Friday, September 27, 2019

I wouldn't put it past Trump to...

1.) Blame it all on Rudy Giuliani and "fire" him in a loud and public way.  It won't work but its the sort of loud stupid move that the President thinks is subtle leadership.

2.) If conviction in the Senate looked likely (and that is A Big If), to Browbeat VP Mike Pence into resigning, and thus daring his former enablers on Capitol Hill to Make Nancy Pelosi President.

3.) If conviction in the Senate looked likely (see above) to blackmail Mike Pence into issuing a Pardon to himself Donald Trump and his miserable family.

And if he is convicted in the US Senate then I fully expect Trump to flee to Moscow and request asylum, I think that may have well been the arrangement all along.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kennedy Piles In...

Seeking Ed Markey's Seat in the US Senate.

Call me crazy, but regardless of the polls, I don't think Kennedy has a lock on this thing.  He has money, he can hire talent and build a network, but I don't seem to know anyone who is defecting to JPK III.
It was different in 1986, Menotomy was on fire for his dad, Joseph P. Kennedy II when he was running to succeed Tip O'Neill in the US House.  The Spartans blazed a Trail of Glory that time...I've yet to run into anyone who is prepared to stake out a place of honor in the Last Ditch for Congressman Kennedy's Senate Bid.
I don't think Ed is going down without a hellacious fight either. Markey has pockets crammed full of political IOU's, climate change activists love the guy, even the Buzzcuts down at Town Hall have to respect his work ethic and thorough constituent services.
Rep. Kennedy talks of a "Reckoning" forced on us by the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency, indeed this is an astute observation on his part. But I ask with all honesty why is the consequence of said reckoning being visited on Senator Markey?
Because he is old??
Because Rep. Kennedy is impatient and fears Senator Warren can't bootstrap herself into the White House and create the vacancy he covets?
Because Re. Kennedy is likely surrounded by the usual crowd of ambitious hangers-on who are blowing "smoke in his face" (to quote my white haired Irish Mother) about his sterling prospects?
The World Wonders...

Sadly this is a worrisome distraction that will bedevil us until this time next year, I think the only people that are really happy about this is the Boston Globe/Herald who have instant headline fodder until State Primary Day 2020.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


I'm not one to traffic conspiracy theories, most of the popular ones out there fail the simplest application of "Occam's Razor"...or the arithmetic fact that the more people in on a conspiracy the more short lived it's security.  But if I had to speculate, I'd wonder if those drones and cruise missiles that hit that Saudi Refinery this week, were in fact fired by the Saudis themselves.
I know its outlandish, but consider, they might've done it to drive up the price of oil and tempt Trump into a volitional war with Iran and its also the sort of ham fisted dumbass scheme a homicidal jobber like Crown Prince Salman might dream up in a bid to reshuffle the deck in the Middle East.  After all he had a dissenting journalist hacked to death in broad day practically in front of the whole world, its a hard act to top but bombing one's own oil refinery might just do it.
Of course, if I really wanted to traffic I'd note that somehow the refinery will be back to 70% of it's capacity ere long...I mean there is a definite Gulf of Tonkin vibe here.
Predictably, Trump is bellowing the most bloodthirsty cringeworthy threats imaginable and backpedalling at a speed to put Lance Armstrong to shame.  He wanted to nuke em' on Sunday and as of today its all enhanced sanctions, who says Trump doesn't respect international norms??

Monday, September 16, 2019

One Thing They'll Never Take from Sean Spicer...

And that is his Dignity...

I could make a good rant out of the "commodification of stupidity" but it is "Coals to Newcastle" at this point.