Friday, April 29, 2011

Donald Trump...

In a speech to Florida Tea Partei marks, promised to tax Chinese imports at 25%, he also referred to the Citizens of the Middle Kingdom as "Muthaf*ckas".
Predictably, his audience (drunk and sick on brutal "hell ya" sentiments) ate it up.
I could point out if a democrat spoke so crudely, little old ladies would be trampled to death all over the Nation by conservative values-pimps desperate to denounce and deplore said malefactor on Live TV.
I could also point out that Trump's own garish line of clothes are made in China, thus the stupid ass-clown is advocating a 25% tax on himself.
Or I could idly point out that a 25% tax on Chinese imports would be passed onto the consumer faster than you can say Jack Robinson...thus fueling inflation.
No, I'll just note that we don't even tax Trump himself at 25% and this proposal is quite literally an attempt to outsource the income tax to Red China.

Be that as it may, it seems clear that from his crudity, boastfulness, the weird mixture of faux populism atop a rigid totalitarian personality and his Khadaffi-esque tendency to rant, that Donald Trump aspires to the "Huey Long position" in campaign 2012.
That is IF he seriously wants to run, and that is a mighty big if, this whole thing is likely a hu-U-uge publicity stunt in support of "The Celebrity Apprentice".

Thus I remind my readers, all seven of you, that Huey P. Long for all his bluster and malevolence, was never elected President of anything.

The Big Day...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now that we have the President's Birth Certificate

in hand... there are a few minor bauble's I'd like to see presented to the American Public.

Like some of that security cam footage from the Capitol that supposedly shows Rep. Bachmann in one of her screaming psychotic fugue episodes.
Or Donald Trump's college transcript or for that fact, I'm told Sarah Palin's college transcripts read like a police blotter.
Shit I'd love to see Trump's pre-nups and divorce decrees those would make very interesting reading indeed along with the details of his bankrupcy filings and a spread sheet detailing every bribe he has paid to get those hideous buildings of his contructed in NYC.
Honestly why have they waited so long, what are they hiding?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm heartened to see

that the congressional GOP is taking some heat for voting to abolish medicare.
I don't need to put much thought into this issue.
My old man stopped a shell with his head in 1945, with all his health problems today, including dementia, if you gave him a$15,000 "voucher" to procure health insurance via the "private sector" the only thing that $15k would get for Dad is an ornate looking tombstone.
But these are the ideas and fantasies the GOP indulges when they feel themselves invulnerable to the wrath of the electorate.
Very frankly they are not gonna back off until careers are ended and well know conservative machers are out on relief begging with tin cups at the corner of Constitution Ave and Hell.
So honestly, turn the heat up on the bastards sez I, its the only language they understand.
Oh and I'm heartened to see that Senator Harry Reid may schedule a vote in the US Senate for Paul Ryan's proposal to abolish medicare and replace it with free gauze pads and disinfectant. I'll be real interested to see how that giddy pompous jerk Scott Brown votes on that one.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If it's Tuesday...

Then Former State Senator Scott Brown must be dithering again.
This time about NATO intervention in Libya....He is for it until things get rough or there is political profit in opposition then he'll quietly scuttle over the side.
Truly they train some very forensic minds at BC Law.
Not for nothing, but if this no fly zone was proclaimed by "President John McCain", Scott Brown would be writhing on the floor pissing himself with glee. He'd be trying to raise a volunteer regiment of former male models to fight in Benghazi.
Face it, "the people's seat" is held by a egomaniacal trimmer...and is that the best this Great Commonwealth can really do?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Is the Boston Herald even a newspaper anymore?

I mean, if'n ye go by the front page, it seems to be a sort of down market daily version of "Boston Magazine".  War, famine, disasters and politics in Washington and elsewhere inevitably take a back seat to the persecution of small time state officials, groveling before the local professional sports franchises and crimes old and new.
Nothing contemporaneous ever seems to make the front page there anymore. Hell Howie Carr hasn't had a front page "scoop" since the November election (I wonder if he has recovered his sense of humor, but then again I also wonder who got the big screen TV in his divorce so go figyuh).
Granted they still love local reportage, especially if there is a violent crime involved...but this is the weird part "If it bleeds ( be it in Dorchester or Belmont) it no longer leads" in One Herald Square.
They say newsprint is in it's imperial decline and if the Herald is indeed declining along with the industry then they are making some odd creative decisions as they are being measures for their harp.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I like Kate Middleton, I wish her the best

she is a well put together middle class striver, and we always cheer for the breezy confidant underdog don't we?
In her fundamental outlook on life, she has to be the most American of all the commoners to marry into English Royalty.
But this notion that somehow she is importing rejuvenating go-getter values into the world's gaudiest tourist trap (AKA The House of Windsor) is sheer rubbish.
Kate is energetic and well meaning but she hasn't got a single idea worth mentioning to her preposterously inbred distant and utterly clue-less in-laws.
It'll be all Ms. Middleton can do to avoid the narcissistic fate of her late mother in law.
I'm not sure any one person can do anything to reform the British Monarchy, nobody in England wants to change the monarchy,  even as it is receding in regard and influence all over the UK.
The situation isn't sustainable, sooner or later the House of Windsor will simply vanish, probably non-violently and with little real regret on the part of their former subjects.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Boston doesn't need

another convention center.

The ones we have, are already under utilized, there is a recession going on out there, travel costs are up budgets are tight for conventions etc.
We do not need it.
Instead of wasting time and resources on larger venues that would compete with a shrinking event dollar, lets take all the time, effort, talent & money and put it towards something really useful, like a North South Rail Link.
It'll provide jobs and stimulus locally during the current hard times and prove a sound investment when prosperity returns.
In the great depression, FDR didn't built hotels and convention centers that stood empty waiting for free spending ways to come back, no he built the TVA, dams, put up power lines, laid down roads all things that were sound investments when the good times came back.
Trust me if this was 1935, they'd already have broken ground on the sumbitch, its a no-brainer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is a fairly

sympathetic portrait of Congressman John Olver from the Boston Globe.
I love the man's politics even if he is likely the single dullest man in the US Congress (which is really saying something) and at age seventy something, isn't it time to leave under his own volition?
True that can also be said to Representative's Frank and Markey...But those guys are serious for real power playas of the "informal US Senator" rank.
Hard to convince such frequenters of "Meet the Press" to depart quietly.
Then again, the rest of the delegation is still young enough to entertain a belief in future  seniority & good works built out of a safe seat in Massachusetts.
My point is simple and stark, once again Massachusetts got screwed by the census data, we have to render up a congressional seat. Lets do it gracefully and without recourse to a contested primary or the courts. Lets not lose focus in the Bay State in 2012, which should be on ousting Brown and retaining Obama.
Its time for someone in the congressional delegation to show some leadership....any takers?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatever happened to the

"menace of illegal immigration"?
It was all freeperdom could rant about a year nothing.
These days it is all about ruinous Federal give-aways in the form of tax cuts, balancing the Federal budget thru the destruction of the social safety net and the President's birth certificate.
Just no room on an agenda like that for the persecution of the pool cleaner and the Au Pair...
Well I can see why, all the proposals to date with regard to illegal immigrants were designed not to solve the problem but to degrade the status of said undocumented workers. Make their lives more of a living hell, make the WOGs jump in other words.
But that is the problem with an intent to degrade, persecute and exploit, there are always newer and even more gaudy groups to harass.
Like teachers unions, the elderly and anyone making less that $200,000 a year...With groups like that in the cross hairs how can Raul and Rosita ever hope to keep up?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cathy Young,

The Boston Globe's resident libertarian contributor (and yet another pretender to the vacant throne of David Brudnoy), delves into the current Ayn Rand revival and expresses some qualms about her seminal dystopian novel "Atlas Shrugged" in particular.
This quote struck me for some reason:
Part of the problem lies with “Atlas Shrugged’’ itself. Contrary to her detractors’ claims, Rand was a writer of high and unique talent. “Atlas’’ is among the worst of her books. Most of the characters are either demigods or vermin. The plot suffocates under endless speechifying, with every point hammered over and over. The earlier novels “We the Living’’ and “The Fountainhead’’ advance Rand’s ideas but allow for shades of gray and sympathy for flawed characters. In “Atlas,’’ the ideologue has all but crushed the writer.
I've read "Atlas Shrugged" and can attest to the truthfulness of Ms. Young's above observation, it is a dreadfully turgid poorly written book. But then it was written by someone who had becomes a full fledged cult leader at the time of the book's publication in 1957...Therefore it's flaws are a consequence of the writer's status as a prophetess to small elect group of toadies and acolytes.
Any honest bio of Ayn Rand will note that she purged and dominated the "Objectivist Movement" with the single minded fanaticism that Vladimir Lenin purged and dominated Bolsheviks.
And this went on for decades, is it any wonder she didn't write a worse book than "Atlas Shrugged"?

And of course, what makes "Atlas Shrugged" so ineffably far fetched and fantastical is something Cathy Young has neatly overlooked, Ayn Rand depicted an entirely unrealistic US Congress that is completely immune to the blandishments, bribes and or blackmail of corporate America.
That alone puts the book into the furthest reaches of the literature of delirium.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Atlas Shrugged" (2011) duly reviewed


Someone up in New Hampshire should ask Mitt Romney if he has read "Atlas Shrugged".
Likely he will answer in the affirmitive (which will just as likely be a lie).
Whereupon someone should follow up with "What was your favorite part? When Dagny Taggart copulated with a locomotive or when John Galt slew the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms with the jawbone of a Ass?"
The Former Viceroy's head will explode, and with any luck live on CNN too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I think I'm in love with Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

She just forced the GOP majority in the House to vote down a Tea Partei Wet Dream budget...

Honest to Ghod I'd a paid good money to see how Former State Senator Scott Brown would have voted on the above freeper budget if it had got to the senate. His head would have exploded and his pollster would have fled to the Phantom Zone.
I'm luvin' dis dame, Pelosi was a good Speaker of the House but she is truly the Congressional Guerilla Leader Par Excellence that the liberals have been desperately needing for nigh on twenty years.

God Almighty in Heaven Above...

loves irony.
Why else would he have decreed that "Atlas Shrugged" that bloated unfilmable semi-biblical libertarian screed should end up being a low budget exploitation film??
And it was written by Ayn Rand that stern incorruptible counter marxist and notorious atheist.
Truly there is guffawing in Heaven.

This adaptation of "Atlas Shrugged", is akin to Ed Wood Junior or Phil Tucker getting the film rights to the Book of Exodus.

Honest to Jehovah, Ayn Rand must be spinning in her grave like a malfunctioning gyroscope.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Donald Trump sent "detectives" to Hawaii to uncover the truth about President's Obama's birth certificate.
Ironically, there seems to be some doubt about whether Trump really hired any private eyes at all....

I still maintain he ought to set those gumshoes on Mitt Romney, to figure out once and for all in which state does the Massachusetts Governor legally reside
Utah? Michigan? Massachusetts? New Hampshire? Willard seems to spend equal amounts of time in all of them. The man goes careening around this great country of ours like a fugitive, very suspicious if you asked me.

The real irony is, the democrats tried a variant on  the whole "birther route" on Romney back in 2002 insisting he was not a legal resident of the Commonwealth and thus could not run for Governor.
Likely he was not, but the courts decreed otherwise and you know the rest of the story. Birtherism is a gimmick that did not work in 2002 and won't work in 2012.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Mitt Romney's Presidential Exploratory Committee is not twenty four hours old and already the Former Massachusetts Governor has fallen into fifth place....with Born Agin' Freeper Donald Trump out in front.
You have to hand it to Mitt, I mean he spends millions, publishes some nasty boring little book, tours all the right states and ejaculates all the Tea Partei bromides and still he screws up a two car funeral before a single vote is cast.
The man is a phenomenon.
All kidding aside I don't see Trump actually prospering in the GOP primaries, I am not even sure he has the  guts to get into the race for real.  He does seem to enjoy his status as sort of Tea Partei rock star, so you never can be sure...Pride rarely makes us do smart things.
Given all these presidential noises Trump is making though, how much longer can he enjoy that cozy relationship with NBC with regards to his TV show "The Apprentice"?
If Trump really wants to make a splash in the GOP Presidential Primaries, he ought to pull back those detectives he sent to Hawaii to check up on Obama's birth certificate and instead deploy them to Utah to verify the make model of caliber of the firearms owned by "life long gun owner" Mitt Romney.
Trust me it'll be money well spent and it'll make the Former Viceroy sweat like a junkie, which is always entertaining at least to me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As predictable as an unloved season

Willard Mitt Romney, Former Republican Governor of Massachusetts has organized a "presidential exploratory committee" for 2012.

Honestly, has Mitt anything new to say??
Decidedly not, but that won't stop him from begging wheedling whining and in general playing the presidential bringdown from Council Bluffs to Epsom Circle.
And right now, ghod help us, given the plurality of Tourette's sufferers and teachables that are in the GOP Presidential race, Romney factors in as the de facto front runner.
He succeeds because he is the least embarrassing.
Which won't last long, Romney can't handle the proverbial "right hook", the first book worshipper who starts singing "Jesus Lover of My Soul" in debate and Mitt will fall over in a swoon sweating and gibbering.
Romney prospers because we have exited the Age of Heroes, he is at best "C-List", in the aufklarung of Saint Ronald of Malibu he'd be at best a Secretary of Commerce nominee.
But these days, he is a frontrunner for however long it lasts.
 Just remember so far, Romney is two and one, and the man could eff up a two car funeral...I mean forget what his local apologists say.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Isn't it funny

the French Foreign Legion has been in virtual permanent overseas deployment since 1997, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Chad and now the Ivory Coast.
And the whole of French society does not bat a Gaullic eyelash at all these interventions, peacekeeping missions, "No Fly Zones" and other robust military assignments.
In contrast, the USA forcibly grounds the Air Force of a chronic international jackwad like Colonel Khadaffi and everyone gets the screaming bedspins.
Which is why I think it's a good idea to get NATO participation in general and French jets in particular to enforce the "No Fly Zone" in Libya.
Because the French seemed to have mastered the art of bombing miscreants discreetly.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

For once in my misbegotten life...

I find myself in substantive agreement with Howie Carr, Joan Vennochi and Yvonne Abraham.

I mean Scott Brown ought to come clean about who molested him down in Sandwich, because if there is just a chance that this perp is still alive then ghod know what awful things they are doing even as I write this.
I get why Brown is so reticent to speak up, no man likes to admit let alone publicly traffic in his own youthful victimhood. Let alone a GOP Senator with a fondness for the usual false masculine consciousness tropes.
Given that, and yes this sounds childish, but there are all sorts of ways Brown could anonymously give up the name. If he is truly emotionally conflicted maybe that is the best and most sensitive way to handle the matter.
Uppermost in Humble Elias' flinty little mind is this we don't know who in peril at this very moment from this perp IF this perp is still healthy and stalking children.
The name, however it is rendered up, would go a long way to getting us both public and private closure.
And if not Brown then someone else has to speak up...Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh and ...

the usual suspects over at Channel Zero are screening a documentary about the late singer-songwriter Wesley Willis tonight.
The details can be found hyar....
In 1994 the GOP took congress and in 1995 they blundered into a government shutdown.
In 2010 the GOP took the US House and in 2011 they are blundering once again into a government shutdown.
During wartime.
Our soldiers are dying all over the world and these book worshippers & sky grifters in charge of the US House are rolling their eyes and speaking in tongues and trying to immanentize the conservative eschaton...again.
Six months in power and Speaker John Boehner is as drunk on power as Newt Gingrich ever was...can't imagine the sort of gruesome flights of fancy we will be seeing down the line...Oh wait I can, because history is repeating itself.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Do you mean to tell me that

in a purely hypothetical match up, former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy only trails Scott Brown by five percentage points?
Moreover alone of all the potential challengers to Brown, Kennedy denies him a majority?
AND Joe Kennedy is currently considered to be the most popular democrat in the State??
Gawd-damnit, If no one else speaks up I'll do it!

A five point spread, sheeeee-it, Scott Brown started up much further behind Martha Coakley in 2009!
Hell, a mere 5%!!!
Joe Kennedy delivers home heating oil to double that margin every week in the wintertime!
Kennedy's current popularity must come of all those commercials where he gets the old times cozily warmed up with oil he shook down from the usual dingbats & petrocrats.
Granted the local pundits all hate Kennedy, but these days that is a badge of honor.

Or at least it is with me.
You know he can raise the money...
You know he won't languish in obscurity...
You know He Hates Losing....
He is tanned, rested and ready.

But will he do it?
Likely he will not, these days it sounds like Kennedy is deep in Tsongas-land, that scenic mountain terrain that looms far beyond the realm of politics.
I think someone threw this poll together to try and shake up the race...I mean the rest of the field save Governor Patrick is losing the match ups by margins of two to one.
Of course study those numbers carefully my friends, Brown's best majority is 52% a good solid win but hardly a landslide of epic proportions.
The man can be beaten, if the message is right and the messenger has the means the power to persuade.

Per the New Yorker

the unemployment rate in Italy is 8.6%.
So of course, the Italians are in full "end times mode" and suffused with rage and self pity.
Here in the USA, the unemployment rate is 8.8% and everyone thinks progress is being made and things are looking up.
Well I hate to defy my white suburban liberal bona fides, but sometimes purely national characteristics do make themselves apparent.
Italy has experienced everything from chaos to totalitarian dictatorship and derived little benefit from anything.
Their main problems (so it seems to me) are atomization, public corruption & private inertia.
America squeezes some benefit from all sorts of adversity, even if the greatest good for the greatest number isn't always the end result.
Our main problems are derived from a surfeit of optimism, concurrent disappointment and like Italy private inertia.
Its the same global recession but it plays out so differently in so many different places.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It is important to remember

as the current round of contentious budget negotiations lurch towards endgame (or shutdown)...that our opponents do fancy themselves revolutionaries.
And the budget that they wish to impose on the rest of us, the normal people, is the first shot in that revolution.
They got hooked on certain books as sophomores and as intellectual sophomores they became adults.
We are now amidst the second generation of movement conservatives in the US and they betray all the blind self destructiveness of their sires.
The book worship, the mindless belief than citizens Must Fit Into Their Plan, the yawping sense of greivance when the Republic turns them down, the hell-yeah belligerance...on and on and on.
What do they want for America?
De factor feudalism, an atomized demobilized citizenry and a diminished state dedicated to the worship of wealth.
Get them drunk enough and they'll proclaim it loudly.
Will any of this rubbish come to pass?
Likely not.
But as the old cliche goes, "quitters never win, winners never quit, but if you never win and you never quit you are probably too dumb for help".
But until that moment comes, we will have to endure much political carnage and social worry and woe.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I am glad someone in the DA's office

took the time to read Scott Brown's book and try to track down this alleged child molester in Sandwich.
Because if today's Globe is to be believed, the alleged perp still works at "Camp Good News".
Okay this is waa-ay past old news and a matter for the attention of the police and the District Attorney's office, health to all their endeavors.
I do fear horrific scandalous things in the offing...I'm glad other people spoke up named names and called the cops.
Too bad it too so long.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Ghod almighty but

Newt Gingrich sounds serious about running for President in 2012.

I mean follow the above link, there he is up at my Alma Mater, Saint Anselm College bellowing for even bigger federal deficits and a foreign policy composed of Total Fear.
He even took questions from students, given the horse's ass he made of himself last week over Libya that comes as a shock.
Still this is Newt Gingrich we are talking about he is very very good at sounding serious about running for President without ever indulging the necessary followup.
The man is also a high-tech gaffe generator par excellence, just get some meek St A's co-ed to ask him about the Catholic Church's prohibition of divorce and watch the smoke shoot out of the Former Speaker's ears.
Still and all that, I liked Saint Anselm College better before they got tarted up with an "Institute of Politics" and went out working the streets for that sweet sweet New Hampshire Primary type exposure.
The austere monks of Saint Benedict (who run Saint Anselm College) cannot resist the lure of political tourism's easy dollar.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The buzz on the street...

is that Former State Senator Scott Brown, is nigh unbeatable come next year.
So far the democrats that are either in or making truculent noises are the usual long shots or well meaning obscurities.
People are supposedly scared off by Brown's high approval rating and seven million dollar war chest.
Humble Elias is just waiting on the inevitable column from You Know Who snarking about the outbreak of cowardice among well know and well heeled democrats when it comes to running against Brown.
Wait for it, it is coming I assure you.
Well what will be will be, Brown rose from absolute obscurity to the US Senate someone else from further down the ladder can do likewise and the same to him.
Stranger things have happened.
There are three things we need to remember about Scott Brown as we segue into campaign 2012.
1.) Lots of people seem to like him, but damned few seem to know him....Especially in terms of what are his real political beliefs?
Which leads to:
2.) "No" on Monday means "Yes" on Friday for Scott Brown. Assuming of course that sufficient payoffs can be arranged for his sponsoring corporations. This is what flipped him on health care and financial regulation. Yes he got that legislation watered down dangerously, he also peddled his vote to all comers on a "hat in hand, best deal offered" basis and in public as well.
Operationally speaking this means Scott votes FOR sixty billion dollars in ruinous budget cuts last Tuesday and then virtually denounced his own vote on Wednesday.
Which brings us to:
3.) Cards on the table, how many jobs has Scott Brown brought to Massachusetts?
Virtually none that I can see.
How many jobs has Scott Brown managed to keep in Massachusetts?
Damned few, Fidelity just shipped out 1,500 jobs to Rhode Island of all places.
Now you'd think that Scott being the darling of the corporate right (as opposed to the Tea Partei Right), he'd have some leverage with and outfit like Fidelity.
But no, any bid to keep these jobs in Massachusetts has fallen into the lap of Governor Patrick.
Where is Scott? Is he on the phone making protestations?
Nope he is out doing book signings.
I dunno maybe it's me, as Lenny Bruce once mumbled "No art form tracks its own opposite", but to me, this guy Scott Brown hardly seems like a sure thing....There are some real conceptual problems there for anyone willing to make the case.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Former State Senator Scott Brown

(per the Boston Herald) has warned the Commonwealth's democrats not to "fight dirty" in next year's senatorial campaign.
You mean like demanding repeatingly that Scott Brown produce his real birth certificate?

Would that be construed as fighting dirty?

I'd be satisfied with his last legit IQ test quite frankly.

Ah but we can't have that can we? Dirty politics I mean.
Frankly I don't think Scott Brown knows real dirty politics from a can of shinola...

Jay Severin has been Suspended

by WTKK again?

Ghod who knew this mook was still on the air?
And for implying on the air that he once had sex with an intern....I mean the idea!!
Not for nothing though, but it wasn't too long ago that Jay was ranting and raving like a Rwandan DJ screaming for Bill Clinton's impeachment for the high crime of having felt up an intern.
Mighod where does WTKK get these feckless insolent hypocritical assholes?
They must have a buy-in-bulk deal with a factory in China or something....