Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Quaint Notions 2004

The Globe’s Peter Canellos and Newsweek’s George Will are both of the opinion that whoever wins this fall the real losers will be the neocons.

If John Kerry wins the Feiths and Wolfowitzs of the current admin will be scattered like chaff in the wind.
If Bush should win the young Czar will somehow take a hint and purge royal household of his inept and scheming advisors.
Since Canellos and Will presuppose an eternal conservative ascendancy, any unwary reader of their columnry might be inclined to go back to sleep content that a dipshit like Doug Feith will no longer be standing the watch come Wednesday November third.
This is exactly the sort of comforting bilge nervous Roman Senators told themselves about Gaius Caligula….”HE was okay…its those freedman around him Longinus and the like…they are leading The Emperor astray!”
Mid level Bolsheviks told themselves the same thing in Stalin’s day…”Josef is okay it is that Beria character who is guilty of all the repression!”.

Persons who are afraid on some level can easily lapse into this kind of dangerous rationalization.

To think anything else is to question the now unshakable primacy of George Bush Jr. and La Famiglia Arbusto within the conservative movement.
So it is better all around to go on believing that the whole neocon apparat will somehow be dumped in the very near future.
But indeed why should any of them be dumped?
The President still has a conspicuous faith in their abilities…and he is know for loyalty after a fashion to his courtiers.
The Senate and House are in Republican hands and have demonstrated a pronounced inability to defy the President in any way.
Critical voices within the GOP are either marginalized (McCain) or carefully co-opted (Guiliani)…can we really expect any of these men to set off a civil war within the GOP?

Certainly not after a successful Presidential election….

No sirree if you think these guys have been flopping over on their backs for Bush to date…wait til he is re-elected…they will fall over themselves to get in good with the President.
No one will raise their voice against Wolfowitz or Cheney…and if they did Bush would simply ignore them. That is what GWB does best, he ignores good advice like a champ.

Therefore the capacity of the GOP to administer advice and correction to George Bush Jr, is negligible…and will only grow moreso.

Therefore if Will and Canellos truly want the neocons to be cast down from their high positions they’d best endorse Kerry…who on party grounds alone can be depended upon to pink slip the whole sorry lot.
But waiting for George Bush Jr. to come to his senses is a fool’s errand…but then this is the American punditariat we are talking about.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Manchester Union Leader has gone downhill...

it used to be the farthest right of the dailies available in the continental USA.
Whacko publisher William Loeb used to muse in the public prints as to the relative contagiousness of homosexuality. He also was an early exponent of using harsh invective on local and national liberal democrats thus paving the way for Jay Severin and Laura Ingraham.
Bill was a mad caution to put William Randolph Hearst to shame...a fervent Granite State nationalist, he nonetheless lived over the border in the hated Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Loeb didn't care though, thanks to the New Hampshire Primary he had national platform every four years...and by ghod he made the most of it.
Always an iconoclast, he backed only the craziest and made it a paying proposition.
Locally he was a big backer of Meldrim Thompson's successful gubernatorial bid in 1976. Purists will recall Thompson's doomed bid to arm the New Hampshire National Guard with nuclear weapons.
Alas the paper's magic didn't alway work or else "Mad" Sam Yorty's bid for the Presidency would've come to something back in 1972.
Yup...Bill Loeb was indeed a big crazy fish in a very small cold windswept pond...what could be better?
Alas, in 1981 Loeb died, and for a while his equally demented wifey carried on as publisher providing a warm refuge for Pat Buchanan's column and calling for the txes to go down to below zero or some such nonsense.

The Union Leader's letters to the editor page was must read material for anyone studying the ultra-right in USA. Back in the mid 1980's the paper routinely ran letters from all over the country. Most of these missives were fanatical screeds no doubt written with a crayon firmly wedged between the toes (the writer's arms being unsportingly straitjacketed)...deunciations of Jimmy Carter, the U.N., flouridation of water, and the flying monkeys were a daily event.

All gone now alas...these days the Union Leader is still decorously right-wing but the country has caught up to Loeb's paper in conservative the spark of counter cultural defiance is gone.
The letters have all become safely provincial in character and where once ran blazing epistles denouncing Walter Mondale's socialistic leanings now crabby notes on the traffic in Epsom Circle can be seen.
Moreover the paper has gone with the whole "USA Today" look...with graphs and charts and pretty pictures all meaningless in extremis.
I miss the olde timey Union Leader.
It was a rag with the ethics of a crack house...but it was a laugh riot to read.
Today's super patriots and ultra conservatives just aren't fun anymore...they've ruled the Firmament too long and become self conscious and boring.

Monday, September 27, 2004

So the President was on...

O'Reilly's show the other day...and basically what the candidate said was the mission really WAS accomplished and that all those deaths since the "end" of "combat operations" are naught but a series of unfortunate accidents and other battlefield ephemera.
I gotta hand it to Bush, other men would be ashamed of such an infantile display of denial. Not him though, its all a part of his "comfortable-in-his-skin" machismo.

It is plainly spooky to watch Bush genuinely wrack his brain and come up empty when asked if he regretted anything or would've done things another way.
His eyes shift around and just for a second a sweaty police snitch comes gallpoing to mind.
Then he gets control of himself and favors his famed simian simper.
He is authentic in these moments...authentically puzzled that anyone would think he'd ever doubt himself.
Well, that is who Bush is, his complacency and fanaticism prevent him from learning anything or revising his self deified opinions in any way.
And he has always been like that, from all account Bush got through the entire Harvard MBA program without once questioning any of his own conservative shibboleths.
Professors on the far side of the river can recall the future President pleasantly denouncing social security, welfare and whatnot as dangerous socialistic schemes dreamed up by vile liberal elitists.
No doubt The President's aides hear him talking in this absurd fashion all the time.

THIS is Brian McGrory's so called "centrist"....incapable of learning, suspicious of reflection, and entirely nurtured in the conservative cult of grievance.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Romney Formula:

Jobs leave the Commonwealth, and in their place come cash donations to the local GOP from Mitt's well heeled businessman cronies.
THAT is a formula for recovery??
It is rather a dandy scheme for the continuing ideological colonization of Massachusetts.

(Yeah Yeah YEAH! I know...I'm supposed to be looking for a job....but Decaf seems to be on some sort of an inane rampage this week...)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bag em' and tag em'...

(Yeah I know I said I wouldn't be updating this week...but the Governor of Massachusetts keeps acting like an ass so...)
So, let me get this straight, Romney wants to tag all class three sex offenders with GPS ankle bracelets?
This so probation officers and suchlike can track them and make sure all restraining orders are carried out.
We are talking about exactly three offenders in the Commonwealth who qualify though.

Movement conservatives just LOVE the latest top shelf high tech gadgetry don't they?

If it buzzes, hums, clicks, plays the national anthem ,or better yet is made by slave labor in Thailand...they are all over it like flies on shit.
And so it is with Decaf with his powerpoint presentations and other trendy gimmicks.
Frankly though, I think Romney ought to be tagged with a GPS homing device.
That way ANYONE in the Commonwealth can track The Kolobian Viceroy and see how much time he spends in D.C., Utah, or up in New Hampshire.
Maybe some technogeek on Route 128 can come up with an upgraded GPS bracelet that buzzes loudly an every time Decaf promises some unwary Granite State vote a no-tax Utopia where nobody will ever have to work at all.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Brief note:

this blog is going on hiatus for a week or so while Humble Elias tries to do some serious job hunting.
Meanwhile reflect on the irony that as I pound the pavement searching for anything that'll stave off the poorhouse, Governor Romney is shaking down his corporate buddies for hundreds of thousands in donations for his handpicked rabble of legislative candidates.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

In Ellen Goodman's column today...

(Courtesy of the Boston Globe) Mike Dukakis’ presidential campaign manager Susan Estrich is quoted as say the following:

“The trouble is with most democrats is that traditionally we’re not mean enough. Dukakis wasn’t. I wasn’t”.

Ah Susan Estrich no one wallows in self-loathing better than her…hell her self imposed status as “democratic loser” is money in the bank these days.
It is not because she went off a cliff with the Duke in 1988 either, hell, we ALL did that.
No Susan, has long since gone chasing the big bucks as a token liberal on the Fox News Network.
So in return for a big pay day she jobs for the likes of the dipsomaniacal Laura Ingraham or the ever-shrill Sean Hannity.
Susan has become a quisling liberal, like 96.9 FM’s Jim Braude her real job is to lose arguments with bombastic conservative rabble rousers-nothing more.
So is it any wonder that we find her whining hopelessly on the op-ed page?
Her position as Rupert Murdoch’s in-house loser precludes an attempt on her part to engage in real ideological warfare on cable TV assuming she was so inclined to take such a risk.
There is a strong counter-cultural aspect to conservatism these days, they have their own networks, think tanks, radio shows, magazines and nigh limitless sources of funding.
Too bad the ideology has become corrupt and encrusted with undeliverable promises-or all this might be a whole lot scarier than it already is.
Movement conservatism is also in the process of creating and marketing its own brand of liberalism, typically scared wretched specimens…intelligent of course but also too craven to beat the brainless likes of Bill O’Reilly in a shouting match.
Eventually so the logic goes these quivering quislings and counterfeits will somehow replace the real liberal democrats and true conservative ideological hegemony will somehow dawn, beautiful before all men.

I dunno, I think I’d sooner take political pugilism lessons from Arnold Stang than Ms. Estrich.
Because when you are a congenital weakling and professional loser, everyone looks hapless and helpless.
The pity of it is, she could’ve been a leader in the Democratic Party…but alas the problem isn’t that WE aren’t tough enough, it is that SHE isn’t tough enough.
And that is what pays her salary.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Cyborg Speaks...

It is a daunting thing to face Scot Lehigh’s interview with Governor Romney first thing in the morning.
The prospect of a trained journalist reduced to the status of a worshipful invertebrate casts a pall over one’s digestion to be sure.
And yet I’ve got nothing else to blog about today, why not hack away at the Viceroy and his favorite op-ed apologist?

Frankly though, for a column written in the full cry of a Presidential campaign with huge implication for local politics it was a wan bloodless affair.
Scot’s invite into the inner sanctum of Romneydom occasions nothing more than a reading of a print out listing the Governor’s alleged “vast accomplishments”.
Rest assured though, Scot jots everything down with lightning speed.
Apparently Decaf must read the “Chimes at Midnight” because it looks like he wanted to squelch rumors that he has lost all interest in Massachusetts and can’t wait to outsource us all to Thailand.
He is about as reassuring as a detour sign on Route 128.
There is something vaguely robotic about Willard but I can’t put my finger on it.
Are all the venture capital CEOs this mechanical?
Well what of it?
This is a time for robot politics…look at George Bush a President who is naught but an automaton designed by Karl Rove and built by Karen Hughes.
Who is to say that a pure simulacra like Romney cannot like rise to the same office?

Think of it, replicant candidates spouting preprogrammed talking points. with android voters caressing touch screens. and over their heads fluttering in the breeze the flag of the oncoming GOP Utopia-a numeral “8” on it’s side…symbolizing the infinite feedback possible under Republican tax-cut and spend policies.

Funny though, in the whole of this interview Scot never once brings up the issue of gay marriage. Indeed it’d be interesting to see if Mitt’s bumptious defense of heterosexuality is quite so ardent now that polls show the public’s opposition to the measure has cooled.
Guess that one wasn’t loaded onto Decaf’s hard drive.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Again I am the last to know...

apparently tawk show tyrant Rush Limbaugh has divorced wife number three, the one he met over the internet, and is now at liberty.
Such are the limits of e-commerce my friends.
Meanwhile all you ladies down in Miami are advised to stay under cover even if Ivan passes by your door...a far worse menace to life and limb stalks the street.
You have to wonder though was it the untidy piles of vicodin boxes piled thither and yon....Rush's perpetual Homer-like sprawl on the divan obsessively watching football from as far away as Canada...those tomato sauce stains on his shirt...what drove number three over the edge?
Maybe she can shed some light on this bloated junkie's strange ability to avoid jailtime for crimes that would land you deep in Cedar Junction hyar in the Commonwealth...Wealth really counts in the Sunshine State it seems.
Can you imagine what sad band-geek palaver Rush emits whilst flashing his stuffed money clip on a date?
In all it is too much to take during an election year....


Monday, September 13, 2004

Apropos of nothing but...

since the U.S. Government fly whozis knows how many Bin Laden's back to Saudi Arabia right after 9-11...have any of those innocent worthies come back to this nation in the interim?
I mean surely if they have nothing to hide you'd think they'd wanna step up and clear the record...
Just a thought....

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Finally saw Fahrenheit 911 ...

and it was pretty much vintage Michael Moore in all his lardy glory.
The usual gang of GOP truth-tellers have long since cut the film up for its abridgements and alleged distortions.
I don't begrudge Michael Moore his platform though, hell Rush Limabaugh, Sean Hannity, and Jay Severin say all kinds of lying shit every day and no one sends out a flying squad to rebuke them.
Nope, Michael, vulgar marxism and all, is okay by me.
For now.
Of course the biggest thing I took out of the movie wasn't Bush's utter paralysis on the day of the attacks, the gruesomeness of the invasion of Iraq, or the Bush family's tangled ties with the cream of Saudi Arabian society...(a hopeless mess that only a reader of Mother Jones can truly savor) big thing was Colin Powell's exposure as a complete and utter tool.
Time after time this faithful courtier of La Famiglia Arbusto is seen mouthing the most outrageous lies in a sick pallid fashion that indicates Colin KNOWS he is being medacious....but he is too far gone to stop himself.
The guy needs to turn in his portfolio and decamp for some quiet spot to sew up the remnants of his self respect.
Prior to 9-11-01 he is seen claiming that Saddam has been "contained" only to assert in front of the UN that Iraq is armed to the teeth with chemical weapons and who knows perhaps even a positronic ray.
He says even dumber more blatant lies as the film progesses.
If you watch the footage carefully you can see Powell get paunchier, shiftier, and more and more bloated with each and every does he put up with himself?
Well as I said Colin made his bones with the Bush 1 admin so eating shit and calling it pudding is naught but second nature by now.
The poor fool probably STILL thinks this is gonna get his ticket punched for the New Hampshire Primary come 2008. Alas like Mitt Romney and so many other Bush family henchmen past service will count for nothing when Jeb's turn to assume the laurel crown comes around.
There was a time when everyone though Powell would be Bismarck to Bush's young Kaiser Wilhelm....a mentor, a tutor, a wise man to the geek from Crawford. But then Kaiser Bill fired Bismarck touched off World War One in due course-so much for that analogy!
Powell has no integrity whatsoever and quite frankly never did to begin with.
What kills me is, you just know that cocky little freak in the White House treats the Secretary of State like a aging doorman...a nice old doggie worthy of all the condescension a Delta man can generate.
And Colin just takes it...he thinks he is being steadfast and noble....nothing could be further from the truth.
Well what of it, there are enablers everywhere even at the topmost echelon of the Free World.


Friday, September 10, 2004

A quote from Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant...

On the occasion of an un-named general counseling retreat in the face of Robert E. Lee at the Battle of the Wilderness...

"Oh, I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do...some of you think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault and land in our rear and both of our flanks at the same time. Go back to your command, and try to think what we are going to do ourselves, instead of what Lee is going to do!!"

So let me get this straight....

Bush needed help getting INTO the Texas Air National Guard...and then needed even MORE help to get out without a detour to Viet Nam or the stockade?
Everything this little creep gets involved with turns into a disaster doesn't it?
I mean everything!!!!
This dope can't cross the street without the help of three of his father's nearest and dearest.
He sure can lie like a sumbitch though-give the bastard credit...."served with honor" my ass!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh and...

Check out the Romney is a fraud blog today...he has a perfectly appalling story about the use of Massachusetts Lottery gaming machines at the Marshfield Town Fair last week.

Rely on Mike...

It is not that Mike Barnicle is a radio talk show demagogue; it is just that he is so laughably bad at it.
He simply cannot hold together the paltry logic of his rabble rousing for more than three minutes without making a complete and utter jackass of himself.
Take today’s show for example; Mike takes time out to blast Dick Cheney’s assertion that electing Kerry means more terrorist attacks on the USA.
Fine so far...
Mike then segues into bemoaning the alleged rhetorical extremism of “both sides”
Okay…and yes he was very very clear about both parties being guilty of spreading hysteria.
He then refers to the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee as “Girly Man Edwards”-TWICE!
This of course was naught but the usual snarky set up to playing that worthy statesman’s response to Cheney’s bitter effusion.
You see how they do it over on FM 96.9?
Severin, Ingraham, Hannity, and all the other tyrant talkers are free to wallow in their election year liberal hatred…but somehow Mike Barnicle has to be calm measured and thoughtful…neutral to a fault as long as in the end the democrats end up holding the short end of the stick!
Jim Braude is guilty of this same brand of quisling “liberalism” except that he is good at it whilst dumb-ass Mike can’t get the hang of it to save his life.
The result is radio that for sheer morbid hilarity compares favorably with the imperial high noon of Fred Allen.
I’m listening now every day to hear what moronic thing Mike Barnicle will utter next...there seems to be end to the nonsense he can spout!
There are times in the car when I am compelled to shut off the radio, pull over by the side of the road, and laugh hysterically for five full minutes because Mike has said something so patently idiotic or fraudulent.
In that he is completely reliable…just when I think I’ll have to shut the Little Blog That Cried down for lack of material…in charges Mike Barnicle, Ambassador from Caucasiastan, clad in his emblematic white sleeveless tee-shirt bellowing rubbish and wallowing in rank stupidity.
He is inspiring quite frankly….

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Whatever happened to...

Barbara Anderson?
Remember her?
The Maximum Leader of "Citizens for Limited Taxation" talk show tyrant par excellence?
You NEVER hear from her anymore.
There was once a time fourteen years ago when Babs bestrode this Commonwealth liken unto a colossus...she was on the radio once a week with Jerry Williams and Howie Carr tearing then Governor Dukakis a new one.
High times for those who crave the taste of human flesh and the sound a boot makes when stamped into someone's face.
Barbara was a serious political boss in those days...with a way of her dainty hand she could get all kinds of gruesome questions put on the ballot.
It was pretty heady stuff there for awhile.
Alas times marches on...Jerry Williams has gone to his final reward, Howie Carr has his own damn radio show...but Babs?
We got bupkiss from Boss Babs...has Romneyism even outstripped this famously addled-pated populist conservative?

Anyone out there with an update drop me a note at:

Monday, September 06, 2004

There is nothing quite like....

Being jobless with no prospects to make a man suspicious and cynical about the whole “work thing”.
If I could swing it I’d dedicate the rest of my life to creative sloth, but lets face it I lack the mercenary character to happily eschew work.
I suppose that opens me up to the whole “worthless good fer nuthin’ liberal” charge…but I don’t listen to that lot anymore.
They’d happily put me behind barbed wire even if I was pulling down 250K a year.
And anyway, the Globe tells us the jobless rate is falling, meanwhile the government’s statistics indicate more people are living at or below the poverty line than ever before.
This means that high wage jobs are being exchanged for soda jerk-dom at the local Dairy Queen at a rapid clip.
Thus as we “recover” we lose buying power.
The President’s solution to this is another mad phat tax cut no doubt….money I’ll never see going to people who’ll pay me pennies if they get around to it.
I’m beginning to wonder if I couldn’t swing something on the Baja Peninsula?
Wherein an obvious talent such as myself can disport amongst the scorpions in peace.

Because there is but one battle left, the battle for dignity, autonomy, and self respect.

Happy Labor Day....

Sunday, September 05, 2004


In today’s Sunday Globe Eileen McNamara makes the astonishing if grudging assertion that it is okay for John Kerry to fight dirty in this fall’s election as long as he is cleaner about it than Karl Rove.
There has always been something futile and spiteful about Eileen from the git-go.
She can’t embrace the usual punditariat neocon tripe (a’la Brian McGrory) on the other hand she is perpetually jumping ugly on the so called liberal establishment.
The lady is a mess, but as a Kerry hater, she is in good company on Morrissey Boulevard.
Perhaps it is her Parochial Education which as I well know can tangle the wits of the best of us well into middle age.
In the end we are left with a kind of hopeless Freudian shrug “what DOES Eileen McNamara want?”
The world wonders…


Friday, September 03, 2004

Brian's Summer of Disillusionment:

Brian’s Summer of Disillusionment

Y’know, for a hard bitten two fisted city beat columnist, Brian McGrory is surprisingly naïve.
And not in a good way either.
Take today’s column for example after months of outright gubernatorial neglect, cupidity, and ineptitude, Brian finally timorously takes Romney to task for spending most of the summer in pursuit of higher office.
Brian kinda shuffles his feet and mumbles in a frightened tone to the effect that maybe his pal Mitt ought to take care of something in Massachusetts before becoming Senator, Homeland Secretary, or President.
This is the second time in three months that McGrory has been forced to own up to the shortcomings of a so called GOP “centrist”.
Frankly, Brian has no one to blame but himself, time after time he was warned that Messr’s Bush and Romney were fanatics and ideologues of the first rank. McGrory would have nothing of it, preferring to accept on face value all their bullshit about moderation and “governing from the center”.
I don’t doubt that McGrory isn’t a neocon of some type (Which I define as someone with a vast and poorly articulated rage against a chimera called monolithic liberalism)…he is heartily welcome to his own opinion.

It is his lack of journalistic skepticism that appalls me.

Time after time Brian is unwilling or incapable of second guessing anyone he identifies as a “GOP moderate”…ergo someone who “liberal” on civil liberties and tight with a buck.
Generally the punditariat tends to mark out hard for politicians like that…it is McGrory’s downfall that he consistently takes these charlatans at face value.
I don’t know…frankly I think the whole two-fisted city beat columnist thing is a cliché’ that was old back in the days of Mickey Spillane.
I think Brian needs to go back to the bullpen and lay off the op-ed stuff for awhile. He is just too damn credulous for comfort.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Globe still doesn't get it...

Yesterday’s Boston Globe contained the following intriguing sentence;
“Some political observers suggest that Romney’s moderate stances could jeopardize his chances of winning over the Republican base”.
My Ghod the Boston Globe STILL thinks Mitt Romney is some sort of a nice unthreatening middle-of-the-roader.
Hell the whole op-ed page is sodden with this bizarre fantasy!
I swear it is a case of autosuggestion of some type.
Maybe if Lehigh and McGrory wish hard enough Mitt will morph into Frank Sargent and time will roll backwards to the glorious Nixon Aufclarung or some such twaddle.
There is NOTHING moderate about the Kolobian Viceroy…he is constrained by a democratically controlled legislature that is all. If the GOP controlled the Great and General Court the Governor would happily run amok in between languid vacations to Provo Utah and Lake Winnepasaukee.
There is a difference between being a moderate and being Governor of a state known for it’s active Democratic Party and liberals.
The Globe however does not comprehend this…I don’t know if it is a willful policy handed down from their owners in New York or Morrissey Boulevard simply doesn’t care anymore. Whatever it is,The Globe still doesn’t get it…


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Arnold the Moderate...

There is something vaguely funny about a steroidal, cartoonish, gay masturbation icon like Arnold Schwarzenegger being passed off as a dishwater moderate at the Republican National Convention.
Moreover there is something distinctly ridiculous about Governor Schwarzenegger's speechlast night extolling strength and tolerance before a convention dedicated to fag-bashing and groveling at the mere mention of George Bush Jr.'s holy name.

Well lets not begrudge Arnie his moment, like a lot of other GOP "moderates" he is just trying to get his ticket punched for 2008 or maybe 2012.
Nonetheless,like Romney and Pataki, Schwarzenegger is entirely fooling himself that when it comes down to a choice between him and Jeb that La Famiglia Arbusto won't shiv the California mesomorph in the back multiple times.
Arnie if you are reading this...those fancy embossed IOU's from GWB aren't worth shit...not with two more brothers waiting their turn as overseer of plantation USA.
Nobody down there in NYC seems to understand this, consumed with their own short term goals they fail to realize that the Bush clan fully intends for a family member to be President a decade from now.
And they don't give a damn who gets ruined in order to make that happen...they have no loyalty to the nation, only to each other.
Of course trying telling that to jim Braude the token liberal quisling on 96.9 FM tawk....he was having the vapors today swooning with delight over Arnie's speech. Jim characterized Schwarzenegger as someone with a lot of "appeal" to today's youth.
None of that youth appeal turned out at the box office for Arnold's last three films though. Frankly the word around Hollywood was that Arnie was washed up and took to politics out of desperation.
After all what is old hat in Tinseltown always shines like fresh seafood in the GOP.