Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Romney vacations like a Frenchman...

gone-gone-gone like the wind for the entire month of August it seems, you'd think the Kolobian Viceroy was the Prefect of Paris or something.
In the meantime the battle for reform has been taken to some interesting places; Provo Utah, Athens Greece, Lake Winnipesaukee (where sadly no one could be found worthy of rescue from drowning) and then Nashua High School yesterday for a grovel event with his President.
Really the reform war seems to be going on everywhere but in Massachusetts...apparently our current job hemorrhage is small beers to a man seemingly bred to a heroic destiny...really any destiny as long as it is somewhere else.
You'd think Romney would at least ring up Bank of America to protest the layoffs at Fleet...nope it is more important to pretend to be a moderate GOP governor down in NYC right now.
Shawn Feddeman, the governor's grossly overpaid and insufferably insincere mouthpiece asserts that since Mitt doesn't actually accept his salary he is pretty much free to come and go as he likes. This is an entirely unique update of the old "divine right of kings" concept...Shawns argument being that since Mitt doesn't cash his checks he get to treat Massachusetts like an absentee landlord.


Monday, August 30, 2004

Cadillacs for Bush...

I must've been the only Kerry-Edwards drudge up in Nashua NH today who didn't know the President was in town.
All I heard was a big visibility was called for...and so off I went.
When humble Elias got there Bush, Romney, and whatever cheap bastard is currently serving as Governor of New Hampshire were all infesting Nashua High School trying to ignite a rally.
So far as I could see this was the big confab for Massachusetts Republicans, there must've been humdreds of them bused in from the Bay State.
The Cadillac revolutionaries were out in force as well...dozens of the damn things kept sweeping past us and down the road to the GOP event.
And then there was us out on the curb...several hundred Kerry-Edwards drones with a bunch of ACT-UP servitors sprinkled in for good measure.
I have to say, some of those ACT-UP guys have problems with courtesy and self control.
on the other hand the average New Hampshire voter's passion for verbal confrontation is as yet undimmed. I myself got accosted by some wrinkled old yob who was screeching away at me about abstinence education and how it will save my kids from being "infected an' diseased".
He was flailing around some book by Tammy Bruce....presumably her hymen and beyond are uninfected and undiseased.
And this is a fairly typical encounter in New Hampshire during an election year. The locals have always taken a gleeful delight in haranguing unwary campaign volunteers.
The Bush campaign didn't have much presence on the streets that I can see...but as I said they made up for it by calling us all sorts of jolly names as they drove by.
I felt bad for the cops who had to stand the watch in the hot sun today...those kevlar vests make things pretty toasty.
Oh yeah and the Secret Service was there...looking displeased as usual.
Just another typical day on the campaign hustings in the Granite State.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

What is promised in Bush's notional second term?

The President will outline a lavish series of proposals at the upcoming RNC convention.
The can be boiled down to a simple easy to remember list:

More Spending

More Debt

Less Freedom

And More Lies....

Along the way he'll hang the queers, make voting a joke, reinvest the royal prerogative in the Bush Family, shoot the abortion doctors, sell off social security at flea market prices, and put the U.S. Senate behind barbed wire...if he can.

But those are the mere baubles...things to be grabbed off if the pickin's are easy as it were.

The main points of his program are neatly summarized above.

It is a pretty ugly stunted sort of a program, but that can't be helped...it is the times we live in that render the President's beloved doctrine a wan wasted thing.
George Bush Jr. is the first U.S. President raised and indoctrinated from birth in the grand counter-revolutionary tradition of modern conservatism. The great irony of his administration is that he has come to power in a time of decline for conservatism as political theory. The great intellectual engines and solons of the movement have fallen at last into a particularly gross torpor. They haven't coughed up an original idea in over a decade...and the next ten years promises even less in the way of rigorous thinking on the right.
Oh they may well go on governing...the symbols and populist rage of U.S. conservatism are self perpetuating even as the intellectual wellsprings of the movement run completely dry.
The question then arrises for those of us who aren't inclined to sell the nation out to Reverend Moon or the thieves over at Halliburton...what next?
What is to be done...?
Sooner or later conservatism must hit the wall...just as liberalism outlasted it's welcome all those years ago.
Who will govern in their place?
Are WE ready?
I think not, there is some pleasing intellectual ferment on the left right now but nothing capable of unifying the nation and taking it forward.
What is to be done?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Owing to my low ratings....

I've decided to take a few days off in order to retool "The Chimes at Midnight" into something more attractive to christian fundamentalists and out-of-state wowsers of all persuasions.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Awww...Dick Cheney has gone all bleedin' heart on us...

The Vice President has gone so far to the left as to assert that gay marriage ought to be left to the states to decide.

In this matter Cheney has lined up with such arid Stalinists as Senator John Forbes Kerry and Orrin Hatch!
I wonder why Cheney is kanoodling with the token moderates of the GOP?
You know, the Pataki, Arnie, and Rudy,that whole crowd. These are men with no power whatsoever over GWB's headlong flight to catastrophe-the same hapless meat puppets who will be extensively on display at the RNC in New York like captured Hottentots.
Has Karl Rove told Dick the campaign needs the votes of the three guys left in the Log Cabin Coalition who are standing by the President?
Have the margins gotten that slim?

Given his documented hold over the President you'd think Dick would have dummied up on the issue.
But no there he was spewing his "nuanced and complex" view of the issue....a shamefully equivocal pronouncement from an administration whose cries for blood and dynamite are the answer to seemingly everything.
What DO the wowsers make of this???

I wonder if this means that Dick is getting tossed overboard at the New York Convention?
I doubt it...GWB is famous for his cartoonish devotion to his alleged underlings.
On the other hand waiting in the wings rubbing his hands and smacking his lips with glee is Senator Rick Santorum a reliable homophobe and demagogue of the first rank...and Bush does stress loyalty, conmpatibility and slavery.
maybe Bush just wants a Veep who won't call him "Georgie Boy".

Monday, August 23, 2004

Bob Dole has a lot of god damned nerve

doesn't he?

Casting aspersions on John Kerry's war record like that.
Some patriot Dole turned out to be....
Did anyone try to dig up some war related dirt on Dole when he ran against Clinton in 1996?
Ohhhhh...Nooooo....BOB is part of the "greatest generation" and thus sacrosanct...duly blessed by that hopelessly inane fraud Tom Brokaw.

The modern GOP puts a premium on shamelessness; and now finally in his eight decade Bob Dole an otherwise inoffensive old golem has finally learned how to smear like a Newt Gingrich.
The creepy old bastard must be all proud of his vile self.
Not for nothing though, but hasn't Senator Kerry already released all his war records?
Not only is Bob Dole a shameless old hatchet man, he is also senile as well.
The GOP is utterly out of control in this country, they desperately need to lose campaign 2004 if for no other reason than to break the power of La Famiglia Arbusto and put some decent patriotic personalities in charge...


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Jacoby's column in today's

Sunday Globe is a minor masterpiece…pursuant to the hurricane damage in Florida Jeff actually attempts to argue that price gouging speeds the recovery effort.
This would be funny if the poor and the elderly weren’t paying thirty bucks for a bag of ice needed to keep one’s medication appropriately chilled.
Obviously Jeff just doesn’t see it in those terms.
High prices, he pontificates, will price in more commodities from merchants seeking a big pay off thus the hidden hand will soon be raising roofs in the trailer parks up and down Fort Myers Beach.
Exploitation is good sayeth the laughing young senescence.
This assumes of course that it is economic to send truckloads of ice and other necessities down the gulf Coast’s battered and shattered highways in search of a big pay off.
It may not be on grounds that a one hundred percent mark up in the price of chain saws is preventing anyone from clearing the fallen trees.
Oh I could go on this vein….but why bother?
If price gouging is so damn wonderful why not privatize FEMA and extract payment from the locals for every service rendered?
By Jeff’s logic this is exactly what we should do in order to rebuild the Gulf Coast in jig-time.

There is something about Jeff’s Sunday column that is especially dogmatic and hilariously narrow minded. It is like he has had two full working days to evolve an exquisitely inane defense of whatever he thinks is imperiling conservative theology this week.
There is however something desperate,humorless, and almost missionary about his constant defenses of the holy free market. No matter how irrelevant the situation there we will find Jeff Jacoby unashamedly down on his knees before the pagan idol of raw commerce, abasing himself in the most crude and servile fashion possible.

Sad really…no sorry it’s freakin’ hilarious.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Congrats to Cosmo Macero

he has been promoted to Business Editor over at the Boston Herald. Cosmo has been nice enough to link to this teensy no-account blog hyar and has even quoted me on occasion...so that makes him aces high in my books.
Besides having hired Mike "The Ambassador from Caucasiastan" Barnicle as a columnist the the powers that be had to do SOMETHING to restore confidence in the Herald.
All kidding aside I wish Cosmo well and when he gets a chance maybe he can explain why the Globe is running front page stories about the "strength" of the recovery yet at the same time Morrissey Boulevard's Sunday job listings remain thin wasted things?
I doubt Cosmo will have time to blog much anymore but just in case check him out at:

Friday, August 20, 2004

Now the question must be asked....

Does Howie Carr( that poor dear) have Alzheimer’s disease or what?
His column today was a maudlin exercise in senile wish fulfillment, in other words he thinks it is 1988 and John Kerry is somehow Howie’s favorite whipping boy Mike Dukakis.
Kerry so Carr reasons is doomed for the same reasons that the Duke was brought low, not that Howie can recall any of the increasingly hazy details.
Never mind the fact that I can recall with the simplest nostalgia that Howie was PANICKED at the thought that the Duke would cruise to glory that November.
Nonetheless it was heady happy time for the runty little bastard all in all.
It is easy to see why, back in 1988 Howie was on the brink of achieving his life’s dream, running the Duke out of office and running his mentor the late Jerry Williams off that sweet sweet drive time spot.
Now it is sixteen long terrible years later, the ex-wife ran off the big screen teevee and the plaque has built up so thick in Howie’s noggin the neurons need snow shows to complete a coherent thought.
Yup it has been nothing but high winds and empty spaces since the heady days of Evelyn Murphy and Dan Quayle….do torturers and sadists pine for their departed victims?
Howie does….it is nauseating but also a little sad.
He actually thinks the “Swift Boat Vets for the Truth” (that strange ragged collection former supporters and endorsers of Senator Kerry) are getting a raw deal from the “lamestream media”….plaintively he asks why no one will listen to their rants and fulminations?
The old Howie Carr would’ve realized these bums are a bunch of paid hacks in the making….now though, the Herald’s once feared columnist sounds tired and whiny.
His sense of humor is ebbing away and that my friends is a sign of senile dementia, frequently it is the last thing to go.
Howie ought to retire, there is still room over in Youville for a self proclaimed “tabloid guy”. He needs to think about this because the man has made some serious enemies down through the years. Sooner or leater they will pick up on his labored breathing and depleted strength and circle around for a great reckoning.
It won’t be pretty my friends….Youville though, there is still time to depart therein and retire in dignity like the Kaiser to his pea patch in Holland.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

A short ideological warfare bullet...

it is funny but, the radio tawk show tyrants are all in a demonic fury about what thewy call John Kerry's abbreviated combat record. Which amounts to a medal bedecked six months or so out of two hitchs in the U.S. Navy.

Then again, John McCain spent year in a North Vietnamese POW "camp" and was duly derided as a haggard nutlog and a ticking time bomb when HE went up against La Famiglia Arbusto in campaign 2000.
Makes you wonder what constitutes real service to your country in the eyes of Karl Rove and his criminal ilk.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

They just...fade away...

Word is out that the President wants to ship home some seventy five thousand troops from overseas (Chiefly Germany and South Korea) over a ten year period as part of a radical redeployment of US Forces.
Jim Braude the token liberal on 96.9 FM talk seems to think that this will convince the poorly informed that we are in deed pulling out of Iraq prior to the election.
The only word that they will hear is “pull out” apparently the rest of the story will be lost in public dyslexia.
Jim is a bit of a yap and no good to the democrats in a crisis, but he might be onto something.
Bush can’t bring home the troops from Iraq, but he can “redeploy” a shitload of soldiery from other locations thus blunting the rising tide of resentment the GOP is getting from military families.
So in my mind, this election year shift in strategy has two purposes;
1.) It screws over the Germans and serves as La Famiglia Arbusto’s payback for not supporting GWB’s war in Iraq back in 2002.
“A Bush never forgets”
2.) It helps to cut Bush’s losses among military families in the electorally vital state of Florida. IF the assumption us that Florida will be close again this year, then Bush needs to make peace with as many military families as possible in that styate short of cutting and running in Iraq.
Of course as John Kerry pointed out today it’s probably not a good idea to reduce our troop levels in South Korea when we are simultaneously negotiating with a nuclear armed Pyongyang.
But then this is George Bush we are talking about he’d happily let nine tenths of the world burn if it meant a bare majority of twenty thousand votes in Florida.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

As H.L. Mencken once said...

“We suffer when the White House bursts with ideas”…

The proof of this is Bush’s latest crackpot musing to scrap the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax.
The Grover Norquists of this world love this idea because said tax would be a flat rate…everyone pays five percent for a gallon of milk across the board.
It means quite frankly, the rich pay less and poor pay more.
This is conservative economics in the twilight stages of its dementia…. it is also a damn fine way to shift most of the tax burden onto the lower classes.
Which is really what movement conservatism wants to do here, the government can run deficits til perdition as long as their pioneers and rock ribbed donors DON’T pay any of the bills.
The national sales tax mirage is the logical conclusion of Ronald Reagan’s program of welching on public debts. Having tried for years to wish public debt away, movement conservatism has decided to sigh shake their heads and put most of the burden on those least able to pay.
To put it even more crudely, Bush starts up a war and now expects the children of today’s working poor to pay for it.

And not for nuthin’ but the Bush-class in this nation pay little enough in taxes as it is. Nonetheless, tax shelters notwithstanding, their market worshipping delusion demands that the poor must be forced to pick up the check.

Meanwhile him and his jet off to Mustique with their trust funds and investments in the PRC with a wave and a giggle.

How can anyone call themselves patriots and run out on their obligations like this?

The GOP is willing therefore to countenance any degree of mass economic ruin in order to preserve a tight circle of moneyed devotees.
It doesn’t get any more blatant than that.


Monday, August 16, 2004

The Herald soldiers on

Seemingly strong in the belief that what Greater Boston desperately needs is a tabloid daily devoted to exacerbating local self loathing.
Today the shrinking shrieker asks the rhetorical question “WHY? Is a convicted sex offender living in a home owned by Whitman’s Chief of Police?”
How the hell should I know?
I can’t even find Whitman on the map.
I’ll bet two thirds of the Herald’s supposedly live and local columnistas couldn’t find it to save their lives!
Whoa re these bums to go ranting and raving about sex anyway? They take all kinds of adverts from sleazy Rhode Island strip joints and adult video stores...fine example these hypocrites are setting.

That having been said, probably this miscreant needs to move soonest…and yes he needs to be watched…but the Herald would have us think that somehow this singular occurrence is dire PROOF of Massachusetts’ inherent suckiness.
They were wallowing in this line in the lead up to the DNC and now they are flogging it like a rented government mule.
Don’t know how much longer they can hold on pushing the notion that Massachusetts is hell on earth…that might go over big in Dixie but here where we-all live something better is needed.

Meanwhile the Herald’s greasy hero Mitt Romney can’t seem to get past Athens airport security no matter how many times he squeaks “Do you know who I am!?”
But then Mitt is very personification of the Bay State’s self loathing…we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that the Commonwealth is SO screwed up that only the economic acumen of a financial solon can save it.
Yet we end up with a dorky sociopath with the business wizardry of a night manager at Dairy Queen-that is where is the institutionalized self hatred comes in.

Massachusetts needs to shape up, get over itself, stop reading the Herald with it’s fright mongering and stop settling for third rate gigolos like Mitt Romney.


Friday, August 13, 2004

Just what the greasy Guv needs...

Even more patronage resources.

Yes indeedy it seems that the insatiable tentacles of reform are now clutching away at our right to legal counsel. Nominally controlled by judiciary, Governor Decaf has seized on the recent release of two accused drug dealers in a legal mix-up to press for a take over of the public defender’s office.
Never mind the fact that the executive department is charged by the Massachusetts state constitution with prosecuting criminals…damn the potential for corruption and conflict of interest…”full steam ahead!” cries the Kolobian Viceroy.

I’m convinced that for some reason Romney waxes especially wrathful when these things are bought to his attention on one of his viceregal out of state tours.
Don’t know why maybe the petty scandals reflect poorly on him as he tries to beguile his future serfs in Provo Utah or Henniker New Hampshire.
However, the reasons why Romney has suddenly developed an unhealthy interest in the public defender’s office is clear loot, swag, wettin’ yer beak-in short, PATRONAGE!
And it is discount patronage as well because court assigned legal counsels in Massachusetts are among the lowest paid in the nation.
With the public defender’s office under Mitt’s control he’d have a huge source of low cost booty to distribute all across the the Commonwealth to deserving republicans.
My ghod there must be hundred perhaps thousands of worthless shyster lawyers who contributed to Romney’s 2002 campaign…he has to pay them off before he ascend into heaven or the Department of Homeland Security…this could be the cheapest way.
And even if, the supply of lawyers runs dry owing to the chump change compensation Romney can always truck em’ in from Utah or some other scumbag locale.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

And another thing...

What is to stop John Kerry from visiting the troops in Iraq the week of the RNC?
Just a little sharp elbows for our overscripted, underbrained President the week of his tawdry apotheosis....
Here is a thought...

Lets get Timothy Bottoms to star in some attack adverts dealing in President Bush’s seemingly endless saturnalia in the Texas Air National Guard.
Cineaste’s will recall Tim’s eerie impersonation of Bush Jr. in the now defunct Comedy Central series “Thats my Bush”.
Said advert could look like this:

A banner reads “Texas 1968”
“Bush” is shown stumbling out to his patched and aging Sopwith Camel kicking empty Jack Daniels out of the way and mumbling in a drunken daze.
The voice over sez “When the call went out for fighting men, George Bush Junior answered “Anyone but me...”
He then shouts “contact” and with a swig from a silver hip flask he rattles down the runway in a cloud of oil smoke.
And the panel reads “Character really counts”.

Okay so it is harsh and nasty-like...this IS the Chimes at Midnight after all!
I mean as long as Karl Rove is bribing John Kerry’s former navy contemporaries to speak ill of his service in Viet Nam...then I think we ought to respond in kind.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Keyes to the Kingdom

Just imagine, if the GOP’s own citizen psychopathAlan Keyes gets his ass whipped in the Illinois senate race that the battyblack republican will still have time to qualify for the notional race toreplace John Kerry here in the Commonwealth!

If Romney is willingto foist a yapping poodle like Kerry Healey on the Bay State, why wouldn’the bring in a fabulous freakjob like Alan? As far as Romney rationality goes,it is a slam dunk!

I mean that, Alan could make a whole career offlitting from state to state; running doomed campaigns for senate, the governorship,congress, animal control officer…public exploder….any place where the oddsare long and the microphones are on.

Beats the hell out of endlessly pitching new chat shows to low rated cable news networks….and the fundraising potential WOWWEEE!
If you could reconcile yourself to living on busses and airplanes a good living can be made from being a professional candidate.

Seriouslythough, Alan IS crazier than the proverbial shit house rat. When he announcedlast week that he was running for Pete Fitzgerald’s senate seat he immediatelyentered a sort of screechy fugue state-I half expected Ambassador Keyes tothreaten the use of his heat vision on the press corpse.
But oh he is a car-wreck of a man, a better demagogue than even Rick Santorum and certifiably nuts in the bargain.
What more could anyone want?

Wellthis is the inevitable consequence of both sides’ relentless nationalizationof statewide campaigns…in New York it has yielded up Hilary Clinton, in MassachusettsMitt Romney. The wave seems to have crested and receded tossing up on thebeach yowling and incoherent one Alan Keyes.

Of course if the IllinoisGOP could’ve found ONE African American willing to make the race, then Alanwould still be sweating and pitching bad chat show ideas to the Torpor Networkon cable.
Alas the Land of Lincoln’s republican party is short on diversityand so a player must be brought up from the Maryland minor leagues.

Thankfullythough, for all us students of public dementia, Alan is in this thing flyingmonkeys and all. And if it all goes to smash and the Republic goes up insmoke rest assured he will be there.

Meanwhile I wonder if it is legal to take up a collection to buy Ambassador Keyes a nice classy looking straitjacket?
Y’know…something spiffy and secure that will put the carriage trade at ease when fundraising time comes around.

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
On the congressionally licensed airwaves
And elsewhere
God Save the Republic
God Save the Commonwealth

Monday, August 09, 2004

Let me get this straight...

John Kerry is heckled in Missouri by what appear to be trained experienced disruptors....yet at the same time the RNC compels audience members at GWB's campaign rallies to sign what amounts to a loyalty oath promising to vote for the President this fall?
Good ghod... quite literally the first amendment is "void where prohibited" with this whiny little punk!
the tawdry royalism of La Famiglia Arbusto is simply not to be believed!
Can you imagine the outcry on tawk radio if Kerry's staff attempted this sort of bullying whilst out on the hustings?
Good grief MILLIONS of MY TAX DOLLARS are being spent to keep all protesters and hecklers far far away from that vengeful geek in the White House...meanwhile the RNC feels itself unconstrained to stalk John Kerry with whatever biffsquads it can round up!
We are beyond hypocrisy in this country....with one set of privilges for the ruling party and an irksome set of requirements for the challengers.
Frankly the next time these assholes show up at a Kerry rally I strongly advise all decent patriotic citizens to pelt the hecklers with armed forces applications...if they love Bush so damn much let them fight for his terrorism policy in Tikrit with an M-16.
Meanwhile anyone who signs that RNC loyalty oath, no matter how much they may worship the President, ought to have their head examined.
What kind of a patriot pledges his sacred vote IN WRITING prior to a national election?
Are we reduced to a 21st century peasantry? What next, oaths of Fealty and the like?


Sunday, August 08, 2004

What is to be done?

I read in today’s Globe a long review of allthe political options facing Governor Romney this year and in the years tocome. They include a high level cabinet post in the Bush Admin if the Presidentis re-elected, a presidential campaign in 2008, and as predicted by this blog a run for John Kerry’s vacant senate seat next year.
Nowhere in this exhaustive epistle was the possibility of Mitt simply serving as Governorin an honest and straight forward fashion addressed. The reason for that seems simple, Decaf wants out and it is mere matter of what opportunities he either creates or receives that’ll send him out the door.
The Kolobian Viceroy in short, is getting ready to leave.
His parting insult to us, the sublime governing style of Kerry Healey, dubbed by my local GOP as “Swift-lite”.
It is an abiding notion of this blog that Massachusetts has been grossly misgoverned nigh these past fourteen years.
The cost of living keeps rising, forests are being denuded to create tacky duplexes for debt ridden knowledge workers, the bureaucracy is thick with knaves and laggards.
We have communities outside metropolitan Boston that are rapidly degenerating into appalling wastelands pure and simple.
Where once the Bay State stood proud and alone, we are now a commonwealth wracked with loud and reflexive self loathing.
We are short on leadership and flush with demagogues and rampant tricksters.
And what is worse, we’ve had four no FIVE governors in fourteen years each a bigger fool than the last.
We started off with a defeated presidential candidate, moved on to a hopeless dilettante, then a sort of bankrupt blustery coward, then a corrupt ineptoid,thence to the incumbent, a worthless ambitious sociopath.
The problems faced by the state pile ever higher and we still content ourselves with playing musical chairs in the corner office.
Well, The Chimes at Midnight stands athwart the whole process and howls “STOP!”
Restoring the Commonwealth requires a revival of continuity of governance…we needless ambition from our governors and more hard work.
I realized nothing can be done over the short term, Romney can resign to run for the senate or take Tom Ridge’s job sans let or hindrance.
However I do think it is time toforce 2006’s gubernatorial candidates to publicly pledge to serve out their terms and not to seek higher office whilst still under oath to the Commonwealth.
This notion of the governorship being a way station on the path to glory must come to an end.
As for Kerry Healey, it seems inevitable that a person as ill prepared as she simply must become acting governor.
It has become, ghod help us, a local tradition
Butwe can damn sure put and end to the whole rotten process of short time governors once and for all-pressure must be put on ALL likely aspirants in 2006.
And I mean all of them.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Let Fire the Earth Confound:

State Senator Brian Lees is a phenomenon.
Faced with the bowel loosening prospect of a tough fire safety sprinkler law passing the state legislature, he swallowed manfully and came out swinging on behalf of conflagration unrestricted by the dead hand of regulation.

To put it another way, Brian Lees is pro-fire…in a contest between the lives of his fellow citizens and raw incineration, flames won out.

Yup according to yesterdays’ Globe, as of June the Great and General Court was poised to pass a tough fire sprinkler law-surely one of the toughest in the nation.
WAS…until Senator Lees decided that “fire” the final biblical scourge was getting a bum rap on Beacon Hill.
Accordingly he slowed the progress of the bill which gave the requisite lobbyists time to descend upon our elected representatives and get the bill “watered down” (pun resolutely intended).
The cut off capacity for restaurants, clubs, and bars was raised from fifty to one hundred persons…a crucial change that came straight out of the shadowy Massachusetts Licensed Beverage Association.
Whatta guy Brian is, he does serious favors for lobbyists who haven’t even contributed to his political fund yet!
Tell me this isn’t reform in action!
Otherwise this isn’t a bad two month’s work for a battered but unbowed toady from East Longmeadow.
Indeed, fire has finally gotten its day in court, Brian Lees can rest easy, he diluted and hamstrung a no brainer bill, he has no higher calling than that.
Of course, Governor Decaf is signing said measure despite being a loud advocate of the fifty person limit as recently as last December.
Never mind, this is reform-RE-FORM! Cryeth Mitt and Brian in happy unison.
Well I for one am glad, but for Brian Lees’ stolid activism and our Governor’s fidgety vanity, Fire’s side of the story might never be heard.


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A thought for the day...

The next time the GOP's paid provocateurs come around banging on flip flop sandals at a Kerry event, someone ought to lob a pair of combat boots in their midst.
Hard...real hard.
Hell fling nine hundred pairs of combat boots in their midst...that'll shut them up....cause it's a cinch they ain't gonna jine' up for Mista Bush's splendid little war any time soon.
A thought for the day

The next time the paid provocateurs of the GOP show up at a Kerry rally banging flip-flop sandals together, some enterprising soul ought to fling a pair of combat boots in their midst.
hard, good and hard.
Hell fling nine hundred pairs of combat boots at them...that'll shut them up.

Yippies, yippies with money and access that is what these ass holes are...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Dimmy Karras has seen fit to throw this blog some props on his site. I advise my entire audience (all seven of you) to click on over and see the sensible things therein posted.
Plus he is hacking on Alan Keyes today....the former "ambassador" is crazier than a shit house rat and the Illinois GOP wants him to run for senate....what could be better?

Anyhow Dimmy's blog can be found at: http://dimmykarras.blogspot.com

Christ I hope he isn't pals with Steve Stark cuz I need the click throughs...
Stark Revelations…

I popped open the Globe today and what greeted my eyes? A guest column on the op-ed page written by that The Notorious H.A.C.K- Steve Stark!
Good grief I thought that yob had taken a powder eight years ago!
Purists will recall that Steve was once the Globe’s in house liberal Clinton-hater. Not a week went by that he did not predict Bill’s imminent political demise and removal from power all delivered up in an annoying, whining, lip smacking tone.
Next to Mike Barnicle (the Ambassador from Caucasiastan) Steve was the biggest Clinton obsessive at the Globe…absent Jeff Jacoby of course.
What was worse, Steve was also the Globe’s designated cultural commentator. This was a sinecure that compelled Stark to go whoring after the most trivial and inane trends in popular cultural and bring them back to the Globe’s readership with the breathless self-satisfaction of a big game hunter.
I seem to recall a whole column devoted to “pogs” and why they were somehow like…important…y’know?
The worst thing was when Steve tried to wrap his cable TV educated mentality around the movies…somehow “Forrest Gump” symbolized the plain people’s revolt against elitist Clintonism or some garbage like that.
He was always painful to read but also funny in a pompous unintentional way.
In the end the man was a mess prompting at least one of my friends to dismiss him as “The Man who can Unerringly Predict the Past”.
I always thought of him as a sort of magpie of mediocrity, only the bright, shiny, and most of all obvious attracted him.
The best example of his classically torpid nonsense is today’s guest column in which he asserts on the basis of no evidence that presidential debates somehow reflect contemporary television values. Kennedy-Nixon was a variant on the early sixties Quiz Shows, Bush-Dukakis was “Jerry Springer” on the national stage…Steve then advises John Kerry to turn this fall’s debates into a kind of “Survivor” pastiche.
Good lord have you ever read anything so foolish in your life???
Give Steve credit though, he could churn crap like this out twice weekly without batting and eye and all by turning on his television and letting in the wisdom.

The endnote to the column triumphantly asserts that Steve Stark is living in England now and working on “A cultural history of the Beatles”….if anything sums up Steve’s nigh worship of the painfully obvious it is that. Peace to George and John’s ashes, they are so gonna need it.


Monday, August 02, 2004

You know....

EVERY TIME Jeff Jacoby opens his fat yap about how well things are going in Iraq some horrific bombing or massacre occurs virtually the same day to make a shambles of his carefully asembled fantasy of peace and progress in that far off land.
it is getting to the point where to save the lives of Iraqi civilians the Globe might wanna think about not running those Iraqi happytalk columns from Jeff.
All this would be funny if innocent people weren't getting killed every day.
Alas the irony comes at too high a price.
And yet poor Jeff yammers on about how freedom of expression has come roaring back in Baghdad even as countless Christian Churchs are being bombed up and down the Euphrates River.
A peculiar brand of first amendment rights is in action over there I think...very peculiar.
Still I do think it's time for one of those ghastly "My Dearest Caleb" columns...either that or Jacoby needs a nice quiet vacation in the James Taylor wing of McLean's.