Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Debate Halftime:

I'd say Citizen's Warren & Sanders both had good nights last night. Elizabeth broke a nice sharp zinger over Congressman Delaney's Head and Bernie abandoned all pretense at being a "Front Runner" and jabbed away like a ferocious underdog.  Effectively, He and Senator Warren fought off the swarming moderates "back to back", thats a clever strategy in an overpopulated debate, but as the race tightens it won't work so well.
My only complaint about Senator Warren is that her line;  "I don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running to be the president of the United States to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for!" was really a rhetorical club she wanted to bust over Joe Biden's head.
That having been said of the moderates trying to mix it up with Warren/Sanders, Bullock came off the best even if he kinda smarmed it up at times, Delaney and Ryan are dogged but superfluous at this point and Hickenlooper though able...isn't making much of an impression.  Senator Klobuchar, again eloquent, but her game plan seems to be get to the Right of Senator Warren and to the Left of Joe Biden, which seems to be where almost everyone else wants to be save, Bernie Sanders and there may not be room enough on that spot.
I suspect though, that given their arguments the end result of all the moderate sniping last night at Warren/Sanders will be to hold the bridle that Joe Biden might mount up and ride.
That having been said, Joe has some challenges tonight, Harris will be gunning for him no question, he has to prepare for that and likely Cory Booker as well. He also needs to project authority and experience better, "rise above" and seize those reigns.
Of all of them tonight, its the toughest challenge I think, if Biden falls though, it becomes "Bernie and Elizabeth against the world" which is the fight they want, while the moderates will scramble to anoint Booker or even Buttigeig as their Candidate.
Gawd I love this, I'm likely wrong about everything still makes for good copy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

If I was Joe Biden

looking to regain ground in Wednesday Night's  Debate, I'd have one of my younger saavy-er female staffers constantly rhetorically ambush me "Kamala Harris Style".  At the very least have an aggressive female staffer "pay" Harris in some debate-prep, because trust me, no one can move up in the polls until Biden is out of the way.  They are gonna be gunning for him pure and simple.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

South Dakota has a new law

mandating the entirely synthetic phrase "In God We Trust" be plastered all over their public schools.  Apparently an entirely unconstitutional appeal to what Andrew Jackson called "The Eternal" is supposed to inspire the kids to put down their smartphones and ace the SATs.
The misuse of prisoners and schoolchildren is a sure sign of a state in decay, a state ruled by creepy corruptards who wanna abandon the public schools to the ethereal embrace of their idea of the Almighty.
And that is what is happening here in South Dakota make no mistake, my only question is, if movement conservatism likes the phrase "In God We Trust" so goddamn much, why don't they tattoo it to their foreheads like good little Manson Cultists?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Brittany Zamora"

remember that name, she is the Arizona school teacher who got twenty years in prison for molesting a 13 year old boy.
Meanwhile the Judge in Jeffrey Epstein's burgeoning child sex abuse case came to his senses and ordered the alleged pederastic plutocrat held without bail.

My Question is this, IF Epstein is found guilty (thats a big if, remember Keven Spacey beat the rap...) will he get as lengthy a sentence as Zamora??  Keep in mind, Zamora molested one boy (with the help of juvenile enablers allegedly), Epstein has raped & degraded dozens of underage girls!  So, I do feel a useful baseline has been established here for the Southern District of New York...if they see fit to follow thru.  Otherwise we will have a front row seat on the sordid spectacle of money deforming yet another outcome in the USA....

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Every Fourth of July Here in Boston

the musical centerpiece of the famous Boston Pops Esplanade Concert/Fireworks is the 1812 Overture, an ode to a Russian Victory over our First Allies of Consequence, France.
I say we stop running down our allies and celebrating our rivals here in Boston on the Glorious Fourth, I propose the following musical motif as a replacement for the "1812 Overture".

I Kid!
I Kid, Because, I Love!
I Love...
To Kid...

Monday, July 15, 2019

Amidst our current chaos

A vortex of needs, social, political, constitutional, somewhere on the list, can we please an entry for "A New OverClass" for the USA? Because the bunch we have now are embarrassing even by the abysmal standards of the Roman Senate of Commodus Augustus.
We are ruled by alleged perverts, sick old reprobates, chiselers and what amounts to a rising and expanding class of wealthy panhandlers with the keys to the US Treasury....
They'd be clowns and perhaps grimly entertaining ones if they weren't hell bent on reducing the USA to Third World Status, regardless of our awesome nuclear arsenal and gaudy armed forces.
Frankly we are one good TIA away from nuclear holocaust...but lets not let that get in the way of a good reform project shall we?
Lets at least start with the notion that movement conservatism as envisioned by William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater is dead, the whole cult of patriotism, rule of law, constitutionalism is very much dead as well. And when these things perish, what you get, by default, is Donald Trump.
So, we need a new overclass, I don't pretend this will resolve any of our current political and social problems but at least we will have elites loyal to this country and its Constitution, at this point, I'd take that (and that ain't much believe me) over the collection of vagabond mercenaries who rule us as of today.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Epstein Busted Again...

Convicted Sex Offender and Wealthy Financier, Jeffrey Epstein, has once again been busted, for allegedly sex trafficking jailbait.  I mean this guy has money, has faced a judge already on similar charges...served a year in the jug for it and still he is running around loose supposedly chasing down gal young un's.  Don't tell me money doesn't deform outcomes in the USA!!
That money is a terrific consequence insulator isn't it? Under normal circumstances even a semi competent DA could leverage all sorts of info out of a busted two timer like this Mook. Alas though, he is rich, a 'friend" of Donald Trump (if indeed Trump really has any friends in the accepted medical sense of the term), lord knows if he wasn't rich, he'd be singing like a canary about Trump's alleged sexual peccadilloes...not that shame is any sort of a weapon that works on the President.
He has a private jet, passport or not, I say Citizen Epstein is in Havana by Wednesday, Viva Dinero!!

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

With respect to the RMV...

Charlie Potato's latest slo-mo catastrophe, it should be noted that when an older relation got into a slight fender bender on Route 128, it took the RMV all of about ten days to revoke their driver's license.
On the other Volodymyr Zhukovsky blazes an epic trail of automotive mayhem across six states and only after he incinerates seven of his fellow citizens on a highway in NH does the RMV condescend to wake up and take notice.
But wait there is more, apparently hundreds drunk driving reports from other states, information that would indeed trigger license suspension/revocation, have been piling up unprocessed in an RMV store room!
Boy if this is Charlie Baker's idea of Prussian Efficiency in the Public Sector I'd hate to see what sheer venality and incompetence looks like?!  Ah but Charlie Potatoes has a solution (other than hiding under his desk that is) he has called in a private company to audit the RMV...I mean Helloooo we have a whole State Auditor already on the payroll guys???