Friday, August 29, 2003

A short note to Senator Kerry:

Senator Kerry is announcing for President next week in South Carolina, New Hampshire and then Boston Massachusetts.
I of course will be at the Boston gala.
I thought I'd propose a few motif's for the Senator's speech since as everyone knows he just devours The Chimes at Midnight on a daily basis.

1) The war on terror: Here the goal is to speak plainly and decisively. Re-read FDR's declaration of war speech...the most salient passage for our purposes is " I believe I interpret the will of the congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but make very certain this form of treachery shall never again endanger us".
What I'm saying is, go after Bin Laden, the White House may have forgotten him but the American People have not.
It is safe to "interpret their will" as insisting that Bin Laden should not long know freedom nor perhaps life in a Kerry Administration.

2) Don't forget to assail the ineptitude of the GOP's civilian planners at the Pentagon...these are the same bunch of hammerheads who made sure our armored troops "lacked the necessary rifles and pistols" in a fast evolving guerilla war. Don't feel you are breaking any new ground here, Eisenhower made commercials criticizing Truman for "not sending enough airplanes to Korea".
Always insist there is room for improvement in the war on terrorism....but it can't be waged and won at bargain basement prices.
Here it's a good point to remind all that "no power on earth has ever prevailed against the American People when they are united and prepared to sacrifice for victory".

3) Always remind folks this will be a hard fought fight against President Bush, he will "do anything to win" something he amply demonstrated in election 2000.

4) Don't forget Enron, Worldcom Halliburton and all the other instances of crony capitalism...put yourself on the side of the little guy against the trimmers, jobbers, and trust fund louts of this Admin.

5) The deficit. Allegedly this is a ho-hum issue to most people. Recast it as a form of iniquitous taxation: "there can be no worse form of taxation without representation than to saddle our children with a cruel and unnecessary public debt".
Talk about common legacies, the legacy of good decisions made now, of clear air, clean water, prosperity and honest government-something we can all leave our children.
Aren't all these things worth having evn if it means foregoing a measly $300.00 tax rebate?
Remember that if we want all these things, we gonna have to vote them in...nothing else will suffice-nothing else will make it happen.

That is all I have now good luck and trust your instincts.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Channel Serfing

Anyone who knows me, realizes I have an odd interest in contemporary religious broadcasting.
From that bloated clown Paul Crouch (maximum leader of the Trinity Broadcasting Network) to Pastor John Hagee who is nothing if not the living image of Reichsmarshal Herman Goering.
These are the last great practitioners of pulpit an age of cool intimate television rhetoric these money hungry yokels are still banging their fists on the podium, shouting and bugging their eyes with gusto.
In the absence of any serious revival of vaudeville they are the best show in town for the money.
and so it came to pass that I was flipping around the dial the other night and what did I behold on Boston Catholic Television?
Why the frantic punim of that money grubbing Protestant charlatan Jack Van Impe!
Purists of sacred buncombe will recall Jack's act with relish...every night Rexella (his horrible mylar blow-up doll of a wife) reads her husband the latest news, Jack then swings into a "scriptural" harangue from the same that goes heavy on endtimes nonsense.
No joke, no turd answers positively to Newton's Law that Jack can't use as an elaborate proof of the imminence of the rapture.
You wouldn't mind so much but this freak grins toothily through the whole performance like's like he can't frickin' wait for Civilization to disintegrate.
And not for nothin' but he's been doing this end-is-nigh act for twenty years now, his poor dim-witted contributors have gone bankrupt three times over enriching Jack and company whilst waiting for his misbegotten Götterdämmerung.
Van Impe has also be using this "apocalypse when?" twaddle to fund-raise, sell books,videos,bibles, and all the usual tchotchkes associated with a high pressure religious sales campaign.
Now WHY BCTV feels a need to give time to this jack-off I do not know.
Normally they broadcast Mother Angelica's feeble brand of blather...but she's been recuperating since a stroke in 2002.
So with the Dioceses in such dire financial straits the airtime has been sold to bangtail preachers en masse.
Of course Mother Angelica is nothing compared to Van Impe, as desperate as she was to behead the executive committee of Planned Parenthood she was always too old and too poorly funded for such charitable acts.
Not so Jack he commands millions in donations and can hustle people to the polls on election day.
BCTV with it's nice middle age monks counting the rosary and harmless chat shows is an anachronism, a vision of religious broadcasting from the 1950's wholly unaware of television's vast potential for profit and power-mongering for the modern day preacher on the make.

Such is the Kingdom of God
On the Congressionally Licensed Public Airwaves
And elsewhere

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Paganism in the Arsenal

If I read the morning papers correctly, Baghdad is fairly awash in guns and ammo.
Assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, semi-automatics, carbines a veritable firearms buffet.
The place is so sodden with weaponry that poorly armed U.S. armored troops are pilfering AK-47s from deceased Feyedeen.
So given this fully armed culture as it were, how come Wayne LaPierre and the Grand Senescence from Hollywood NRA chair Charlton Heston haven't relocated to Iraq?
I mean there are guns galore's the NRA's version of Valhalla from what I can see.
So many guns and yet so few NRA trained licensed instructors in proper gun use.
To hear Heston and LaPierre tell it (when they aren't fulminating about immigration) gun safety is the NRA's sole mission in life.
I mean that, I'm sure our troops in Iraq would love to see Chuck Heston waddle off the plane brandishing that Davy Crocket musket of his over his head and croaking "OVER... MY...DEAD....BODY!"
I mean he had no qualms about pulling that stunt in Boulder Colorado not one week after what not at least cut the ribbon on an NRA office in Tikrit or Baghdad?
Yesterday it was the Alabama serfs and their rock's it's the NRA and it's peculiar belief in the divine origin of American firearms...a holy doctrine they seem curiously unwilling to export to the pistol packin' heathen of Iraq.
I can't imagine why.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

It is a two ton granite block in Alabama...

Not to Judge Roy Moore though.
To him, that granite block inscribed with the ten commandments (which he ordered set up in the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court in the dead of night) is a spiritual being imbued with heavenly power.
So much so that worshippers from an old timey church across the street have prostrated themselves before it and vow all manner of civil disobedience to prevent it's court ordered removal.
There is a term for this, it is none too high falutin' it is called Pagan Idolatry...and followers for of the Conservative GOP-God of thunder and fund-raising, are sodden with it.
It has become in short order a sort of white cracker Lourdes surrounded by bibliolators, cranks, cross bearers and freaky dangerous yokels.
This is nothing new in U.S. History, we've been worshipping a variety of golden calves in this country for decades now, from Betty Grable's legs to the supple Newtonian movements of the holy Free Market.
We pretty much rely on any nasty little pocket fetish that can rubbed, invoked and worshipped as a bulwark against life's little humiliations.
We worship things in this country, not ideas and certainly little enough of any idea of God.
Worshipping rocks though, that is not only pagan it's classically primitive.
You have to go back to those mechanical idols favored by Ming the Merciless in the old Flash Gordon serials to find something equally silly and atavistic.
I think Clarence Darrow was right, civilization has crested at it's high water mark and is in the process of de-evolving back into the bone caves.
However before it all goes to smash...maybe we could draft a team of radical agnostics to steal into the rotunda and start sacrificing white doves on Roy Moore's block.
As the cops drag them away they can shout "the entrails foretell danger danger!"
Lets see if we can convert this block into a aviary butchery.... really cover it with dove blood.
Failing that we oughta plant directional speakers around the rotunda and get a ghostly voice to order the congregation donate money to John Kerry's campaign.
Al Sharpton, it's just funnier that way.

PS Has Judge Moore ever actually condemned anyone to death in defiance of that whole "thou shalt not kill" mishaugas?
I have to stop reading the morning paper...

As U.S. troops are apparently re-equipping themselves with confiscated AK-47's.
If the Boston Globe is to be believed our soldiers-especially the armored groups are actually short on firearms in Iraq!!!
Dear Ghod what is this?
The Red Army at Stalingrad?
Wherein unarmed Russian soldiers were ordered to take the rifles from their dead comrades??
Just how big an ivory tower dingbat is Donald Rumsfeld that he thinks he can wage a retail war at dollar shop prices???
I suppose if the funding doesn't cover it, the DoD could start equipping it's tank crews with the dependable M1 Garand or if need be the trusty Springfield long rifle from World War One.
Oh doubt one of the President's campaign contributors got the contract to haul away these old guns for scrap metal!!!
The Mutha-Luvin' American Army is SHORT on rifles and pistols?
Our Army?
The one that is costing us 460 billion a year to deploy????
They lack rifles and pistols in a hostile guerilla sodden country?
Dear Ghod all I can think of is Benito Mussolini sending the flower of Italian youth off to invade Greece from the mountains of Albania wearing cardboard boots on their feet, summer uniforms, and quaint 19th century rifles-if they had rifles at all!
This is a national disgrace, the most powerful nation on earth and our troops are scrounging rifles off stiffs!
These are the grown-ups?
These are the supermen of destiny on horseback????!!!
This is National Security??
These yobs are a matched bunch of cretins and hammerheads!!!!
This is a dingbat war...except real people are getting killed whilst these pinheads maunder on claiming "mission accomplished"....


Monday, August 25, 2003

Jacobyism at High Noon:
If I read Jeff Jacoby's latest effusion in the Boston Sunday Globe right, then it's OKAY for a well heeled California Millionaire to mastermind an effort to depose Governor Grey Davis via the recall.
Jeff has somehow managed to blame California's energy crisis on Davis without ever mentioned that deregulation was Peter Wilson's dumbass idea or that Enron's confiscatory pricing was reducing the citizenry to indentured servitude.
This is no small rhetorical trick in my opinion....the predations inflicted on the Golden State by Darell Issa and Ken Lay are apparently excellent reasons to dismiss Grey Davis from office.
Moreover replacing a Governor via petition that is approved by a MINORITY of California voters is an irony lost on the famously affirmative action adverse columnist.
I mean isn't that what the recall is in the end?
A form of intrusive affirmative action for GOP candidates who have been DENIED office by the ballots of a repressive majority?
That pismire eighteen percent of the vote that might make Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor is no doubt a poor beleaguered bunch of victims in Jeff's mind. So beleaguered in fact they deserve to be given the whip hand over everyone else.
This would seem to be the plain truth of Jacoby's logic....stripped of it's gruesome irony that is.
The recall is legal and 18% shall rule over the other 82% by dictat of money and media and perhaps steroidally enhanced muscle.
This raises the tantalizing question as to whether or not there is any form of GOP sponsored ideological warfare that Jacoby DOESN'T approve of?
Ah Jeff Jacoby, so desperate to enroll himself among the Future Autocrats of America that he'll sign on to ANY antidemocratic excess if it means he can ride roughshod over the backs of the peasantry cracking his whip with gusto.
It's been a long road from law school gimp to laughing insufferable young cavalier, eager to route the proles and raise high the standard of the New Class...
Jeff is so very much an exemplar of the GOP's newer and purer class of warrior ideologues...if the California situation was playing out in the Commonwealth he'd be screaming for shotgun justice and the execution of all citizens favoring Romney's recall.
As Eric Hoffer once noted for the aboslute true believer, the fanatics among us, there is NEVER any toleration for irony.

Elba in the Berkshires

The hot political story west of Amherst this summer has been the cautious resurrection of former Governor Jane "Jingle Money" Swift.
Yes indeedy Lady Jane has been calling old supporters, hosting a political barbecue in North Adams, and keeping an open line to her financial contributors.
Apparently the Former Governor is tired of waiting for The White House to call with the obligatory trifling job offer.
Or maybe she has just run through her swag, se was in office a mere two years after all, not much time to stock up on nuts for the winter.
The rumor is she is angling to run against U.S. Representative John Olver (pithily known through out Washington as the dullest man in the U.S. Congress)...political gourmands will recall Jane's doomed attempt to unseat Olver in 1996 which brought to a temporary end an otherwise undistinguished career in the State Senate.
So far Governor Romney hasn't got a problem with any of this, as it's been just a little too long since Jane Swift has yet another suffered a gruesome and appalling public humiliation.
It's stories like this that remind us of how laughably weak the GOP's bench is in the Commonwealth.
I mean they're trotting out a Former Governor that Romney took an unnatural thrill in beating like a red headed stepchild not one year ago, as a candidate for Congress?
Sad really...and no doubt Jingle Money Swift is lapping up the attention like the hapless cretin she is.
Usually the career path is, from congress to the Governor's office, but Jane has always lacked dignity and common sense when it came to the political basics.
Even if she wins she'd be but a single freshman congressperson yoked to Tom Delay's war chariot...not that it bothers Jingle Money obscure sinecure like that plays like vindication in her torpid little mind.
And anyway the notion that she can beat Olver is pretty dubious as well. Jane has a bad habit of either looking terrified and uncertain or else addressing her audience like they were five year olds...two months of this nonsense on the stump and I think the district will mark out hard for Olver.
Of course none of this bothers Governor Romney, he is perpetually short on candidates for lower offices and must make do with the dreck at hand.
Besides he may well take a gruesome pleasure in imagining Jane Swift yoked to a chariot and pumping those stubby legs around the U.S. Capitol.
As Jim Carroll sez "I doubt none of these speculations".

Friday, August 22, 2003

Friday Notes:
Dan Kennedy marks out hard for an anti-Romney blog in this week's Phoenix.
No, it ain't Chimes At Midnight
It's something called
I mean just because this guy Ben is a professional, with inside contacts, and a remarkable felicity of expression he (or she) gets ALL the kudos!!!!
Hey Dan, I yield to no one in my disdain for Romney that shallow pretentious political onanist and simpering ideologue!
Howzabout throwing me some chum here???
Ah I tells yuh the woods are burning boys, the woods are burning.
All I ever wanted was to be worshipped by a financially generous cult like following...something where I can get away with wearing white robes and sandals all day-MODEST ambitions to be sure!
Anyway this other guys blog is no doubt quite check it out.

Oh, the doughy Tri Town Drive off route on Summer street in Lunenberg Ma is featuring a powerful line up of "Freaky Friday" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" for a mere $14.00 this weekend. Why not load up the car and watch Jamie Lee Curtis and Johnny Depp overact like a Barrymore on crystal meth!

Thursday, August 21, 2003


Well as you might imagine, Mike Barnicle actually met Arnold Schwarzenegger down in Hyannisport once and ever after carried away with him a warm affection for the vulgar debauched Austrian mesomorph.
"I just like the guy" bleated the serial plagiarist on Imus-in-the-Morning Program....
Have anyone ever stopped to wonder that the downfall of American Democracy is being entirely prepared by guys that Mike Barnicle just loves to pieces?
Clearly Barnicle (whose critical facilities are clouded by treacly sentimentality on his best day) cannot bring any dispassionate analysis to bear on those he "likes". He has proven this time and again on the Imus program whenever the President's latest blunders and lies are under discussion.
His voice goes up an octave, his words come in staccato bursts and if he doesn't start dicking irrationally on Bill Clinton (a tactic that is increasingly a sad non sequitur in the Barnicle arsenal) then he starts squeaking "I dunno I just like like like the guy!"
This irrational affectation is a bad habit for a so called old fashioned hard-boiled reporter.

Not that this bothers Barnicle in the least, truth be told he was never a gritty Mickey Spillane type, he just wanted everyone to think that he was...therein lies the difference.
No Mike isn't Mike Royko...he's a toadying courtier a'la Mussolini's son-in-law Galleazzo Ciano who once noted that every time he heard the Duce's voice he lost all control of his bodily functions.
And so thus having worshipped Bush as a sort of je's plain folks godling, it follows that Mike can easily transfer those feelings to anyone who carries the heavenly approval of Karl Rove.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Thought for the day...
IF Enron robbed California of billions by overcharging on energy and skimping on delivery...
And IF Enron Chairman Ken Lay then gave huge donations to Tom Delay's campaign PAC and other republican causes....
THEN Shouldn't Grey Davis be suing Tom Delay and the American Enterprise Institute to recover stolen monies and property??
Gujillions of those stolen dollars ended up in the pockets of vote hungry GOP-ers...I say California is well within it's rights to start aggressively invoicing these jack-offs.
That isn't fair they's un-American and a blow to the free market??
Well well well...whatever happened to "victim's rights"?
California was victimized, so California ought to get compensation...Enron commited a crime of economic violence just the way a mugger in Central Park does.
Think about that the next time some hammerhead reels to his feet on CSPAN to bray long and loud about punishing violent crime....the real muggers get away scot free in Dick Cheney's America.

What fast rising left coast political star is desperate to conceal his alleged early seventies origins as a gay-for-pay rentboy?
If the pictures ever see the light of day will the candidate's powerful political patrons in Washington still back him?
Or will the steady drip-drip-drip of sordid revelations terminate the political ambitions of this overnight sensation?

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Gay Prey

An all-homosexual high school is being opened up this fall in Manhattan.
Predictably radio tyrant Sean Hannity doesn't like the idea.
He bitched about said school being a homosexual recruitment center and the like...
Then some country-western bimbo with happy memories of touring with Charlie Daniels and the Volksturm good ole' boys came on and the thread was lost.
Now before any of you out there get the idea that I actually listen to Sean Hannity
lemme make it perfectly clear I brushed past this screed quite by accident yesterday.
I was looking for a parking space in Cambridge and you all know what a tedious venture that can be.
But it got me thinking though.
If the supply of homosexuals drops in our public high schools due to the hypothetical proliferation of all-gay high schools, then the bullying skills of our nation's youth will atrophy.
If our bullying skills fade, then where will the next generation of rightical chic radio talk show tyrants come from?
The demographic threat to the hegemony of the GOP could not be clearer.
Screechy little shitbricks like Sean get their start marking out some weaker less aggressive boy in the freshman class and mercilessly taunting and beating him into submission thus demonstrating his prowess and masculinity.
Without homos to beat down and torture, how are the nation's future opinion-makers ever gonna make their bones?
Class act sociopaths like Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan both got their starts stealing other kids lunchmoney and jacking up faggots after school.
This is a serious setback to the recruitment process of the GOP-without easy prey, conservatism may disappear within a generation!
Bullying is a huge part of the modern GOP's will to power-just look at our situation in Iraq if you don't believe me.
When an alleged liberal like Tom Friedman can publicly back the notion of "hitting back at anyone-anyone at all" as a post 9-11 policy, then you can see the efficacy of this type of brutality.
Just remember Humble John's dictum; homsexuality whether it be civil unions or gay high schools WILL be the GOP's wedge issue of choice in 2004...fagbashing will be very fascionable come this time next summer.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Power Outrages

If the President is forced to cease fund raising-even for a moment-then truly the terrorists win.

There is a great image from CNN last night, Bush is seen briefly reassuring the nation that last night's epic black-out was not a terrorist action.
He was doing this live from California-just prior to plunging into a 2,000 dollar a plate GOP fund raiser.
So while the east coast languishes in the dark and humidity Bush auctioning off the last bits of public assets to the usual wastrels of the new conservative class...thieves, pimps, and crooks the lot of them.
Trust me the lights were on in that room, the green of phat cashola was never more vivid.
And while we are on the subject, Bush claimed terrorists weren't involved in last night's outages.
Well how the hell would HE know?
It's been demonstrated that neither he nor Condi Rice (apparently the most promising illiterate ever to teach at Stanford) actually READ much of anything placed in front of them.
Twenty one power plants go on the fritz within three minutes of each other...than factoid alone would make me pause if I was President.
Not Junior though...he can't suspend fundraising for a second, so therefore IT CAN'T be enemy action!
The Mysterons could send the Earth on a collision course with the sun and George wouldn't cut out so much as one pricey grip-n-grin session.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

"Qualm" Friedman on the Iraq War:

A quote from Tom Friedman's current column in the New York Times:

"I worry that we're not going to have the time, money, or people to finish this job right-for several reasons.."


Poor Tom, a day late, a dollar short, and weeping with despair when some punk-ass kid tells him there never were any WMD's and pro wrestling is fake.
The man is a mess I tell you.
How in the name of Capitoline Jove can someone so naive end up enrolled among the best and brightest of our foreign policy experts?
It's revolting enough that Tom Friedman is Karl Rove's dream liberal, timid, easily intimidated, silly and whiny at the same time.
Boy I can recall six months ago Tom was on the Imus Program clouding the air with threats and jut-jawed truculence-he couldn't wait for Baghdad to be flattened and the Iraqi WMD's to be exposed.
Oh Tom couldn't wait for this war he was all fired up in the most tragic and comical fashion possible.
Imus would egg in him and Tom would start snarling about daisy cutters raining down on the Republican Guards with a wave of the hand from Don Rumsfeld.
Geezus, for an alleged liberal Tom sure did have a woody for Don Rumsfeld with his cake-walk predictions and bargain basement concept of military logistics.
Tom Friedman has "qualms" about our mission in post war Iraq. The natives are restless the WMD's unfound, the whole thing is still costing blood and to keep his pundit bona fides Tom is making a few peeping critical noises.
No not much mind you...but a few to maintain his options open.
And I'm sure this little punk is all proud of himself for his sagacity and chin-stroking thoughtfulness...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Candidator
....a rosey sunday school collection of questions for the Mighty Austrian:

Just how much plastic surgery has Schwarzenegger booked these last ten years trying to come off as a athletic forty year old?
I'm idly curious, questions like this are no doubt gonna pass of serious policy discourse in the great California Clown Campaign that loometh on the far coast.
So we may as well start in with them now.
And then there is the congenital finger wagging all governors must indulge in...given Schwarzenegger's history steroid abuse who would take any anti-drug sloganeering from him seriously?
Is he still taking steroids I wonder?
Did they contribute in some way to his heart bypass surgery a few years ago?
And there is Arnold's mysterious meeting with Enron's Ken Lay back in May of 2001.
Did Arnold own Enron stock...did he sell off high?
Was he advised of Enron's plans to reduce California's citizenry to indentured ratepaying serfs?
Given Schwarzengger's alleged lavish use of hookers from out the stable of Heidi Fleiss I do think it relevant to ask if he favors the legalization of prostitution?
I mean drugs, piracy, whores, and plastic surgery is a pretty powerful platform IMHO...He ought to push it for all he is worth.
Oh and lets not forget the alleged gay nudie pics...they are sure to send legions of little old ladies in tennis shoes stampeding to the polls...
On whose behalf I cannot say.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Bulgerism versus Romneyism

The corrupt little cretin finally walked the plank, I for one could not be
I remember with the simplest nostalgia all those cold cold election days on
behalf of Roosevelt, Harshbarger, and O'Brien standing out with a sign and a
prayer at my local precinct..
Election days made all the colder by the sure knowledge that somewhere in the
State House Senate President and allged democrat Billy Bulger had his feet up assuring Governors Weld or Cellucci of "easy pickin's" today.
Good bye Billy and those deep stab wounds in my back are finally case you were wondering.

Of course with elegant ignorance the Boston Globe has this story all wrong-as
They are playing it up as a bellwether victory for suburban technocrats,
pseudo reform politics, and Romneyism in general.
True to form our glorious leader went horseback riding on the grounds of the
State House on Friday to "celebrate" his victory over Bulger.
No doubt Mitt squinted at the horizon in anticipation of vast suburban
berserkers arising at his command bent on hanging the legislature en masse and ushering in the golden age of the Kolobian Prophets.
Yup this is Mitt Romney's idea of fat city no doubt about it.
Who is this serial onanist think he is kidding?
I swear he got the idea to sandbag Bulger from watching too much TV out
there in Utah.
Mitt couldn't catch Whitey so he made Billy his target.
Good ghod the Commonwealth is beset with unemployment, budget shortfalls,
corruption, cronyism and all manner of demagogues...yet all this crooked jack off can do is hang Bulger's pink meaningless scalp on the wall.
The Globe tells us this is a great triumph over Bulgerism.
This is a sad and gullible interpretation of the matter.
In fact what we are witnessing is the twilight of one machine (Bulger's gang)
and the rise to power of another new and improved political cabal-Mitt Romney
Willard dragged Ghod knows how many of his co-religionists into the state to
work the polls on election day and paid out untold millions in walking around
money to buy himself the Governorship.
If that ISN'T machine politics then what the hell is???
And he did it whilst bleating reform-reform-reform from one end of the
Commonwealth to another.
No small trick I have to hand it to him.
Just remember one thing, Joe Lawless Bill Weld's former chauffeur and Logan
International's inept security director on 9-11-01, STILL has a good job with
And if a lackwit like Joe Lawless still has a state job, think of the thousands of GOP
pay-triots in the bureaucracy who are sleeping easier tonight knowing Mitt Romney,
that hardheaded reformer has got the marks wrapped around his finger.
Reform indeed.


Monday, August 11, 2003

Schwarzenegger for Governor part 2

Nothing can ever stop a bad idea whose time has come in this Republic.
Put it another way, there is ALWAYS room for one more sick cynical
conservative ideologue at the top.

So the recall of Grey Davis looms in California...the GOP can get do-overs
and mulligans whenever they demand it seems.
This whole thing smacks of another Karl Rove screwjob...what are we gonna do
when Karl Magnus tires of all that thinking, and simply calls out the army to
do his dirty work?
Well what of it?
There is still time brothers.
Meanwhile what is to be done?
I say, bend every effort to putting Grey Davis back in power...if this
happens the careers of a LOT of main-chance conservative ideologues will go up in smoke.
Yup the polls say he's down... Right off Davis should demand a full debate
between ALL the declared candidates for Governor. Next seat Arnold next to Gary Coleman and let the electorate mull over the legion of ambitious freakjobs
who would run Davis out of power.
While that is going down lets flood California with those muscle-boy nudie
pics Arnie did back in the sixties...and turn loose James Carville on Heidi
Fleiss...see if one of her hookers will fess' up to servicing the Candidator.

This'll tighten things up appreciably.
In other words-play hard ball NOW!!!
Whatever happens we must thwart the recall, be fair means or foul, by hook or
by crook, by any means necessary.
If we can't stop Arnold now, we will never stop Bush next stop
dithering and lets get to work.
Me, I'm sending $200 to whatever fund Davis has....and that is a lot of money
to me.
I suggest you all do the same.

Friday, August 01, 2003

A very gay marriage indeed...

So let me get this straight, God's Lonely Texan has teamed up with the Vicar of Christ to prevent "gay marriage" from getting a toe-hold in America?
Right before a national election about your odd coincidences!
Never mind that fact that a majority of Americans support some kind of civil-union legislation (as long as they don't have to watch the ceremonies apparently)...and the moribund state of marriage in the U.S. the Pope and the Perp are preparing for their own red-white-n-blue Jihad.
The spectacle of the R.C.C. going on a homophobic rampage, especially here in America would be utterly laughable if it wasn't so dangerous.
This is the same scurvy crew that played hide-the-pederast for YEARS with their own unsuspecting clergy....the conclusion is inescapable that they'll wink when parish priests run amok with sweet young boys, but somehow two grown men prancing down the aisles at Saint John's in Menotomy THAT is beyond the pale!
Good Ghod to think I've lived to see this.
Well the barefaced political motivation is hanging out there for all to see.
The clerical sex abuse scandals alienated a huge number of normally conservative parish council types...traditionally the R.C.C.'s most active donors.
So to get those yobs back Rome is throwing an anti-fag fugue.
Which dovetails nicely the President's primitive Protestant pietism which regards all sexuality outside of marriage as unholy and vile.
The losers here will be gays who'll become a political issue next year, framed in the nastiest terms possible.
Don't delude yourself that will be any debate going on, yo can't debate a quarter of a billion dollars worth of homophobic attack adverts.
Nope the die is cast, the Prez and JP II have manacled themselves together and we will all be the worse for it.
I'm on vacation next week and will not be updating this blessed plot this blog this eden.
God willin and the creek don't rise I'll be back Monday the 11th.
However if it all goes to smash and I don't come back, try to remember I was once an eagle.