Thursday, August 29, 2019

Y'Know...if the EU wanted to...

really f**k with British PM Boris Johnson, they should unilaterally impose a thirty day extension to the October 31st "Drop Dead No Deal Brexit Date".
And don't do it for high minded reasons either, just to bring down an arrogant f**khead who desperately needs humbling.
Oh and thereafter grant automatic thirty day extensions at quarter to midnight on the exit date....keep it up until Johnson devolves into a gibbering mess and resigns.

Monday, August 19, 2019

I sincerely hope...

that Congressman Kennedy takes a pass on challenging Senator Ed Markey in next year's state primary.
I like Ed, he is a bit of a blatherskite but his heart is bolted in the right spot and he has waited a long long time for his Main Chance in Politics, he has a right to a Uncontested Victory Lap.  Indeed though, what are these "rights" in an age of Rising Primary Challenge Politics?  Both Congresspersons Moulton and Pressley owe their current preeminence to a willingness to aggressively challenge a democratic incumbent in a primary.  Sooner or later this motif was gonna assert itself at the senatorial level, it was only a matter of time.
Lets face it though, even though the Kennedy Vibe is to "hire the best & smartest", there is always cadre of shit-stirrers surrounding politician in question urging him or her to Greater Glory. This is where we get Edward Maximus' abortive 1980 Campaign for the Presidential Nomination or Joseph P. Kennedy II's stillborn Gubernatorial Bid, all the work of shit-stirrers.  JKIII is no different in that respect, that crowd around him may also be unconvinced that Senator Warren can go all the Way to the White House, therefore its either overthrow Ed or sit on their hands for six more years.
Supposedly the poll shows Kennedy leading by a narrow margin, both candidates are flush with cash, but Markey already has a statewide organization and pockets bulging with political IOUs.  Assuming he is willing to fight for it, this won't be a cakewalk for Kennedy, who'd potentially be terminating his political career prematurely if Markey prevailed in the Primary.
I say give it a pass Congressman the Commonwealth's democrats need to concentrate on volunteering in NH, fundraising, selecting a winning Presidential Nominee and most of all beating Donald Trump...

Friday, August 09, 2019

"Dear Mister President"

Let me be blunt.
Senator Mitch McConnell has no intention whatsoever of passing mandatory background check legislation, if necessary he will drop napalm on common decency and his own honor to prevent these sensible firearm measures from passing.
Whatever he said to you, however vague or explicit is designed to buy him time until the next tweet or crisis distracts your attention and permits him to quietly drop the matter.  He won't help you, assuming you truly want mandatory background checks on fire sales because Mitch McConnell isn't on your side. No, if you were smart you'd best figure out how far Chuck Schumer is willing to go then see if you can leverage some pressure on McConnell.
That is IF you are serious...and that is likely the key question here, my guess is, you are not...

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Throng of Citizenry Descended on the Hapless Governor Of Ohio

(his name is unimportant even if I could remember it) and demanded that he "do something" in the wake of this Weekend's Mass Shooting in Dayton.
Poor Deluded Foolish Crowd!!
They should know instinctively, that no GOP Governor of OH has ever prospered by doing anything at all, they are good for all of two things, getting elected & waiting by their phones for the US Vice Presidency to be offered them by the RNC...
And this pathetic puling wretch is no different he is hoping  the outcry can die down and the electorate distracted by fresh massacres so he can stump the State with Eric Trump in Peace.