Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Endorsement:

For State Treasurer, Steve Grossman in Tuesday's general election.


Because for once, the able candidate, the one with political experience, wealth built of hard work in the private sector and a brainy record of fiscal accomplishment within and without government, is also the most likable candidate.
The man who once sang (semi-badly) "The Farmer and the Cowman should be friends" at a gubernatorial meet-n-greet breakfast in Lexington, has my vote.
Steve is a friendly folksy guy, he is no barn-burner behind the podium, but he wears well, seems honest and has a Ned Flanders-ish neighborliness sans the prissiness.
As always I must admonish the candidate for State Treasurer, beware your friends! That goes for both parties by the way, when you are AG you make enemies, serious ones that can block your advancement, but when you are treasurer you have to keep an eye on your bosom buddies. They are the ones who are vulnerable to temptation.
Be careful who you hire thass all I'm saying.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Endorsement:

For Governor in Tuesday's general election, the Chimes at Midnight proudly endorses Governor Deval Patrick for re-election.
There has been a lot of talk these past twenty years about "reform" most of it from Republicans desperate to be elected or re-elected and to the point where the word lost all meaning.
But reform clearly means something to Deval Patrick, because despite his early mis-steps he has pushed thru real change in the Commonwealth in the teeth of serious opposition on and off Beacon Hill. I like the police well enough, but when their unions go banging the pots for Tim Cahill or Charlie Baker because they are all for extortionate overtime pay, well that tells me all I need to know about where Deval Patrick's gut is.
When bullying came to the forefront, the Governor spoke up clearly and decisively, that tells me all I need to know about his moral compass and where it points.
When the gays of this state asked for nothing more than the legal status of matrimony, Deval Patrick came thru with alacrity, that tells me all I need to know about his heart.
I don't agree with him about casinos but he never been a sneak or a jerk about it, this compares admirably with the routine pussyfooting that characterizes his four predecessors.
We are faced with a worldwide economic recession, Deval Patrick isn't up there pounding the podium and promising phat times thru the simple expedient of running the poor out of the state at the point of a bayonet.
No he has remained true to himself and has refused to indulge the usual bluster, it has been so long since a Governor treated us like adults that we hardly know how to act...None of his biggest critics in the local punditariat get this at all.
For all these reasons, I am happily voting for Deval Patrick, I urge my readers (all seven of you) to do likewise.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Only in America

could  pompous harpy like GOP senate candidate (Connecticut) Linda McMahon get tuff-grrl credibility for kicking a paid employee in the crotch on live television.
This is the WWE we are talking about, a corporation not known for it's humane human services department, you do what your are told no matter how dangerous or else you get the bum's rush.
I'd love to see her try and pull something like this one someone who is not beholden to her or her oafish husband, Vince McMahon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Congrats to AG Martha Coakley for gaining the endorsements of both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.
Savor the moment Martha, laminate those clippings you won't see the like of them again.

Well shit it helps to have a yammering doofus for an opponent though, but I must say the AG has run a much better campaign this fall than she did for the US Senate last winter.
Not taking stuff for granted is always a good start.

Health to her efforts, then as now she has my vote.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brian McGrory has a talent

for the obtuse, there is no other explanation for today's column which insists that Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick have learned the same lessons out on the campaign trail.
For some strange reason Brian keeps trying to combine in some Frankensteinian fashion citizens Baker and Patrick into some sort of uber-candidate that would exemplify the best of each individual donor.
This is sheer nonsense but par for the course from Brian, he runs these sorts of columns trying in a passive aggressive way to blur distinctions between democrat and republican, an intellectual exercise that always advantages the GOP.
Owing to an edge in voter registration, the democrats have more to lose in an atmosphere of studied disaffection...Brian knows this so of course he cultivates the notion that it really doesn't matter.
At least Jeff Jacoby comes out and sez he wants low taxes and slaves for civil servants, McGrory sneaks around in a dreadful wheedling fashion hinting and insinuating.
Anything to get that big tax cut so long as he doesn't have to rave like a freeper to get it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

N.A.W.A.C. tactics in Kentucky

Yez kin see da video hyar if'n you don't believe me.

Is it me or is this an unusually violent election using say, 1968 as a baseline?

Not hard to see why, if you listen to enough wingnut talk radio you will be inundated with persecution fantasies (by that I mean soon the poor wretched listener will be given someone to persecute once the election is won), delusions of problem solving gunplay and petty childish self justification.
Has anyone even gone to the home of these two brutal knuckleheads bearing an arrest warrant?
Or has Kentucky been successfully intimidated by the Tea Partei and Libertarianism's street revolutionaries?

Monday, October 25, 2010

It doesn't seem like

David Cameron is going to do much in the UK other than cut the budget, cheerlead and piss on everyone's leg insisting all the while that it is a gentle rain.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Charlie Baker's Cape Cod Adventure...

You have to hand it to Charlie Baker, he is uncommonly loyal to gruesome sleazebags. Yesterday he drove all the way down to Dennis to devote exact two minutes of his precious time extolling the merits of Citizen Jeff Perry GOP candidate for Congress in the 10th district and an enthusiastic coddler of alleged child molesters.
Two whole minutes eh? Hardly a Profile in Courage if you asked me.
If you are gonna say yes, then bang the pots and scream for blood and dynamite, if you are gonna say no then do it firmly, two minutes and then blasting back over the Sagamore Bridge like a sun stroked New York tourist smells of cowardice and cupidity.
Just sayin'...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thought for the Day...

Voting for Charlie Baker is like voting for your landlord. Not the nice man and his family that live on the third floor of your triple-decker and does all his own maintenance, no the absentee landlord.
You know that selfish whining dick who lives in a hideous McMansion in Wellesley and won't turn on the heat til November th or fix the stuck window in the bathroom no matter how often you complain.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Former State Senator Scott Brown has endorsed Jeff Perry for Congress

in the ten congressional district, and in other news, for once Humble Elias and Joanie Vennochi are in complete agreement when we ask "Would Scott Brown ever want his daughters arrested by Jeff Perry or any of his pals on the force?"
Likely not...
For that fact do you think Scott Brown would ever want to live next door to a loudmouth crank like Bill Hudak with the billboards on his lawn and daily diatribes about President Obama's bith certificate?
Just sayin'...
And if Jeff Perry and Bill Hudak ever get their way and impeach the President (ah-gain) will Scott vote to convict in the US Senate?
I'm thinking no, Scott will suddenly get called away to referee a youth hockey game in Thunder Bay, he'll weasel out of it somehow.
But if either of these useless mooks get elected Scott will have to endure all kinds of crazy talk, likely he won'ty stand up to much of it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dude give us some context...

Brian McGrory gets all David Broderish on us when Jim Ready gets into an unfortunate spat with GOP congressional candidate Sean Bielat.
Waalll ah swan...If Barney Frank has a sarcastic edge to him it's in part because Tea Partiers think nothing about shaking their fists and calling the long serving congressman a "homo" to his face.
This happened back in March of this year, I don't recall Brian McGrory taking any note of this loutish N.A.W.A.C. tinged event.
Big surprise there...
Which is not to say that what Jim Ready did was right, rule #1 in big time politics is never let your emotions get the better of you when the cameras are running.
But then a word to the wise is sufficient...except in Brian McGory's case I guess.

I think that Professor Anita Hill...

should apologize to Clarence Thomas' wife.

Here is Elias Nugator's recommended wording:

"I am sorry you married such a colossal dickhead, but if you'd just read my sworn testimony the whole fiasco might have been avoided..."

Honestly, obsessed much there Virginia, I'm sure Anita Hill rarely reflects on the whole situation anymore, but clearly it is a constant topic of conversation in your household. I only imagine what constitutes your husband's side of the story since he generally makes the Egyptian Sphinx look voluable by comparison.

Ziplips on another charm offensive...

Manfully and unsuccessfully trying to obscure his volatile and vulgar temperment.

Just give it up Baker willya?
You aren't fooling anyone you do the worst hale-fellow-well-met act since Mike Dukakis...and that really is saying something.
You are a cold cruel man with the grasping striving mentality of a rich man who wants to get richer. You got that way by overcharging the little guy on health insurance premiums and screwing over the entire state of Rhode Island.
If you are (Ghod help us) elected, you'll assume that sort of behavior brought you to glory and proceed to turn the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a Plantation, period end of story.
But please enough with the phony sincerity is purely sickening to watch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mothers of the Tenth Congressional District...

I reiterate, would you want your daughter to be arrested by Jeff Perry?

For that fact, state RNC Chair sex “Bill Hudak is not crazy!’’...but he sure as shit doesn't have the judgement Ghod gave a bag of hammers.
Do you really want people this dingy representing you in congress?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rand Paul (GOP candidate for Senate in Kentucky and a future US Dictator) is

throwing a gigantic shit fit because his democratic opponent, Jack Conway has dared to question Paul's religious convictions.
Is is dirty politics?
Hell yeah!
I love it, I may need to rent out Harvard Stadium to guffaw in.
Geezus Christ, I'm not sure a single democratic nominee for President since 1984 has evaded pointed uncivil and politically motivated questions about their religious convictions.
Back in 2004, the American Bishops were panting to excommunicate John Kerry for their pals in the GOP, they were restrained in this folly but spent most of that summer and fall making all sorts of gruesome noises.
As a matter of fact I think this is the first time a GOP candidate for anything has come in for cheap religious heat, this is unprecedented quite frankly.
Hence my hilarity and incredulity.
So if Rand Paul is getting a taste of what is normally meted out to democrats, tough shit, tell this bitch to man up and take it like John Kerry.

It is Monday Morning...

So which backstabbing treacherous gimp is gonna endorse Charlie Baker this week?

I know Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold are off the block, other than that the sky is the limit.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

16,000 voter show up at the Hynes

to hear the President of the United States extoll the merits of Governor Deval Patrick and to urge his re-election.
I'm not sure since the day he announced for Governor that 16,000 people to date  have heard Charlie Baker  say anything in real time.
Tells yuh something don't it?
Meanwhile Yvonne Abraham dithers and gibbers indecisively....You get the impression she really wishes deep down that Charlie Baker was running better, I mean a tax really means something to a Boston Globe columnist, it is the difference between her kid buying new or used textbooks at Holy Cross.
And over at the Herald Margery Eagan is playing the dissident liberal for the twentieth time in a row...Every god-damn election she pretends that whatever the democrats are doing this year is sooo beyond the pale that she can support them no longer. She perfected this entirely mendacious routine back when Dukakis was riding high. She'll be doing it right up to the moment she gets measured for her harp....sick demented and typical.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Open Letter to Tom Reilly (The former Attorney General of the Commonwealth)

Nice work asshole, you endorsed Charlie Baker yesterday and broke my old Irish Mother's Heart.

You may not remember her, she was an octogenarian who happily schlepped her backside via the MBTA to your gubernatorial campaign headquarters in 2006 to stuff envelopes and make phone calls LOTS OF GOD DAMNED phone calls on your behalf during the democratic primary.
Because my Dear Sainted Mother still believes in the sheer tribal efficacy of Irish Democrats in politics something none one has the heart to tell her has been dead and buried for twenty years...
Because you were an older man and her contemporary in some respects...
Because my dear sainted mother believed in your long resume in state politics...
Because her maiden name was "Reilly"....
For all those reasons and few more she came into the city from out the suburbs and went to work.
And as of last night she described your endorsement of Baker as "A knife run thru my heart".
Now as loyal sons go, I am generally opposed to the metaphoric stabbing of my Dear Sainted Mother.
Definitely opposed in point of fact.
So lets get one thing straight Tom, you and I are quits.
I don't give a good gawd damn about your reading of the facts in the Harvard-Pilgrim bailout, all I know is you are a disloyal sneak just like Paul Loscocco, one who made a fool out of my Mama.
Humble Elias realizes this is a low trafficked blog, but believe me I will devote space and resources to the defeat and or humiliation of you and your candidate.
You may not have made a powerful enemy but you have made the matter personal.
So good luck with your treachery bitch I wish you the joy of it.

Elias Nugator
Incensed and implacable...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"How do you create jobs?"

Thundered Linda McMahon wrestling executive and GOP candidate for the US Senate from Connecticut in a recent debate.

She answered herself by saying in effect, "when enterpreneurs take risks, jobs are created".
In other words, get the help hopped up on steroids, turn on the cameras and if that doesn't work drop them from the rafters like sacks of potatoes.
That is the sort of job-creating risk taking behavior we can expect from Senator Linda McMahon.
Yeah I know, Humble Elias is working the Owen Hart angle...shameless of me I know, after all the WWE's tribute to the late pro-wrestler garnered the show's best ratings ever.
Yeah...Linda McMahon, first GOP candidate for US Senate with a body count comparable to Hannibal Lector.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love it when

the local punditariat are made yammering fools by events.

Case in point, Brian McGrory whose paternalistic disdain for public service unions and cautious praise for Charlie Baker's derogatory attitude thereon, runs afoul of this new item in the same Metro Section of the Boston Globe.
I guess Charlie Baker accepted the State Police Union's endorsement soooo quietly that Brian McGrory couldn't hear it on Morrissey Blvd.
Of course, this is the Massachusetts State Police we are talking about, individually they are just grand, but they are under the thumb of radical wingnut union leadership who will endorse the likes of Achille Starace every time.
A harsh argument from Humble Elias?
Yes but it is just exactly the same logic Brian brings to bear on his bete' noir the "teacher's unions".
All I know is, teaching your offspring is hard work for the pittances that're paid out for it. I mean have you see the attention spans of these rug rats? The way they dress, what the eat, it's a hopeless struggle quite frankly for the average classroom teacher. I mean it's not like some pundit in a cubicle downtown is ever gonna stuck gazing at their navels long enough to teach your inane issue anything.
Brian McGrory is a fool and he and Charlie Baker are "brothers with different mothers" as far as Humble Elias is concerned.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bill Weld sobers up...

just long enough to host a Baker fundraiser at his "former home" in Cambridge.
I'll bet he claps Charlie on the back and calls him "Paul" during the endorsement.

Meanwhile, Charlie keeps channeling his inner Paladino with a blustery roar about welfare cheats and the abuse of food stamps...Problems that Bill Weld once claimed to have solved to the complete satisfaction of all radio talk show hosts.
I don't know, I'm not sure it's smart to campaign on a pledge to lay off five thousand state workers and to throw the bums off welfare during a recession.
Some of those bums used to be republicans after all...
But Charlie keeps freeping out, displaying an admirably short fuse and a set of convictions that would bring a tear to the eye of any Spanish Falangist.
And it's only Columbus Day, imagine what Baker will be screaming about by Halloween.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The only pol out there curently funnier than

Paul Loscocco, is NY GOP gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino.

Honest to Ghod, I think if Paladino loses he will try to seize power by challenging Cuomo to a fist fight at the inaugural.
The man is nothing sort of hilarious...he is also what I like to think of as "The Charlie Baker of the Future".
In other words, Baker will be ranting and raving like Paladino ere' long...

As usual...

amidst all our current strife and woe, Channel Zero is up to no good whatsoever.

Give them credit though, for a dose of originality.


Charlie "Ziplips" Baker somehow gets elected Governor and decides to run the Commonwealth like he ran Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare then we can look forward to:

All Cabinet Officers receiving generous pay raises and bonuses. The Governor will get a mulitmillion dollar "golden parachute" regardless of the condition of the Commonwealth when he leaves office.

The whole of Massachusetts west of Worcester will be abandoned to the encroachments of New York they way Baker once cut loose Rhode Island to maintain Harvard Pilgrim's almighty bottom line.

Fees will go up and services will decline, calls to the Registry of Motor vehicles will be routed to Bangalore.

Because all that is running a state like a successful business...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it me...?

Or does Charlie Baker's current ad-buy on TV obliquely admit to the sin of price gouging on the part of the former Harvard Pilgrim CEO?
First off the whole mood of the advert is hysterical, a snarling ranting tone that we haven't seen since Scary Kerry Healey left the stage.
Which is, among other things a pretty good indicator as to how this allegedly cool rational CEO performs under pressure...The guy starts losing his temper.
But getting back to the TV commercial, after accusing the Governor of raising taxes on everything, a bizarre placard flashes buy insisting that if health insurance premiums went up, it is because Governor Patrick approved the hike.
Maybe he did and maybe he didn't, but Governor Patrick sure as shit didn't request those premium increases, the HMOs and sundry health insurance providers did that...Charlie Baker and his pals in other words.
So is Humble Elias wrong or is he wrong?
 It sure sounds like Charlie is copping to being a greedy price gouging sumbitch, a gombeen man with his hand in everyone's damn pocket.
But that...Is only a theory you understand.

Credit Paul Loscocco with one accomplishment

he has inject some real humor of a low Vaudeville character into an otherwise deadly serious gubernatorial contest.
If Paul was one of the Three Stooges, he'd be Joe Besser, whiny childish and ineffably clumsy.
Last week Loscocco bailed on Tim Cahill in a secret midnight deal, endorsed Charlie Baker and "wouldn't rule out" accepting a post in Baker's hypothetical administration.
After a solid week of vilification (there is a limit to the rat-like behavior even Massachusetts will countenance) Loscocco swallowed manfully, bugged his eyes and announced abruptly that the real reason he bailed on Cahill was that the Treasurer was secretly conspiring with Governor Patrick's campaign to gang up on Charlie Baker!
This is right up their with the best of Bart Simpson's evasions and distortions when confronted by his dimwitted father.
Hell it rivals that scene in "1984" where Oceania suddenly shifts alliances overnight and gangs up on East Asia.
Except of course, no one is buying Loscocco's story, hence the hilarity.
As long as it's not bearing down on you, a loose cannon can be a funny thing to watch, and at the rate Loscocco is careening around state politics, I fully expect him to be seated behind President Obama at his rally for Deval Patrick this week.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Boy Charlie Baker sure is an angry sneak isn't he?

Now it looks like a considerable amount of his time and treasure was expended trying to force Cahill out of the race.
I mean this is just bad publicity all around.
Ghod Charlies must be ranting and raving at his staff like Carl Paladino gone mad on crystal meth...these wealthy CEO types always have short fuses.
This quote just jumped out at me:
"Weaver assured Meldrum and Yob later: “Paul (Loscocco) will be given/offered a substantive lifeline. Up to him to take it or not.’’

I mean wow, a quid pro quo from the state GOP who'd a thunk it???
All these machinations though miss the big picture, Charlie Baker given the economy alone ought to be eight points up in the polls, instead he has been boring auds all over the Commonwealth, blowing his stack over nothing in debates and displaying a "smile" that suggests an undertaker with a bad biopsy report in his back pocket. Moreover the jaded mook acts like this ought to be a cakewalk...and it isn't, hence the source of his rage.
He wouldn't need to operate like this, if he was a decent candidate with some sincerity in him, instead we get this rubbish.
No it's hilarious really.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I think but I'm not sure...

Christine O'Donnell might be the first GOP nominee for the US Senate (Dick Nixon notwithstanding) who had to do an ad buy to shore up her assertion that she is in fact, of human origin.

Normally, it is the Martha Coakley's, Shannon O'Brien's and Hilary Clinton's of this world (democrats, liberals and most of all women) who have to demonstrate repeatedly that they do not barnstorm their respective states and constituencies via flying broomstick.
Sorry, fair is fair....

I think but I'm not sure...

Christine O'Donnell might be the first GOP nominee for the US Senate (Dick Nixon notwithstanding) who had to do an ad buy to shore up her assertion that she is in fact, of human origin.

Normally, it is the Martha Coakley's, Shannon O'Brien's and Hilary Clinton's of this world (democrats, liberals and most of all women) who have to demonstrate repeatedly that they do not barnstorm their respective states and constituencies via flying broomstick.
Sorry, fair is fair....

The winds of October part II

It must be Autumn, in an election year because Joanie Vennochi thinks Falangists like Christine O'Donnell and Linda McMahon deserve "respect" because they are talking about jobs in hard ecomnomic times. Crazy people in homeless shelters mutter to themselves about very prosaic things like jobs all the time, but they are not listened to half so respectfully as Joanie harkens to Christine and Linda.
For that fact, John Kerry talked ceaselessly about jobs for 18 months straight in campaign 2004 and all Joanie did was snark at him about his tie and his frenchified ways.
Just sayin' thass all.
Well what of it? Every two years Joanie has to talk up disaster for democrats it is a compulsion for her, if that means she has to spin off of GOP press releases then so be it.
C'est le Guerre.

Joanie Vennochi is all about repetitively reporting democrat bungling against a back drop of perpetual conservative backlash, Brian McGrory and Scot Lehigh are all about waiting like patient Rabbis for the apoetheois of the Moderate Republican Messiah in the Bay State.
What it all adds up to is, that Boston has the worst and most mind numbingly inane political columnists imaginable...But it still beats the daylights out of San Francisco in which there are NO political columnists that could be found in five days of diligent searching.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

When greedy HMO CEO's like Charlie Baker have their

hands deep in your pocket, there may not be enough left over for even the fire protection.
Given what we all shell out to the likes of Harvard Pilgrim, I can easily see how ugly scenes like this go down.
Okay all cheap shots aside, when the fire department allows a house to burn to the ground for want of $75 that sends a powerful message to the other rate payers to stay current with their fire protection obligations, or else.
La Cosa Nostra couldn't be more succinct.

Humble Elias has always noted

that young men have a natural tendency towards authoritarianism. They like things definite and sometimes violent.
Conservatives tend to be very definite in their views which is why a certain brand of "hell ya" smashmouth conservatism always appeals to college age men anxious to appropriate a suitably macho identity outside the barracks at Fort Hood.
So when an authoritarian disposition gets hitched to the GOP's own natural desire to police the citizenship of others things like this happen.
Why does the GOP wanna police everyone else's citizenship? Because one way to win elections especially when demographics don't favor you is to restrict the franchise to your base voters.
Hence Ky Quan Phong follows Bill Keating's daughter around hoping somehow to force the DA off the congressional ballot.
THAT is the premise at work here, and given the viral nature of all our thinking these days it is a sick sad scenario that will repeat itself going forward.

Brian McGrory fitfully tries to work up some

man-luve for Charlie Baker, but gives up in the end with the plaintive wish that the former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim would be nicer somehow.
Well, he once tried to pump up Scary Kerry Healey as "a nice girl" back in 2006, so at least Brian is consistent.
Otherwise it is October in a Massachusetts gubernatorial election cycle and once again, Brian McGrory is out there by the light of the moon searching ineffectually for a moderate republican to worship.
So far he has found nothing, but he'll check under every polished flagstone in Needham til he finds one, never fear.
Meanwhile this little howler seems to be the key excerpt from Brian's effusion in today's Globe:
"There is a point to all of this. Baker arrived in this gubernatorial race with greater potential than any candidate since Mitt Romney in 2002, admired for what he had done and celebrated for where he wanted to go."
Ghod with Brian it is always about Mitt Romney and the mythical moderate Man on Horseback who is ride in and Save Us All from the State Legislature. Honestly Brian is all nostalgic for the days of his painful naivete' when he fell for Romney's bullshit hook line and sinker...It sounds like he'd like to fall for Baker's rubbish if only Baker was nicer or a better public speaker or wasn't such a transparently bad liar...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fear not citizens...

Charlie Baker may have already reneged on his vague promise to give Paul Loscocco a cabinet post (should Ziplips seize power next month), but do not fret, Tim Cahill's earstwhile running mate can still find happiness in the private sector with the right recommendation from the CEO of Harvard Pilgrim in his back pocket.
Truly, Paul might need to exit the state til the heat is off after the election, maybe Ziplips can find him a "media outreach" gig in some DC PAC "The Fund to Eliminate All the Liberals" or something.
Or maybe Harvard Pilgrim could find Loscocco a Good Job at a Good Wage, something in Public Relations or the Warwick RI Office perhaps (Oh wait, Baker cut Rhode Island dead...How could I forget?).
Anyway, with a Porchclimber like Charlie Baker behind him, Paul Loscocco need not worry where his next meal is coming from even if he won't get that gig on the Commonwealth Boxing Commission.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The winds of October...

God help us but this mid term campaign has been a gruesome spectacle so far.

Drunk with lavish corporate donations, the GOP has skimmed off the cream from the nation's Laughing Academies and sent them out on the hustings whether they've mastered the "indoor voice" or not.
The results have been unwholesome but entirely predictable, in Massachusetts Charlie Baker proposes to end joblessness by firing five thousand state workers and thus cramming the unemployment offices with out of work animal control officers.
In New York, Citizen Palladino rants and raves like Mussolini, live on camera no less.
Down in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell giggles and babbles to herself in a way that would normally make
people move away from her if she was seated on the Red Line.
You get my drift here, it's October, the election looms and all over the nation crazy people are on the stump, let me ask you all once simple question, when has a single national crisis ever been resolved by electing the functionally psychotic to high offices of public trust?
In other words "It is Obama versus the Crazies", now the nutjobs have had a free run for three months now, but I'm wondering if they are starting to run a bit ragged?
I mean one insane utterance after another is out there almost every night, O'Donnell can't make up her mind about natural selection, Hudak thinks Obama is a Klingon sleeper agent and on and on.
It piles up after a while, and the whole effect takes time to make itself felt...Just remember George Wallace looked like a cinch to throw the election into the House in the first week of October 1968, by Halloween he was a beaten man and a public joke.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

One thing is for certain...

Charlie Baker's "leadership style" seem to revolve around striking in the dead of night like a porch-climber.
Pulling out of Rhode Island and leaving thousands of Harvard Pilgrim customers and medical providers without recourse?
Decrying his own running mate's stance on gay marriage when the poor mook's back is turned?
Sweet talking Paul Loscocco into ditching Tim Cahill's independent campaign for governor in return for what looks like a vague promise of a good job at a good wage at a later date?
Class all the way Charlie, class all the way, only Dick Nixon could beat a record like that.
Me, I got no brief for Treasurer Tim  but he certainly doesn't deserve a sneaky backstabbing turn such as this.
It is a "low sort of an act" to quote Elias Nugator Senior.
I don't get how Charlie Baker can keep Claghorning the state braying about the culture of secrecy and back room deals on Beacon Hill when all the while he his pulling cheap & nasty political stunts in the dead of night.
If there is any sense of justice out there in the Commonwealth, then Baker will not profit from any of it.

Friday, October 01, 2010


What the hell did Charlie "Ziplips" Baker have to promise Paul Loscocco to get him to bail out on Tim Cahill's independent gubernatorial bid?
Well, at first glance this is bad news for Patrick, but at the same time, if Baker was getting over at all with the voters, would he need to pull a stunt this desperate?
Dunno what Cahill does at this point, he has been made victim of what looks like old fashioned dirty GOP politics at the hands of someone that was kissin' babies and weeping over his own children not one day ago.
Sordid...there is no other word for it.

Whenever Republican candidate for office

start courting female voters by kvelling about his or her children, then it is time for all sensible citizens to head for the cellar and croach behind some sandbags clutching a tire iron...the "values offensive" can't be far behind.
Whenever the GOP talks about little baby chillun', it is a good indicator they are about to spend millions on demagoguing the death penalty and ordering the police to shoot all crack addicts, pool cleaners and MassPIRG solicitors.
Count on it.
Meanwhile I love how Charlie Baker starts the day kissing babies and ends it by telling the South Shore they can't have a commuter rail link to Bedford Ma cuz da state suddenly can't afford it. This from the Weld Admin's own financial whiz kid who sat by silently as Boston's Big Dig trebled in cost over the course of eight years...I guess the Road to Fall River has become Baker's own Road to Damascus, that is my only explanation for it all.