Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SOTU, shall this pass

Sorry I never watch the SOTU speech as a general rule, so whatever threats and promises Mister Trump made last night to say nothing of the lies he no doubt eructated, I will pass over in silence.
The fact of the matter is, that State of the Union Speech has gone from a minor constitutional responsibility settled onto the Executive Department to a Mawkish to Garish Reality Show Spectacle and a disheartening one at that...
The reasons for this are twofold, across the board, the political class in DC is convinced that the electorate is somehow ignoring them, said alleged obscurity somehow in turn inhibits their ability to govern on some intangible level.  Forget that this is simply not the case on any measurable level, those governing are completely hypnotized by this notion.
Hence the spectacle "this'll grab em" they all mutter to themselves.
The other reason is a little more dark, since the days of the Reagan Aufklarung, it has been an article of faith in Washington DC that somehow the feckless inconstant masses are instantly persuaded when communication is somehow initiated in an "unfiltered format". Never mind that literally there no discernable form of political communication in this country that IS NOT curated or filtered in some fashion or another...all the same the politicians all believe this the way a novitiate buys into the primacy of  Holy Mary, the Mother of God.  SOTU, so they insist, is this blessed "unfiltered" chance to get the message out unmolested, thus again, "the spectacle".
So in actuality its a pretty brain dead occasion full of sound bytes and other indicators of intellectual decline enacted by the chronically needy with soft touch jobs, the electorate deserves better and remains weirdly tolerant of a distinctly third rate show.
Frankly I'd pay good money for a US President who'd go back to manly practice of reporting the State of the Union via letter to the congressional leadership, this was good enough for such infamous illiterates as Thomas Jeffersion & Abe Lincoln....
I myself literally haven't sat thru one since High School and that was undoubtedly considered a homework assignment from some Nun.  That Nun...has likely departed this mortal coil, so I guess we can all Thank Ghod she didn't live to see the pretty pass her beloved country has reached....

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Casino Mogul and Alleged Perv, Steve Wynn

has all the sexuality of an Easter Island Monolith...
But Count on It Kiddies, the Commonwealth is into this book for one billion large or more with his as  yet unfinished Casino in Everett....they haven't cut the damn ribbon in the Foyer and already the State Gaming Commission are investigating Wynn's "moral fitness" to fleece the public at games of chance.
Oh Massachusetts, Who Will Save You?

Monday, January 29, 2018

"War of the Septugenaruas"

Joe Biden wants to run for President badly, John Kerry is thinking about it and clearly the main reason Mitt Romney is running for the Senate in Utah is because his Potomac Fever is spiking once again.
All these guys are pushing or past seventy years of age, Romney and Biden would both be racking up their third Presidential Race, Kerry, would be booking his second assuming he piles in.
And the only reason these guys are considered seriously is because Trump broke the age barrier in 2016 and almost any geezer in the USA can credibly aspire once again for the Oval Office.
Biden & Kerry I can understand at the end of the day they are serious well known members of the opposition, but Romney's path to glory requires that Trump decline re-election or a sudden revision in the President's Constutional Status....otherwise Romney ends up one of Mitch McConnell's faceless lackwits.  Because lets face it, Mitt Romney (tacky ambition aside) simply doesn't have the guts to "primary" Donald Trump in 2020. And even IF Trump isn't a factor in 2020 Romney still has to get past Mike Pence who is exactly the sort of wingnut that can beat Mitt like a Red headed stepchild.
So given all that I have to wonder why he is making the race in Utah at all...

Friday, January 26, 2018

The G.I.C. Is walking back an earlier decision to contract...

The health insurance options available to state workers and qualified retirees in the wake of some guberatorial backpedaling and the usual threats of Senate Hearings etc....the decision hasn't been rescinded yet, but the auspices are at least somewhat promising.
But let this be a lesson to us all, you have to watch Charlie Baker like a Hawk, Day & Night! His default is to privatize on the quiet and always give as little as possible no matter the need or the obligation, his is an "objectivist-lite" in other words.
And he is passive aggressive as well and a bit of sneak so he is always gonne cloak his intentions and execute as often as possible in private, hence the need for constant vigilance. Kudos to the Boston Globe and everyone on Beacon for banging the pots on this one....but just remember the decision hasn't been rescinded yet, they've just been caught thats all...make sure to follow thru because if Charlie Baker can weasel out of this controversy stick it to the state workers he will believe me.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

There are rumors out there

And I hope and pray to Ghod Almighty that all they are, are rumors, to the effect that John Forbes Kerry wants to run for President...again.
To put it bluntly, "JOHN DON'T DO IT!!"
C'mon John this is Elias, I went off a goddamn cliff with you with a smile on my face in 2004 no regrets and no apologies, but you don't own this meshugginah country a goddamned thing this point, and might I add, you are past seventy years of age. Don't fall for all this "Revenge of the Septuagenarians" nonsense out there, just because Trump is as old and dumb as dirt and Joe Biden wants a piece of him, is no reason to pile in on a heartbreaking process!!!
Don't do it...please don't....I know the whole damn planet is in a helluva mess but believe me, you did yer best from Viet Nam on oil today, time to let others carry the torch!
Yer mind is made up...
Go with a short program, talk nothing save progress, unity and equality before the law, say little about Trump unless compelled in a candidate's forum, and good luck fundraising....
Or you could just decline to do it....I'd go with that.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The State of the Syrup...

Charlie Baker's State of the Commonwealth Speech is a long boring recitation of phantom accomplishments, promises to resolve expensive problems with no money and usual crescendo of love for bipartisanship.
Left unsaid obviously, the the public and private want occasioned the contraction of health insurance options by the GIC, nor is the Governor interested in keeping funny money out of the process and his silence on the subject of "privatization" is merely tactical, he'll revisit that utopian notion if safely re-elected.
As for "Bipartisanship" thats another election year GOP codeword designed to neutralize the potential opposition of the legislature ato his re-election. It is also a gambit that works by the way so keep an eye on your senators and reps in the coming months.....if they are democrats that is...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Governor Baker's Hand Picked G.I.C. Just voted to

Vastly contract the health insurance options available to incumbent state civil servants and retirees.
Nice Guy Huh? Real Caring Moderate Republican...
Y'know...F**k Charlie Baker and the Horse He Rode In On for the sheer amount of Mishaugas this Jackass has caused a 94 year old widow in my family that depends on the healthcare options provided by Charlie Baker's Skinflint G.I.C. !!
The AFL-CIO et al is up in arms about this decision seemingly taken in secret as well they should be, however antagonizing the Commonwealth's Civil Servants in an election year is an old GOP Gubernatorial Tactic, and Charlie Baker does love "The Classics".
He will no doubt pose as the friend of the taxpayer while tsk tsking "greedy state workers" (I can just see the Howie Carr column now) I said its an old trick but it works. So just for opposition's sake (and I don't give a rat's ass about "the optics") I hope someone with some muscle and numbers in Organized Labor has the common christian decency to Picket Baker's "State of the State" tonight at the State House....if for no one else then for a certain ninety four year old widow I know who doesn't need this shit at this point in her long honorable life!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

It Requires Repeating that...

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell could screw up a two-car funeral without ever getting out of bed! They are a matched pair of incendiary anarchists, they have no proper notions of "Governance" in the constitutional sense of the term, they see their respectful jobs as exclusively centered on destruction and or the redistribution of wealth upwards in the overclass.
That is It.
As long as they both hold positions of public trust and authority within congress we will stagger thru shutdown after shutdown after shutdown, and if they manage to escape said fiscal morass, it will literally be by accident.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stephen Kinzer...

has a mannered precise lawyerly column in today's Globe detailing the important differences between Genocide and mere Atrocity.
Genocide is defined as the systemic annihilation of whole layers of the human population for religious or political reasons....Atrocity is defined as...something else.
Seven hundred words to the column and Kinzer's definition of atrocity comes down to "its not as bad as genocide".
By comparison I am moved to recall an entire paragraph written by Mickey Spillane in one of his spy novels wherein the differences between "A Dame" and "A Broad" were carefully and incoherently delineated.
To me, All Atrocities are ipso facto Genocidal in Character, if you are one of the intended victims...precise categories matter most of all to logicians and lawyers, victims have to take to their heels long before the discussions conclude.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I am gonna try and do this politely but honestly

but if Governor's Council Member Marilyn Petitto Devaney is "primaried" this year, all due attention should be paid to her challenger & their qualifications for office.  Ms. Devaney is very zealous and eager and dedicated to her elected position I have heard of no scandal or corruption attending on her eighteen years in office, but she is even twitchier, more discursive and long winded than usual, its likely time for her to retire from public life.  I have yet to see her go before an audience in her district where she didn't have to be shut down by the moderator for blabbing on past her alloted time she loses listeners easily and rarely recovers them.
Ms Devaney perpetuates in public life because she occupies the perfect down ballot office where incumbency, obscurity and likely a tinge of gender can still tip the scales.
Its just time for someone else, hopefully as zealous but  also someone more coherent & dare I say it, dignified.
Sorry this is a polite as I can phrase, its just time for a change.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Annual MLK Blogging:

From the "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

"Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial "outside agitator" idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds."

Abraham Lincoln, that thoroughly national man in outlook, could not have said it better....Doctor King is the logical final conclusion of all Lincoln's ideas about citizenship, national unity, the urgencies of Justice and our freedoms.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Jay Gonzelez in Menotomy (again)

I'm starting to take a shine to Gonzalez as a deomcratic gubernatorial aspirant, mind you I still wanna hear from Warren & Massie...but Gonzalez is starting to "Wear Well" as far as this obscure blogger is concerned.
He is a reasonable affable public speaker who reminds me of the supremely affable Deval Patrick in his speech pattern. He sounds fairly realistic about the issues from a progressive perspective, he isn't blasting the "Trump-Trumpet" every other sentence (Jaysuz thats a relief!), he has a good set of beefs with Charlie Baker so he must be doing something right to rate a GOP videographer dogging his every step (a big redheaded lout I didn't catch his name, he kept quiet to his credit thru the whole appearance).
Besides I begin to like Gonzalez' core argument, which is, that if all Charlie Baker offers us is sheer stagnation and gently falling bond ratings, then all then means is we are simply retrogressing slower than the national average so to speak with an Administration in Washington seemingly hell bent on wholesale devolution into a Neanderthal State.
That to me is an elegant simple argument, whether the democratic primary or the general election cohorts buy it is another thing entirely. I do wonder if like Jimmy Tingle, Jay is trying to run a good tight one hoping for fairer winds in 2022...but then again none of us may even be here to vote come 2022.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Comedian Jimmy Tingle

who is improbably enough, the current front runner for the democratic nomination for Lieutenant collecting the endorsement of former Lt Governor Thomas P. O'Neill III in North Cambridge tonight.
O'Neill of course, is the son of the Supreme Maacher, the Late Tip O'Neill, US Speaker of the House. O'Neill The Third hasn't had a big footprint in democratic politics for a few years now, but the name carries storied weight and he is a man with many many friends within and without the corridors of power, it sends a message that Tingle is indeed "A Serious Candidate". In short, "Its a Good Get".
I remain ambivalent about Tingle's candidacy, I'm as a rule throughly disenchanted with the parade of untested amateurs that routinely parachute in the Lt Gubernatorial Primary while seasoned experienced public servants settle down quietly in their safe seats to watch the Big Show. And Tingle despite his charm and obvious brains is still out of this amateur class...however at the moment he is the only game in town, in a binary choice between Him and Palfrey on the ballot I have to go with Jimmy Tingle reservations and all.
Of some import, down the road I do have to wonder about his long term intentions, this is gonna be a tough year for the democrats to unseat Charlie Baker (although we must still make the strongest possible effort all the same)...Tingle has at best, indifferent chances of being elected Lt Governor. I'm guessing his long range plan to make suitable contacts within and without the democratic part, build up a base at the polls, develop a fundraising profile...and run for Governor in heard it hear last folks.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Anne Romney is apparently a "Go" for

Her husband Mitt to run for the US Senate, this time from Utah.
Whew...I was worried there for a short moment that MAYBE Ms Romnet might put her own health or age or well being on a co-equal footing with the relentless ambitions of her spouse, the former Governor of Massachusetts.
Quick question, When has Anne Romney ever said NO to any of Mitt's electoral ambitions...Senator Governor US President and now Senator say nothing of US Secretary of State. I think if Mitt was mulling about running for "King Swank of Hell", His Wife would be the Loudest "YES!!" In the room.
Well what of it, reflex enabler or not she is still the Better Half of That Marriage, Ms. R managed to leave a good impression in Belmont as opposed to her famously detached and seldom seen Spouse.
The Moderate Republican Trauma Team at the Boston Globe seems relieved as well, they can go on fantasizing that the "Vital Center" is calling the shots in the GOP for a few more months, at least until "Senator Romney" starts getting rolled by the Trump White House...and he will believe me.
That is IF Romney wins, just remember he lost his other bid for the US Senate (albeit in alleged liberal enclave Massachusetts) and over he hasn't won an election at all since 2002.
Food for thought y'all.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Oprah Winfrey for President?

On the basis of a rousing speech at th Golden Globe's Sunday Night, Oprah Winfry is being touted as a Presidential Prospect all over the mediaverse even as I write this.
Well, as I pointed out a year ago, Trump's "election" broke down a lot of very necessary barriers in US Politics, "personal crapulence" clearly isn't a disqualification for office and zero experience in politics doesn't count for a hill of beans either...but the malign consequences of the annihilation of those barriers are a veritable Sword of Damocles over our heads, every single day.
Oprah's chief qualification for office is a huge personal fortune and a comfort factor on TV that will give Marshall McLuhan the screaming bedspins...but thats it. How she'd handle tedious exactly and thankless budget negotiations with congress is a mystery and would remain so until she was theoretically inauguated.
Granted if nominated, the debates would be grand political theater but shit, the debates with Hillary Clinton were great in every way and still the damn thing blew up in our faces.
No...Forget Oprah for President, its your privilege to advocate a candidacy solely routed in anxiety relief, vengeance, money & name recognition....but it may never ever be what the country needs post Donald Trump.
Besides there is a quality of "homeopathic medicine" to Oprah for President, the cure for a sugar high media sensation driven presidency is clearly another even stronger dose of sugar and media hype....again, I have m' doubts.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Apparently Climate Change has reached such a malevolent

pitch that we have to worry about serious coastal flooding during high-end snowstorms, a problem utterly unknown when I was boy in the idyllic days of the late 1960's.  The current custodians of the Executive Department in Washington DC will see the entire seaboard from Texas to Cutler Harbor under 100 feet of water before they'll tolerate a whisper of "climate change". As such the ball has to carried downfield as best we can by state governments, so yeah its time to start discussing that seawall in the Boston Harbor and a host of other preventative measures. If I had any advice for Mayor Marty Walsh its to do his best to prevent Charlie Baker from turning this issue into a "state thrift versis Boston's profligacy" scenario, this is exactly the sort of thankless complicated issue that the Governor would love to bury under cliches and forget.
For that fact, the three democrats currently running for Governor are well advised to start talking up this issue and try and tag Baker a bit with it. What are Charlie Baker's plans regarding climate change anyway?  I'd love to know, because this one is knocking loudly at our doors right now.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Based on his behavior

its hard not to infer that The President is as Guilty as Sin with respect to the Mueller investgation.  But when it comes to obstruction of justice though, he is just so momumentally stupid at it, he makes threats he can't back up, schemes in public and seems woefully ignorant of even the elementary school basics of how the US Constitution works.  In fact the more Trump struggles and flails, the more evidence he piles up of his own guilt.  Literally, the only thing keeping him in the Oval Office is Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell's zealous commitment to enabling the President right to the edge of National Annihilation.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Its 2002 All Over Again...

Orrin Hatch (finally) retires and within minutes Mitt Romney is scheming to run for the US Senate from Utah.  All that is missing is a conspicuous female politician to temporarily obstruct his path to Power.
"Here is Mitt Romney HE, WILL SAVE US!" Said No One Ever.  Oh social media is alive with references to the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, where Mitt fired some contractors and dilegently collected licensing fees as the sum total of his heroism - my Next Door Neighbor's Dog could have done as good a job for Cthulu's Sake. And then there is "Staples" which is literally the only business enterprise ever acquired by Bain Capital whose workers jobs weren't outsources to Manila and the Shoulders of Orion.
Paltry stuff indeed....Nonetheless...
I wish the People of Utah the Sweet Christian Joy of Willard Mitt Romney, entitled, craven, a bully to those weaker than him a toady to those who overwhelm him....the man is changeless I will grant him that.
But the notion that Romney is gonna climb into the US Senate to somehow be a loud voice against Trump is ridiculous, just because Mitt has a glass jaw when it comes to Right(wing) Hooks, doesn't make him the fabled Moderate GOP Messiah, it never ever did, but....this seems to be a lesson we haven't yet internalized.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

For the Past Two Weeks...

Arctic Temperatures have caused all sorts of vexing service delays on the Red & Orange Lines to say nothing off the usual one-off slowdowns on the Green Line.
And that is with gentle breezes and clear skies overhead, I shudder to think the sheer paralysis that will grip the system when and if we get five inches of wind driven slush during a Wednesday Night Rush Hour.
Oh the fun we'll have....I wonder if Governor Baker has a spreadsheet for the occasion, I'm sure he does and I doubt it'll do anything to rectify an admittedly as yet hypothetical situation.  I wanna suggest to any democrat who wishes to run for Governor this year, take some time off fundraising today and tomorrow to take the Red Line to & from Park Street / Alewife, I'll make a fifty dollar bet you'll encounter at least one "moderate" service delay in either direction.
THAT is what we are up against as voters and commuters, an aging unreliable public transportation system whose burdgeoning problems the Governor is managing via what abouts to creative accounting.
I mean if anyone is actually looking for a practical issue on the campaign trail that is...

Monday, January 01, 2018

Donald Trump is:

(regardless of the date cited on his birth certificate) the first authentic Millennial President.
Consider by all accounts he cannot think at all without the intervention of his own smartphone...said device is literally on his own personal at all times, utterly unfiltered with respect to his attempts to literally the govern the nation from a curatorial remove on social media.
And then there is the President's any fourteen year old boy he can only seem to feel about four emotions in total.
Those are:
Rage, Cringeworthy Triumphalist Gloating, Toxic Self Pity & Bitter Envy.
After that nothing, dead air quite literally.  
So at this point its like being governed by a fourteen year old boy, the results are convoluted and catastrophic with near constant referral to social media. Perhaps though, we should be grateful, given the grotesque and harmful reach of Trump's Platform we should be grateful that he is also far too distracted and incompetent to be an even greater threat to our liberties.
 Or as Abraham Lincoln once rusticated:
 “Jim used to say his brother was the damnedest scoundrel that ever lived, but in the infinite mercy of Providence he was also the damnedest fool.”