that line up no matter how impeccable his movement conservative bona fides may be.
Count on it, come 2008 or 2012, the Bush Clan will do to presidential candidate Mitt Romney what they did to John McCain.
Mitt's past services to the President will mean nothing, the overseership of Plantation U.S.A. is at stake and nothing will prevent La Famiglia Arbusto from retaining it's hold on the old homestead at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Least of grinning phony jerk off from Belmont Mass.
The damn fool really thinks that he is piling up useful political I.O.U.'s for his own race...they will be as valuable as Enron stock when the time comes.
If Willard had a lick of sense he'd cancel this fund-raiser, pull in his horns nationally, cut GWB dead and hope like hell that Kerry wins in November.
With the Bush's gone to smash for a second time in ten years, Romney can credibly claim that the time has come for new leadership from a new family of telegenic overseers.
Kerry quite frankly is Mitt's only hope to get anywhere NEAR the White House come 2008.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Laura "hollow leg" Ingraham on Imus today...

Normally Laura is as boring as a bill of lading....a booze fueled fembot locked in sarcasm mode and programmed with the latest Rovian talking points no matter how inane and mendacious.
Today though, her vaulted composure cracked a bit.
Maybe it was the timing or maybe she is building up a tolerance to her hangover cure.
Ingraham was pressed into service at the last minute to replace Lesley Stahl, who interviewed Richard Clarke on CBS last night.
For those of you just tuning in, Richard Clarke is a former civil servan with a counter terrorism portfolio who has just published a scathing critique of the Bush Admin's "war" on terrorism.
Surprisingly, Laura got off on the wrong foot, suggesting that Stahl and Clarke were having an illicit sexual affair of some type or another.
I have to give Laura Ingraham credit, given her slanderous utterance, it is clear she fears nothing from the F.C.C.
Nice to see that kind of courage these days.
Boy oh boy when those morning bells start ringing in Laura's booze battered brain watch-out no-one is safe!
But then, Laura has nothing but daggers for her feminine competition no matter how remote they may be...anyone else out there recall her irritating "impression" of Faux Network straw liberal Susan Estrich?
Laura then drew a shuddering breath and went on to call Mr. Clarke "unhinged" and a "drama queen".
After that it was the usual stuff, boring and repetitive and even less effective than usual owing to the obvious fact that beyond the excerpts published here and there, she hadn't read Clarke's book.
Clearly these revelations scare poor Laura, she sounded frantic and confused hence the heavier than usual character assassination.
When in doubt kill the messenger and all like that.
Poor Laura, her head was pounding and all she could do was blather on about Clarke's mental incapacity and such like.
Couldn't address a single point of fact as she wasn't really familiar with any of the facts at hand.
Nor will she be any time soon.
Then she started ranting and raving insisting that the 9-11 Commission was going to "rehabilitate" Bill Clinton...anything less than a criminal indictment of the former president would be evidence of appeasement and liberal bias to her.
At this point I started to fade out, it is pretty safe to say that when Laura gets to her Clinton fixation during these Imus call ins, the informed listener can safely turn off the radio and listen to the sound track to "Evita" with no fear of missing anything.

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
On the congressionally licensed public airwaves
and elsewhere
7:50 am EST
God save the commonwealth

Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday, in the crowd with Teddy... Teddy Kennedy has come out for amending the constitution to allow foreign born Americans to run for President.
Just goes to show you, even the almighty Edward Moore Kennedy is occasionally wrong.
Look what we have to look forward to a "Schwarzenegger amendment" to our "sacred" constitution.
Dear Ghod!
If by some miracle of political alchemy, Teddy Kennedy is reading this artless blog, then I say him, that it not about Schwarzenegger at this point.
Oh don't get me wrong, Arnie could easily be elected President in the present circumstances.
He'd be a marvelously bad commander in chief, but the republic would survive him.
For years now we've all lived in fear of some monster glam-freak rising up out of Hollywood to crush the United States in his or her sequined embrace.
Gruesome stuff yes but, lets face it...the sort of hambones who rise of tinseltown to Washington D.C. tend to be twits, ideologues, and mediocrities like George Murphy and Ronald Reagan.
Decorously right wing but usually dumb and easily lead astray.
My own personal view is that the famously fickle national electorate would quickly tire of Arnold's toneless Austrian rumble.
But then that is me.
No what this is really about, is preventing the Reverend Moon or Rupert Murdoch from seizing power and ending all pretense of American's exclusive place in the world.
With the wretched likes of them presidentially enfranchised and qualified we can look forward to an America that is naught but a target for leveraged foreign buy-outs.
Bad enough the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been made the political plaything of a hostile takeover artiste from we propose to internationalize this sort of horrorshow??
So far, Orrin Hatch (who has never seen a bad idea that he couldn't worship) and now our own senior senator are behind this awful proposal.
Hatch I can understand...he is a stooge so addlebrained he can hardly recall what catastrophic nonsense he is advocating from one day to the next.
Morbid claptrap like this par for the course for the senator from Utah.
But Teddy?
Our senior senator is a famous partisan, he wouldn't render up an advantage to the GOP no matter how much he liked his nephew-in-law (or whatever Arnold is on the Great Clan Kennedy flow chart).
No...I wonder, d'ye suppose that Kennedy is quietly dickering to get Arnie to change parties?
Maybe not now, but after the election, (assuming Kerry wins of course) when the dems will have all sorts of boons and perks to distribute to cash strapped states like California.
Maybe just maybe, the price of the switcheroo on Teddy's part is coming out for this proposed amendment?'s all speculation.
Nevertheless, Arnie can turn democrat, socialist, or natural law for all I care...but I am unalterably opposed to amending the constitution on his behalf or anyone else like him.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Radio Daze III

WRKO AM 680, the worst sinkhole of talk radio rightical chic freakjobs, is noodling around with a liberal-based talk show.
Yes indeedy the home of the "Michael Savage Show " , gladhanding corruptard Pete Blute, and our own Howie Carr will soon be getting all fair-n-balanced with a lone liberal talk call-in show....called Counterpoint.
Oh be still my freakin' heart.
And I'm somehow supposed to be grateful that these jack-offs have exiled this single solitary lee-ber-al program to Saturday night the single worst time of the week for talk radio.
I about open contempt!
They've even dragged poor old Marjorie Claprood out of whatever gully she had fallen into to act as the host on a rotating basis with three other sacrificial lambs.
Marjorie has to be hurting for the money, that is my only explanation for her participation in this crude, patronizing, and embarrassing project.
She and that useless old golem Pat Whitley were sufficiently popular to hold down a daily drive time slot back in the days when talk radio feared the liberals enough to pair up a conservative with a known local democrat or progressive.
Now she'll be trying to scare up callers on a Saturday night in Boston, pretty sad come down for a woman who was once a fearsome gubernatorial prospect.
Ghod but WRKO is just the worst station imaginable...what something like four hours a day minimally is devoted to hopeless fagbashers like Howie Carr and Michael Savage.
Howie ran out of things to say six years ago and Savage is suspected of being a gay-baiting closet case of the crudest and most repellant type.
And yet somehow a lone liberal program is supposed to balance out this mighty cataract of rightical chid effluvia?
More likely Counterpoint is supposed to fail, it has a bad time slot on a station whose demographic includes the functioning remnants of the Know Nothing Society.
Miserable prospects indeed....
So when it does get cancelled WRKO can swell with pride and proclaim "See lee-ber-al talk radio doesn't work-blah blah blaaaah".

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Penny wise...

Penny pinching reveals volumes about a person's character whether they are rich or poor.
Take Mitt Romney for instance....that land leviathan he rides in from Belmont to Boston is actually registered in New Hampshire of all places.
The Kolobian Viceroy apparently just happens to own a strategically placed vacation house on Lake Winnipesaukee you see.
No doubt the confluence of New Hampshire's willingness to register cars from Massachusetts with no questions asked AND the proximity to the Granite State "unique first in the nation primary", proved too great a temptation.
These bouts of cheap bastardness are a reoccurring theme with Willard, anyone else remember his tortured circumlocutions he indulged to explain away his attempts to evade paying taxes in Massachusetts when he was "saving" the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics?
You wouldn't mind so much, but in every case paltry amounts of money are on the line, paltry at least by the standards the wealthy Romney family.
This meanness could be understood if Romney came up the hard way, but no he is an heir to a reasonable fortune...he can't part with the scratch for a license and registration in Massachusetts?
Romney isn't a total cheapskate though, let me be clear about that.
He has put through a lavish series of undeserved budget busting pay raises for his appointees including Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn whose burgeoning ineptitude recalls the salad days of Joe Lawless at Logan Airport.
But of course, that money serves a purpose, it assures gratitude and loyalty among his underlings.
Paying Mitt's fair share to the Commonwealth...that is another matter.
So like his Boss in Washington, Romney apparently believes, money is something to be lavishly is nothing worth collecting or even paying when the time comes.
The sordid details can be found at the Romney is a Fraud blog....bookmark it now before it's outlawed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Third Cowboy....

Cowboy worship, a creation of 19th century dime novels and the movies, forms the heart of modern conservative iconography.
Cowboys (so the rightical chic theorists intone), are strong, simple, decisive, polite, market-oriented, and conquer through sheer laconic will power.
A cowboy "doesn't cotton much" to "big gummint" and so on...
It is a winning symbol, remote and yet pervasive...all too necessary for a hyper intellectualized political movement with limited appeal to the working class.
Barry Goldwater, a department store heir from Arizona, was the first serious conservative cowboy aesthetic....jut jawed and plainspoken to the point of inanity he embodied the 1960's "Gunsmoke" zeitgeist.
Goldwater loved to contrast the free and bountiful west with the government dependent, cramped and crabbed northeast.
He all but rode a horse up the steps of the Capitol to make his point.
Unfortunately, Barry was also simple minded to the point where he couldn't avoid contradicting himself from one day to the next when out campaigning.
Nevertheless, he blazed a trail, made certain images a vital part of the conservative movement.
Along came the Second Cowboy, Ronald Reagan.
His claim to fame was he played cowboys in the back up the assertion he owned a ranch and was frequently photographed on horseback.
Reagan also legitimized the right's embarrassing anti-intellectualism and passed himself off as unread, unlettered, yet righteous.
Unlike Goldwater his spiritual godfather,Ronald Reagan went all the way and never abandoned his slow, strong, and simple cowpoke persona even as senescence took it's grip.
Reagan of course, having one set the tone for all modern American conservatives since 1980...all one way or another have to present themselves as simple-minded heroes or the apologists thereof.
Now comes what I call "The Third Cowboy", George Bush Jr.
Like every other politically active member of his family, Bush is self selective in regards to his religion and his regional other words he chose to become a Baptist Texan.
He is, however, the first serious national politician to raised exclusively inside the conservative mythology...Bush is in every way from his crudity to his dogmatism a third generation conservative along the line of Laura Ingraham or David Horowitz.
Even as his ideology ossifies, like a bad multi-generation xerox, the details on Bush's cowpoke persona have started to fade and blur.
The President hates horses, his ranch is a naught but a campaign backdrop (bought in 1999 just prior to running for the White House) doubts he could quick draw without shooting off his own pinky toe.
But in so many other ways Bush is the embodiment of conservative cowboy imagery...he is incurious anti-intellectual, famously impressed with his own resolve...simpleminded and primitive in his religion...his attitude and outlook breath the very essence of Wyatt Earp by way of television.
It is nonetheless a degraded and degenerated brand of conservatism the President espouses in his immaculate cowboy hat.
It is enduring conservative myth that asserts a strong simple man must take a doubting and liberal ridden republic by the hand in a crisis.
It is in some ways the very foundation myth of conservative pseudo theology going back to Barry Goldwater's complaints about slow procurement of B-52 bombers in the 1960's.
Therefore one can see 9-11 as "conservative prophecy" the national testing time that will uplift a whole ideology and it's ideologists.
The problem is, that a heroic type is necessary for the ideology/mythology to work...and these days Bush's heroism is a labored artificial thing and the ideology it symbolizes has grossly degenerated since its palmy days under Goldwater's tutelage.
It is a sad end for modern conservatism, mired in spendthrift policies and frantic with the desire to expand government intrusion into our bedrooms nationwide.
It is shadow time for the olde tyme faith, its greatest defender is a sad little punk who became a millionaire atop a pile of bilked investors and displaced homeowners.
Teddy White complained about "the liberal theology" back in 1972, now today we are beset by the "conservative mythology"...a set of tattered symbols wholly at variance with current policy.
And yet our President, the cardboard cowpoke and an even more unreal and affected saddletramp than Saint Reagan, soldiers on....encrusted with pretense, bereft of any ideas and ever more dependent on cliches to get his point across.
This the likes of Mike Barnicle calls...authentic.
The decline of conservative ideology though, is the central crisis of our times.
The internal contradictions of the movement, it's appetite for revenues, it's refusal to countenance war taxes, and it's intrusiveness are fairly breathtaking to behold.
As a movement it has "promised itself to death" and will make any bargain in order to win...even if it means winning ugly.
Even if it means damaging the constitution beyond repair...that once sacred document dear to the hearts of Goldwaterites everywhere.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cosmo, We hardly knew Ye.....

Wha?...the Boston Herald is all bet out of shape because John Kerry is ditching Sunday's interminable and all too annual Saint Patrick Day's breakfast?
Que Lastima!
Not for nothing though but the Herald's crocodile tears are as irritating as ever, for all their respect for this heartwarming commercial experience the testy tabloid would happily see every one of the attendees consigned behind barbed wire at Guantanamo Bay.
If Senator Kerry can't make it tough, the nation doesn't revolve around Boston and it won't ever even if our boy wins this fall.
Alas and alack, Herald writer Cosmo Macero's blog has gone "on hiatus" and no longer links to the Chimes at Midnight. I can't say that I agreed with Cosmo about much, but he gave some props to this chesty unsubtle blog and for that I am grateful.
I hope he gets back to bloggin' soon, cause' frankly Chimes at Midnight needs the click-throughs....

Monday, March 15, 2004


Rumor is, that if the Joyce-Straus bill passes in the state legislature, then Barney Frank will definitely run for the U.S. Senate.
Purists will note said bill mandates a new senatorial election be called within ninety of a vacancy in one of our U.S. Senate seats.
Purists will also note this bill will have to pass over the inevitable veto of Governor Romney since it would end his prerogative to appoint a two year interim senator.
Of course, all this is contingent on John Kerry carrying the day in November.
On the other hand the rumor mill goes on to note that if the law stands, Kerry wins, and Romney appoints some worthless hack to the sinecure, then Congressman Frank probably won't be a senate candidate come 2006.
In addition to holding onto his own seat, a gay marriage amendment either with or without a civil union clause will go on the ballot and the congressman made need do some campaigning on this issue.
His plate would be too full to make the race in 2006 in other words.
Of course, if the current statute stands, Romney could well appoint himself to the senate.
Granted the Kolobian Viceroy would have to break a promise to serve out his first term....but so many of Romney's solemn pledges have been broken nigh these two years that one more can't make a difference to this famously cold self serving man.
Or it could be Romney versus Frank come this time next March...that is an intriguing race to contemplate.
Foolishly, the Boston Globe has come out against Joyce-Straus.
They'd sell a lot more papers covering a Frank-Romney head to head election race next spring....I advise the Globe to rethink their opposition.
Otherwise we are stuck watching Romney appoint either himself, a corruptard like Joe Malone, or some haggard hack like Steve Pierce to the seat.
Not much excitement there I'm afraid.
As I've said before, when it comes to potential U.S. Senators, the Massachusetts democratic party has the edge in experienced players.
I hope some of them get in the game this time...

Friday, March 12, 2004

You know what....?

If you ignore the homophobia, the wowserism, the phoney aw-shucks persona, and a creepy veneration for the President, then Senator Orrin Hatch's approach to gay marriage doesn't differ too much from John Kerry.
The jowly querulous Bush Idolater from Utah was on the Imus program yesterday, sounding surprisingly unconfrontational on the issue of homosexual nuptials.
He didn't like the idea (well....duh), however he was decidedly cool to the idea of Bush's federal marriage amendment.
He even went on to assert that the matter was one for the states to decide!
Oh you waffler! The very nub of John Kerry's take on the matter, what is this world coming to??
This was a revelation to me, it marks the first time Hatch had allowed any daylight to get between him and his darling President since before the 2000 election.
Oh don't get me wrong, Hatch is still an anti-abortion fanatic, he'd happy consign you over to the Department of Justice on that issue if he could.
But for some reason I can't discern he almost sounded human in regards to the issue.
Maybe he has seen some scary polling data, usually this is the only thing to stop the GOP when it gets kultural crusading on the mind.
Ghod what do you suppose will happen this fall when GWB goes into his fagbashing Pontifax Maximus trance and John Kerry quotes Orrin Hatch back to him?
Or even (dare I say it?) Dick Cheney?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Thought for the day...

Governor Romney is recruiting a mighty host of video store night managers, zombies, and comic book store owners to run for the State Legislature this fall.
He hopes to secure enough GOP representation in the State House to uphold his veto power.
Privately, no doubt he grossly fantasizes about a GOP sweep this fall that will give him nigh royal power in this state and pave the way for the mass deportation of queers and freaks.
All typical stuff I suppose....
My only question is will the Kolobian Viceroy once again import Mormon mercenaries from out of state to do election day campaign work?
Like the underage girl and the abortion a young George Bush Jr supposedly paid for, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people.
To this day, no one has ever offered up a reasonable count of just how many of the Governor's "friends and co-religionists" made their way to Massachusetts on election day 2002.
but they were out there....smiling oddly accented people with their hideous blonde children, all carrying Romney signs.
Granted the GOP has an ongoing manpower problem, but importing out of state gazoonies to do visibility at the polls and the usual phone banking seems kinda extreme.
Then again, this is Mitt Romney we are talking about the cuddly pepsodent extremist.
The use of out of state "volunteers" is what sent me up to New Hampshire to campaign for John Kerry back in December-January....if they can do it I can do it.
I got called out, one local called Kerry and "asshole" and referred to me as a "ka-ahpetbahhhguh".
Well so be it then, Mitt Romney and his "win-at-any-cost" campaign ethic sent me up there and it may well send me up there again come the fall.
And if there are New Hampshire-ites reading this who don't like that, my sincerest apologies.
I managed to steer clear of presidential politics in the Granite State for forty one years til' if you have a complaint, tell it to Mitt!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Gosh all fish hooks!!

On MSNBC tonight Chris Matthews will discuss whether or not George Bush's use of 9-11 imagery is a good idea.
Geez you don't think they will be too hard on the President do you??
Good God we really do have robot journalism on cable TV now....two spineless centrists, two attack dog GOP thugs and smiling and smacking his lips at it all, Chris Matthews a grotesque public hedonist.
We don't even need to watch, we all know what the outcome will be,the centrists will quaver and waver, the attack dogs will yell on about how great the adverts are and Chris Matthews (who worships force the way some venerate the Virgin Mary) will chuckle at how the ads make Bush look like a "take no shit guy".
Hypocrisy is a venal sin, some call it the duty that vice pays in a world run by virtue.
However epidemic hypocrisy, wherein all profess one set of values ("unbiased journalism") and act on another (partisanship) is a symptom of something more sinister which is rank corruption.
This is what is at stake when we see another one of these hopeless Bolshevik line ups on cable yakkers...corruption.
Not only is it okay for Bush to use the horrific imagery of 9-11 for his own gain it's also okay for Chris Matthews skew the debate on his show in favor of the President.
So there are two layers of political putrefaction festering away here...we are in big trouble in this country mostly because we've gotten used to these kind of excesses.
And that gentle readers is a bad thing.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So now it's "stock footage"...

A clip of some actors impersonating fire fighters in President Bush's latest commercial has been defended by his campaign flacks as "stock footage".
Now anyone who know knows anything about film realizes that stock footage is a catch-all term for all that old movie film pilin' up in the warehouse. Its utility is linked primary to it's legal status...who owns it versus whether or not it is in the public domain.
It doesn't surprise me Bush would pull a boner like this, the man exudes a dry-drunk's contempt for his audience.
Can you blame him?
Thanks to Korsakov's syndrome the President's audience periodically morph into giant singing dancing Jack Daniel's bottles.
It is enough to make a squinty eyed thug out of the hardiest of men.
However if the President and Karl Rove want some cheerful upbeat images to buttress their contention that America's current shit hole is not of their making, why not go with some old "Keystone Kops" footage?
Nothing puts the masses in a jolly forgiving mood than the sight of Buster Keaton falling off the back of the firetruck....Fatty Arbuckle piling on top of him is but the crowning touch.
Think about it George...

Monday, March 08, 2004


The Boston Sunday Globe reported yesterday that the Kolobian Viceroy’s plan to link free tuition at a state college to High School kids who pass the MCAS with high scores has lead to a rash of Umass scholarships running amok in wealthy communities like Newton and Wellesley.
Any damn fool could’ve told the governor that when the state legislature's noted pedagogues writes a test for the whole Commonwealth to take, the likely soul determinant of success will be SES and only SES.
Meaning that wealthy towns with good schools will do well whilst Brockton and Lynn go a beggin’.
This is just the sort of dipshit incentive plan that a na├»ve CEO would dream up…give the salesmen who produce a prize to fight over and the like, strictly Donald Trump stuff by way of “The Apprentice”.
It is this sort of “Dairy Queen” style thinking that is destroying the Commonwealth quite frankly.
Romney is such a perfect modern reactionary socialist that even when he wants to route some goodies to the poor house he ends up enriching the upper classes.
Not that Mitt cares or anything, his reaction to news that his schemes aren’t working to brand the critics “enemies of reform”.
Or so he bleats in those interminable high school appearances he makes shilling for the MCAS and pretending like he gives two hoots in hell about the youth of Massachusetts.
The Man from Kolob's real message for today's kids is stark and simple; Pass the MCAS, get a good job as a toady at Bain Capital Gruppe, and in ten ot twenty years you will save up enough for a cardboard-lined shithole on South Policy Street in Salem New Hampshire.
If you manage your systemic indebtedness well, you can watch "Animal Planet" on cable whilst your surly teenaged children are driven retarded by standardized testing.
And hell that is the good news.....
Ghod forbid Romney should get off his boney ass for two minutes to make a few minor changes in a scholarship program.
Ego, that is gonna be Mitt Romney’s downfall…maybe not now or even in the near term but someday…and trust me it will be a bad fall when it comes.
Massachusetts has a lot of suburban independent voters and Romney slavishly kowtows to these poor worthies. He should remember one thing though, independent voters tend to treat politicians as disposable commodities…easily replaced with some other truckling wheedling jack-off when the time comes.
If I were him, I'd fix the damn MCAS scholarships and move on...butt hat would necessitate admitting that a mistake was made and Romney's dumb-ass pride won't allow that.
Another country heard from…

Mike Barnicle that swaggering beer swilling average Joe from the rugged hills-n-hollers of Lincoln Massachusetts is getting a columnist’s berth at the Boston Herald ere’ long.
Or so we read in today's Metro section of the Boston Globe.
Oh that is just what we need, another spineless faux populist up here in romantic Boston.
Well, Mike has been on a journey since he was fired from the Globe all those years ago.
It is not been a particularly original journey having cleaved ever farther to right from dependable critic of the Clinton aufklarung to groveling Bush apologist.
And despite being tossed off the Globe’s Metro section Mike has retained a sinecure at the New York Daily News and a lucrative local talk radio gig.
So clearly drifting rightward pays.
And lets face it, Mike is angry…you just know in his class-hatred sodden soul Mike thinks politically correct “swells –n-toffs” were responsible for his banishment from Morrissey Boulevard.
If only the editors at the Globe were burlap heavin’, bib overall wearin’, he-men like Mike, they’d a turned a blind eye to his mawkish fabrications and ordered up another round of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Or so goes the columnist’s logic when things get all quiet and subtle-like out in the gazebo.
Besides, becoming a “liberal” whose outrage is only directed against other liberals is the only way to go at the Herald…so look for Mike to turn on his “pal” John Kerry at some point.
Oh course, back in 1998 the Herald couldn't get enough of Mike's problems at the Globe, they covered the story in triumphant detail...the powers that be dismissed Mike as one who could never get hired at the Herald because he "didn't meet their standards".
Oh what a difference a mere six years makes...the Herald lowers the bar and Mike obligingly hards-a-starboard.
Speaking of standards though, the Herald is a paper dedicated to an entirely laughable notion of priggish 19th century morality yoked to a loud unsubtle editorial style. The op ed pages are full of homophobes like Howie Carr and creepy snitches like Robert Novak.
Yet for all this “Watch and Ward Society” bullshit, the Herald still takes advertising from x-rated videostores and the various adult retail outlets that dot Boston’s suburbs.
So given this level of build-in hypocrisy, a tawdry sentimental plagiarist like should feel right at home.
So get crackin’ Mike, churn out some so lugubrious copy about “Big Joe” sittin’ on his stoop in Roxbury dickin’ on the state lege for “foolin around wit’ gay marriage” when we don’t have enuff cops round’ here”….crap like that is like falling off a log for you by now.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Image politics

So everyone is up in arms about Bush's use of 9-11 pics in his current round of campaign commercials.
And this is surprising exactly why?
George Bush Jr. is of a famously shameless generation and a descendent of a family famously dedicated to winning at any cost.
From the moment the second tower fell in New York City I knew that horrific scene or it's aftermath would be replayed some three years hence in a Bush-Cheney re-election advert.
Nothing this gang does surprises me anymore, absolutely nothing.
They are a craven insolent bunch....sheer ego and opportunism have fatally combined to give us George Bush Jr. as President, a dull vengeful little creep entirely bereft of ideas, man who claims heroism on the basis of other people's sacrifices.

I think it's fine if the firemen (those stalwart Kerry supporters) protest...if enough noise gets made maybe people will start asking just what was GWB doing flying around the nation pell-mell whilst New York Burned...?

But please gentle readers, forget about outrage that reaction presupposes your opponent is capable of rueful self reflection.
This sort of thing is derided as a laughable confession of weakness in Bushworld.
The Bush Admin and it's apologist are beyond mere shame or that wasted wan vice called hypocrisy...they have moved on en masse to full out royalism that asserts brazenly the leader may what he wishes when he wishes.
No doubt today's chorus will only encourage the President and his handlers to even more blatant use of 9-11 imagery.
Count on it.
All this goes back to the Florida recount in my opinion, when you win ugly, you develop an ugly theory of governance.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

Howard's Endgame.

So Howard Stern got thrown off Clear Channel and claims it is because he has turned against President Bush.
Could happen, I ain't one to judge.
It is just plain weird though, to hear a voice from out my car radio denouncing President Bush in the most strident terms the law will allow-frankly I'm not sure how to handle the situation.
There is an irony at work here, for years now Howard has been one of Bush's strongest most nauseating marks-given his forum is talk radio that is saying quite a bit.
Let us not forget that back on September 30th 2003 Howard thundered I only wish someone would fly an airplane into Maher's studio while he is saying stuff like this..." that was in response to some "pro-terrorist stuff" Bill Maher allegedly uttered on HBO.
Howard could always be depended upon to call Bill Clinton a coward and a sell-out and friend of terrorists and all the rest.
You get the picture hardly a member of the A.D.A.
You'd think all this sturm-und-drang would immunize Howard from the current backlash against smutty programing...but no, Clear Channel needs a sacrifice in the Post Janet's Teat world and Howard, high profile, huge profits and all, is it.
So predictably Stern has run to the left, detailing all the myriad links between Clear Channel and President Bush and sounding the First Amendment tocsin.
In truth what could he do?
If all that Bush idolatry he indulged doesn't do the trick, there is nothing left but go out in a blaze of martyred glory.
Make no mistake about it, Howard is in trouble here, Clear Channel has booted him off a paltry six stations but the word is the F.C.C. is preparing to "make a case" against Stern in a court of law.
That means an obscenity trial, which is an iffy proposition admittedly, but then that is dependent on Infinity Broadcasting (Howard's owners) making a fight.
It will probably come down to a bunch of accountants figuring out to the penny, the cost of keeping Howard versus the benefit of simply paying him off and starting over with the likes of Michael Savage in drive time.
What the outcome of that computation will be I do not know...but it could easily end without anyone ever entering a court room.
A lot can happen though, the F.C.C. could drop it's case, the mere threat might be enough to get Howard to see reason.
In which look for Stern to lay off the pro-Kerry line he has been taking this week doubleplusquick.
Still there is something sad about Howard Stern trying to rally the liberals in defense of free speech rights...these being the very same liberals Howard has gleefully stomped into marginality and impotence nigh these past twenty years.
Now today he expects to rise up in our endless fervid millions to keep alive his hopes of total radio domination?
Just who the hell does Howard think he is kidding?
The word "liberal" has been expunged from the public dialogue save as a bitter Orwellian style epithet...we don't have that kind of power anymore.
What little wherewithal we have has to be husbanded for other fights.
I'd like to have Howard on our side this fall, but who can trust him?
And anyway what can any of us really do for him?
We are the ones who are truly impotent here.
A right wing talk show host is under fire from movement conservatism precisely because there are so many rightical chic talkers out there, they can afford to ditch one with aplomb.
There are after all so many replacements waiting in the wings.
This is why we need our own liberal radio network, so that we can concentrate our forces and mass our buying power around selected strong points.
Coming to Howard's rescue is a futile exercise in my opinion, either he will sell us out, get replaced by Jay Severin or maybe he'll survive til election day.
The odds of him even being on the air by Halloween is at best fifty fifty.
To the extent that this might be a First Amendment case, I wish Howard luck but that is all I have for him.
Sorry guy, where were you when the Wall Street Journal was lying it's ass off about Al Gore and the Florida recount?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Victory and it's adherents

Cable news is simply hopeless, there is no redeeming it.
I was watching the "Super Tuesday" coverage last night and an exhausting banal exercise it was in every way
Chris Matthews is batty, no doubt about it.
He interrupts the smarmy bastard the network sent to Kerry Headquarters last night several times, made odd irrelevant asides all evening, and this tripe was scheduled to ramble on til 2 am!
There is a scary thought, it is one am and Chris is still jabbering away like an overtired doubt in the wee small hours of the morning Matthews can finally convince himself that Kerry is doomed and the election should be cancelled.
The rest of my channel surfing was just as ridiculous...Joe Trippi looks like a shell-shocked bum, Ralph Reed has that hateful little smirk on his face...can't recall the name of a single fighting liberal called out to do election play by play.
James Carville, Paul Begala or Joe Conason were nowhere to be seen.
Wolf Blitzer is a pompous bore and Faux News had some hideous fembot yakking away like there was no tomorrow...christ it was like feeding time in a carnival side show.
I can't recall a single sensible thing any of these yankers said over the course of ninety minutes of contrast I can recall most of the details of Kerry's victory speech last night plus a few vignettes from John Edward's post primary appearance.
Kerry seems to running a fairly serious even conservative campaign...this is not to say he is being cautious or anything.
His most potent lines last night revolved around preserving and conserving the gains of past liberal administrations. His biggest applause line were the promise of energy independence and the pledge to get health coverage for all Americans.
Hardly comintern stuff.
But then, Kerry isn't the radical in the race, Bush is.
Speaking of Bush what is his game plan?
He seems to be running on all the socially divisive issues he wouldn't touch with a ten foot poll in campaign 2000.
If in October of 2000 some enterprising reporter had asked GWB to comment on a proposed amendment to the constitution outlawing gay marriage, Karl Rove would've hustled the candidate out of the room without another word.
Yet in situation after situation these days Bush continually caves in to his radical revolutionary right, his AG comports himself like the head of the Czarist secret police, personal medical records are seized, and homosexuals denounced in flowery legal language.
One get the impression that these people have the President at bay, they charge a high price for their support and GWB will pay and pay again before November's election.
It calls Bush's leadership into question certainly, but you'd never know that from watching cable news last night.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Shriek, Memory...

The Romney is a Fraud blog has sparked my memory today.
Whatever happened to that insufferable little bastard who affected a dinosaur costume and followed Shannon O'Brien all throughout campaign 2002?
Allegedly he was a senior at UMass Amherst wherein inane stunts like that are SOP for kampus konservative bundists.
I ran into him at the State House at a rally for Chris Gabrieli....he had that creepy MTV Jackass type smile.
I don't know why but borderline personalities seem to abound in campus conservative politics....look at Laura Ingraham a self medicating bipolar case if ever I heard one.
Anyhow, what became of that kid?
I seem to recall he was doing this "cuz I'm worried about jobs..."
Well, jobs are the Kolobian Viceroy's number one priority, especially jobs for the deserving faithful.
I have it in my head that Dinoboy is running errands for Tagg Romney over at the GOP State Committee...strictly on a cash basis and off the books you understand.
I'll bet this little maggot fairly jumps when told to run out and grab the Viceregal son a decaf latte and a cran-muffin.
All time well spent, sooner or later the big promotion has to come...perhaps the GOP nomination for state rep in Lexington or Brockton or some other salubrious district.
Oh course this is all speculation y'unnerstan'...
Anyone with this boy-o's final fate, drop me a note at:

Monday, March 01, 2004

The Banshee Squeals for Blood...

I am beginning to be a fan of Senator Rick "High Pitched Rick" Santorum's squeaky incandescent rhetoric.
Oh I realize that he is a dangerous demagogue and a senatorial windbag of ill repute...but he has to be the last great practitioner of pulpit hysterics.
Nowadays men rise to absolute power on the basis of their ability to mumble and is a far cry from the days when public speaking was considered an art fit only for virtuoso like Clarence Darrow.
Maybe Santorum is not as good as the late great Huey P. Long, but at least he is in there trying.
The Senator called into Imus today in an absolute transport of fear and envy over the prospect of gay marriage.
Fear by the way is one of High Pitch Rick's specialties, connoisseurs of senatorial frightmongering will recall with lip smacking relish Santorum's gruesome rhetorical imagery during last year's "partial birth abortion" pseudo debate.
It was the same today, at no point did Santorum wallow in base hatred of homosexuality, rather he hewed to a complex argument that cited mysterious malign consequences that would result if gay marriage was "legalized".
Oh you should've heard him it was a rhapsody a symphony of confused facts and values, sixty percent of all Danish births are out of wedlock...that makes gay marriage bad for us!
No fault divorce devalues marriage, so does cradle to grave welfare benefits...image the effect gay marriage will have on this poor faltering "sacred institution".
Yup, give Rick credit he cited divorce as a threat to the GOP's sacred institution....maybe that is their next target.
All you divorcee's out there get ready, next thing you know Rick will wanna outlaw your divorce decrees.
His voice takes on this psychotic whine and the words just rush out like machine gun rounds.
It was inspiring really, such bigotry as has not been heard since the salad days of Nathan Bedford Forrest and the hooded order....Rick's argument can be summed up as " I don't hate gays, I'm just childishly threatened at the thought of queers gaining the right to marriage".
Sadly as far as his development as a demagogue goes, Rick is still in the second rank.
That is because he is indulging this "kinder gentler" brand of homophobia because fiery Baptist shamanism doesn't play well on the teevee. Rick is playing it safe in hopes of snagging the GOP's veep-nod come September.
Nonetheless, in an age of trendy computer vetted soundbytes, Rick is trying to keep the lost art of demagoguery going...for this we owe him a debt of thanks.