Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fix this question in your minds

"Just how many jobs as Junior Senator Scott Brown brought to Massachusetts or prevent from leaving Massachusetts?"

And on that note, The Chimes at Midnight is officially on vacation, all posting herein will be ubiquitous and capricious until further notice.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gotta love John Boehner

he could screw up a two car funeral.
Maybe Boehner needs to start drinking on the job again, sobriety doesn't seem to work for him, maybe nice bender will fill the bill.
This is entirely a self created artificial crisis on the part of the lower house of congress, faced with the same challenge, the Senate would content itself with a few windy speeches and then pass the debt ceiling increase. Not the US House though, they have blundered into this crisis out of a desire to humiliate Barack Obama and get some old fashioned conservative social engineering done...And the results seem perilously close to world wide economic collapse.
This is what happens when you give crazy vengeful people power.
In a few days I fear we are about to have that lesson crammed down our throats.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The U.S. Constitution is not

a suicide pact.

This was a lesson forcefully delivered by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. His GOP "progeny" in the U.S. House have conspired to "unlearn" said lesson with gusto.
Whenever the GOP gains control of a house of Congress, mayhem and mishaugas always attends on them.
We've had government shutdowns, spurious impeachments, bumptious support of the wrong war and now, to cap all that, the disaster of disaster's the economic dissolution of the United States of America.
ALL on the GOP's watch.
There are a few dozen US Representatives in the lower house, angry people, mean people, proud of their ignorance and desperate in a sick sad way to get their hands around Barack Obama's throat even if it means destroying western civilization as we know it.
Usually at this point in the blog post, I make some warnings about remembering all this lunacy when voting in 2012, but we will be waa-ay past the mark by then, the outcome of that election may not matter much one way or another. By then, the USA may well be reduced in status and prestige to the level of a third world country, your parents reduced to penury and the full faith and credit of Abraham Lincoln's last best hope of mankind rendered up as a bad joke.
But the Eric Cantors and Michele Bachmann's in congress, they at least will have stuck it to Barack Obama, that is all that matters to them.
The rest of us can go suck eggs apparently.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tea Partei loves to quote the US Constitution ad nauseum

except as of last weekend they are willfully skipping over the parts that guarantee the "Full Faith and Credit of the United States".

Things are heating up for CNN Yakker Piers Morgan

accusations are piling up that he did indeed authorize, condone and publish stories derived from phone hacking when he was editor at the Weekly World News.
Sure he has made some gusty denials but as far as Humble Elias is concerned, the other shoe hasn't dropped in the Newscorp scandal and when it does it's gonna hit more than a few peeps in the head.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As long as we are teetering on the brink of economic disaster

then someone, more technically oriented than Humble Elias ought to sit down and create a spreadsheet detailing ALL various pledges that the current GOP candidates have signed during campaign 2012. Pledges to oppose gay marriage, never ever ever to raise taxes, lock up the homos or get the kids off my lawn...The list goes on and on (Since these mooks seem to sign them with a flourish on a daily basis) and ought to be rendered simple and visual via spreadsheet.
After all, the main reason the nation teeters on the brink of default today is because the GOP majority in the House all made signed pledges to a twitchy dork named Grover Norquist that they'd never ever ever raise taxes cross their hearts and hope to die.
Might be a useful document going forward.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh good

the death toll from this wingnut mook's rampage in Norway is lower than initially estimated.
How comforting.
Although I have to say, if you know someone with a thousand plus page manifesto and a disquieting collection of guns, call the rollers now rather than later. Let them handle that shit. Time and again the manifesto and arsenal add up to a massacre...why wait to see it on the news?
Sorry if I'm sounding a bit of a "brown scare" here, but Anders Breivik took to shooting unarmed children as a means to touch off his personal Turner-Diaries style apocalypse, that is serious Manson style logic at work in Humble Elias' opinion.
Shee-it this mook got all his ideas from America, even stole his turgid memoirs style from the Unabomber. Such a lovely education we are giving the world eh?
It took over sixty years but someone from Norway finally matched Vidkun Quisling in the annals of infamy, evil things take time doncha know.
What worries me is all this talk about Breivik's membership in a new "Knights Templar" organization, that is all the western world needs is a new white power version of Al Queda.
Frankly, though, putting this jerkwad away for life strikes me as appeasement, watch him get on every wingnut terrorists list of demands going forward, if found guilty, I say be quit of him with extreme prejudice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To think

If John McCain was President, the debt limit would have been doubled by now, mostly because he'd a ranted and raved and caved in whatever Speaker John Boehner demanded every time.
This whole situation reminds me a great deal to the horrific strain of politics that lead up Abraham Lincoln's inaugural in 1861. In a bid to "Save the Union", all sorts of faux constitutional amendments to guarantee slavery's survival in the south were proposed and or bids to revive the Missouri compromise were floated.
Lincoln, thank ghod would have nothing to do with any of it. He said the Union would not be dissolved nor would slavery be extended any further into the territories, wherein it existed and indeed flourished, Lincoln could do nothing and intended to do nothing.
Those simple and logical premises were anathema to the John Boehner's of his day and thus came the Civil War.
Thusly, the President will prosper only if he sticks to his guns, for truly he is faced with conservative opposition that has grown fat and diabetic on a too sweet diet of mythology, the myth of christian politics, the myth of rugged individualism, the myth of small government and the myth of grievance. All of which have gone bust these last four or so years, but unwilling to give up on the Life of Dreams, Boehner et al, have added a fifth myth, the myth of annihilation...if they can't win then no one can.
So given that I think the reporters can all go home in Washington DC, they are waiting for the Speaker to announce a GOP plan to raise the debt limit, but truly all he and his minions are working on is a way to make the rubble jump.
At least until their Rangers and top donors start looking at the Nikkei Index and the European Stock Exchanges, then maybe some of their screaming will get thru to the Speaker.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Speaking of Dictators...

Those whackjobs over at Channel Zero are screening a WW 2 propaganda comedy called "The Devil with Hitler" tonight at the Somerville Theatre, details can be found hyar


Sounds like fun, but at the moment it is coming in cheap, no small factor in a recession.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday marked the 67th anniversary of "Operation Valkyrie", the German General Staff's unsuccessful bomb plot against Adolf Hitler.
Saturday marks the 68th anniversary of the Fascist Grand Council meeting that deposed Benito Mussolini (however temporarily) from power in 1943.

July seems to be a month that dictators survive more or less...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Humble Elias is glued to CNN today

to see if someone spritzes Rupert Murdoch in the puss with an old fashioned seltzer bottle...or perhaps quietly drops a banana peel in his path.
AFter yesterday's rip tickling "pie incident" anything is possible.
Of course there is nothing funnier than a tyrannical bully who suddenly has to pretend to be old and a little dotty to survive a scandal which is exactly what I think was going on yesterday with Murdoch's testimony before parliament. He is pulling a "Corporal Klinger" pure and simple.

BTW nice arm on that "Gal young un" wife of Murdoch's...she can really jab with the best of them, but then just for a moment her ticket to ride was imperiled, so I can understand.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Piers Morgan...

started out as an editor at the News of the World before sneaking off to television and landing a cush gig in Larry King's seat at CNN.
The man is the very homonculus sculpted and breathed into life by Rupert Murdoch...Pier Morgan's idea of a tasteful headline was "Achtung Surrender!" (this on the eve of the a British-German football match).
So it is nothing but pure hilarity to watch this mook pussyfoot his way thru the current Newscorp scandal. Piers insisted up front with a quivering upper lip, that he knew nothing of the phone hacking scandal in tones suggestive of John Banner's "Sgt. Schultz".
Then Morgan floated the notion that Murdoch did not pay much attention to his newspapers (that one got shot down instantly by Ken Auletta and a righteous gentile from the Columbia School of Journalism.) which left the CNN host in a sort of sulky dither for the rest of the broadcast.
In truth, Piers Morgan is a sort of Limey Sammy Glick, a wealth-worshipping social climber who has a lot to hide from his long ascent to the top. I've long been curious about what went on during his editorship at the News of the World...Morgan absolved himself of any wrongdoing last night, but honestly you could see him sweat.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Citizen Elizabeth Warren seems to be

footloose and fancy free since she got passed over to head the new consumer investment protection agency. So you can expect to hear a lot of noise about her notional candidacy for the US Senate in the coming days.
Meanwhile there are still persistent rumors out there, that AG Martha Coakley wants another crack at Scott Brown. A lot of that noise is off of pundits who want a nice easy assed victory for Brown in 2012 as well as a core of Hilarytes who'd follow Martha Coakley off a cliff having done so already in 2010.
Of course, Humble Elias' thinking is that the only reason Martha Coakley might be thinking about the US Senate in 2012 is because she has calculated she could not force a favorable decision against Tim Murray in the 2014 gubernatorial primary.
Still and all that, a Warren v. Coakley primary could be interesting they both draw from similar electoral and fundraising cohorts...a good brawl between them might advantage a well positioned third party in that primary though.
Moreover have either of these women measured the thickness of the glass ceiling in Massachusetts politics lately?
Might be a good thing to do before you go off and start hitting town days this fall to shake hands etc.
Just sayin'...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rupert Murdoch is awfully Sowwy....

He even took out a advert in all the British Sunday Papers to prove it.
Yes indeed, he is sorry, sorry he got caught!!!
Tyrants, especially brutal press tyrants of the reactionary variety, are never sorry for anything, if they apologize it is simply a tactic to evade punishment thats all. There is blood in the water and Murdoch wants to avoid being chewed up thats all, he has been brutal so he expects naught but brutality now.
THese people are scum, Rebecca Brooks et al, they need to hear the crash of iron soonest.

This is a new Watergate and it could knock down a lot of tin pot rightical chic godlings in Britain and elsewhere. ere it is done. Again Humble Elias asks a simple question, has Fox News ever used similar phone hacking techniques here in the USA? Or benefited from the use thereof by overseas Newscorp divisions??

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray in Menotomy (again)

I give the current admin credit, they drop by the Sacred Suburb of Menotomy now and again. I doubt all four of their predecessors could find Menotomy on a map and two of them lived in abutting communities.
And so it came to pass that Tim Murray and seemingly half the God-Damn Cabinet set up shop in the intimate meeting room at Town Hall last night to take on all comers as part of the admin's summer "listening tour".
Tim looks good, still the same Big Shiny Irishman that came around in 2006 looking to move up in the world, yes he is losing his hair but then again he hasn't gained a pound in the interim.
And when you are Tim Murray taking on all comers you answer a lot of questions about jobs, the movement of local public sector unions to the GIC and ghod help us,local trash collection.
All politics is local indeed, good thing Tim started out as Mayor of Worcester, he is used to these thing.
All three topics fairly dominated the proceedings, I have to say, Murray is no great barn burner but he is reasonably well informed and affable after a fashion.
My big complaint about these sorts of Q&A sessions is that most of the questions seem to come from local persons representing organizations with business before the Commonwealth or else they are actively lobbying on behalf of certain legislative outcomes. They gotta right to heard along with everyone else, I just wish the average person would show up in bigger numbers.
Then again, trash collection got into the debate so it's not like the average person got left outside or anything.
I had some thought that maybe this was all some scheme to get Murray re-introduced to the voters prior to a run for the US Senate in 2012. On the basis of what I saw last night I strongly doubt this is the case, Murray is affable, well informed even becomingly modest, but there is nothing of the purple to him. The man is no great pulpit virtuoso and never will be, I have no fear should he have to assume the Governorship, but a run for the US Senate seems like a stretch for Murray.
No the mood in the room was "Gubernatorial" prosaic local concerns and the sort of discussions one aims at a future Governor not a Senator. Which raises a question in my mind, will the admin have a candidate for US Senate next year? Have they got someone warming up in the bullpen?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Senator MItch McConnell caves (supposedly)

he wants to grant the President the authority to raise the debt limit more or less unilaterally in return for nothing save an opportunity to stage showy votes on various fiscal issues close to the GOP's "heart".
McConnell of course is a fervent believer in the Republican God of Thunder and Fundraising, so William S. Burroughs famous admonition does apply "When you are doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing, his word isn't worth shit not with the Good Lord telling him how to eff' you on a deal".
Otherwise assuming the Tea Party can be bought to terms on this deal (and I strongly doubt they can), it would seem the GOP is backing off from it's apocalyptic revolutionary agenda even as they plan to run on fiscal issues in 2012.
All I can say is, running on a balanced budget didn't do Walter Mondale a lick of good in 1984, good luck with those power point presentations and pie charts Mitch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire

has been defunded by the state legislature and stripped of it's authority to distribute birth control pills and antibiotics to the uninsured.
Sheer genius. there is nothing quite like a rash of STDs and unplanned pregnancies to stimulate the economy in the Granite State.
I suppose, if possible they'll come a swarming down here to get those prescriptions filled, which is New Hampshire's idea of a multiplier effect.
I mean from the outside it's a bitterly churlish decision designed to bullyrag the poor, but in reality its a clever scheme to jump start the economy by forcing the poverty stricken to stop hoarding their cash and spend money on diapers, full cost antibiotics and baby formula.
Like I said, sheer genius.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekly World News, R.I.P.

Britain's premiere wingnut scandal sheet ceases publication on the revelation that its reporters routinely hacked & casually deleted the email and phonemail of missing children, KIA soldiers, their families and friends.
Sordid isn't the word, rampantly totalitarian is a more fitting phrase.
Of course, this is a Rupert Murdoch publication who else would act so harshly and stupidly in the face of an entirely self generated disaster?
A whole publication terminated hundreds thrown out of work all to save the hide of one Rebekah Brooks, The Weekly World News' former editor, the tolerant author of these horrors and Rupert Murdoch's alleged corporate heiress!
And if the rumors are true, the worst is yet to come, I wonder if any of this terminates in #10 Downing Street?
And as long as I'm idly speculating here, then one wonders about Fox News in the USA, what sort of reportial antics have they been tolerating based on the model set by the late Weekly World News?
Murdoch has brought this down on himself, plain and simple, nothing would please me more than to see him and his humbled, they've been asking for it for decades.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I caught Ann Coulter's act on

"Real Time with Bill Maher" today.

I learned very little other than Ann has a humorless papery overloud cackle and she looks like she was mummified by the Avon Lady.
Moreover she had nothing new to say basically it was all "You're another!" over and over again.
In a larger sense why does Bill Maher persist in interacting with this nasty & repetitive shiksa?
He gave her first big break on ABC and it's been nothing but phat conservative welfare checks for Coulter ever since then.
He owes her nothing and she is preposterously bad television as well, a chimp act would provide better chat show fodder.

Does Dr. Frankenstein need to "Debate" the monster? Even when all his creation can do is grunt and snarl?

Betty Ford R.I.P.

Late word comes to Humble Elias of the death of former first lady, Betty Ford. She wasn't the first controversial first lady, that honor belongs to Edith Galt Wilson, but Betty was perhaps the first FUN first lady.
Yeah she battled breast cancer and addiction as first lady and did them both with a great deal of candor, but you could just tell, behind closed doors she was a real ripsnorter, no boring Thankgivings in the Ford Household not with a former Martha Graham dancer on the watch.
Besides she upheld a sterling US Political Tradition which can be summarized thusly "The husbands a pill, but the wife is a peach".
A lot a mediocrities stay in the game a long time on the strength of their wive's charisma, never forget that.
And she was pro E.R.A. and pro-choice, seems like she was the last woman in the GOP to stick by these positions like I said, a real ripsnorter...delicate ladylike and opinionated.
Like a lot of people, Betty Ford did her best word after she'd escaped the White House, founding the Betty Ford clinic (many many pro athletes and successful vocalists owe their very lives to her) and campaigning hard for addiction awareness, she was indefatigable.
They just don't make em' like Betty Ford anymore...It is like they passed a law against it or something.
Helluva Shame. G'bye Betty show em how it's done in the afterlife willya? Otherwise those stiff will never loosen up.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Bachmann is up in the current New Hampshire polling

trails Romney by a mere seven points, 18% to Mitt's 25%.

Excuse me, but to paraphrase the late H.L. Mencken, I may need a stadium to guffaw in, if this thing shakes out the right way.

Don't forget, this time in 2007, the convention wisdom held that Romney had a lock on the Granite State and John McCain was being fitted for a star spangled straitjacket.

THe jaded xenophobes of New Hampshire have a history of voting for sociable freaks in the GOP Primary, John McCain short fuse and all and before him, Patrick Buchanan. Much is made of the state's stoic Yankee reserve, this is nonsense though, New Hampshire loves a gaffe-prone giddy gaudy clown as much as the rest of the country.
And right now, that clown seems to be Michele Bachmann, mighod I'm not sure she has said a single sensible thing in the past six months!
Mitt must be tearing his perfect hair out.
And if Bachmann really can bootstrap herself into the challenger's position in New Hampshire against Romney, it will be a jubilee!!
Just remember, 25% is a puny plurality, and Mitt has messed up a sure thing New Hampshire before...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gubernatorial "Listening Tour" update

Okay this is interesting, Lt. Governor Tim Murray is coming to Arlington Town Hall, Thursday July 14th at 6pm to take on all questions.
Arlington, one of the top ten communities in the Commonwealth for democratic primary turnout...Tim Murray gets this prize venue.
Meanwhile the Governor is taking his act on up to Salisbury Ma, a community handily carried by Scott Brown in 2010.
Both destinations seem significant in Humble Elias' opinion.
Now if all this has some impact on the 2012 Senatorial race, then first things first I think we need to take people's stated intentions at their word, i.e. Deval Patrick is NOT running for Scott Brown's seat.
But nobody said nothing about Tim Murray, did they?
A Murray candidacy has some attractive aspects, he is young, presentable (if a bit shiny), he has made few enemies in the past five years, with Patrick behind him he can presumably fundraise like a sumbitch and as an incumbent Lt Governor Tim Murray risks nothing from making the race.

On the other hand, does Tim Murray have the necessary rhetorical and political gifts to unite the democrats and draw vital independents into an election day coalition?
I like the guy, but he has never impressed me as a virtuoso on the podium.
But then again, neither is Scott Brown who other than his Barrymore-esque profile has said little quotable since his election in 2010.
Assuming this listening tour is about 2012, then the Governor and Lt. Governor would not undertake it unless they had a strong intimation that no one else of consequence was getting into the race in the near term.
I suspect as much at least.
So anyway I'll be there Thursday night, ear to the ground, ya never know.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ron Paul's version of Four Freedoms...

Freedom from Social Security...

Freedom from Medicaid...

Freedom from Longevity...

Oh yes and the Freedom to terrorize Planned Parenthood...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gotta love Mitt Romney...

he will fight stubbornly to the end in defense of any lie or distortion he has promulgated on the campaign trail.
However when it's a question of common decency, humanity or just plain factuality, then Mitt is more than willing to truckle, evade, equivocate and if pushed ever so slightly abjectly surrender.
In this he resembles no one so much as the late Richard Nixon, except Tricky Dick had a certain malevolent political skill, Romney on the other hand for all his bluster remains a tedious and transparent fraud.

Monday, July 04, 2011

If I didn't dislike

WTKK's Michael Graham before, I sure do now.

Not because of his infantile power worshipping politics, but because Graham is trying to rob Humble Elias of my favorite whipping boy, Willard Mitt Romney.

Yes indeed Michael has teamed up with a bunch of other humorless dinks to try and mess up Mitt Romney's electoral chances prior to the All Important New Hampshire Primary.
They've got money, and some media reach in NH (especially via the radio), the usual set of resentments, but so far, no Antimitter Candidate.
It'll be interesting to see of these mooks can in fact coalesce around someone who can take the fight to Romney, I'm thinkin' they can't (Look what they have to work with, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann...I mean sheesh!) but we will see goin' forward.
The reasons for this "Romney Revulsion" are simple, like me, Michael Graham and his nattering nabobs of negativism have figured out, Mitt is 100% out for himself, he is not a real conservative (whatever that means these days)
And of course, because Mitt not a conservative, he must be destroyed.
Sort of a Dalek ideology if you asked me, but then what can you expect from a bunch of conservative welfare bums and a radio talk show host?

Friday, July 01, 2011

One more thing....

David Bernstein, one of the best political reporters currently creeping around the State House was kind enough to answer an entirely predictable question from Humble Elias in his "Ask Me Anything" blog post today.
His response can be found here:

The Massachusetts House GOP caucus

(didn't I tell youse ta keep yer eye on dese guyz?) has proposed a comprehensive upgrade in legislative ethics including a rule that all lobbyists be compelled to wear a special badge when chatting up legislators.
Hell why stop there, make em' wear dunce caps I say.
Seriously though much as I hate to say it, there some merit in the new rules as proposed by the GOP caucus, I do think the House ought to debate the proposals in open session and soon. Dismissing the "badge proposal" as akin to the Nazi "Yellow Star" is idiotic rhetorical excess and demonstrates the alienation of the legislature's leadership from the current wellsprings of reform.
I don't think the leadership has properly gauged the level of revulsion out in the electorate with respect to all this kissy-face with lobbyists.
Thus, if the legislature does not reform of itself, sooner or later reform will be imposed from without and from the ballot box as well.
Just sayin' guyz...