Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scary Kerry Healey's idea of making nice

is a TV commercial depicting a lone jogger mentally recapitulating a long series of talk-radio style distortions in respect of Deval Patrick's record.
Adlai Stevenson tried something like this in 1952, it was a last minute ad blitz called "I've switched, to Stevenson".
Apparently the whole thing was dreamed up by an advertising agency noted for it's soft sell cigarette commercials.
Of course, it didn't work.
Ike sandbagged Stevenson, but then Adlai was an honroable man who campaigned on the power of his ideas and his own prairie passion in defeat he had dignity.
Healey on the other hand has been wallowing in the gutter so long she looks like the Lost Miner of Hazard Kentucky. This last minute jogger commercial is the same old stalker ad nonsense dressed up in a track suit.
One thing that Scary Kerry has demonstrated time and again, is that she has no dignity, no ideas and precious little honor left.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Mitt and Jeb?

The Herald is pimping speculation that Mitt Romney wants to run with Florida Governor Jeb Bush as his VP candidate in '08. They've got a anonymous quote in there asserting that Jeb is about to endorse Mitt.
Which would make it a historic Mormon-Catholic ticket...something new and perhaps too new for the GOP.
All of that presupposes that Mitt can in fact win the nomination or that Jeb Bush won't survey the GOP notional electoral wreckage next week and decide that he is the only "name" politician left who can save the partei.
If Romney wasn't such a weasely amateur in politics he might realize that Jeb is first and foremost a Bush, a family that has made a primitive fetish out of treacherous self interest.
La Famiglia Arbusto must look at Mitt Romney's earnestness and just laugh, he is exactly the sort of jerk they've been running thru electoral wood-chippers since the salad days of Texas John Connolly.
Otherwise, Jeb just casts too big a shadow for Romney to take him on as VP, the Viceroy likes nice quiet yes men or yes women on the order of Kerry Healey.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Supermitt to the Rescue?

The Viceroy seems to have awakened from his strange torpor, grunted, rolled over and hit the hustings on behalf of his embattled undertalented Lieutenant Governor "Scary" Kerry Healey.
He has been quoted as saying the following:
[Kerry Healey's]"campaign for governor is the most important governor's race in the country to me."
He said the same thing about the Florida Governor's race last week in his capacity as Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association.
And who knows what Romney means by important anyway, he has strange oracular tendencies, maybe he means it's important to him that Deval Patrick carry the day?
I think Scary Kerry is about to discover that Mitt Romney is no good working on anyone else's behalf. Being an entirely amateur do-it-yourself politician of pronounced superficial tendencies, Mitt is at his "best" only when he is serving his own interests.
Well wait til' the rest of the country finds that out I say.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wall Street throws cold water on the rumored

purchase of the Boston Globe by GOP sex fiend Jack Welch.
Or so the Boston Globe reports....
Allegedly, the Ambassador from Caucasiastan Mike Barnicle is in on this deal somewheres, the notion of him making a comeback on Morrissey Boulevard though is grimly hiliarious.
Frankly if the Globe was sold to Welch and his gang the only long range winner would be the notional seller The New York Times. Between Welch's GOP bona fides and Barnicle's wild flights of sentimental invention, I can see a lot of readers throwing their hands up in disgust and subscribing to the Times.
Moreso, if the Times decided to publish even an attenuated Boston edition....if I was Jack Welch, I'd get it in writing...the Great Grey Lady can play for keeps don'cha know.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joanie Vennochi...

still marking out hard for the phantom moderate Republican GOP gubernatorial messiah....
This quote in particular is suggestive:
Massachusetts voters never got a chance to meet a smart, articulate, socially moderate, fiscally conservative candidate for governor -- a female version of the Bill Weld who ran for governor in 1990. Instead, when they think of Healey, they now think of a woman devoid of humor or grace
I give Joanie credit, sixteen years of stagnation and stunt driven gubernatorial politics and she is STILL marking out like an aging Hulkamaniac for a moderate Republican to save us all.
She has the courage of her restrictions, lets give Joanie that.

Debate Tonight

There is no doubt in my mind that Scary Kerry Healey will renew her demands for a one on one debate with Deval Patrick. She will probably get quite nasty on the subject and question his manhood...after all she has already called our candidate every name in the book and drafted an Orangeshirt Legion to press her case.
I urge the Patrick campaign not to fall for any of this nonsense.
Kerry Healey agreed to the "all up" format back in April when she and her apologists in the media thought this campaign was gonna be a cakewalk. If the format now does not show her to advantage, well...tough shit. Scary Kerry has had six long empty months to do something else other than cry havoc and murder most foul...trust me "Lieutenant Governor Barbie" isn't gonna come up with any thought provoking proposals between now and this notional debate.
And to put it more blunty she doesn't deserve the consideration, Kerry Healey has run for Governor this fall like a rat in a firestorm, she has lowered the tone of public discourse in Massachusetts to an appalling degree. Thanks to Scary Kerry we can look forward to new outrages in the campaigns to come.
If Healey wants a mulligan, tell her to take up golf!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scary Kerry Healey upbraids the Orange-shirts

or so the Boston Globe reports.
Well...Mussolini had to "scold" his Blackshirt Squadristi too when they got out of hand. Reputedly Il Duce was royally cheesed off when the boys went and snuffed Giacomo Matteotti without filling out a permission slip.
Honestly is there a dumber hosebag in state politics right now than Kerry Healey? These are her big ideas for state government, a bad burlesque on squadristi tactics?

The Globe is also reporting that Healey is now airing a nice sweet pleasant advertisement that does not accuse Duval Patrick of rapine and or dancing with Lucifer at the full moon.
Oh..gee...Brian McGrory must be relieved.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Globe has been dogging Romney's heels over

his bid to appropriate Mormon based fundraising and organization muscle for 2008.
Politicizing various religious sects is an old GOP game, there are many many churches out there that are naught but fundraising flags of convenience and or pagan cabals dedicated to the veneration of George W. Bush.
In fact, this is an old gambit for the Viceroy, anyone else out there recall the endless squads of happy smiling out of state Mormon "volunteers" that swarmed the polling places on election day 2002?
Virtually none of these activists had the right to vote in Massachusetts nor any discernable business before the Commonwealth, but nonetheless there they were happily waving signs for their Bishop.
All Romney is doing here is expanding that policy and ginning up the fundraising dimension, he has already discovered that putting his organization on a strictly sectarian basis won't harm his prospects in any way.
My only question is, will those volunteers (who contribute their time and enthusiasm in much the same spirit as the Red Chinese volunteers who once intervened in Korea)be out there for Kerry Healey this year?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nice to see that even after three years of

duplicity, carnage and brutality, that Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is still willing to drink the Administration's special Iraq Policy flavored Kool Aid.
Heartening, the lifeboat is burning and Jeff still refuses to "cut and run".
Hell, he has even gently taken to task conservatives like Jonah Goldberg for their emerging qualms about the whole Iraq adventure.
Soon enough, Jeff will be entirely alone in that lifeboat, the flames will start licking dangerously at his shoes, but still he sit ever steadfast, drawing up a long list of alleged liberal hate speech for 2006.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Don Imus endorses Kerry Healey for Governor

in the course of a conversation with the one and only blusterly Ambassador from Caucasiastan, you know him you love him, Mike Barnicle.
Ahhhh...Mike, gotta love him, his half shouted half sobbed sentimental twaddle is what launched Humble Elias on the uncharted seas of bloggerdom.
The man has lost none of his incoherent shamelessness despite having burned down both the metropolitan dailies in Boston over the course of a career that is thick with invention and fancy.
And for that, I am humble and grateful.
Barnicle is apparently supporting Patrick though as usual he offered no defense against the many ugly imprecations Imus hurled at our candidate for Governor.
No instead, Mike merely sighed and noted that he is sending his son to Georgetown and that the now disgraced Congressman FOley once ogled the boy.
Yeah...right...sure Mike, and Patricia Smith was right there as a witness.
But don't worry, the Barnicle offspring is all man and a baseball player at the University...must keep those caucasiastan bona fides fresh don'cha know.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Zogby sez

that Deval Patrick is ahead.
By a wide margin...well polls are almost as treacherous as politicians, this is no time to slack off even the slightest...c'mon how badly do you wanna see "Lt. Governor Barbie" that listless rubbery mediocrity stammer thru a concession speech?

The Romney-Healey indulges a little electoral blackmail

by moving to abolish all Mass Turnpike Tolls west of Route 128 on June 30th 2007.
In other words, "vote for Healey and maybe we will get rid of the toll booths next year assuming we don't take the Commonwealth off an economic cliff between now and then."
It is to say the least a pretty transparent ploy all from a cabal that has done naught but soak the public via a plethora of sneaky-ass fees nigh these past four years.
Why not give back some of that 750 million large The Viceroy and his gang shook down from hunters, fishermen, gun & auto owners etc etc etc etc...?
Well they can't give any of that dough back, they are gonna need it to cover the 100 million dollar shortfall engendered by closing the tollbooths.
Honestly, these people will happily create a depopulated wasteland of Massachusetts, as long as they can rule over the rubble.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Churlish Life...

The late Congressman Studd's life partner will not be able to collect any death benefits thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act.
Oh...thank God... I was worried there for a moment that this glittering prosperous civilization of ours was organized on something akin to christian charity.
Can't have that now can we?
I'm sure Howie Carr and Mitt Romney must be stifflin' gleeful giggles this morning.
Well...no fuh nuthin' but think of all the wowsers, crooks, charlatans, closet falangists, pimps and whores who in fact DO qualify for a congressional pension and or death benefits.
But Dean Hara...cuz' he was a man married to man, he is anathema?


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One other question about Brian McGrory...

The Healey campaign latest commercial extensively quotes McGrory's criticism of Deval Patrick in respect of the LaGuer case. Does this constitute an endorsement by McGrory of Kerry Healey?
It sure looks that way.
And if so, remember Humble Elias predicted it.

There is no other word to describe Brian McGrory....

the man is charmelessly naive.
Today he devotes precious column space to a hypothetically broadminded and tolerant speech that his hero Mitt Romney should have given on Sunday at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church.
You would think that after four years and four different positions on abortion along with the Governor's superficial stunt driven style of governance, Mitt's undisguised loathing for the Commonwealth and the systematic looting of the average voter via various fees that Brian McGrory would somehow finally get it.
Mitt Romney is a selfish disdainful man who'd no more tell off the savage hordes of social conservatism than he'd deny the divine origin of Joseph Smith and the golden plates.
Brian just doesn't get that Romney will happily call for the mass deportation of all gays if it means a runaway triumph in the South Carolina Primary. The Governor won't actually deliver on that promise (Mitt is far to opportunistic to go that far) but he'll damn well say anything of the lowest crudest and most repellant variety to win.
Naivete' is sort of cute in charming in young children and the like, but it is an appalling quality in a supposedly hard boiled state house based columnist.

Humble Elias doesn't even get angry anymore when pundits like Brian McGrory toady up to hopeless second rate yaps like Mitt Romney, I just get disgusted that is all.

Monday, October 16, 2006

"Only a Boarder in Romney's New Order"...

Have you ever noticed that when some movement conservative hack wants to really wallow in hysteria, they usually do it in a religious pulpit with two golden spotlights on the Cross of Jesus dead center behind them?
Such was the case with the Viceroy yesterday who took time out of his allegedly busy schedule to harangue the troops at the Tremont Street Temple on the evils of secularism, gay marriage and indeed rationality.
At one point Mitt piously bleated:
"Every child deserves a mother and a father."
He has said this before, now what Humble Elias wants to know is, will Mitt be running for President on a dissolve-all-divorces platform?
If every child DESERVES a mother AND a father then clearly the feds will have to intervene and clean up all these failed marriages.
And start raising the dead or else begin drafting new fathers and mothers to replace the untimely deceased.

Otherwise, this was all part of "Justice Sunday" a nation-wide transparently partisan appropriation of churchs all over America for the purposes of keeping the GOP in power now and forever amen.
Churches these days don't seem to make any effort to disguise their naked partisan power base do they?
Can't see as that is something the founding father's would approve of.
Nope...not at all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

For a guy who allegedly hates the United Nations

Jeff Jacoby sure is quick to praise the World Health Organization's decision to loosen some restrictions on the use of DDT.
I mean, this is the same W.H.O. that keeps trying to put the conquest of disease on a socialized basis and continually promotes a non-biblical notion of contraception.
Ahhhh but Jeff has become a stodgy old liberal in his dotage, his obnoxious smirk has degenerated into a churning sea of kindly wattles and jiggly jowls.
Well W.H.O. knows, maybe Jeff will start looking kindly on the teaching of natural selection in the public schools....maybe he'll concede public schools right to exist.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Patrick-Murray Rally this Sunday on Boston Common

Everyone is hereby encouraged to attend.
That would be this Sunday, October 15, on the Boston Common (at the bandstand near Tremont St.) at 2:30PM.
I think what we want here is for the local news media to report on the sheer daunting size of the crowd that will come to see the Patrick-Murray ticket.
Remember, size matters.

Brian McGrory's Nice Girl

Ah good old Brian, since Mike Barnicle left the scene he has been my very meat, couldn't have the Chimes at Midnight without him.
Today he comes that close to endorsing Kerry Healey at the last minute though he opts to toss her a few fresh bouquets and leave it at that.
According to Brian, the angry scolding image we have of Kerry Healey runs at odds with her actual nature as a nice sweet suburban preppie with an eye for the occasional snazzy convertible.
Awww...ain't dat sweet, Brian's trying to sweeten up Healey's image.
The tone of the piece seems to be "Gee if only Kerry Healey would act nicer, I could buy into her tangled image as a moderate Republican and openly join her fan club."
This is no less than hilarious that dour miserable woman who seems to be threatening the Commonwealth with all manner of dire consequences if we dare vote for her opponent is pretty much the real Kerry Healey.
Based on what Humble Elias has heard from various interested acquaintances, Lt. Governor Healey brings a rather disdainful sarcastic attitude to her much ballyhooed meetings with local elected officials. That "Your my hero Christy" sneer of hers is well known to school committee members and mayors from Peru to Bourne.
Clearly, the Lieutenant Governor has picked up a few of Romney's nasty viceregal habits.
The choice seems clear, more stunt driven governance animated by a nasty disdainful spirit, or a vitally needed change in priorities...something that may avert the Commonwealth's side into economic impotence and political limbo.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mark Warner drops out of the '08 Presidential Sweeps

the details can be found hyar:
Well...what happened? The guy was shit hot six months ago and angling hard for the "Moderate Southern Democract" slot in the New Hampshire Primary.
I suppose this is good news for John Kerry and Senator Clinton, but does anyone out there believe his "I wanna spend more time with my family" routine?
Hell, Bill Clinton got in back in '92 just get out of the house!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Lord Mitt just can't wait to flee Massachusetts

can't he?
His statement in the above link noting that it would've been "smarter" to stay in Michigan if he'd contemplated running for President just drips with contempt for Massachusetts and the now trademark Romney-esque egomania.
The man spent six million large of his own ill-gotten money to become governor of a state he treats with open disdain.
My Ghod why do we put up with it?
Honestly, truth squads from Massachusetts should dog his every step up in New Hampshire during the 2008 Primary season. He has not given us anything resembling respect or good governance in his one term in office so Humble Elias doesn't see why we shoulf give the Viceroy a moment's peace.

It must be an election year...

because Senator John McCain is squealing his freeper bona-fides like a stuck pig.

Honestly, what ISN'T Bill Clinton's fault for these a-holes?
John McCain would blame his migraines on Bill Clinton...no doubt if he stubs his senatorial toe on the way to the bathroom in the morning McCain curses Bill Clinton all the way to the mirror.
His wife must have learned to block it all out long ago.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Apocalypse Delayed (Maybe...)

Jane's Defense Weekly reports that North Korea's recent nuclear test might have been a one-kiloton dud.
If this is true, then there is still time for a diplomatic solution to the problem. North Korea has lost some de-facto face with this damp squib of a nuclear blast, this gives us a chance to fill the void with timely proposal or two.
Allowing North Korea to build & deploy nuler weapons is a blow to US prestige and set back to the reliability of our security gurantees in the region.
To do nothing but squawk threats (which is what our current policy towards North Korea amounts to) is to invite other regional actors to dicker with Peking or Pyongyang on their own.
That isn't good for us believe me.
Alas at this point, it would take a Kissinger or a Marshall to whomp together a regional non-proliferation policy and the necessary domestic and international coalition to give it teeth.
All we have to work with is that hopeless toady Condoleeza Rice...so lets not get our hopes up shall we?

Monday, October 09, 2006


Goes North Korea who stages a grand entrance into the exclusive Nuclear Club complete with 12 kiloton mushroom cloud.
Good God Bush and his cabal have had six long years to develop a policy to avoid this day and yet North Korea's acquisition of nuclear weapons arrived with the assurance of an unloved season.
Meanwhile Don Rumsfeld and that whole crowd are in a onanistic frenzy to invade Iran because they might develop nuclear weapons down the line.
Ah but North Korea doesn't have oil and does abut the PRC...The whole thing is so complicated for the President's third cowboy mentality, Iran is intellectually easier to digest so Tehran is next.
Meanwhile the far eastern chessboard has been neatly overturned...wingnuts and hardliners are no doubt muttering about Japan's need to take charge of her own defense. Bad nuclear karma has a way of rippling across borders in strange and unpredictable ways.
And still the Navy sails for Iran...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jeff Jacoby has a good one today

Like the rest of us, he is sore amazed at the Amish of Pennsylvania's willingness to forgive the perpetrator of last week's school massacre.
He then rattles on that the good example set by the plain people of Lancaster County PA doesn't necessarily exempt him from loathing and hating the murderer in this case.
Well, fair enough, the Amish set very rarified standards for themselves the rest of us are prone to wishing after a very rough brand of justice in these instances.
Y'know come to think of it, hate is a big theme in Jeff Jacoby's writing, ever notice that?
He is usually either exempting himself or others from the accusation of hatefulness, giving himself permission to hate or else compiling long intricate lists of hateful liberals to be excoriated. No doubt should Deval Patrick win this December, Jeff will find some pretext for our nominee for Governor to top that annual list.
Clearly it's topic to which Jacoby has given much thought of a disordered nature. The worst of Jeff Jacoby's writing is essentially smugly pontifical in nature, the right facts, the right emotions the right actions yield god's will in the form of the right outcome. Do it is just weird to read his latest sermon on "when it's okay to hate" as justified by Jeff Jacoby Esq.

Friday, October 06, 2006

American Athens...

now links to this, the Little Blog that Cried.
Welcome welcome, everyone should go there sensible things are therein written.

Denny Hastert is stayin' on...

at least for now.
In an ugly strategic sense, this is very good news indeed.
It means that Speaker Hastert otherwise a fat crook who allegedly coddles pederasts, will become the poster boy for the GOP nigh these next four weeks.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy as far as Humble Elias is concerned, isn't this the guy who preached ad nauseum to the nation about the primacy of personal responsibility?
Why doesn't he take a lesson from his own corpulent self and quit?
Nope no way, too much money and power on the line I guess.
Hastert's defiant decision to stay is another indication that the GOP's all powerful national machine has shot it's bolt. Normally in a scandal like this, Denny would've resigned days ago, hell the handover of power from Bob Livingston to Hastert back in 1999 was accomplished within hours.
The Roves and Norquists who do the strategic planning for the GOP seem to be way off their game this week.
Like I said, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


yer doin' a heckuva job..."
Bush calls Hastert teacher coach...father?
Considering the undercurrent of animosity and jealousy between Bush 1 and Bush 2, that is an interesting and suggestive statement on the part of the President.

The October Surprise....

That a GOP dominated U.S. Congress coddles accused pedophiles...
That Speaker Hastert may be forced to resign in disgrace for not putting the kibosh on Representative Foley's nasty boy-crazy ways...
That the House Republican Campaign Committee is desperately trying to lay it's hands on Foley's two million dollar campaign war chest.

Yup this isn't quite the media firestorm that Karl Rove and Grover Norquist were hoping to brew up this month is it?

My prediction is, Hastert will resign, possibly before Saturday the way things are going.
The House GOP will then flail around for a full week spouting blood like a harpooned whale and desperately searching for a meme that'll get them out from under.

So let us make hay while the sun shines my friends.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Congress does not need to appropriate money to build an

anti immigrant wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
No...Instead Congress needs quite desperately to build a wall complete with barbed wire and armed guards between Capitol Hill and the congressional pages dormitory.
Shee-it these GOP yaps in Congress can't keep a bunch of teenaged boys safe from the predations of the Chairman of the Exploited Children's Caucus...So how the hell are they supposed to keep America secure from terrorism?
And another thing...As Chair of the Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children how much child porn d'ye thing Representative Mark Foley got his hands on as "evidence" nigh these past eight years?
And Speaker Hastert that corpulent comfortable crook that scold of Presidential extra-marital affairs, covered it all up and kept collecting on those big fundraisers.

Dear Ghod in heaven Humble Elias is really having second thoughts about a nice quite cottage on the shores of the Baja.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Senator Chris Dodd was on Wolf Blitzer's show yesterday

with Senator Lugar, mostly the talked about the Mark Foley Affair in the House (with Lugar looking uncommonly pale and uncomfortable). Senator Dodd also revealed he was giving close scrutiny to the possibility of running for President in 2008.
Hmmmm...Dodd is a good man, but I don't think he has the stature for the office...a few too many parties with Ted Kennedy are rumored. Then again what is the real meaning of stature when the Office of the President is occupied by a crooked sanctimonious numbskull like George Bush?
I think a lot of people in the US Senate are turning over the idea in their heads right now, conditional of course on how well the democrats do in November. If the party takes over the Senate a lot of guys will wanna hang around and make hay of their committee and sub committee chairmanships.
If however the dems can't seal the deal, look for a flood of congressmen and senators to descend about Iowa and New Hampshire come January 2007.

And then...the game will be afoot, again.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Whatever the numbers are, the Globe reports a double digit lead for Deval Patrick today.
Well...thats nice, but lets not forget Shannon O'Brien once had a twelve point lead over Mitt Romney. The democratic gubernatorial ticket is not going to achieve victory without a lot of hard work from the top to the bottom.
In particular, I wonder if those polls are accurately reporting Christy Mihos strength, I suspect he has got more than 10% currently in his pocket. And his Crazy Christy's numbers aren't accurate, then everyone's polling position is in doubt.