Friday, December 30, 2005

The Year in Review...

Or what I Learned on the Blogosphere.

Chiefly nothing, The Chimes at Midnight is notable for it's churlish consistency.
Along the way though, we discovered that Lawrence Novak has mysteriously disappeared into the bowels of the Commonwealth's legal system, taking the secret of his gold with him.
Mitt bailed on us and wants to elect what amounts to a slightly shopworn Troll Doll in serve in his stead.
Jeff Jacoby, Joan Vennochi and Scot Lehigh all wrote stupid and laughable columns.
Brian McGrory managed to do likewise as well, but mostly he spent the year experimenting with a new text based form of anesthesia.
We watched as New Orleans was destroyed while the President played his guitar and Condi Rice went shoe shopping.
Harriet Miers flared and died, the value of being a toady unto La Famiglia Arbusto having been suddenly devalued.
Our boys and girl kept getting blown up for no good reason in Iraq.
Scooter Libby got indicted...the Veep's entirely unconstitutional domination of foreign policy was exposed for all to see.
It was not in any sense of the word, a good year....unless wallowing in schaedenfreude is your thing.
And that gets old quickly.

And we lost...
Rosa Parks
Arthur Miller
Max Schmeling
Shirley Chisholm
Eugene McCarthy
Will Eisner
Ossie Davis
Sandra Dee
Hunter S. Thompson
Anne Bancroft
George F. Kennan
Simon Wiesenthal
Richar Pryor
Pope John Paul II
James "Sunny Jim" Callaghan
Edward Heath
Robert Wise
Don Adams
Bob Denver
Terri Schiavo

Rest in Peace all of you, the rest of us are in it up to our armpits

Thursday, December 29, 2005

More On Mihos

Why does Christy Mihos want to run for Governor as an Independent?

Assuming this isn't a tactic to intimidate Kerry Healey into giving him access to the GOP Primary Ballot unmolested, then Mihos may have come to the realization that the value of the GOP Gubernatorial nomination has fallen into an abyss over the last 16 years of uninterrupted republican domination of the Governor's office.
Consider, the GOP's field organization in the Commonwealth has reached an advanced state of decrepitude, as a consequence the party does not win state wide on its ability to muscle & hustle precincts. No the game plan has always to run as a outsider-bulwark against the state legislature. This plan depends on three things, money, image and willingness to run statewide on a hard sell time urgent advertising campaign.
These days the Massachusetts GOP is more and more a flag of convenience and fund-raising PO Box. It is inevitable that someone with enough money could appropriate their game plan and run with it as an independent. Frankly the GOP's local organization is in such decay, I'm surpised it hasn't happened sooner than this.

Can Mihos Win?

Maybe, historically third party candidacies are dicey propositions, that having been said in the past twenty years Independents have been elected Governor in Maine and Connecticut. Moreover, Reform Party Nominee Jesse Ventura carried the day in Minnesota with something like 33% of the vote in 1998...thats an interesting statistic in Massachusetts where independent voters themselves are over a third of the potential electorate.
Don't forget, Mihos will undoubtably run as a socially moderate fiscal conservative type yap, the local punditariat i.e Scot Lehigh and Brian McGrory will mark out hard for him as they are particularly vulnerable to this kind of mallarky.

Sounds GREAT! Where do I sign up!?

Right now Christy Mihos is only threatening an independent candidacy, Romney may yet talk him out of a move that'll cause the State GOP nothing but trouble next year.
I however would like to humbly suggest that Christy Mihos run on the "Misogyny Ticket". After all he made his bones shoving aside Acting Governor Jane "Jingle Money" Swift and then jacking up Shannon O'Brien in the General Election, now he wants to mug Kerry Healey...anyone else see a pattern emerging here?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Power Mad Political Boss Demands Bay State Governorship....

Or so the headline in today's Globe ought to read....
So Christy Mihos wants to be Governor eh?
Part of me is fine with this even down to Mihos notional independent gubernatorial candidacy, as democrats we've had to put up with yaps like Jill Stein for a while now, why should the GOP perpetually profit by ideological strife on the left?

On the other hand, it was Christy P. Mihos who tempted Romney into the Governor's race in 2002 and now proposes to run as just the man to fix the mess made by Willard's ineptitude, egomania and neglect?

Someone else smell hubris here?

Frankly I was hoping that Romney's withdrawal might tempt someone else into the Democratic Race for Governor (Joe? Yew out there big guy?)...but all the action seems to be popping on the other side of the aisle.
For the moment....

Right on schedule...

Jeff Jacoby has rolled out his annual "The LEFT is guilty of HATE SPEECH" column. An embarrassing and increasingly childish tirade that does little to advance Jeff's prospects as Boston's next big think conservative.
This particular gem though, stands out:
Antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan, who denounced President Bush as an ''evil maniac" and ''F├╝hrer" and said his administration -- ''the biggest terrorist outfit in the world" -- is committing ''blatant genocide" in Iraq.
Jeff buddy would it kill you to just mention even in passing that Cindy rendered up her son for the current war in Iraq?
A sacrifice you yourself won't have to contemplate with young Kaleb for another thirteen or so years assuming Jeb succeeds George and Neil then assumes the Overseership of Plantation USA.
Careful excisions like this are a hallmark of the current anxiety ridden conservative zeitgeist.
Well what of it?
We can't expect any reasonable thinking from Jeff.
He claims on the basis of nothing but his own wishful imagination that the right is better policed than the left when it comes to "hate speech".
And yet when Ann Coulter mused about blowing up the New York Times did Jeff spring to the defense of his nominal employers?
When Bill O' Reilly snarled at San Francisco wishing a terrorist attack on that metropolis....did Jeff speak up?
And when Rush Limbaugh ranted that John Kerry wants to get rid of Christmas....Jeff maintains a decorous silence.

Where was the right's self policing mechanism in any of these cases?
Nowhere because it exists as naught but an annual rhetorical device favored by one ambitious Boston Globe columnist.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Props for Ben (of Romney is a Fraud fame)

by way of the Boston Globe's metro pages.

This is RiaF's second newspaper "profile", serious Chimes at Midnight fans (all seven of you) will recall Ben's debut as the subject of a column by Dan Kennedy in the Phoenix.

Still no press attention paid to the poor old Chimes at Midnight, guess my reputation as a bland passionless moderate in the helpful but hapless mode of Joe Lieberman has gotten the better of me.
Seriously though, congrats to Ben.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Who signed the anti-gay marriage ballot Initiative?

The answer lies here.

Mission Accomplished


Nothing left to now but wait for the inevitable self congratulatory Jeff Jacoby column by, which will of course, be but a curtain raiser to the next round of bombings and kidnappings.

Pointing this out of course, makes one liable to be accused of "liberal hate speech" by Jeff...which makes it all the more delicious.

Happy Holidays to all.

Santa is coming, duck!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Willard must love this time of year...

the cold air properly refridgerates his hard little heart and he can strut around in snowstorms showing off his viceregal immunity to low temperatures.
or he can start blustering at the Globe and Herald, accusing them of distorting his views.

(BTW check out that picture in the link is that an ugly little smirk or what?)

This is plainly and coldly hilarious, Mitt has turned on the very newspapers and the pundits therein that once smoothed his path to power in 2002. It had to be expected though, Romney dumps on the Commonwealth at every chance when he goes a-touring amongst the wowsers, why shouldn't he start snarking off at Morrissey Boulevard and One Herald Square?
Hell it might immunize him from some pot-shots when the time comes up in New Hampshire.
That and his inhuman resitance to cold makes him a credible candidate up there come 2008, I mean forget his five different positions on abortion all relentlessly dictated by space-time co-ordinates!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Bush Admin offers

a novel excuse for the NSA's unauthorized domestic wiretapping go to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Authorization Court (aka FISA)involved cumbersome paperwork.

Wa-al Shit Ah'm all choked up at how this Admin fights on and on against needless wasteful red-tape.

Truth is, collecting the oil depreciation allowance, nomination electors to the Electoral College, starting phony charities all involves reams of paperwork...which these rampant assholes all happily fill out while they look around for new ways to reduce us all to peonage.
I've said it before and I'll say it again until they bust down the door and drag me off to a faith based re-education camp, these bastards are all driving this country towards a revolution.
I for one do not look forward to such a conflagration....but its their ardent desire and nothing much gets in their way when it comes to the Praetorian Class' Ardent Desires.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Savage criticism of Governor Romney from

Boston Globe Metro columnist Brian McGrory:
To be sure, Romney has been somewhat of a disappointment as governor. I expected him to be a master of compromise, which he never was. I believed he would be a far-reaching reformer. He wasn't. I thought he'd be zealously nonpartisan. He hasn't been


Gee that Brian McGrory is just wallowing in rage and invective isn't he?

It seems Romney's aides are telling Brian that Decaf will be running for President as "Mr. Fixit", a character who "saved" Massachusetts sans recourse to a tax hike.
Oh boy....
Being a polite man, Brian apparently neglected to remind this un-named aide that the Governor has run up a cautious surplus by raising every single miserable little fee he can lay his cold boney hands on.

Like I said, that Brian McGroy sure is polite to a fault.

Well, the problem here is simple, Brian is a fervent believer in the myth of the rampant state legislature which must be restrained by some heroic martyr of a moderate republican.
And if a moderate republican can't be found, well then Brian McGrory and Scot Lehigh etc will simply pretend the captioned GOP candidate is a moderate and say no more.
The reason why is simple, most of these pundits are themselves moderate republicans, they like low taxes, small government, a quiet efficient bureaucracy, a lavish interpretation of the first amendment (for indeed that is were they make their money) and keeping the theocrats confined to Sunday Mornings. They are well paid, prosperous and frightened of the future.
Fair enough, not everyone can be liberal blogger....but what kills me is, the Globe's punditariat are such absolute enablers, they won't fight for anything.
They'll happily make their peace with Christy Mihos (a bloated corruptard is ever there was one) or even a fraud like Kerry Healey and call it moderation.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Joe Keohane, Editor of the Weekly Dig

(and a man who turned down several of my resumes back when I was at loose ends), had a long appreciation of Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here in yesterday's Globe.
Breathlessly Joe thinks the book's tale of a Fascist takeover in the USA is scary & prophetic etc.
Well, Humble Elias is glad that old Sinclair is getting some props, but methinks this is a superficial reading of one of his personal favorites.
After all, the book has never been out of print, in fact it had a great deal of cachet when Nixon was tearing up the landscape.
In troubled times with rampant policians we tend to retire to this volume for any one of a number of reasons.
Conflating Buzz Windrip Lewis' American Dictator and an excellent caricature of Huey Long with George Bush is a mistake in Humble Elias' opinion.
Buzz Windrip and Huey Long both share a blood-lust for power and dark talent for demogaguery, but they are both lacking in any mythical ideological preoccupations. Lewis describes Windrip as a sort of Babbit like figure animated by a tawdry mind and coward's love of absolute power. Arthur Schlesinger noted Long's lack of a ubermenschen myth to his hodgepodge of "Share the Wealth" notions.
This is because, Long lived and died and Windrip was written prior to the revelation of Auschwitz and the Soviet Union's Great Terror. Prior to 1945 or so, no one truly believed mass murder on a cosmic scale might be undertaken and then justified solely to appease mere ideology.
No, Long and Windrip are not really any relation to George Bush. The President is after all a true believer, God, the freemarket, simpleminded paternal values and a messianic sense of destiny co-mingle in some dangerous ways in that otherwise empty uncomplicated head of his.
If anything Bush resembles that durable mystical caricature of liberal Presidential failure Edward M. Jason from the Advise and Consent series by Allen Drury.

Ah but Humble Elias promises you, Joe hasn't read any of those books.

A Paranoid Note...

if you dig deep enough into this NSA domestic spying thing, no dount you'll find a few staffers on the Kerry Campaign being officially wiretapped. Maybe even the man himself?
Who knows?
The Admin's justification for this patent illegality seems to be that the Patriot Act invalidated all previous laws and safeguards and that therefore the President, like King George the Third may do as he pleases.
Never has so mucg power been given so quickly and misused so completely.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Mitt Departs in a Cloud of Noxious Vapors...

Connecticut, governed by a Republican no less, has signed onto the Northeastern Greenhoue Gas Initiative. Romney, seeking the votes and approval of petrobarons etc, has denounced the pact.
Shows you what he thinks of us doesn't it?

In the Panic Grove...

I give them about two maybe three weeks. Then the polls will hit and if Reilly and Patrick are outpolling Lt. Governor Healey by a wide margin, you'll see the pride of the Local GOP's Machers start burning up their cel-phone minutes looking for a candidate.
It won't be subtle believe me.
The process is as poll driven and opportunistic now as it was four years ago when Willard was fly out of Salt Lake on the strength of one poll commissioned by Christy Mihos.
Humble Elias has no names to conjure with, but the broad parameters are easy enough to see.
This notional challenge to Healey in the GOP Primary will have to be undertaken by someone who can self finance all the way through the electoral process. There is no time to work up fundraisers for say, Andy Card or Peter Blute.
This also reinforces the need for a reformer-businessman-outsider, someone with no disturbing ideological baggage and who can appeal to the independents in the Commonwealth.
So what this means is, pretty much 2006, will look alot like 2002 right down to thr daredevil do-it-yourself republican politician who skydives in at the last minute to save us all from the consequences of 16 years of GOP Governance.
But again, this isn't driven by any desire to do right by the citizenry, it is powered by polls, ambition, spite...all those tried and true GOP family values.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

God Bless Romney is a Fraud...

Ben can roll with the punches as none other....

The Boston Globe Wakes Up...

and calls for Mitt Romney's resignation on grounds of being a smug ass-hole.
Normally, this would be consummation devoutly to be wished.
To be rid of Willard's mixture of bluster, egomania, inexperience and faltering ineptitude would be plainly wonderful, but Lt. Governor Healey has all of Romney's vices times two with a dose of naive' stupidity thrown in for good measure.
Putting her in power the way Weld put in Cellucci and the way Cellucci put in Swift only underscores the real problem here in Massachusetts, inconstant and inept leadership in the Governor's Office. Creating a sixth Governor in fifteen years is not the answer. unless of course, Kerry Healey were to resign as well, she is a much a symbol of Mitt's detached and depraved style of leader as anything else.
no, the sturdy yeomen and yeowomen of the Commonwealth, voted this dingbat in, he ought to have enough basic respect for his constituents to serve out his full term...which none of his last three predecessors were able to do.
Alas that decision lies with Mitt and his festering Potomac fever and he may yet betray us one last time.
However, to do so would make Kerry Healey Acting Governor and the de facto incumbent, and Humble Elias suspects that Willard isn't as committed to her candidacy as some people think.
remember what he did to Jane "Jingle Money" Swift, Willard could well be preparing another coup on behalf of Charlie Baker, Boss Christy Mihos or perhaps the remains of Henry Cabot Lodge.
It is appalling to think that is his main reason for retaining office.


File this Under: "Couldn't happen to a nicer

self righteous rightical chic Blonde Fembot"

Now if only Nancy Grace and her alleged stalke could get handcuffed together in the approved Fox Sitcom Style, that would be utter heaven to watch.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Romney Caves In...

The AP reports he has decided against running for Re-election as Governor of Massachusetts.

Well thats that.
The Romney Aufklarung is over....around here at any rate.
Now the game is really afoot, if not in the Democratic primary, then perhaps in the Republican.
I mean, 300 or so Town and City GOP Chairs are gonna wake up tomorrow with one thing on their minds, that well-fed, well-funded, utterly brainless Kerry Healey is currently the front runner in their gubernatorial primary.
I can hear the phones ringing all over the Mike Sullivan, Christy Mihos...and who knows maybe Andy Card or haggard old Pete Blute.

Come Watson, the game is afoot!

The Democratic Party is about to be Outlawed...

in Ohio.
Details can be found Hyar.

Dunno, I saw no spot of blood on the moon last night, and the air was quite still...and yet I know the Praetorian Class is relentlessly driving this country towards revolution like a thoughtless and drunken Country Squire.

How much are those plots in the Baja goin' for?

Fixed the link to the

"Blue Mass Group"....which was buggin' Humble Elias as it is a fine daily read.

Marry in Massachusetts...

after some polite apple-polishing from Humble Elias at this weekend's Blogleft Event, has graciously consented to link unto "The Little Blog that Cried".
Which, by the way, was a great time all around. Stirling Newberry is as effective a speaker as he is a writer and Frederick Clarkson reminded all and sundry that the wowsers are coming next summer to fight for the Gay Marriage ban here in the Commonwealth.
And it was nice to mingle with my fellow bloggers, Sco, the Blue Mass Group, Andy et al...if I've forgotten anyone then please forgive.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Galvin ist Kaput...

Secretary of State Billy Galvin has unceremoniously dropped out of the race for Governor.
This is a shame, although Humble Elias wasn't in accord with some of Galvin's positions he is a man of some ability and ought to have had a chance to present his views to a democratic primary.
I wonder what Billy knows that we don't?
I wonder what Reilly had to promise to get Galvin out of the race?
Not that Humble Elias is suspicious or anything....

Meanwhile nuts to the Globe for exiling this important news to page three of the metro section....this on a useless newsday noted for an above the fold frontpage headline that does nothing but underscore the President's inability to count.

And this is bad news for Cam Kerry, Galvin's announcement that he'll seek re-election knocks the Senator's brother out of the SoS race.
Too bad, he is another able man in many respects.
Just a quick shout out to Cam, dude, steer clear of the Middlesex DA's race we are already overloaded with talent!

Warren Tolman is calling this a two man race in the above linked article, Humble Elias is still hoping for someone else to parachute, but its getting late in the game for even the machers he has in mind.

The problem is, everyone I like is either dead or out of politics.

Oh and Decaf still hasn't enlightened the local peonage as to his plans next year. According to the Olde Fahmas Almanac, Autumn ends on December 20th in these here parts. So it is seven days a counting....Geezus the Viceroy is drama-queen just announce asshole and be Done With It!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mad Doctor Frist

the National Cat Torturer, threatens to blow the US Senate sky high if the Democrats dare filibuster the many opinioned Judge Alito.
This is truly hilarious, a man who may shortly be facing a jury on securities fraud charges dares to lecture Senate Democrats and the whole wide world on ethics.

All I know is, Harriet Miers didn't get a "up or down" vote so why should Alito?

Eugene McCarthy is Dead...

An Icon and a Hero to many, he was, by the time I came on the scene a man with a complicated and unhappy legacy.
Yes, his was a lonely and courageous stand against LBJ and the war back when it counted.
Alas he is also the man who endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1980 with the pithy epigram "Better a competent extremist than an incompetent moderate".
A more Goldwaterian meditation cannot be imagined by Humble Elias.
This would be the same Ronald Reagan who famously "joked" about turning North Viet Nam into a "parking lot" making the late President a comparatively rare example of a pure genocide humorist.
This was a man who once famously waxed poetic before the nation on behalf of Adlai Stevenson.
All gone.
All of it.
Yup that was Gene the man for Humble Elias, whose youth came to an end on a overcast Wednesday morning in the First Week in November back in 1980. He and so many others were duly hustled aboard a long shit-train which shows no sign on stopping as of 12:28pm EST 12-12-05.
Indeed it's picking up speed isn't it?
Where was Gene McCarthy and his boundless love for the Youth of the Nation when MY bad scene was coming down under the aegis of Ronaldus Maximus?
Nowhere...he was spewing venom at Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter etc etc...and still in his heart you know he harbored a vast secret bestialand penultimate hatred of Bobby Kennedy.
To tell the truth, there was always something spiteful about Gene McCarthy he could be relied upon to give perpetually disaffected progressives a nicely impotent electoral option in any given presidential election, a position now admirably filled by Ralph Nader.
But yet for all that, when Allard Lowenstein came knocking on his door, hat in hand desperate for an anti-war candidate....Gene said yes.
Better men than Gene had begged off, but McCarthy at least put his money where his mouth was.
Too bad he could never live up to that one supreme act of courage.
But then who can.
Rest in Peace, Gene.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Newspanic Seven...

Did "Special Report" cutaways twice last night during The Apprentice to hype that plane crash in Chicago.
Which wasn't even a crash, the damn thing just rolled off the runway in a snowstorm causing one unfortunate fatality.
Which is all Newspanic Seven neededto start howling and writhing like the Soviet ICBM's were a flyin' over the North Pole hellbent for James Michael Curley's House in Jamaica Plain.
Sadly this sort of vulgar nonsense is SOP at Channel Seven, the landfall of a minor hurricane in the Carolinas several years ago required live updates from a reporter who could recount nothing save high winds and rain.

And yet Newspanic Seven prattles on, desperate for carnage and death....desperate in a sort of a pathetic way even.

of course, whats the real issue here? That Channel Seven's news operation is a sensation driven scandal or that Humble Elias actually watches The Apprentice?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why Massachusetts is Losing Population...

a good motivation to move or perhaps flee can be found here:

Meanwhile our corrupt and insincere Governor flies around the country in airplanes owned by big pharmaceutical companies defaming the Commonwealth when he isn't blaming our economic woes on high wages and good benefits.

Sickening, I'm beginning to think Massachusetts can't be saved and that it might be time to put a down payment on a plot of land in the Baja.

Denny Hastert is apparently

worried that Congress needs "extra help" in making up its ethics training.

Good god this is hilarious, you can't teach ethics to a bunch of bloodthirsty highwaymen. Piracy is a professional not known for its lofty standards of conduct...
but then sits Speaker Hastert all perturbed over Congress' lack of ethics.

Not for nothin' but, aren't all these GOP congressmen wowsers and bible thumpers? HEll they don't need ethics classes they've got da "good book"!
If they've taken to theft and pillage it only underscores their very selective understanding of the biblical injunction against stealing...but that is not news to any of you.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

An old fashioned New England Channukah...

In which, once again we are exposed to the diresome parameters of Jeff Jacoby's Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Some mope, some wail, Jeff screams for blood.
Ah but its the same every year with Jeff, this time he carries on endlessly and tastelessly about the death penalty, the "assault" on Christmas and then ends the holiday season with an annual tedious and increasingly bizarre screed accusing liberals of "hate speech".
Poor guy you can tell this time of year is tough on him.
Because to be a successful conservative these days, one must be more than a bit of pimp, and this Jeff just doesn't have that in him.
Oh he tries to thunder like a bloodthirsty praetorian but its clearly a pose in his case and one he can't quite pull off either.
Hence his moodiness and the churlish holiday tone he sinks into every December.
Everything is the fault of the liberals and yet still he sits by the window watching a grey snowfall wondering why the pain doesn't go away...wondering why he isn't clad in shiny armor cutting down straw men on AM Radio somewhere.

Happy Channukah Jeff...try to get some rest whydoncha?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lt Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Murray on NECN last night

interviewed by the redoubtable Chet Curtis. Murray seems poised soft sopekn well informed etc...alas I tuned in too late and so if his stance on abortion, stem cells and gay marriage was brought up I didn't hear it.
Wouldn't say he is a scintillatin' speaker, but the position sought is hardly known as a source of independent eloquence.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Blue Mass Group

has a new site...


yesterday devoted quite a bit of screen time to slagging Katherine Blanco, the Governor of Louisiana in respect of her decision to release all documents pursuant to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
They reported (on the basis of no cited evidence) with the sort of lip smacking relish one associates with Fox News, that the Governor's aides were "concerned" with her "image" in various e-mails.
It was to say the least, an unsubtle partisan hatchet job.
Meanwhile, Today's Globe asserts that that Karl Rove was after Blanco to federalize the National Guard and declare martial law and ghod only knows what else.
This would be the same Karl Rove who has been calling all democrats traitors nigh these past five years. If this is the guy Blanco was dealing with before during and after the hurricane then no wonder the whole thing spiraled into catastrophe.
Does the President really expect any easy dealings between his most partisan aide and any incumbent Democrat?
No the man's very inclusion automatically puts the entire crisis on a partisan &agenda driven basis and thus, thousands drowned needlessly while Bush's government blustered and dawdled.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This is hilarious...

GWB has been called up for Jury Duty in Texas.
Ghod but this is naught but a comical fraud dreamed up by the President's increasingly tone deaf political handlers.
I mean...anything to slavishly imitate John Kerry (Who served as foreman on his jury last week and got the job done expeditiously)....what next will the President take up windsurfing or maybe he will finally start serving the country with decency, modesty and honor.
Fat f*ckin' chance of that happening.
Good grief, I pity the panel that gets sequestering with George Bush Jr, four hours of his footling personality and they'll vote to empty the Texas State Prison system en masse.
Either that or days will be wasted by proud Texas rednecks trying to explain to their President how juries work and why Jus gladii doesn't work anymore.
Nope, this has to be a big stupid frame up from the git go, what defense attorney is going to allow Bush to be empaneled if the case has even the smallest chance of devolving into a plea for Executive Clemency?