Thursday, June 28, 2018

In the past 24 hours...

Three more members of Charlie "Lumpy" Baker's State Police Force have been indicted by the Federales for chi$eling overtime pay.   But don't worry, Our Governor and his Picked State Police Commander are Right On Top of the Situation, They are Reading the Boston Globe Every Day to Keep Up!
Baker's strategy here seems at once cynical and inept, he's gonna spend the summer cutting as many ribbons as possible and leave cleaning the crooks and jobbers out of the State Police to the US Attorney with the pious HOPE that none of the resulting political effluvia gets on him.
I think its a forlorn hope, but this is Massachusetts we are talking about, when it comes to Law Enforcement, Democrats don't want to appear "anti public sector union", the GOP can't let daylight get between them & law enforcement as a literal point of theology.
Now at this point, I usually rant and rave about Governor Baker's cynicism and hypocrisy, but events are moving fast out there in many unrelated sectors and mere invective while fun is never the answer.
So I'll end by noting that when Adlai Stevenson ran for Governor of Illinois he made cleaning up it's scandal ridden state police force a top priority. And by ghod he did in four short years he fired some crooks, pensioned off the jobbers, raised standards and saw to it that discipline was enforced.
THAT is the kind of Governor we need now, and we don't have one quite frankly.  So if there is a democrat out there willing to take a deep breath and address with issue with force and candor, I'd love to hear from them....believe me, I will be listening.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Me Ne Frego"

"I could have proclaimed a dictatorship. I could have formed a dictatorial ministry composed solely of Fascisti on the type of the Directory formed in France at the time of the Convention.  The Fascist Revolution, however, had its unique characteristics; it had no antecedent in history.  It was different from any other revolution also in its capacity to re-enter, with deliberate intent, legal, established traditions and forms"
"My Autobiography" 1928, Benito Mussolini.

I don't often traffic in the use of "Fascist" or "Nazi" as a political epithet (George Orwell asserts both words were worn out as terminology by 1940, likely he was right), I myself have maybe met two people in my fifty five years who by sheer impudence and unabashed racism constituted fascistic personalities.
That having been said, as a general category Mussolini does point out the authentic need for Non-Marxist Authoritarians to cloak their malevolent plans in tattered constitutional rags and patches.  They all always assert they are preserving what they truly wish to destroy...and by this play of public reaction formation you can always indentify them without fail.
Moreover, the initial work of authoritarians is purely that of destruction, of the rule of law, the right to vote, constitutional norms institutions real & intangible, all must be annihilated before the real work of building a  dictatorship can begin.  The speed and scope of the destruction is governed by the innate strength of the institutions and the determination and unity of the opposition. If it goes well for them, your freedoms go quickly, so my point is, don't make it easy for them is rule #1.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


All this madness will be behind us, and when it is, someone somewhere will make a pretty penny with a trade paperback listing all of President Trump's dumb AND unimplemented ideas (expl. Letting Saudi Arabia get the bomb, remember that one???).
At the moment, his latest evil notion is to deport illegal immigrants without benefit of the rule of law, a predictably disgreaceful notion that if ever enacted would directly imperil the citizenry of this Republic. If this constitutional black hole were to open, then its dollars-to-donuts they'll be expelling citizens whose voter registration or ethnicity don't suit the Admin and it's lackeys in congress.
IF that were to happen, and I'm not saying it will, a lot of Trump's notions get left to rust on Twitter, but IF it does go down...then we must act, with courage, with decency with the high idealism of our Patriot Ancestors, but act we must.
Lets be clear on that, let the line be drawn now, let us not be fearful, the only antidote for our current affliction is resolution, in the name of constitution oder and the rule of law, but resolution all the same.

Monday, June 25, 2018

It goes without saying that

In addition to everything else going wrong in this state, that I am now being subjected to a "targeted tax increase" in this case the MBTA will be charging me $10.00 to park at Alewife Station starting next month.
 You'll notice the Baker Admin's classically passive aggressive moderate republican approach to the problem, do nothing, cut some ribbons way out of town, let the MBTA take the heat and collect the fees.
This was Bill Weld's governing philosophy as it was for Cellucci and Romney as well...."rail against taxes & increase fees".
Not for nothing though, I'll soon have to pay fifty dollars a week to park my heap in one of the most dilapidated and dangerous looking brutalist style garages on the Eastern Seaboard. There are holes in the floor large enough to glimpse commuters disembarking from the buses on the ground level, temporary stanchions literally holding up the ceiling on all levels, there are ominous cracks everywhere.
I don't have to park my car there (unlike commuters from the Granite State for example), its a convenience I given my ongoing status as caregiver for an elderly relation....I can take the bus.
And maybe I should because this is classic GOP revenue enhancement, "make the trogs pay more for less!".

Friday, June 22, 2018

The current estimated cost of the fabled...

"North South Rail Link" in Boston is roughly twenty one billion dollars or the cost of three Zumwalt Class Guided Missile Destroyers.
Currently, one risks temporary deafness from the crickets chirping all over Beacon Hill with respect to this particular project, our Governor Charlie "Lumpy" Baker is admittedly a cheap bastard with a pervy penchant for privatization, but hell someone ought to speak up in the Legislature...someone..anyone!
I see their problem in the Lege, they're phobic about initiating a big expensive project in an election year with a famously shoddy cheap-ass governor in office...hell no one will even propose talks about the north south rail President Trump so often tweets, "sad".
You'd think this might be the sort of public works project the Admin might get behind, but it's public transport remember the Regime on the Potomac believes only in valet parking and dedicated lanes on super highways for limos. Anyway, when is the last time Trump tweeted out the word "infrastructure"?  His enablers/sitters in Congress would have a collective stroke.
Its sad because that rail link is desperately needed, would improve commuter-rail performance literally up and down the North East Corridor and just possibly open up the "Massachusetts Expat Barracks Towns"  of South NH to decent public transportation at long last.
But all this is sensible, and alas we don't live in sensible times.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


General Electric has been knocked off the Dow, the venerable one hundred and twenty year old corporation is divesting itself of almost everything save aviation tech, power & HEALTH CARE if you can believe it?
How much money in bribes did Governor Lumpy and Mayor Walsh PAY GE to relocate their headquarters in Boston...I vaguely recall whatever it was, it was A Lot.
Hell by the time Lumpy & Marty cut the ribbon on GE's New Headquarters they'll be nothing left of the venerable they do any manufacturing in the Commonwelth let alone the territorial USA???

So in addition to terrorism & child torture

we are adding kidnapping to our list of national crimes, as refugees that cross the border illegally are being deported without their children...
And as usual, congress the courts etc etc prove themselves pathetic and helpless in the face of blatant crime and evil.
But I remind all and sundry, the American People are NEVER Helpless, and if need be, they will a stop to this,  contempt for this sovereign polity is a fast track to oblivion.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Governor Lumpy

reversed himself and declined sending Massachusetts Helicopters to assist the National Administrations grotesque child snatching anti-immigrant policy down on our Southern Border.

For this I suppose Lumpy deserves some credit, but make no mistake he caved in simply because he could sense the public outrage swinging off Trump and onto him, that was his sole motivation...fear, as usual.
Not exactly a profile in courage and proof positive as well you have to watch Lumpy like a hawk 24-7, our only hold over him is his fear of local public opinion which vastly exceeds his terror of Donald Trump.
For now at least.
Lets face it, Charlie Baker is a "coper" not a leader he has is head down as far as dignity & safety allow hoping this "Trump Ptomaine" will somehow go its course and vanish given time.
This will be Lumpy's policy if Trump is impeached and dragged from office and it'll be his policy if Trump self crowns himself Emperor of North America.
But what the hell, the child-snatchers down on the Rio Grande will have to ply their hateful trade with two less helicopters.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ugly Thought for the Day...

if these refugees down on the Rio Grande were all bible thumping cover-to-cover Xians, Jeff Sessions would be up to his knees in said river, calling in Uber drivers for ALL of them & making mass reservations at the Ritz.
But...they ARE Xians, probably pretty good ones as well, just catholic, not protestant, and so thus, the AG Comports Himself like Pontius who can misquote the Epistles.
Well, and here comes the Ugly Thought, "Saint Paul didn't Sign the Declaration of Independence"....

Thursday, June 14, 2018

If Michael Cohen

Donald Trump's ex-attorney, a man openly called "a fixer" by the news media, is signaling his intention to cooperate with Mueller Probe, then likely the accused is simply fishing for a pardon from his former client, POTUS.
And given Trump's penchant for impulsive anger/fear driven decisionmaking, this could easily happen, stranger things have happened already in this  unholy mishaugas.
Of course Pardoning Cohen is yet anothe de-facto confession of guilt from POTUS et all, but those indicators are quickly piling up like cordwood.
My guess is, Cohen won't cooperate and he won't get his fanciful pardon...but I could be wrong.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I was one of those poor saps stuck in the tunnel on the green line, for the first time in forty two years of commuting in Boston I was told to "hoof it" down the subway tracks to the Arlington Street Station.
Kudos to the MBTA for sending multiple personnel down into the tunnel to help the passengers (the tunnels are every bit as dangerous & dirty as they appear from inside the trolleys) into the station, bug GEEZUS the system isn't breaking down, its broken.
Meanwhile today, Governor Lumpy was bleating away that the eight billion large the state is allegedly spending on the MBTA will fix everything, given time and patience.
Well I for one, am out of patience, Charlie Baker could allocates sixteen billion dollars to fix the MBTA and still somehow the damn thing would be broken, count on it,  plugging holes stops the leaks it doesn't address a compromised dyke.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Congrats to President Trump

he got his nothing "agreement" with NK which more than sufficiently vaguely worded to ignite a sickening self congratulatory tweetstorm once POTUS gets home.
The IAEA wasn't tagged in, no sign of NK's signature on the Non Proliferation Treaty, to say nothing of any specific pledges or even a hint of a TIMETABLE for Cthulu's sake. Nope like a credulous dope Trump hinted around normalizing relations with NK, a peace treaty and is apparently thinking about suspending training drills with the South Korean Armed Forces, which IF implemented, is de-facto capitulation to Pyongyang.
Granted, we got our prisoners back, but this is NK they can take new hostages in a heartbeat, and meanwhile other than that, what substantive concessions did we get out of this summit?
Answer: Nothing.
It would appear that Trump has been intimidated out of putting any more military pressure on North Korea (hence the possible suspension of training drills I wonder what SECDEF Mattis & Senator McCain think about that??) and simply declaring victory bailing out, tweets to follow ad nauseum.
Meanwhile, North Korea collects a nice fat prestige bounty and keeps its nukes for the foreseeable future, all Trump did yesterday was compromise our regional alliances and pose for pictures with an insolent smirk. Peace Now? Not Hardly.

The DOJ...

has apparently ruled that mere physical abuse is not in and of itself grounds for conferral of refugee status on some poor scared unfortunate.
Which makes that stern righteous puritan, Jeff Sessions our US Attorney General The Best Friend of Pimps and Wife Beaters Worldwide....

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summit Checklist

1.) Komrade Kim & President Trump will likely come to some sort of agreement and or "framework" that will literally mean radically different things to both men and yet allow each of them to claim "victory" in the "negotiations".
2.) Unless of course, Kim "plays it straight" with the usual two and one half hour long denunciation of US Imperialism solely designed to drive Trump out of the room in a screeching fury.  I doubt this scenario but its the line of least resistance for NK and it does quickly prove to Kim's Patrons in Peking that nobody can negotiate with Trump in good faith and expect anything.
3.) So barring #2, both men will be screeching "victory" to their respective bases on Wednesday, will Trump's tweetstorm coming long and loud, designed solely to permit his "base" to participate vicariously in another one of his amazing unexpected super duper triumphs.
4.) That having been said, we can expect on Thursday, for NK to retain its nukes indefinitely regardless of any solemn promises they make tomorrow or Wednesday and we can expect Korea to remain divided and fearful for decades to come.  Those are the facts that Trump & his Base will shout down or ignore starting
5.) Its a little more difficult to assess what harm these negotiations will do to our alliance structure in the region, but here we are at the mercy Trump's whims and right now he seems hell bent on the praise and admiration almost any agreement however harmful or innocuous it may be...
Shit Neville Chamberlain & Premier Deladier were less desperate for a "win" at Munich....

Friday, June 08, 2018

You Still Think that

Charlie Baker has been a swell Governor and well deserving of his seventy percent approval rating?

Then please note:

The MBTA is one yank of the emergency brake away from a shutdown that'll paralyze the Red Blue or Orange Lines for hours, with no resolution in sight by the way. The Baker Admin's Public Transportation Plan seems to consist of buying band aids whole sale.

The State Police are being investigated by the feds for cheap ass chiseling that would bring a blush of shame to a Louisiana ward heeler.

The wait time at the RMV to renew licenses has grown to an impossible four and a half full hours with no end in sight and no remediation planned either.

Oh and this is the Managerial Supergenius Governor who still wants to passive aggressively privatize the schoole system (the only word in the english language that stimulates Charlie Baker in any way is "privatization") and don't mention the word "Trump" to the Governor he immediately hides under the bed and won't come out unless coaxed by a fresh spreadsheet.

All this can be conceptualized as a "good job" only if we've degraded performance standards past all meaning, if this is good governance I'd hate to see what flagrant ineptitude and corruption looks like.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Meanwhile Back in Menotomy

One Lori Lennon is earnestly challenging incumbent State Representative Sean Garballey for said nomination in the democratic primary.
Exactly why Ms. Lennon is doing this, remains obscure, she is a reliable progressive democrat with the usual earnest focus on everything from LBGT rights to green energy to reforming the funding schemes for education & the MBTA. She also wants  to create a "cybersecurity initiative" that'll reap high tech jobs benefits down the line a'la Deval Patrick's Biotech Initiative.
If the women is a progressive, she seems to be a "progressive technocrat" at first glance.
At second glance you have to wonder exactly what are her real policy differences with Rep Garballey? They seem to agree on a whole range of issues, Sean in particular,  is justifiably famous for cosponsoring a literal ton of progressive legislation proposals, the man would sign a leaf if it blew thru his window in the State House.
How Lennon outflanks the incumbent on the left, seems to be a real question...I don't think her idea to  combat rising sea levels with artificial kelp and oyster beds is gonna get much traction down at the VFW either.
Granted, I was surprised to discover during her talk last night that "conversion therapy" (the noxious process by which gays are supposedly reprogrammed into heterosexuality) is still legal in the Massachusetts, but the truth is, I trust Sean Garballey to get that outlawed a lot quicker than Lori Lennon when push comes to shove. He'll likely have the legislation in the hopper by the time these two debate, assuming they ever debate.
Frankly, Lennon is another "DIY Politician" engendered by the proliferation of safe seats down into the municipal level, she has an attractive resume and some interesting skills but given her minimal rhetorical skills she could normally expect to run a strong race for School Committe or The Board of Selectmen.
Instead she wants to "punch above her weight" in a primary campaign for the legislature, its an inexplicable choice but then again she could easily be running for the Lieutenant Governor's nomination.
I wish the woman well, believe me, I just wish she'd given this one some more thought.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Looming NK Summit

Its many melodramatic twists and turns can best be conceptualized as a sort of "Live Finale Episode of The Apprentice" executed on the Grandest Scale.  Just as Trump once decided on which jobber to make "his apprentice" he thinks he is making a similar choice between peace and war in a diplomatic confereence with Komrade Kim.
This is errant rubbish to be sure, but I am sure in Trump's mind it's a similar situation, fatally predicated on the notion that he somehow holds the whip hand at this conference.
The whole issue has it's obscure aspects, Kim seems as anxious as Trump for the summit but his motives are likely of an entirely devious character.  Meanwhile Trump is being entirely true to his own equivocal and slippery nature and has started lowering expectations for said summit "a process will be initiated" he's also held out the prospect of a full on Peace Treaty that'll literally finally conclude the Korean War. This is simply rhetorical blather designed to give his admin a path to "claiming victory" no matter what the summit's actual outcome.
It seems clear to me, that NK's main sponsor, the PRC is determined to keep the Korean Peninsula divided by any means necessary, they certainly do NOT want said peninsula united on terms favorable to the USA, and they seem willing to tolerate Komrade Kim's nukes in order to maintain this status quo.
This isn't the first time that that PRC has treated nuclear non-proliferation norms so cavalierly, back in the 1980's as a cheap deterrence move focused on the Russians in Afghanistan, the Chinese gave all sorts of vital help to Pakistan's nuclear weapons program.
I think Kim wants a nice long winded conference that'll wear down Trump's patience and attention span as much as possible, with any luck The President throw a tantrum that'll leave the whole thing in shambles and leave Pyongyang with it's nuke's intact.  But that may well be their idea of a best case scenario, likely they want an "agreement" thatl'll give them plenty of latitude on timelines and deliverables...something that'll allow them to make the argument that they TRIED to negotiate with Trump & failed due to his belligerence and cupidity.
Failing that they may try and link all and sundry to a final peace treaty but any such outcome should be avoided at all costs IF it leaves nukes in the hands of Komrade Kim for even a brief time. We have to make a firm linkage "no nukes = peace" nothing more.
If Kim plays his cards right he can degrade sanctions, drive a wedge between Seoul and DC and yet keep his in some I don't see good auspices, assuming the damn thing ever comes off at all.

Monday, June 04, 2018


Quentin Palfrey actually outpolled Jimmy Tingle at this weekend's State Democratic Convention in Springfield. Word is on the street that Palfrey has been brown-nosing "state house insiders" these last few months and worked the liberal-progressive wing very hard these last few months. This is sort of ironic to me, hasn't Jimmy Tingle worked fundraisers for all those "State House Insiders" & that "Liberal Progressive Wing" to a fare-thee-well?
Just shows ya that gratitude really is an unprintable expletive in Massachusetts Politics...
Well anyway, Tingle is officially on the Lt Gubernatorial Primary Ballot where his considerable rhetorical gifts may start doing him some good.  Study those briefing books hard Jimmy is all I can say.

The Other big news out of Springfield was Josh Zakim outpolling Secretary of State Bill Galvin, but to me thats been a long time coming, Galvin has never been a fave of the "liberal progressive wing" of the democratic party (whatever the hell that means) and even after six terms in office he had to expect a convention like this, sooner or later.  It sure looks like Galvin is officially running scared and that has always been a formidable prospect based on past experience.
Oh and its officially "Gonzalez v. Massie" for the Governor's nomination, expect a great deal of sound and fury that'll artfully obscure their vast areas of agreement.


Friday, June 01, 2018

Congrats to Wingnut UberTroll Dinesh D'Souza

for getting sprung from the slams by Presidential Pardon, funneling an illegal campaign contribution thru a cherished mistress is such a small misdeed in the Grand Scheme of Things.
And this very frank and naked appropriation of the pardon power for partisan purposes, opens up new vistas to the Trump Admin.
Certainly Mark Wahlberg's hopes got stoked up this week, all he really has to do is "go full Roseanne Barr" to get that coveted pardon.
For that fact what about Grand Admiral Donitz? He was only Fuhrer and Reichs President for twenty four days, he only said a few repellant anti semitic things, he was only trying to Make Germany Great Again, doesn't he deserve a pardon??
All I can say is, "Thank Ghod We Never Tried Robert E. Lee for Treason", cuz Trump would wanna pardon that slave-whipping bastard's ass.