Monday, October 31, 2011

This is pretty sick and sad...

a homeless themed office Halloween party at a top Foreclosure Firm.

Honestly, where are the pickets and protesters when you need em'??

Say what you like about the old Robber Barons, they at least had class and sense of decorum. Today's overclass are the worst bunch of overindulged vulgarians imaginable.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

(Autumn Parable) A Governor of Texas rode to New Hampshire on a brand new

Harley Davidson motorcycle, wearing a black cowboy hat, well worn blue jeans, ivory handled six shooters strapped to his hips and a Winchester hunting rifle casually slung off the side of his "hog".
When he got to Antrim, he got off, shook the dust of the road from his gleaming cowboy boots and announced to a feckless and unimpressed crowd "Ah fixin' ta run fer President in these here parts! Better vote fer me..."
"What if'n we don't..." drawled a voice mockingly from the back.
"Waaal then I'll have ta persuade yew, Texas style", he smiled & stroked the butt of his revolver for emphasis.
Whereupon said firearm promptly discharged a round into the Governor's foot, who emitted a high pitched scream and started comically hopping up and down holding the injured foot in his hands.
While hopping around shrieking and cursing, his cuff got caught in the hammer of his other pistol which, did it's duty by firing another round into the remaining uninjured foot of the aforementioned Governor of Texas who promptly fell in such a way as to bring his motorcycle down on top of him breaking both legs with a sickening snap.
Enraged and humiliated and unburdened by common sense, the Governor of Texas attempted to "Shoot the motorcycle off him"with his rifle  but was thwarted at the last minute by his listeners who'd temporarily put aside their laughing jags to wrestle the Winchester away from him.
Thus the flinty natives of Antrim NH were treated to the heartening spectacle of a certain Governor of Texas pinned under a motorcycle with two neat bullet holes in his feet and alternately cursing liberals when he wasn't bawling for his mother in a sad desperate and cringeworthy way.
And as the EMTs were loading him into the ambulance the Governor of Texas was heard to wail "As soon as I scale back on my dee-bate commitments I'm gonna git the candy assed liberal community activists that snuck up and shot me in my feet!!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Keep in mind,

Mitt Romney is not "indecisive" in the Shakespearean sense of the term. He is opportunistic, there is a difference. To the indecisive, the issues loom large, complicated and concrete, making up one's mind and sticking to it is difficult given the imagined consequences.  To an opportunist like Romney, the issues are rhetorical abstractions to be acquired, promoted and discarded based on a calculus of personal benefit. So Romney's made is always made up, until the very moment that the potential pay offs shift and then he in turn shifts with them.
Mitt's mind is always made up, he has always been rock solid on what is best for "Brand Romney".
If you asked him about abortion in the summer of 1994 he was mildly pro choice, if you asked again in the summer of 2007 he was pro-life.
 What changed,?
The governorship of Massachusetts was no longer in play and the Presidency was.
I promise you on both mutually exclusive premises, Romney was an earnest advocate, or as earnest as he can seem to be when out campaigning.
Just don't call him indecisive, an indecisive person paradoxically cares about the issues even if they lack the willingness to commit whole heartedly to a particular policy or action, of the enormity of the issues before us, Romney could not care less...not with his own ambitions on the line.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

John Olver is retiring...

thus opening up his district to "Reconfiguring the communities of interest" (ergo dismemberment) and yet STILL the rumor is, that Lynch will have to run against Keating when all is said and done.
Only in Massachusetts mah frenz...
At the rate they are going, Menotomy will be handed back to the British Ministry of Colonies.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick Perry sez it was a "mistake"

to participate in all the GOP debates that he has doing since announcing for President.
A politician can no more decline debates in this country than a soldier can decline to go "over the top".
In other words, Rick Perry is publicly admitting he is too stupid to be President, or even defend his tattered and shopworn ideas in a highly restricted debate format that does not favor full and complete discussion on the mode of the British House of Commons.
Imagine if Rick Perry sat in Parliament, he'd be the first MP to be "laughed to death" by his colleagues.
Honestly this mook was Huey Long two months ago, he'll be lucky to finish out the year as Henry Wallace.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colonel Khadafi is Dead...

Geez that Barack Obama guy really hates dictators doesn't he?

Otherwise this seems like an awfully good time to go on vacation, updates will be arbitrary and capricious until Halloween, how all seven of you will cope I cannot imagine.

Joanie Vennochi is at it again...

Took an out of context quote from Citizen Elizabeth Warren on the Left Ahead Podcast and made it seem like the candidate was dissing "hicks".
Oddly enough, this was the selfsame line taken by the state GOP when they listened in to the selfsame podcast.
Funny how that works.
Listen, Joanie likes to pass herself off as a cynical hardbitten member of the local punditariat but honest to ghod it is times like this that she comes off as the most credulous yokel on Ghod's Green Earth.
One blast fax from Eric Fehrnstrom's lackey's and she is off and running.
I mean not fer nothin' but didn't Citizen Warren grow up in Oklahoma before attending some shitkicker university in Texas?
As far as Humble Elias is concerned Warren IS a hick, a rube, a hayseed a shitkicker, but if she proposes new policies to the benefit of the common folk, well I for one will listen at the very least.
As for Joanie she'll sit in her cubicle stewing because the democrats aren't answering the GOP's phony-ass charges effectively enough.
There is nothin' like a senate race on the op ed pages of the Boston Globe...really.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not only is Rick Perry too stupid to be President,

he is likely too stupid to beat Mitt Romney in a fair debate.
That is what they call scary-stupid.
Never get into a debate about decorum with Romney he is such an uptight Ward Cleaver prig he'll come off the better every time. Practically speaking it's the former viceroy's only reliable political trick. Don't interrupt him or rave like a bar-room loser at him, it never works.
Hard questions work, the internal contradictions of his proposals work, digging away at his 1% status and his Banker Bona Fides have promise...but waving a finger in Willard's face and calling him a liar?
Perry is trying to make this a two man race, but his position has deteriorated almost on an hourly basis, his polls are putting him down closer to Santorum, Gingrich and the cheap acts at this point. Romney's best hope to win is for Rick to keep yelling. That'll keep Herman Cain from sneaking thru and assuming an early New Hampshire Primary Mitt will be claiming "early momentum" before New Year's.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

John Fund

an arrogant rightical chic nitwit who writes for the Wall Street Journal, has got the biggest mouth (literally) in the punditariat.
I mean look at that pie hole, he could stuff four cue balls in there and smile sans demure.
I haven't seen a mouth that big since the Empire Days of William Jennings Bryan.

Monday, October 17, 2011


New Hampshire, historically speaking has never really looked with kindness on purely religiously inspired conservative candidacies.
Voters up there can be viciously reactionary, but there is an odd unspoken secular streak in the state's political DNA.
This is why marquee religious conservatives like Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum or Pat Robertson "gat no heat" in the New Hampshire Primary.
On the other hand, xenophobes and tax cranks, can get a brass band welcome in the Granite State.
So it isn't like Herman Cain is a completely unlikely playa in the New Hampshire Primary...his two most salient characteristics, a reactionary tax plan and an old fashioned hatred of foreigners poll well in the whitest most tax obsessed state in the union.
We will know if any of this resonates with Mitt Romney if next week he starts banging the pots for a lowering taxes across the board to 00.1 % and mass deportations of Hunkies and Barleyjacks.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A frank appraisal

"Sarcastic rant driven chatter" aside, Humble Elias has been a interested observer in "Brand Romney" since his unsuccessful run for the US Senate in 1994. And I freely admit to using him harshly, but what can I say?
Only that I have Menckenish tendencies.
But it is starting to look like he might be the GOP nominee for President in 2012, although this is "Brand Romney" we are talking about, they are "One and Two" so far.
If he is nominated Romney is gonna run as "Reagan 2.0", a budget balancer, a private sector job creator with the usual conservative insurgent rhetorical rubbish. If he discusses social issues at all, it will be in sotto voce which is pretty much out of the Bush Family playbook.
Romney is a good debater, but not a great debater, he rarely does well against other republicans since he can't really take a hard right shot. More often than not, he gets wilded by the opposition and rarely keeps his composure. But in a general election, these are not gonna be a tactical factors in any notional debates between President Obama and the Former Viceroy.
Moreover he is a bit of an android, he makes Al Gore look like Robin Williams, scripted and overscripted is Romney at the core.
However, Romney makes smarm, phoniness and insincerity work for him. If the debate is somehow over who is a better nicer more upstanding person, no matter how patently unctuous and insincere the delivery, it is advantage Romney phoniness and all. That is more or less how he beat Shannon O'Brien, the whole thing came around to abortion and tattoos giving Mitt a chance to badly impersonate Ward Cleaver, which given the preference for the bromides he was espousing, gave Romney the election.
If you are looking for his weaknesses, other than his rhetorical shortcomings and his Bushian reliance on political thuggees, it lies in the fact that at the end of the day, Mitt Romney is a banker, and bankers are god damned unpopular right now.
Do you think he has ever given anyone who desperately needed it, credit?
Not hardly.
Do you suppose he was an easy touch for a cash strapped business that couldn't meet its debt obligations over the short term.
I doubt it.
Frankly I strongly doubt Mitt Romney has ever done anything for anyone who makes less that $500,000 a year.
So when he starts gassing on about job creation and smarming it up about his simple old fashioned social views, the response is threefold , Mitt is a BANKER BANKER BANKER!
If he talks about values, the response is, Mitt and his Banker Values right down to the foreclosure crisis the banks handed off to the Feds.
If he talks about jobs then the response is, the only jobs Mitt ever created were for other rich white men.
As for his simple old fashioned values, well, bankers love money, not people.

Look like we are gonna get

casino grambling whether we like it or not.
All those legislators are supposedly concerned about "jobs".
Well, sure, their jobs, chiefly what phony baloney "gaming lobbyist" gig they can score after they are done drudging away in the state senate.
I think this bill will be a terrible thing for the state democratic party down the road, but then that is speculation right now, the lege has dreamy dreams of easy ass revenues and palmy can't beat that so it seems.
Just wanna thank everyone who was agin' it, left and right for speaking up, remember it is possible in a well constituted democracy to fail and still be right in the end.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Per Rasmussens polling

Texas Governor Rick Perry is currently running behind Newt Gingrich at nine percent.

Let me put this another way, Rick Perry can't even get past a guy who hasn't got the common sense ghod gave a Jersey Cow...A guy with three ex wives and counting. In short a freaky little mook.
I thought, Rick Perry was gonna be the next Shit Storm Out of Texas, Dumb, Mean and Loud.
Now look at him a scant month later, The GOP likes affirmitive action more than they like Rick Perry.
I blame nothing more than Perry's almighty stupidity for his current plunge, he came to power in a notorious one party state, rarely debated anyone in his re-election "fights" and had preciously few worthwhile thoughts in all that time in the Governor's Office. So by a process every bit as mean as natural selection, Perry finally rang up as being too stupid to be President of the United States... An office that has boasted of such feebs as Warren Harding among other teachables.
I give him til Christmas then he'll bail, I'm not even sure his endorsement will count for shit by then, he hasn't said a single sensible thing since he announced for the office.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Hampshire is actually considering

moving it's date for the presidential primary back to December 6th, 2011?
All to ensure that the Granite State has the "first in the nation" primary.
Dunno about that, seems like moving that damn thing out of a presidential election year has a diminishing rate of return...and it is just plain ridiculous as well.
And we all know Granite Staters, they hate to look ridiculous.
Practically speaking that puts the primary date within ninety days from now, serious advantage to Romney since historically a lot of "come from behind" candidacies up there don't coalesce til after the Iowa Caucuses.
I mean a decision like that more or less hands the state over to Mitt Romney without a vote ever being cast.
Just sayin' thass all.
Personally, I think the "first in the nation presidential primary" has become a rather corrupt cottage industry in New Hampshire for both parties equally. I will grant there is some advantage to having said primary in a small state with strong preference for retail politics, but there are smaller states out there, more diverse, with more competitive political parties, that are equally deserving.
Well what of it, no one wants to confront this issue,  I get that....but this is ridiculous period.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cain Mutiny...

Y'know Herman Cain could just possibly be in the paying position in the NH GOP Presidential Primary.
Or he could be the flavor of the week like Pawlenty, Chris Christie and The Knack.

Alot depends on whether or not Rick Perry tries to make it a two man sh*ttin' contest with Romney tonight at the Dartmouth Debate.
IF that happened, and IF Cain was smart, he could sneak thru the fray and look like an acceptable well spoken unthreatening (christian) alternative to the Perry-Romney mishaugas.
Much the way John Kerry started to look good when Rep Gephardt and  Governor Dean started mixing it up in Iowa.
Otherwise Herman Cain is a good fit with the New Hampshire GOP electorate, as much as they once punched Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's ticket they also went bangin' the pots for Henry Cabot Lodge and Pat Buchanan.
So for Herman, there is hope.
Likely though, he'll flame out tonight and will be back rubbing elbows with the cheap acts tomorrow morning, the search for the Great Big Anti Romney will go on and on....

Monday, October 10, 2011

I for one don't have problem one with

the whole "Occupy Wall Street" mishaugas.
Wall Street as a corporate entity has gotten off with a pat on the ass in this the very recession caused by bankers. If Washington will not force Financial Elite to play by the rules then what choice does the American People have but to register their disapproval in a very tangible and public way?
So far as I can tell, these are peaceful if forceful demonstrations, so if the bankers and the stockbrokers and their ilk have to run a gauntlet to get to work so much the better. Wall Street has "nothing to declare but their bad intentions" to quote the late William S. Burroughs.
They have much to answer for.
As far as I am concerned these protesters have all the rights that an abortion clinic blockader can and should expect.
Jeff Jacoby claims they are "stifling innovation", not hardly, "Occupy Wall Street" is America's Neighborhood Crimewatch as far as Humble Elias is concerned.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mitt Romney Conquers the Universe...

Which is what his defense proposals amounted to this weekend.

Apparently, mere global predominance isn't enough for the Former Viceroy, he thinks a'la Donald Rumsfeld that the USA should rule the universe like Ming the Merciless or something.
Anything less is craven appeasement of the dreaded Pee-Puls Ree-pub-lick of CHIIIIINAA!
Willard has a healthy respect for the PRC, him and the Bain Capital Group have been doing good business over there for years.
In fact you could say, that a good chunk of Romney's current quarter of a billion dollar fortune has been derived from all sorts of quiet deals with "Red China".
None of which prevents Willard from intimating that the USA is lagging behind his former business partners.
Well, what can I say? That is Willard in a nutshell, he thinks a very complicated strategic relationship with China can be resolved with another carrier battle group (raising our total to twelve, against the PRC's one carrier) and (ghod help us) missile defense.

Friday, October 07, 2011

"Do I contradict myself,?"

"Very well I do contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes!"

Thank ghod for Walt Whitman hacks like me would be run out of town without him.

Yesterday I took Scott Brown to taste for classlessly snarking on Citizen Elizabeth Warren's looks in a radio interview.
This was after I made the brutal (but true) remark that once Sarah Palin's looks faded her followers would trail off looking for some new messiah to venerate.

So let me make this clear, I approve of neither phenom, Scott Brown ought not to snark about anyone's looks, he ain't gonna stay pretty forever. And Sarah Palin's apologists ought to have the courage of their convictions and adhere to their candidate on the basis of her "ideas" (so to speak) and not her youthful face & figure...which has been a key selling point for Palin with Kampus Konservatives.
But I do prattle on like Jeff Jacoby...peace out y'all.

If watching a dues paying member of the local punditariat

fall to his knees in helpless adoration before a politician is yer thing, then by all means pick up today's Boston Globe and read Scot Lehigh's column.
Rest assured his career-long man crush on Mitt Romney continues unabated.
I don't quite understand why, but on Morrissey Blvd there is this compulsion to anoint someone anyone the Moderate Messiah and Savior of the GOP & the USA.
Never mind the fact that moderate republicanism is as dead as the Bull Moose Party. Ignore the sad truth that Ronald Reagan, the Bush Family, Newt Gingrich and the Tea Partei hunted the Kenneth Keatings of this republic to extinction.
Nope, as long as Scot Lehigh can get to laptop and snag some free wifi somewheres, the myth and legend will live on and on and on. And if no suitable candidate presents him or herself, Scot et al will simply fiercely pretend that cold cynical aloof supremely self interested Mitt Romney (a man with five different positions on abortion, three on stem cells, and a great lover of the Tea Partei when he isn't calling them white trash behind their backs) is some sort of a...moderate.
Why they do this I do not know, but like all print based journalists the Globe has a irrational fear of conservative backlash on the Silent Majority-George Wallace-Tea Partei model, so clearly they think that a moderate republican is some sort of a bulwark against being deported or sent to a labor camp in Arkansas.
Which leads Humble Elias to the hilarious notion that Scot Lehigh actually thinks that Mitt Romney is gonna save anyone from the gallows when the purge comes down, not with his own hide to look after he won't!
So the worst accusation I can throw at Scot today is that he is naive...he has as I've said many times before a believing mind.
And I guess, he thinks that when the time comes, Romney will not sell us all out on the cheap just so he can git ta be President. The record says differently of the Former Governor but Lehigh is clearly functioning beyond the veil of factuality.
For that fact, moderate republicanism didn't die out because the constituency vanished, I do believe there are moderate republicans out there, either not voting or making bad deals with unfaithful candidates. No, the candidates and incumbents were swept out of office and either replaced by democrats (exp. Silvio Conte) or "primaried" by the usual rightical chic suspects.
To say the least, the house punditariat at the Boston Globe have not concerned themselves much with reporting that process...they might at least wake up for a few minutes to write a decent obit for moderate republicanism, but don't hold yer breath on that on folks.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

"You Stay Classy there

Scott Brown".


Steve Jobs is dead.

I'll miss him, every computer I have ever owned has been an Apple.
 I stuck with the brand when everyone was telling me that PC's were about to take over the world without firing a shot.
Now look at em'.
I only wish that I had bought Apple stock back when all this "Bill Gates Uber Alles" palaver was going around.
I'll bet the stock market takes a hit today.
I"d say that Citizen Jobs is waa-ay up in the consumer revolution category alongside Henry Ford and the model T.
So yeah this is a loss....

Palin Bails...

amidst all the fond remembrance of the late Steve Jobs, Sarah Palin managed to squeak up to the effect that she was not running for President in 2012.
As usual she was a vulgar, self worshipping mealy mouth about it.
Which is pretty much what I thought was gonna happen, why would Sarah give up all that lovely conservative welfare that has come her way since election night 2008?
Unless something crazy happens, this is pretty much the last we will hear of Sarah Palin's presidential ambitions. To be brutal about it, by 2016 Palin's looks will have faded and her Tea Partei acolytes will have moved on to some other super heroine.
Yeah I know....that was a brutal appraisal from Humble Elias, deal with it, the woman was polling behind swine flu and Colonel Khadaffi for Ghod's Sake.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The democratic senatorial debate last night

pretty much shook out the way I thought it would, with Citizen Warren looking to make a good first impression and the rest of the aspirants stepping up their game looking for constituencies within the democratic party that'll boost em' onto the ballot.
No fireworks in other words, but then that was no one's intention.
Up until about a month ago, this race had it's abstract qualities and was notable chiefly for who was not running, one good thing about Citizen Warren's candidacy is that it has concentrated people's minds and given the process concrete consequences.
Well, what can Humble Elias say?
The primary is eleven months away, the state convention (on which all democratic candidates for the US Senate are now focussed) is nine months off. Plenty to time to gin up a good donnybrook.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Word on the street is,

Chris Christie isn't gonna run for President.

Color me shocked, it's a big year for impulsive & dubious candidacies on the far right.

Meanwhile, Romney (whose own candidacy seems a terrific and mysterious inspiration for serious wingnuts to run for President) keeps floating to the surface of the GOP grease trap.
And Perry? He is in a polling tie with Herman Cain.
So the search for a hero to save the GOP from...Mitt Romney, humiliation, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry or perhaps the GOP clearly continues.
The psychology of it all kind of interests me, yes you tend to mark out hard for heroes when you want to win big and you don't have anything sensible to say from a policy standpoint.
You also tend to go down the hero path when you are afraid of something, and feel the need for some charismatic figure to save you and yours.
So my question is, given that, what is the GOP afraid of?
In a practical sense, I suspect that John Kasich, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and who knows Ted Nugent will all be taking phone calls from panic stricken GOP political bosses ere' the set of sun.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Christie for President?

Apparently the fat mook will decide for sure by Thursday.

Of course, he has some baggage to consider including a pronounced tendency to weasel out of car accidents by citing his status as a then US Attorney.

As Reginald Maudling teaches us "all political careers end in failure" to which Humble Elias can add "all political careers in New Jersey end in corruption charges and very often the crash of prison iron".
I mean really, I think that the one state north of the Mason Dixon line with a worse overall reputation than Massachusetts has to be New Jersey.
And yet, the GOP is locked in a psychotic hero seeking frenzy is apparently willing to hazard all on behalf of some tattered bloated savior from out the stench flats of Elizabeth New Jersey.
Just like last month when they were gonna hazard all on behalf of a dimwitted credulous homonid from the Texas wastes.
my guess is, that the current frenzy strongly favors Christie piling in, I also think that he'll be in the drydock with multiple holes below the water line by Thanksgiving, that seems to be the reliable GOP dynamic in the run up to 2012.

Citizen Elizabeth Warren is still

holding onto her numbers vis a vis Scott Brown per this Umass Lowell-Boston Herald poll.

This is pretty much a good initial impetus to her fundraising I think, it allows Warren to go out of state a-roaming for Big Ticket Liberal Money.
On the other hand it's just the short of early-good-news that coalesces around a candidate like Elizabeth Warren in a state like Massachusetts. It doesn't mean that the democratic senatorial primary field is gonna start folding their tents, unless money becomes a big problem and some of those candidates can go very very far on very little cashola.
Other that it doesn't mean much...right now.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Joanie Vennochi sez...

That Citizen Elizabeth Warren had but to announce for Senator, and the liberal bloggers "fawned over her".
I think there was a yearning for a stronger higher profile challenger for Scott Brown...exactly who that was gonna be seemed a secondary consideration. But that hardly translates into a rising cult of personality for Elizabeth Warren.
Shee-it, the much admired Blue Mass Group was desperate to tempt Deval Patrick into the senate race...
Me? Everyone knows I'm a retrograde mark for Joseph P. Kennedy II...and besides I'm the only one talking about a thick durable glass ceiling in state politics. One that might not be breached in 2012.
Who else is still blogging about state politics from a liberal stance out there?
Left in Lowell and Marry in Massachusetts and that is it. Granted them two seem pretty keen on Warren, but I'd hardly call the posts to date hagiography.
Frankly single ticket blogging like the Chimes at Midnight is in decline, anyone who hasn't monetized their blog and made their mark by now, isn't going anywhere in 2012.
The future belongs to "social media" and sites that provide interaction between content provider and audience.
So, the accusation of "fawning" is hyperbolic, as far as Humble Elias is concerned...I can only wish I had someone to fawn over in this race, but everyone I like is either dead or given up on the game.