Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Imus inter Pares...

Late word comes to us that Don Imus the groaning gasping scourge of AM Talk Radio up and died down in Texas.
No loss really, he was a drunk, more than a little racist, abusive to those beneath him, a shameless truckler to those above, his comedy was execrable, his novel allegedly ghostwritten and lets face it, there is nothing worse than a drug addicted reactionary unless its a drug addicted reactionary with a nationally syndicated drive time radio show.
I recall with the simplest nostalgia the I-Man's nauseating war whooping in the lead up to the Second Gulf War, Him, the Late Tim Russert or Chris Matthew all shrieking like Middle School Magpies at the prospect of Iraq's Easy Conquest.
Of course by 2008, he'd walk all that back, but he wouldn't have been the I-Man if he hadn't believe me.
That having been said, he was virtually the only drive time radio yakker who put national democrats on the air, John Kerry, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Joe Lieberman (yes, I know...) among others. It ain't much but it was one of the few places where I could hear what was on the minds of the party's alleged elite.

Keep in mind, this is back in 2002, when Howard Stern was a reliably belligerent mark for the GOP, as opposed to the Buttigeig democrat The King of All Media is Today.

Anyhow, that nasty old man is dead now, his accomplishment add up to almost nothing, I'd say good riddance but I'd happily have him back if I could have Harold Ford Jr. as President.
Shit at this point I'd settle for Jerry Ford.

Friday, December 27, 2019

I got to hand it to Nancy Pelosi

she may actually be a better Speaker of the US House than my Landsman, Tip O'Neill.  A scant year ago the likes of Seth Moulton were indifferently scheming at her overthrow, and now today look at her, US Rep Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House Constitutional Democracy's Last Best Hope to Endure!
Much is made of the fact that she gathered no republican supporters when the Impeachment Articles came to a vote, less commented upon is that she had exactly three defections from the democratic ranks, Tip O'Neill could but dream of party discipline so tightly cinched!  Moreover I think all along, Pelosi knew she'd wouldn't get a single GOP vote when push came to shove, she took one look at the House Republican Caucus and saw it instantly for a cowardly rabble given to groveling before Shakespeare's False God "Commodity."
Maybe Humble Elias is Shocked that no-one from the GOP voted in favor of Impeachment (not even the republican House Members who are retiring, who understand clearly that Trump is Guilty) but Speaker Pelosi clearly wasn't.
She made her move, when history told her to move, GOP support or no GOP support, I like that about her, she is tough, smarter than Trump in every way and she knows Mitch McConnell is a grim cheap hoodlum, why else would she dangle the Articles of Impeachment over their heads like the Mythic Sword of Damocles?
My guess is, forget the taunts and the tweets, Pelosi knows Trump is a sick impulsive man, the longer she drags out the suspense the better the chances Trump will do something stupid like make ludicrous concessions in the name of a quick Senate Trial.
Churchill said it best when discussing President Lincoln's many critics "They did not know leadership when they saw it".

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Boris Johnson's Landslide Logic...

Apparently Great Britain MUST leave the EU, but Scotland and Northern Ireland MUST remain within the U.K. no matter what the majorities in those countries may want or say.  All I know is there is a clear majority in Scotland that wants to remain in the EU and Pro-Nationalists have a Majority in Belfast's Legislature. Johnson will get his Brexit but centrifugal forces are building up in British Politics, Union with the Irish Republic is openly discussed sans homicide in North, and Scotland clearly believes its best long term economic interests lie in the European Union.  England may well be a Kingdom but it won't be a United Kingdom ere long methinks.
Ya know what?
I'm fine with it.
F*ck em'.
I am done Talking England Off Yet Another Ledge, if the British People Wanna Jump into the Abyss, Let Them.  Boris Johnson with all his shifty populist rubbish may well be the best way to get peaceful & lawful Irish Unity in the span of my life time. If the breakup of the UK is the price that has to be paid to unify Ireland, so be it, they were warned.
Just a quick pro-note to Boris Johnson, my advise is, if Brexit goes off and England slides into depression you will literally get better terms from almost any lender of choice than Donald Trump, that guy is a consistent mortal danger to those who work closest with him, just ask any of his current or former attorney's...Pay Heed Boris.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

With Friends Like Saudi Arabia...

who the f**k needs enemies??

I mean how can we not just luv dese guys?  The chop up journalists and lie about it, they keep trying to get us to destroy Iran for them, their second biggest export seems to be nascent terrorists and they are so special and dear to us that their military trainees can buy firearms in the USA Free & Clear.
Sounds Like a Bargain to Me, What could go wrong??
Central America has the gall to send us starvelings willing to work sh*t jobs for short money, Saudi Arabia though sends us trained motivated killers, are they a great ally or what??

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Governor Charlie Baker is the Dullest Politician from Massachusetts

since the Empire Days of Calvin Coolidge.  He was reading tonight's winter storm advisory like it was a slightly baffling & unexpected invoice.  His voice modulates up and down with slight sing song  variance, and he a profoundly uncomfortable presence on the television.  And then when is done droning away, he summons Lieutenant Polito to the podium, her first line is "Thanks, Guv!"...I mean this is a lightweight in a lightweight's job.  The rest of the team (Secretary of Transportation, MBTA Chair) are all just as enervating to watch. Frankly the most charismatic and animated public servant serving in the current Executive Department of the Commonwealth, is Charlie Baker's sign language interpreter.