Friday, January 30, 2004

What do you suppose....

Really happened when Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dick Cheney burst into Condi Rice's office painted up like Apaches armed with scary toy tomahawks and demanding to see the President with their WMD "evidence"?
Did Condi (a real dyed in the wool academic) react like a stern elementary school teacher and hand out detentions to these rascals and bullies?
Or did she get rolled over like an insecure substitute, trying tor reason with these little thugs all the while getting relentlessly pushed back into a corner?
I think it was the latter quite frankly.
And having been flattened by the Cheney cabal all she can do now is bleat "bad intell" when asked why no atomic warheads and poison gas has been found in Iraq.
"Bad intell"?
Does Condi have a clue how delusional that explanation sounds?
No doubt she does and no doubt it bothers her not one whit.
This spineless shameless bint was warned for months by the State Department, UNSCOM, and those hapless appeasers at the Central Intelligence Agency that the evidence was flimsy for WMD's in Iraq.
And month after month she sat back and did damn near nothing as Dick Cheney and that whole crowd clammered for war in the Oval Office waving crude crayoned pictures of mushroom clouds and talking darkly of "hidden" I.C.B.M.s.
And so this proud republic went to war.
Thus today we can enjoy the crude spectacle of Condi Rice pretending she was a victim of "faulty intelligence gathering"...a moronic evasive euphemism that'll stand up there with "protective reaction strikes" and the like in the halls of rhetorical infamy.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

New Hampshire Idyll Part Two

WTKK 96.9, as part of it's regular news-and-information bumpers has taken to running a Jay Severin screed decrying the sorry fate of Joe Lieberman in N.H.
Or maybe it's a clip from Sean Hannity, I can't tell the difference.
That nine percent total of Joe's clearly rankles the ranting right...they need Joe to do well enough in order to paint him as a sane moderate and thus cudgel his opponents as extremists.
The problem is, that he is but nine percent of a cudgel really....not enough there to do any serious damage.
The other ninety one percent of the "sane moderate" vote clearly decamped for sunnier climes and candidacies leaving the Hannitys and Severins of the world high-n-dry.
Oh how Boston talk radio tried to get in on this New Hampshire primary thing....Howie Carr was hyping the allegedly close exit polls in the Granite State all Tuesday afternoon.
I was going door to door for Kerry that day and was told by one nice enough GOP matron that "Howie sez it's gonna be close".
But in the end this dim-witted plan to callously use Lieberman as a weapon against the democrats came to everyone else's expectations that day.
Oh don't me wrong, it was (to quote Wellington) "a near run thing" in many respects.
At 5pm on Primary Day, the local headquarters I was in had the atmosphere of a bankrupt funeral home...the fear of a late Dean surge was palpable.
I grabbed a sign and disappeared into the night to do a last visibility at a local polling place...better to die on my feet and all like that.
Happily though, Senator John came through like gangbusters...
The best part is that Howie Carr, Jay Severin, Brian McGrory, Eileen McNamara, and Scot Lehigh were proven oh so completely wrong.
A wonderful soul-elevating feeling let me tell you.
No doubt the whole sorry lot will go back to their "Al Sharpton is a truth-talker even if we don't agree with him" routine.
Hell Imus was already hyping the Reverend on today's any other non election year Sharpton is nothing but a convenient target for the I-Man's repertoire of black face style racist jibes.
Alas though, now they need to build Al up as a serious candidate....first Lieberman now Sharpton.
Politics is truly hell.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

New Hampshire Idyll...

Well, the mighty Deanosaur seems to have taken yet another spear in the vitals....thanks in small part to mine own humble efforts in N.H. nigh these last two days.
Don't worry though, the Deanosaurus Rex will live to screech another day.
What exactly Joe Lieberman is supposed to do with a paltry nine percent of the vote last night is a holy mystery.
He keeps talking on and on about being the only "sensible centrist" in the campaign, and then when it comes time to vote he wracks up these puny numbers.
Generally centrists do have this tendency to capture more votes...
Of course it doesn't help matters any that Lieberman keeps insisting that the two decorated war veterans and the po' boy country lawyer are somehow NOT gonna seize the vital center when the time comes.
Intellectually this argument amounts to carrying water for George Bush....which is not gonna endear him to anyone as the primaries roll on.
Meanwhile the right is trying to spin Joe's current angst into an appeal to Joe's constituency come November.
With nine percent of the vote in hand it seems clear most of those voters were co-religionists of the Senator (to put it delicately)...their votes may not be fully transferable to the GOP come the fall....but the matter bears watching.
Joe needs to bail out of this thing quite frankly, with no hard feelings on either side.
It is sad that he is joining a long list of losers like Fritz Hollings and Fred Harris....alas it's the nature of the political zeitgeist to mock these brave quixotic souls, which is a shame.
Well nothing has to come to an end for him, there is much good business to be done for a Senator from Connecticut who has a democratic colleague in the White House.
One hopes Joe sees his opportunities here.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

The Globe endorsed Kerry....


McNamara, McGrory and Scott Lehigh must be effin' livid....

Friday, January 23, 2004

Whatever happened to Pat Buchanan?

No really I wanna know...once a fiery revolutionary xenophobe he is now content to call into the Imus program and rumble away happily about the New Hampshire Primary.
Comfortable, middle class, warm, fuzzy, stentorian, even cuddly.
Dear Ghod could this be...a NEW Buchanan???
Well why not?
Pat got his start as one of the many servitors hired back in 1966 to dig up Tricky Dick's political corpse and morph it into "A New Nixon".
Seen in this context, the transformation from bloodthirsty mountebank to comfortable old fraud is pretty easy-Nixon did it why not Pat?
So there he was gassing away on the public airwaves about Dean's volcanic "concession" screech on Monday night.
Predictably, Buchanan chastised the Vermont Governor for not concealing his passions better....
Good grief, who is "Pitchfork Pat" to talk??
Well that is mark of the transition from would-be tyrant to avuncular media whore, a marked toleration for your own hypocrisy.
Buchanan has even softened his once loud opposition to the Iraq war. It is in so many ways a pundit's war and if he wants to be a playa in that game he has to show some flexibility.
Still, I have to say, Pat sounded almost forlorn on the radio today...he so desperately wanted to be a playa in national politics.
Where is the frantic little fag-basher from the mean streets of Washington D.C.?
Truly Pat has gone swell on us...given up his gas house gentleman's overalls for a silk tie and fresh topper.
Nothing left but to sit on the sidelines in his new finery and watch as the fabled revolution runs inexorably away from him.
In truth Buchanan's national revolution of 1996 has been co-opted by the very blue-blooded stuffed shirts he used to excoriate in front of cheering crowds of dispossessed hard hats.
That has to hurt....

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Laura Ingraham Asylum for the Criminally Inane:

Back when Laura Ingraham was shopping around for a religion, did no one try to steer her to Rev. Moon's "Unification Church"?
Apparently not.
If she'd-a-gone ga-ga for the Moonies she'd only be ahead of the GOP pack, perhaps for the first time in her life!
I mean, think about that.
But, sadly, it was not to be, Laura went Catholic, and now she finishes off a parishful of sacramental wine with one gulp...SARS or no SARS.
Yes indeedy Milady Tedium was on the Imus program today with her vast repertoire of awful impersonations and that screechy adolescent voice of hers.
Laura please! If you are somehow reading this, give the pubescent tone of triumphalism a rest willya?
Even Jerry Lewis gave up playing "the kid" when he turned forty!
It doesn't help matters the way that vulgar old zombie Imus indulges her gubernatorial sense of satire and treats her like Laura is a serious thinker.
I'm afraid Ms. Ingraham is a kind of neocon Jessica Simpson endowed thanks to years of conservative think tank welfare, with the unerring ability to predict the past.
All but forgotten was her spiteful dismissal of Senator John Kerry, now she fearlessly conflates Dean's allegedly faded candidacy with the internet bubble of the 1990's.
This is a stultifying comparison that has been only zipping around the web since Monday night...clearly Laura pulled her head out of her ass long enough to log on to alt.simpleminded-cliches before calling in to Imus this morning.
All this sneering criticism that Dean has attracted only obscures the fact that his critics once marked out hard for him...even Laura who regarded his nomination a done deal three weeks ago.
Anyway just who made this drunken inane social-climbing bint a political expert anyway?
Most of her brilliant insights could've been lifted from Eileen McNamara's damn column...or any half-witted website.
With false humility Laura then claimed that she spent four years in New Hampshire and doesn't "understand" the state.
That would be the remorseless eight semester long bender she had at Dartmouth with time out to pleasure Dinesh D'Souza,
Lemme tell you something Laura I spent four years in New Hampshire too I was even sober for some of it, and I think I understand the Granite State perfectly.
New Hampshire is a bitterly conservative state, with a pronounced suspicion of out-of-state conservatives.
It's the only so called republican leaning state in the Union wherein I overheard some duffer in a bar call Ronald Reagan "a fag".
And that was at the height of Saint Ron's popularity!
All this talk about lost Hanover did put the radio tyrantess in a laughably nostalgic mood though.
Eventually the bad impressions and sarcastic put-downs of other people's sense of haute couture trailed off, Laura sighed and began babbling about Jesus and the life hereafter.
This is where the conversation took a decisive down turn there is nothing more unintentionally hilarious than Laura Ingraham trying to contemplate her maker.
Whatever she was doing last night though, she was too addled this morning to properly quote Matthew 16, verses 13-18.
That is the whole "You are the rock upon which I will build my church" routine, which seasoned Catholics can recite it in their sleep.
Well I'll give her a pass cause she is a newbie and all....I still think she is a seedy bitch though.

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
On the congressionally licensed airwaves
And elsewhere
7:45am EST
God Save the Republic.
Santorum for Veep!

I refuse to yield, I'm convinced that Cheney is gonna step down next August and not run for re-election in the fall.
Which will give his alleged master George Bush the priceless opportunity to ramp up the convention with a new veep pick.
When the klaxon sounds and Santorum's name floats to the top of the scumbucket, please remember you read it here first on the Chimes at Midnight.
No my friends, this is not mere blogsturbation, I'm convinced that Santorum is relentlessly "amplifying his presence" with an eye towards the 2004 GOP vice presidential nomination.
High Pitched Rich is vain, blustery, a demagogue and a well coiffed sort of toady...he hasn't got the spine God gave a nerf ball
In other words he is a perfect fit for the current inhabitant of the White House.
Santorum was in fact flogging himself like a medieval flagellant on the Imus program yesterday.
True to form Rich fairly groveled at the mere mention of the President's holy name.
However it was an appearance rich in useful themes for the coming presidential campaign.
Being a low sort of lout, Rich didn't come out openly for mob rule and mass fag that would be too honest.
Time enough for that in 2005 once they've got this pesky election nonsense squared away.
No instead he recast the gay marriage issue as a judicial-constitutional matter, in which rampant activist judges were somehow imposing a new "right" on the poor helpless masses.
In other words, typical swindlespeak from La Famiglia Arbusto.
Thus Bush and Santorum are gonna run on a "smash the judiciary" ticket.
They aren't gonna talk about queers and their hope-chests per se just flail away at the judges that wanna reward homosexuals with super constitutional rights.
That is the current GOP line..and it is ingenious I will admit.
It is also only mildly offensive given the fact that a bunch of activist judges on the Supreme Court basically put Bush in office.
So it's Bush and Santorum in 2004, I feel sure of it.
A more primitive paranoid pairing can't be imagined.
Well what can I say?
The Busheviki are on a rampage to put the salad days of Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies to shame.
Who can really blame a malevolent young hack like Rich if he wants to ride this weird conglomeration of democracy hatred, judicial paranoia and queer bashing to the stars?


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

State of the Onion

I freely admit, I did not watch Bush's State of the Union extravaganza last night.
And why should I?
When it comes to telling the truth the president is beginning to resemble Tiberius Caesar....i.e. what he claims he wants is diametrically opposed to what he really wants.
This is ironic given his insistence that the U.S. must "stay the course" in Iraq.
What course would that be George?
By my count you've changed your mind at least twice since we took over that benighted land....said policy revisions are arrived at in secret and usually involve speeding up the hand-over of power to Chelabi's doomed Iraqi Council of State.
These poor neocon beggars we've installed in Baghdad won't last a year once U.S. Troops leave...either the Mullahs or the Generals will nail their hides to the wall in due course.
Nevertheless I'm fine with the notion of bringing the boys and girls home double quick-their job is done lets have a parade and like that.
However the assertion we must "stay the course" ought to be more accurately rendered as "keep up with the changes"
given the byzantine and secretive nature of Bush foreign policy.
Well anyway what of it?
The only transparent goal of the entire regime is Bush's own re-election....all that secrecy guards only that indisputable fact.
To carry forty states this November Bush would happily sell Alaska to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Radio Daze part two

On of the really classy things that 96.9 FM talkstation WTKK does is run some of Romney's "applause lines" from the 2004 State of the State speech as a means to hype their commitment to "news and local information".
As an exercise in pro-Romney propaganda it is about as subtle as being smacked in the face with an undertaker's shovel. gives WTKK a fig leaf of deniability but it's all so classically Soviet though.
One half expects to hear the porcine gruntings of Comrade Stalin after the Romney promos are done.
I get the vague impression that WTKK's management is playing for time here....once George Bush Junior crowns himself emperor of the Amercas (complete with a laurel crown and sceptre) the station can chuck all that fair-practices nonsense and start inciting the mob to hang the liberals in earnest.

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
On the congressionally licensed public airwaves
And elsewhere
7:45am EST

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


So bellowed the smiling Deanosaur with two long spears hanging out of his guts, courtesy a matched pair of senatorial cavemen named Kerry and Edwards.
Well what of it?
Anyone who can smile, pump his fist and hurl his defiance at the winds even as he staggers across the finish line a distant third has to be enjoying himself at least.
Still, it was a loud speech...but clearly something for the consumption of the Doctor's weary legionaries...the chilly presence of the teevee cameras was not taken into consideration.
Hell why should it?
Can't a man shake his fist and promise to go down fighting in peace anymore?
And so Dean ranted on...and predictably this morning, first thing in fact, the press corpse (those philosophers who purred "Kerry is toast" circa last week) decided the Governor's concession speech was somehow demagogic and scary.
Hell this lot should know, demagoguery is the very air breathed by the likes of Fineman, Russert, Lehigh, or Matthews.
So I find their flap wristed revulsion more than a little funny quite frankly.
You have to feel sorry for the punditariat though, they were arrogantly predicting a Dean triumph in Iowa last night, only to see the Governor get jacked up hard when the votes came in.
They were proven wrong usual.
So to cover up their naive stupidity the op-ediots started jumping ugly on Dean's speech last night.
Suddenly his "shrill" "Angry" delivery is the story, not their own self satisfaction or their boneheaded analysis of the situation.
See how they do it?
It's all about spinning the fact that the opinion industry is never wrong or never admits to being mistaken.
This sovereign republic can go up in chunks, but heaven forbid Tim Russert should admit "I never saw it coming-sorry!"

Monday, January 19, 2004

Russert in Winter...

I saw Tim "Don Rumsfeld is America's Stud" Russert briefly on the TV this weekend. He was flogging this Sunday's edition of Meet the Press on the NBC News weekend edition.
Can't recall who was the guest mostly cause' Tim looked so plain AWFUL!
Bloated, paunchy, wrinkled, a blotchy careworn countenance to be sure.
Mendacity and egotism truly take their toll.
Okay...that was rough I know.
Nonetheless, Tim is paid untold millions to hassle democrats and treat liberals with reptilian disdain, if he can't stand the pace then maybe it is time to take down his celebrity journalist shingle and decamp for his fishing shack.
Which of course raises an interesting question....just how much would we have to pay Tim to start respecting our rights as free citizens?
Right now, all we are getting for a multi-million dollar contract is his famous "Rumsfeld mark" routine and a palpable sense of exhaustion with the complexities of the democratic process.
Since Tim is a money fed-machine, it follows we must give him more money in order to get him to act like a professional journalist again.
In the end, journalism is an industry, and one designed to make money, I suppose in the weary wicked end we may need to simply bribe our way to a free press.
Or so my tattered thinking goes on the last day before campaign 2004 erupts like a biblical case of boils.
Iowa Serenade:

"the caucus is a kind of three hour Monday night political dorkfest reserved for the kinds of people who get psyched about jury duty".
Joel Stein on the Iowa Caucus courtesy

Good lord but Joel Stein is a creepy simpering little VH-1 fascist isn't he???
His natural hatred of democracy couldn't be more blatant or disgusting.
Indeed a contempt for democratic institutions is more and more a prerequisite for being a serious op-ed playa.
Well what can we expect after all?
He is best known for his sports writing and an interminable stint as a snarky talking head on VH-1's endless "I Love the Seventies" crap fest.
The substance of the above quote leads me to conclude that Joel thinks it it somehow un-cool to vote.
And we all know that being un-cool is somehow the worst thing possible in Joelworld.
What times we do live in that a commentator with a pronounced antithesis to platform shoes is somehow thought qualified to render judgement on the political process.
Ghod but this greasy little dipshit's parent's must be so proud of him the way he dismisses an entire state and it's electorate with such snickering disdain.

Friday, January 16, 2004

The merest shift in the numbers...

And suddenly everyone is all respectful-like of my boy John Kerry.
Scot Lehigh in particular suddenly dropped his snarky tone today and made nicey-nice noises about JK's relentless campaign ethic.
What a bunch of simpering scoundrels we have down at the Boston Globe!
A month ago Kerry was getting jacked up on a weekly basis above the fold in the Sunday edition.
Now look at them, doing the thing they do best when they are wrong or have picked the losing side....fawning and truckling.
I don't think the Globe should be a pro-Kerry propaganda rag...I do think they ought to show a little stinkin' dignity though.
And dignity starts with not allowing three or four columnists to tag-team Kerry for months on end with excratory front page articles in close support.
On the other hand, if Kerry wins in Iowa and manages to stage an upset in New Hampshire...watching Scot Lehigh's climbdown performance from his lofty anti-JK aerie will be a precious and lovely thing indeed.
That is IF Kerry can pull it all off, if not, we will be faced wit the usual gleeful death-of-liberalism nonsense from off the Globe's op-ed pages.
So I hope Kerry wins if only to spare the tender rhetorical sensibilities of the Globe's readership.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Romney on Ice....

I was channel surfing last night when I stumbled over one of the "News at Ten" stations doing a remote about the savage cold's affect on the local homeless population.
Sure enough the news crew found some wretched duffer on Boston Common who complained of losing his blanket and was forced to keep moving all night long to stave off freezing to death.
The poor fellow was uncommonly direct.
But then the arc-lights flared up and who stepped into the frame clad only in a thin sweater but our own Kolobian Viceroy, Willard Mitt Romney.
I don't know what was the greater danger to this old hobo, the wind-chill factor or Romney's icy demeanor.
You should have seen him, Romney's sharp little eyes swept the scene for the camera's red light and then he spent the entire sequence playing to the television, never once looking the homeless guy in the eye.
Romney looked right past this poor bastard with a cold reptilian glare.
I sincerely hope this old fellow found his way to a shelter, there is nothing so chilling as "comfort" from this unfeeling humorless Governor of ours.
My Ghod what a vain frivolous phony!
It was so cold last night I doubt Willard could've walked ten steps down the State House steps in that thin sweater before lapsing into convulsions.
Nevertheless, The Man from Kolob must demonstrate his superhuman immunity to cold no matter what the price.
He looked ridiculous...I mean why not start wearing a cape with a big "S" on it and be done with it?
And not for nothing, but who the hell sets up these fake television encounters that solely serve to make Mitt look like a caring hero?
If Romney really wants to be a hero on a cold winter night, why drag the TV news into it at all?
He is not up for re-election til 2006-asssuming elections are obsolete by then, why the good samaritan act?
I say it's his rumored falling popularity numbers...the newspapers haven't touched this story yet but Mitt's approval rating is allegedly below fifty percent.
If that is the case then he needs all the fake sentiment he can drum up over coat or no overcoat.

Those very nice people at the Romney is a Fraud blog have vastly expanded on my post yesterday concerning the Governor's visit to Holyoke.
If you want the low-down on Romney's conflict of interest when it comes to drug policy, check it out.
Theirs is a wonderful informative blog which everyone should read every day as it has a level of insight into the Romney Admin that I can't hope to equal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A graceless boorish oaf....

Is our governor, despite all his staff's attempts to micro-manage his next school appearance The Kolobian Viceroy still managed to screw things up by grilling high school students in Holyoke about local heroine use.
His excellency seems to have only two modes, cold and condescending...
And not for nothing but what kind of a patronizing twerp crashes into an inner city high school that is oppressed with the MCAS and all sorts of other stupid mandates only to start interrogating students about heroine use?
The kind of patronizing twerp who doesn't know shit about education or drugs irregardless of the laudatory press releases generated by his toadying underlings.
According to the local cops have never made a heroine bust at Holyoke High nor found the drug in one of their no doubt frequent controlled substance sweeps.
The man is out of touch and clearly gets his drug abuse info straight from "Dragnet" re-runs.
And this is the state of education in this once proud Commonwealth, the MCAS is making new drop outs every day, the state spends more on prisons than it does higher education (despite a falling crime rate), and the Governor drifts from school to school lecturing poor captive students about smack.
This is Romney's provincial "Utah Mindset" at work, if it's an urban high school then smack HAS to be a big problem...just like on the TV shows he doesn't let his wife watch.
A more appalling and hopeless spectacle can't be imagined.
Sex Time....

Today nearly eighty years after it's debut under the tutelage of Chiang Kai-shek mark Henry Luce, Time Magazine has finally discovered kinky sex and proclaimed with gubernatorial relish, it's "power to excite".
Boy back in the day, Time Magazine set the pace and adopted what a former co-worker and jew-baiter described as haughty little tone.
And what the hell it worked, Henry Luce put out one of the most blatantly biased pro-GOP rags ever seen, filled his news copy with snarky illiberal asides, and watched the money roll in.
At it's height, Time Magazine made heroes out of astronauts, sneered at Adlai Stevenson, and made anti communism the unofficial religion of the U.S.A.
Now look at them, whoring after the lad mag crowd with kinky sex articles written in that unreadable condescending timestyle.
Somethings never change even as Time Magazine goes hobbling after the youth demographic bleating "wait-waa-it...I got sexy pictures!!!"
The lead in the obligatory overview of modern porn includes a scene from a oh-so-trendy episode of "Friends"...."we may have to turn off the porn" sez Chandler-"Chandler may be on to something" smirks Time in reply.
I think there must be a secret Olympics sponsored by Time-Life-Fortune to find the worst and most patronizing writers in the nation. Once they have selected the absolute worst of the worst, Time clearly works the poor bastards to death turning their smart-aleck, cliche' ridden mentalities loose on God, Man, or Sex.
There is even a feature article on bondage with titillating references to pyrex dildos and floggers. All of this is akin to your old man both finding your porno stash and stealing it for his own use with no more payment than the promise not to tell your mother.
In a word "ugh"
Ghod and to think you don't have to go back too far into history to find Henry Luce's journalistic thralls sneering at homos and bashing beatnik sex maniacs.
What times we do live in....

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A High Handed Outrage on Morrissey Boulevard:

There are some indignities that cannot be endured stoically no matter how much Seneca and Marcus Aurelius one might imbibe.
Such is the case with me when I discovered much to my horror, that despite a sporadic series of sniping e-mails, that I was on Brian McGrory's damned e-mailing list.
Clearing I'm doing something wrong.
Shoulda called him a mama's boy , a neocon, or something....I'm just too polite it's my curse.
What is worse, Brian has a novel out that he wants everyone to know about.
It is called "Dead Line".
And predictably Brian is inordinately proud of this tripe, lordy anything to get out from under Mother's skirts!
Herein is McGrory's description from the aforementioned e-mail:

It’s the third in a series narrated by Jack Flynn, the wisecracking newsman who prefers first class to coach and breaking news to just about anything else in life. The story takes him to the heart of the largest unsolved art heist in American history, the theft of 11 priceless treasures from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and entangles him in the secretive relationship between the city’s respected mayor and his criminal son.

Sounds like sheer dreck to Me-eee!
Ghod what is it with these phony baloney two fisted tuff-guy columnists anyway?
They all wanna be Mickey Spillane or something. Never mind the fact that most columnists make dreadful fictioneers.
The Reasons of course are simple, they lack the attention span and concentration to attack serious writing in any way.
Trained to write in one thousand word increments they take a few reasonable ideas beat then to death over the course of a chapter or two and then must fall back on a mighty cataract of cliches to carry them through the next two hundred pages. Drew Pearson the late liberal supercolumnist had the right idea, when it came time for him to write his pair of utterly inoffensive novels he simply bought the manuscript whole from one of his staff members. And so it goes with most columnists with aspirations to write fiction, whether it is their own copy or bought and paid for, it is usually unreadable junk. Well, I suppose Brian is trying to get it out of his system before the urge to fictionalize infects his newspaper copy as was the case with Mike Barnicle.

Frankly though, we could make a pretty bonfire out of all these novels written by city room jetsam and not hurt American letters one damn bit.


Friday, January 09, 2004

Sweeps, Landsides, and War cries....

There is a rather naive and breathless front page story in today's Boston Globe to the effect that there is serious conservative disaffection with President Bush.
"Bush upsets part of conservative base" is the title of Wayne Washington's article.
Apparently, white rights types are mad about GWb's proposed immigration "reform, libertarians hate the Patriot Act, and supply-siders loath his profligate spending.
Otherwise it's full of the usual dreckola, raising the possibility that said groups will "stay home on election day."
And in truth these conservative cohorts are angry with the President, that much I concede.
However the notion that they will cut Bush dead next November either by commission or omission is laughable.
They will vote, and vote happily for this guy, when Bush yammers about being a uniter not a divider he is talking about his salutary effect on GOP factions exclusively.
No, for all his bluster about a close election in 2004, Karl Rove is in fact hoping for a giant historic 50 state sweep.
If he spins this as a close election only to have it turn into a route, it'll be all the easier to recast this victory as a "revolution" in the U.S.A.
NOBODY wants to be on the wrong side of a landside, especially in the GOP.
And with that gruesome revolutionary rhetoric in the air, Rove and his alleged master can then get down to business, i.e. carving the nation up into helpless bits, slashing taxes, and cutting the budget down to zero.
And when it comes time for that great tax and spending cut jubilee those above mentioned groups are gonna want a place at the table.
Therefore their current restiveness is naught but veiled demands to given a piece of the action when the time comes.
Bush understands this, and thus the White House reacts in a subdued fashion to all the war-cries and ominous yelps coming across the river from Georgetown's many rightical chic PACs.
There is actually very little we as citizens can do to dissuade the President and his followers from their revolutionary intentions-other than voting of course.
No, they have nothing to declare but their bad intentions (to paraphrase William S. Burroughs)....and the sniping at Bush is all part of a larger plan to ensure all he usual suspects get their rake-off when the time comes next January.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I say, Impeach Rowlands....

No I can't say I'm familiar with the details of the Connecticut Governors' case, nevertheless, throw the rascal out!
John Rowland is a cheap dirty, oleaginous crook who finally got caught and like all small time thieves turned on the puppy-dog eyes and begged "forgiveness".
In all a gruesome and distasteful spectacle to be sure.
The hell with forgiveness....all of the country state elections are being ruthlessly nationalized by Karl Rove and his pirate crew....all in a bid to build a massive vertical Bolshevik style GOP political machine.
This is no time for forgiveness or to give someone an undeserved break.
Now just for once, and acting out of pure partisan spite, lets interrupt the ceaseless conservative march to glory and force the bastards to fight on ground of our own choosing.
I'm aware that the democrats are three votes short of conviction in the Connecticut senate, but this will compell the national GOP to spend money and resources to prop up this luxury loving lout.
Anything less than immediate impeachment only leaves in power yet another corrupt GOP satrap who will no doubt take it into his head that the way is clear for new outrages.
Besides, Impelling these Connecticut GOP senators to vote on saving Rowland's dishonest backside is a good thing all around come next November.
It'll sharpen the ideological conflict in Connecticut and serve as a reminder to other GOP Governors that their positions are not so secure.
Forget worrying about who'll take over once Rowlands is dragged off in leg irons, and forget fears of a backlash....just impeach and damn the consequences!

I say, Impeach Rowlands....

No I can't say I'm familiar with the details of the Connecticut Governors' case, nevertheless, throw the rascal out!
John Rowland is a cheap dirty, oleaginous crook who finally got caught and like all small time thieves turned on the puppy-dog eyes and begged "forgiveness".
In all a gruesome and distasteful spectacle to be sure.
The hell with forgiveness....all of the country state elections are being ruthlessly nationalized by Karl Rove and his pirate crew....all in a bid to build a massive vertical Bolshevik style GOP political machine.
This is no time for forgiveness or to give someone an undeserved break.
Now just for once, and acting out of pure partisan spite, lets interrupt the ceaseless conservative march to glory and force the bastards to fight on ground of our own choosing.
I'm aware that the democrats are three votes short of conviction in the Connecticut senate, but this will compell the national GOP to spend money and resources to prop up this luxury loving lout.
Anything less than immediate impeachment only leaves in power yet another corrupt GOP satrap who will no doubt take it into his head that the way is clear for new outrages.
Besides, Impelling these Connecticut GOP senators to vote on saving Rowland's dishonest backside is a good thing all around come next November.
It'll sharpen the ideological conflict in Connecticut and serve as a reminder to other GOP Governors that their positions are not so secure.
Forget worrying about who'll take over once Rowlands is dragged off in leg irons, and forget fears of a backlash....just impeach and damn the consequences!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

A brief note....

The very fine people at have seen fit to publish a note I sent them "endorsing" Tim Russert as "Media Whore of the Year".
See it while you can, MWO usually updates twice a day so it won't be there forever.
And again my thanks to everyone at MWO for indulging my propensity for lowbrow invective.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Matthews on Imus Today:

Chris Matthews was on Imus this morning, and give the man credit, he was almost coherent.
He did assert that you could divine limitless insight into John Kerry's character based on questions like "what is your favorite movie?".
Apparently, Senator Kerry's response, "The Blues Brothers", was flippant and bespoke an arrogant disposition.
Never mind the fact that "The Blues Brothers" is a pretty good movie for some of us, I think the candidate was trying to obliquely mock Chris Mathews' inane line of questioning.
Alas subtlety is lost on a pompous jack off like Matthews who pressed on asking for Kerry's favorite philosopher..."Yogi Berra" was the genial reply.
Whereupon Matthews grumbled to Imus that Kerry " was not taking it seriously".
With idiotic lines of questioning like that, Chris Matthews is lucky that John Kerry didn't smack him in the punim with a custard pie.
Chris fidgets and snarls about Kerry's "unserious" responses and then in the same breath refers to Former President Clinton and Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton and "Hill and Billary".
And he wants this trite humbug taken seriously?
God Bless John Kerry for treating Chris Matthews like cheap parvenue he is...I hope he socks it too the lot of them!
Good lord enough is enough!
Every time Chris Matthews opens his fat pompous gob the professional of journalism is debased and degraded beyond hope of recovery.
And yet he wants to be taken seriously as a serious journalist all the time reserving to himself the right to invoke crude invective at will.
And this is one of the titans of our allegedly free press.
The freedom to harangue, humiliate, diminish, demean, denigrate...all for top dollar too.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy Newspeak Year:

George Will was masturbating in the public prints again last week.
He was detailing with lip smacking relish some of the wonderful utopian ideas that'll be implemented when the GOP takes over congress by huge margins next year.
Oh tweedy George just can't wait for the democrats to be reduced to fuming impotence...cause' once his bunch has a filibuster proof majority they can "take on" the welfare state once and for all.
Isn't it curious, whenever unchecked power is within the GOP's grasp, the first thing they resolve upon is a policy of welfare busting?
And what, welfare is two tenths of one percent of the entire federal budget?
Clearly that two tenths of one percent can't harm anyone except on a very raw ideological's equated with sloth idolence and all sorts of other unpleasant theological conditions by the pseudo conservative punditariat.
Why else does George hate the poor so, unless he thinks they are somehow rejected by the Republican God of Thunder and Fundraising.
Forgive me for asking though, but wasn't welfare "reformed" already by President Clinton?
How much more reform must poor hapless welfare endure?
Well it seems to me that "reform" in the airy space of George Will's mind is a euphemism for "annihilation".
And another thing, I thought GWB's tax cut saturnalia was supposed to fuel a coming boom...if the economy starts trending upward welfare lists will go down thus why the need for reform?
Simple, welfare "reform" isn't a political or economic creed, it's a act of faith by the GOP's power worshipping elite.
They wanna overawe the unbelievers by finally destroying some vital part of the social safety net...this somehow will open thet doors to governance sans let of hindrance for the next ten twenty or thousand years-depending on which columnist you are reading.
I've always held the sensible view that welfare prevented the manifestation of extremist class consciousness....which would seem to the be the very inverted goal of these revolutionaries we got on the op-ed page and in the White House these days.