Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is William A. Donohue contractually obligated

to rant, rave and shout every time he appears on cable TV in his capacity of Top Swank at The Catholic League?
Larry King was obviously too old and befuddled to just ask Donohue to try his "indoor voice" last night as The Catholic League Leader howled all sorts of jolly imprecations at what appeared to be survivors of clerical sex abuse.
William A. Donohue has what can only be described as a mean face, pink, round, perpetually drawn in a scowl of raw hatred or else a sneer of triumph he is a sort of whip wielding Parish Council President desperate to enforce orthodoxy among fast diminishing ranks.
In short, a man made for Fox News, if he was around Jerusalem two thousand year's ago he'd a cheered as that good-fer-nothing beatnik Jesus got nailed up on the cross.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kee-rist I hope this isn't true...

Ergo that RNC Chair Michael Steele was cavorting at a Bondage Club on the GOP's dime, simply because I need for him to lead the Republican's into battle this fall...No one else could make a better and more absolute botch of the job than he.
On the other hand, if he goes down, the Teabaggers might get the idea that their hour has struck and try to impose Sarah Palin as RNC Chair...Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!
Image that shit-fight?
Just imagine the bills she'll be running up at Niemann-Marcus, the cost of her tin-foil hats alone will be prohibitive!
And if not Sarah then maybe ohhh I dunno, Rep. Michelle Bachmann?
It'll be All Falangism All the Time!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pick of the Week:

"Ted Kennedy was a big fat pork barrel spending pig!"
A slogan spray painted twice along the Minuteman Bike Trail in Lexington Ma.
I also saw  a "Stop...Pelosi"graffiti, which made me somewhat nostalgic for those "Stop...The War" stop signs I used to see all the time back the empire days of Vietnamization.
I was ambling down the bike path today, and ended up quite accidentally taking the political temperature of the hard right in Middlesex County.
Still, graffiti is vandalism and of course, the Teabaggers are all law abiding citizens aren't they?
Aren't they?
Doesn't seem like any of their rights are being restrained as Thomas Jefferson would define it. So the resort to lawbreaking seems self defeating, no political movement in the history of this nation has long prospered under the preachment of lawlessness let alone anarchy even if it of the spray painted variety.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mitt Romney: "Why I lost in 2008"

Today's Globe contains a few quotes from the Former Viceroy as to why he lost the 2008 GOP Presidential Primary campaign.
It contains the following quote from himself:
"And I needed to do a better job to focus my campaign on the economy and getting the economy right and creating jobs. And whether through my ads or through my responses to debate questions or on the stump, my power alley is the economy.

“I understand why jobs come, why they go.’’

Mother of Ghod am I the only blogger out here who recalls (with the simplest nostalgia) Willard's cringeworthy performance in the 2008 Michigan Primary?
The man literally went from town to town promising free hookers, free beer and no taxes. Desperate and down to his third big slogan in three week, Romney more or less vowed to re-open the auto factories at gunpoint if need be.
It worked and Mitt won the Michigan Primary but he looked like such a craven desperate sweaty mook at the end of the day that the rest of the country gave him a pass.
And true to form, Mitt repudiated all those promises not one year later in a bid to recover his bona fides as a Big Business Republican.
That is why Mitt lost, republican voters simply couldn't stomach his bluster and palpable insincerity, and it didn't help matters any that for all his antiseptic good looks Romney was a terrible public speaker as well, automated phone mail has more passion than he.
And if he runs in 2012 no matter how much he focuses on economics and job creation the same collection of pathologies will do him in. Mitt thinks politics is easy, he thinks no one is looking, that no one is truly scoring his awe inspiring collection of flip-flops, there he is wrong and therein lies his downfall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting quote from Joanie Vennochi

in her current column:
(Scott) "Brown never really explained how he could rail against a measure he once supported. Then, again, neither did Romney. He now sounds slightly unhinged as he attacks Obamacare, which is, after all, based on Romneycare."
Unhinged is the operative term, quite simply Mitt Romney has to carry one like a lunatic because the GOP's base demands nothing less of it's leaders.
They've been stoked to a point substancially past dementia by the likes of Michael Graham and Laura "Hollow Leg" Ingraham is anyone truly surprised to see Mitt Romney contradict himself so abjectly? He has to keep up with a constituency that metaphorically speaking is running thru the streets carrying shotguns and torches for gawd's sake.
Times like this it is important to recall that in the lead up to the 1860 Presidential election, Abe Lincoln was called a brute, a radical an anarchist and a race mixer all for opposing nothing more than the mere extension of slavery into the western territories.
That is all.
And all President Obama has signed into law are measures that have been on the books here in Massachusetts for the past six years.
And that is what makes Mitt Romney and Scott Brown rant and rave so, the fear of appearing sane.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News and Bad News

This...Is Good News.

Assuming these numbers are right and they kick in then Governor Patrick's prospects just got a little bit brighter.

This...Is Bad News.

Gotta love that John Boehner, he doesn't "condone violence" but he'll happily encourage every wing-nut weirdo within earshot. The whole US House GOP caucus seems to be in a very crazy funk these last few days...Honestly the lot of them need to take a pill or something.

I just love it when...

The Boston Herald wallows in angst & self doubt.

I mean the headline alone is priceless.

Gosh six weeks ago, Scott Brown was deflecting queries about his presidential ambitions, I am sure, that Sarah Palin was kicking "Palin & Brown in 2012" around in her head, the world lay strewn at the Junior Senator from Massachusetts' feet.
Now look at him, a spent force per The Boston gawd-damn Herald!
Well don't worry, I'm sure Senator Brown can get up to demagogic speed on some other issue of public import, say immigration or nuclear power or flouridation of water, something...anything that'll get him back in good with Teabaggers.
Granted doing any kind of real intellectual heavy lifting was not Scott's style in the Massachusetts State Senate...But "must needs as the devil rides" and all like that.
At the very least, Mitt Romney is sighing with relief, with Brown's gasbag punctured, he, the former Governor can hold onto his status as the next big never-wuzzer from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Good luck Scott, thanks for all your help passing this bill and I look forward to your next campaign appearance at Arlington Town Hall when you can explain face to face with the citizenry why they were so much better off with nothing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Profile in Courage: Scott Brown

He was for reconciliation before he was against it.

Well the reason for that is obvious, likely Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reminded Brown that the Junior Senator from Massachusetts was not gonna collect anything like fourteen million in two weeks, to reach even half that amount he'd need the help of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee...If he wants to re-elected in 2012 that is.
So Scott caved, predictable really, the man is rapidly becoming a spent force in US Politics abd he hasn't even been in office three months yet.
 That is what Scott get for seeking out every TV talk show on cable and making a gruesome public spectacle of his ignorance on all matters relating to health care reform....Sooner or later it catches up to a politician.
Seems to me that like Sarah Palin, Scott Brown is a bit of "sugar high" sure freepers got excited but now the "stimulus" is wearing off and they are left with a nice looking but thoroughly impotent and empty headed young man as their champion.
On a related note, all these sky-grifters and money worshippers in the GOP that're gunning for Delahunt & Tsongas' seats? I'm looking forward to them stumping their districts this fall explaining to the uninsured how they are better off with nothing.

Republican Representative Randy Neugebauer of Texas ...

called Rep. Stupak a "baby killer" on the floor of the house. He has issued the usual pro-forma apology and likely initiated a concurrent fundraising drive on line to capitalize on his nationally known pro-life bona fides.
Just like whatzisname the guy who called the President a liar during the State of Union...

Call it "Cash for Vulgarity"....
Meanwhile, the GOP Reps allegedly applauded as anti-HCR hecklers got escorted from the galleries this weekend, so much for civility eh?

Monday, March 22, 2010

From the bottom of my heart I'd like to that

our Junior Senator, Scott Brown for making possible the passage of real health care reform last night in the House of Representatives.
Humble Elias firmly believes that if Martha Coakley had been elected back in January, likely the powers that be in congress would have interpreted the vote as a license to dicker, dither and delay. Instead once the sting wore off, everyone saddled up and rode hell for leather.
And the democrats were assisted to an incalculable degree by Scott Brown's camera-hogging antics, he'd dash to the TV news crews like a rat with the runs, eager to bellow his ignorance of the health care bill and full of impotent bluster.
The Holy Nimbus of Success that Glow of Destiny that clung to him faded pretty damn quite and left in clear view what is in the end an undistinguished freeper loudmouth.
I'm gonna love watching Scott Brown stump the state in 2012 trying to convince the formerly uninsured that they were all much better off with nothing.
Otherwise, congrats to Speaker Pelosi, she has finally lobed herself up into the Tip O'Neill orbit, which is a good place to be sez Humble Elias.
And congrats to the President, as of last night he did what  FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton could not...Made health care a right not a privilege or condition of work.
He won, we won....Somewhere in Heaven Teddy Kennedy is pouring the drinks with a smile.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Class all the way...

"Homo" and "Nigger" are screamed at Representatives Frank and Lewis respectively by Tea Partei Activists in the lead up to tonight's HCR vote.
Redress of grievances is one thing, the minority petitioning congress to either consider new laws or reconsider old ones. happens all the time from the 1963 civil rights March on Washington down to the seemingly Annual "Tractor Parades" staged by farmers.
But when the minority openly seeks to terrorize and dominate the majority, that is another thing entirely.
then we are deep in N.A.W.A.C. territory as described ironically enough by arch wingnut novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Allen Drury in his "Advise and Consent" series.
Just what d'ye suppose all these "Tea Partei Activists" are doing down there on the Washington Mall, intimidation, making themselves seem fierce and frightening though they were soundly repudiated in the last election.
I guarantee you, every one of them voted for McCain if they voted all.
But they still wanna overturn 2010 ahead of schedule and don't give a damn how authoritarian they appear on the evening news.
That is what really is going on here, none of these "activists" gave a hoot in hell as GWB took the country off a cliff but elect a democrat and a black democrat at that and it is Katey Bar the Door!
Rep. Lewis getting called a "nigger" to his face in the halls of the US Capitol pretty such seals that deal for Humble Elias.
Pass the gawd-damned bill, if it mean we will have another "Insanity Summer" worse than 2009 so be it, in the long run the country always recoils from serious electoral dementia, Scott Brown and the rest of the GOP had best take heed.
Falangism is never a good long term strategy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

If HCR finally does pass congress

Then we will likely have Scott Brown to thank.
Sure his victory in January upset the democrats, but after a few days of dithering and breast-beating, everyone took a deep breath and got back in the saddle for another go at the bucking bronco we call Health Care Reform.
Meanwhile the President issued his own plan (shades of Bill Clinton) and wonder of wonders, congress looked it up and down and did not pronounce it "dead on arrival".
Meanwhile Speaker Pelosi has tied on her new sun bonnet and gone off into the garden to pick lovely spring votes for a nice political bouquet.
Harry Reid has even stopped making gloomy announcements, I mean he was nowhere near as optimistic and bouyant back when he had a sixty vote majority...Optimistic and bouyant for him at least.
Humble Elias thinks Brown galvanized the democrats in new and healthy ways, it helps of course that the Junior Senator from Massachusetts' every statement on the subject of HCR is either merndacious spin or else blatant hypocrisy of the lowest and crudest sort. How can he be against the sort of reform on a national leevel that he happily voted for in the Massachusetts State Senate? Well he is Scott Brown and apparently thinks no one is watching him flip flop...
The man's limitations are being relentlessly exposed on a weekly basis...

Its a pity Stephen Lynch doesn't get this, Ah well we still have forty eight hours to persuade him.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I could not care less just how House Speaker Pelosi passes Health Care Reform, just as long as she gets it done and done quickly.
Joanie Vennochi though, sees it differently and wants an up or down all out vote for the ages like something out of "Advise and Consent".
Frankly I don't think Joanie realizes that no matter what Speaker Pelosi does, she will be vilified for it by movement conservatism. The up or down vote is great for columnists who are genetically predisposed to a black and white palate in a color-driven world. Given that multichromatic world out there, if Speaker Pelosi needs to perform some legislative sleight of hand, well then so much the better for her.
Incomparably nastier tricks were happily deployed to get Congress to sign off on the Iraq invasion, so please spare Humble Elias any phony outrage about the manner in which HCR is passed.
Anyway, I have an ulterior motive in seeing HCR passed quickly and if necessary, dirtily...When it goes thru you wanna be watching cable so that you can see Glenn Beck's head explode. All the wingnuts near and far will go apeshit in extremis, it'll make last year's "Insanity Summer" look like gentle group therapy by comparison. But at least this time we will have the bill on our side and a policy with which to push back...

Don't listen to Joanie Madame Speaker, jut pass the damn thing, it matters not how, the placards have been already printed the outrage paid for.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sooo...Tim Cahill is gonna run to the

right of Charlie "Ziplips" Baker and Governor Patrick, at least as far as health care is concerned?
Interesting and suggestive sez Humble Elias, who still thinks this particular gubernatorial contest could become a showdown between Tim and Deval with Charlie stumbling along for a bronze medal.
Well, just this in mind, the split in this race, isn't in the democratic party, it is among the Commonwealth's registered independents who are used to bargaining dearly and favorably with the state's two major political parties.
Seems like Cahill and the Governor get this, as for Baker who knows what he know and who is telling it to him. Baker looks more and more like a maladroit stiff every day, given a political earthquake like Scott Brown he ought to be up ten points and campaigning like Germanicus among the Huns.
Instead he is piping inexpensive anesthesia into the meeting halls of the Commonwealth every night of the week.
It doesn't help that both he and Cahill have to run the same type of campaign, heavy on adverts, press availabilities, debate palaver and TV and light on any ground game or GOTV efforts.
Like I said, this one is gonna be interesting...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest Blogger, Abraham Lincoln:

"Labor is prior to,and independent of, capital; that in fact capital is the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. That labor can exist without capital, but that capital could never have existed without labor. Hence...labor is the superior - greatly the superior - of capital".

A. Lincoln thinking big thoughts about 1858 or so.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I don't expect Tim Cahill

to win the governorship this fall, but if he plays his cards right, he could end up being the main challenger to Governor Patrick's re-election.
At this point, Charlie "Ziplips" Baker, moneybags and all, is running like Grady Sutton W.C. Fields' favorite stooge i.e. slowly and clumsily.
I sense an opportunity for Cahill, who does have three million large on tap (all raised from democrats back when Tim was a democrat mind you) so he can sure as hell git somethin' started.
The odds are long though, independents are fifty one percent of the electorate, but they trend all over the ideological map and have gotten into the habit of bidding up their votes high at election time with the two major parties.
Hard stony soil for an authentic independent sez Humble Elias.
Still, the region favors quixotic independent crusades, Connecticut has had two independent Senators and a Governor (granted on of them was Joe Lieberman) and Maine has had two independent governors, so the DNA is there certainly.
I don't see Cahill having much of a ground game, so that means he'll have to invest in clever campaign commercials and hope his brand catches fire. In some ways he'll be running in the fashion of a local republican, lotsa blather about his outsider cred, commercials running four per hour in prime time.
Who knows if it'll work though?
I also think, Governor Patrick is fine with all of it, nothing so suits his electoral strengths as to see the race become a de-facto year long democratic primary.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Humble Elias doesn't blame Charlie Baker one bit for

skipping out on the annual Saint Patrick's Day breakfast in South Boston, it is as I've said before it is the greatest gathering of gasbags in one place since Kaiser Wilhelm reviewed Germany's Zeppelin fleet in 1915.
But ditching Southie for a ham-n-egger in Scituate? 
That is ba-ad politics in an election year.

Trust me Deval Patrick is chortling at all the free shots he'll be taking tomorrow, a two hour long "Baker is a Bum" informericial to be sure.
 Oh don't worry, Scott Brown and Tim Cahill will pump some serious arrows into the Governor's hide...But I doubt that bothers Patrick one whit.
It all helps him move to the center, into the "Harry Truman Position", the guy who stands athwart the trimmers and the utopians and sez "Nope!"
I think he is hoping Tim will carry South Boston and let Baker carry Scituate as long as he, Governor Patrick clears the board in his targeted precincts.
As of tomorrow the game begins in earnest...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Word on the street is...

That Governor Deval Patrick is open to making appearances on various local wingnut radio talk shows, notably the Howie Carr Show.
I would pay very very good money to hear the Governor tenderly and solicitously promise to send in the Ancient and Honorable Hibernian Artillery Company to fire a volley of grapeshot over the heads of those allegedly drunken Wellesley teens who have so irked Howie's second wife.
"Rabble" Wife #2 calls em', with a Hanoverian disdain that only the trophy wife of a radio talk show host can summon...
Well, seems like the Governor has some experience in sorting out bullies of all ages...Maybe he can be of some assistance here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alls I kin say is...

HIT HIM annuder sockodoggler Deval!  Bash him a good one right in the kisser!!!
That stiff Charlie Baker said nothing as the Commonwelth was denuded of it's Federal Highway funds and as a HMO CEO he has been naught but a "Robin Hood in Reverse", rob from the sick to the pay the shareholders, an appalling record of "accomplishment" all told.
Bloody him up good I say, let Baker know early this game is fuh real.
Honestly, other than raise a whole bunch of money and making a couple of pundits swoon just what has Charlie Baker done so far? Based on Scott Brown's victory in January, Charlie ought to be enjoying a Roman Triumph thru the streets of the Commonwealth, instead he is piping heavy anesthesia into all his campaign speeches, the insomniacs of Massachusetts are finding lasting relief in the arms of morphia thru the spoken rhetoric of Citizen Baker.
Go fer it, Deval, this guy is a maundering punk, smack him again sez I.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shrill on the Potomac

It didn't take long for Senator Brown to morph into a rather irritating specimen of DC Drama Queen....

Good grief, whatever happened to that olde rule "Freshmen Senators are seen and not heard"?

I would argue that The President and  the Senate Democrats (after the usual two weeks of hand wringing) have internalized well the lessons of Scott Brown's election in January. Scott and GOP have staked all on obstruction and fair minded people let along democrats cannot negotiate with obstruction hence the current drive to pass healthcare via reconciliation.
The sad truth about democracy is that politicians can easily claim contradictory "mandates" from the exact same voters.
Scott sez the voters of Massachusetts by a two point margin elected him to delay obstruct and derail the very health care reform process he once voted for as a State Senator. The President claims a national mandate to get that same health care reform passed.
Personally I have a feeling that Scott's new round of bluster indicates that in the end he wants to be  the Commonwealth's answer to Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania and notorious wingnut whose nigh psychotic whine enlivened many a staid Senatorial debate.
Good luck with that Scott.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I can't think of a

better reason to pass comprehensive health care reform than this...

Honestly, all you freepers out there don't worry your pretty little heads about it, even if Rush carried out this entirely empty threat, he'll be back as soon as he runs out of cheet-ohs and canned cherry pie filling.
The man can barely get out of his seat without setting off EKG alarms he isn't going to Costa Rica for anything less than free dilaudid believe me, public option or no public option.

The richer they are...

the bigger the moocher.

Ever noticed that some of the wealthiest people are at the same time the biggest welchers & chiselers?

Well, what they and by extension Christy Mihos are telling us is that they didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks.
True dat...But it is a hard road to getting elected Governor of Massachusetts unless you lay out some long green.
Mihos doesn't get that, but then Humble Elias doesn't call him Crazy Christy for nothing.
It is a shame really because Mihos could beat Baker, Charlie is running like molasses up hill at this point, sure he has raised big money but so did John Connolly who recalls his Presidential inaugural, anyone?
Trust me, Mihos could beat this stiff.
Alas as long as the meme is about Christy's pathological inability to pay his god-damned bills Baker will get a free pass to the nomination, at this point I am not sure I'd give Mihos even money to get on the GOP primary ballot.
He needs to square up, stop shouting and buckle down...All things alien to Crazy Christy I think.

Monday, March 08, 2010

America is a wonderful place

anyone can rise in our society given time and talent and perseverance, anyoneAnd if you hate liberals to the point of homicidal dementia, are a misanthropic loudmouth in general and most importantly weight over four hundred pounds, don't worry, never fear, WTKK has an on air job just waiting for you.

Honestly where do they find these bloated mesomorphs? And more importantly what kind of Presidential Level Healthcare are they getting off of talk radio to keep them alive all this time?
Whatever it is, it must be incredible, a round the clock medical team in constant attendance most likely, given the actuarial tables the above example should've eaten himself to death years ago.
Given that, I no longer what the coverage available to a US Senator, I want the coverage that WTKK's "talent" gets, clearly it is preemo in extremis.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Children of Excellence...

The students of California are in open revolt...Over cuts in education along with irksome fee increases mandated by that state's ruinous financial meltdown.
Far be it for me to mock the demand for a better education, but as far as Humble Elias is concerned those college students would be better off picketing their own parent's homes.
Lets face it, California sets a low bar for access to Ballot Initiatives, and in the past ten years the electorate has faithfully voted for every expensive education reform on the ballot along with every single tax cut as well.
The result is a foregone conclusion an insupportable Tiffany Education System financed at Dollar Store prices.
Sorry kids the fact that you aren't being prepped properly isn't the state's fault, it is the fault of your damn parents for embarking on a self destructive round of tax-cuts and new spending all at the same time.
You'd think the kids would see this humiliating irony right off the bat, but no, today's educational system teaches a kid how to defrag a hard drive long before he or she is taught the innate value of informed voting or even the basics of what we used to call "civics".
Ah but then again today's education is about becoming a valuable worker or professional, not in becoming a good citizen.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

If Al Queda's involvement with the 9-11 attacks is a myth...

per the President of Iran's latest outburst...Then why did Iran routinely rat out Al Queda operatives to the CIA prior to the US invasion of Iraq?
If the whole thing was a conspiracy of war mongers and rootless cosmopolitans then why did Iran routinely round up Al Queda's best and brightest whenever they could lay on hands?
 I get it, their shoes were too garish and secular....That must be it.

Friday, March 05, 2010

When I think "Charlie Baker" I think of many things

"Clueless blatherskite, stiff, closemouthed functionary, lackey" a host of epithets come to mind.
To which we can add "Effin' tool" to the list based on this excerpt from his appearance on WBZ's "Nightside" program last night.
Apparently, Charlie was "surprised" in an arrogant and dismissive way at the pay cuts imposed on caller "Erica" an otherwise unidentified state worker.
You can tell from the patient patronizing tone he takes with the caller that nothing short of a smack upside the head will cause him to change his mind about anything.

Honestly, Charlie Baker is rapidly evolving into everyone's nightmare boss, adept at blaming others, narcissistic and inclined towards making bad decisions whose consequences he then deftly evades.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Brian McGrory still can't figure out if Charlie "Ziplips" Baker is a Moderate Republican or not.

Read it, never has an apostle so closely examined his savior...

Of course to me, the basic question is, how does Charlie Baker get all these bona fides as a wizard manager and an Economic Man on Horseback having nigh bankrupted the transportation system in this state and stood mute as the Big Dig quadrupled in cost when he was a wee cabinet lackey for Bill Weld?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brand Romney, A Moderate Once More...

With a visible sigh of relief, the Boston Globe has once again taken the bait from the Former Viceroy and proclaimed him a nice safe milk & water family friendly GOP moderate.
I can just see Scott Lehigh moping his brow and blubbering "Oh Thank God!"
Of course, what is unintentionally funny is Mitt's newly minted status as a "Policy Wonk", just like the current President Romney likes to cuddle up at night with a heavy table of statistics from the Social Security Administration.
Next the ex Governor of Massachusetts will take up one on one basketball.
Anything to look like a winner I guess.
My question though, is this...Does a real moderate talk about the President of the United States in these terms:
“Never before in American history has its president gone before so many foreign audiences to apologize for so many misdeeds, both real and imagined. It is his way of signaling to foreign countries and foreign leaders that their dislike for America is something he understands and that is, at least in part, understandable. There are anti-American fires burning all across the globe; President Obama’s words are like kindling to them.’’
Dunno, that sounds like the usual indictment of the President's patriotism that we get from the Teabaggers doesn't it?
I mean you can just see the Zambesi tribesmen pouncing on an unwary safari can't you?
Well, passive aggression has worked so well for Mitt in the past, he can't give it up now.

And this is what is wrong with Romney, at his core all he cares about is winning, moderation (what that means these days) is merely a pose to him. Mitt will indulge any flip flip or court shamelessness to ensure his own prospects for victory at the polls.
And the Globe falls for it every god-damned time.
Sad really.

Monday, March 01, 2010

If the glass ceiling is one undiscussed issue in Massachusetts politics

then certainly another is the inherent disposability of GOP Officeholders. Consider this, Governors Weld & Cellucci resigned before the end of their terms, Jane "Jingle Money" Swift shoved aside by Mitt Romney who then declined to run for a second term as a means to demonstrage his Massachusetts-phobia to Presidential constituencies.
On the congressional side we've had Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen ascent to the US House of Representatives and then come down shortly thereafter with a ghastly sickening thump.
Y'get me here...They go up like a sky-rocket, go BOOM! Joanie Vennochi, Brian McGrory and Scot Lehigh all go "oooh aaahhh" and then...nothing.
We keep getting told that these are GOP pols in for the long run but two years later they've been defeated for re-election or have gone whoring after opportunities outside the state.
And then we are back to square one...
Given that record, what are Scott Brown's real long term prospects?
Just sayin'...