Sunday, October 31, 2004

Put every gun to them sir...

Last week that laughing young senescence, Jeff Jacoby, put forth the entirely Trotskyite notion that George Bush is a “revolutionary candidate”. With one critical difference, instead of Lev Bronstein’s concept of permanent global revolution, Bush favors permanent global military pre-emption. This is of course, entirely true…Bush IS a revolutionary candidate and that also the big problem with him. He may start all sorts of pleasing wars abroad, but he is also hell bent on resurrecting the dear dead days of William B. McKinley.
As far as Jeff Jacoby was concerned, this made John Kerry the candidate of “reaction” espousing a foreign policy based on bourgeois facts and precedents. For now in our newspeak political lexicon “reaction” is somehow equated with that heretical “reality based community” that the President so ardently disparages.
Poor Jeff…he barks he snarls and makes all sorts of threatening yawlps…but he’ll never scare anyone no matter how much noise he makes.
I can’t quite figure out why…he is completely in tune with the GOP’s reactionary-socialist economic program and a proud screamer of poor mouth platitudes on the cultural front. When he isn’t whining about taxes he is crying out for his own conservative victimhood. This is pretty much the same bilge as all the rightical chic columnistas out there…but for some reason it just doesn’t come off when Jeff does it.
He is lacking somewhere…like a celebrated high school science nerd who tries on a leather jacket and tries to come on like James Dean.
He has tried calling John Kerry a reactionary kulak, a foulmouthed guttersnipe, a elitist and yesterday Jeff was reduced to calling him “indecisive”.
Whenever one of these conservative junkers starts up with that “indecisive” crap you can be sure that they’ve run out of invective since they’ve been dumping that epithet on every democrat in the running since Alton B. Parker.

I think Jeff needs to go on a long vacation soonest. He looks silly in that leather bomber jacket waving the red flag of revolution.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Homage to Catatonia...

A strange lassitude has stolen over the Commonwealth.
The houses are all lit up in garish purple and noxious blue...there isn't a silent television within a hundred miles.
Outside the Earth's shadow has swallowed the moon turning that marvel in the dark blood red.
It would seem no one has seen this save humble Elias.
Meanwhile we might be just may be in the last hour of the fabled Curse of the the moment the score is Saint Louis squat, Red Sox three.
In an hour this town may well go up like Mount Saint Helens.
In an hour the moon will stop bleeding.
It is also an hour upon which to reflect that even the most ancient injustices come to judgement.
Health to the Sox.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

News Flash...

Yahoo News sez Arnold Schwarzenegger will be campaigning with George Bush in Ohio.
What a laff riot!
Finally the citizenry of Ohio can get to see Arnie's god awful orange pancake make up in an intimate setting. They may even catch a glimpse of his plastic surgery scars if the Governor' stylist does a rushed job.
Anything to look like a vigorous man of forty.
Oh what a spectacle Ohio has on it's doorstep...
Up and down the valley he will trudge grunting those taunts he made famous in the movies in that cartoonish accent of his.
I have one question though, shouldn't the screenwriters who WROTE those taunts at least ask for residuals since Arnie is improperly transfering copywritten material to another medium?
I mean you have to admit, Arnie doesn't have a lot of original material to work with...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Quote for the day....

"Never was the world worldlier,never was it emptier of love and goodness...Everything, modern art and science included, prepares us for the coming barbarism. Everything on Earth will be decided by the crudest and most evil powers, by the selfishness of grasping men and military dictators."

Friedrich Nietzsche, "Thoughts Out of Season" 1873.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just wanna say...

that I was wrong about the Boston Police Patrolman's Association. They endorsed John Kerry for President this week citing his record of crimefighting.
So I was wrong, I (and many others) had in our heads that the B.P.P.A. was picketing the DNC to specifically embarrass Kerry's candidacy. However this quid-pro-quo has proven me wrong, Kerry respected the picket line and was well served in return.
What can I say? The B.P.P.A. has carried water for the GOP in the past...but not this time.
Thanks guys....and here is hopin'.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Now we know....

why our troops in Iraq only get one meal a day (the rest they have to pay for), must scrounge for ammunition, must purchase their own kevlar, and strip dead insurgents of their AK-47s....cause' our fearelessly truculent President told the Reverend Pat Robertson there would be "no casualties" in the Iraq invasion.
Iraq Viceroy General Sanchez has put the whole logistical catastrophe down on paper. Did Bush listen? he did not, apparently all George listens to these days are those wondrous wafting voices that promise him limitless victory soonest sans worry or woe.
Bush is strong on defense? The HELL he is! What kind of a warlord doesn't allocate enough arms, ammunition, and troops for his own misbegotten fantasy of invasion??
The whole mess reminds me of Mussolini sending flower of Italian manhood off to a winter attack on Greece wearing cardboard lined boots and armed with dilapidated pre-world war one rifles. Which is not to compare Bush with Il Duce, don't infer that...Mussolini had a better sense of style and was by all accounts a better pilot and linguist than our famously incurious President.
Well, we have one advantage over the wartime Italians, we can call it quits with our Leader sans recourse to mob rule.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The scumbag's marathon...

Geez that Joan Vennochi sure is a nasty old bint isn’t she?
In her column today she scorns the Kerry campaign for taking “the low road” in the last debate by bringing up Mary Cheney’s lesbianism.
Ostensibly this was dressed up as polemic against the use of gutter tactics on the campaign trail, in fact though this was yet another screed aimed at her bete noir, Senator John Forbes Kerry.
Ah but Joan’s righteous anger knows no bounds…please consider this furious gem;
“Go ahead liberals, start howling; What is worse you say, refusing to admit you were wrong to invade Iraq or refusing to admit you were wrong to invade the Cheney family’s privacy?”

Jesus Christ, Joanie doesn’t hate the abased state of presidential campaigning, she hates it when democrats and liberals fight back. This confuses her, Joan is used to liberals as easy prey for the conservative ascendancy. Thus in desperation Joanie conflates our fatal misadventure in Iraq with Mary Cheney’s privacy…I mean didn’t Dick out her in the 200 debate with Lieberman?
Never mind, when liberals fight back that somehow is a sign of bad faith in Vennochiworld.
Picture this, a prize fight ring in which George Bush has climbed in armed with a sawed off shotgun and a brace of pistols, his opponent the Junior Senator from Massachusetts face him armed with his trusty six shooter.
Meanwhile right there at ringside is Joan Vennochi screaming “Kerry is cheating!”

Ghod forget about liberals howling, Vennochi has clearly entered a very sick and scary fugue state as election draweth near.

Poor Joanie, she can’t wait to write John Kerry’s political obituary, and the candidate keeps disappointing her. This causes her intense psychic pain as the only way she can get her ticket punched as a op-ed solon in Boston to tear someone down.
You just know she, McGrory, and Lehigh all have updated “the death of liberalism, the end of the Kerry crusade” eulogies on their hard-drives since last December.
One of the many good reasons to vote for Kerry is to prove these proud bastards wrong and rub their noses in it for a change.
So think on that gentle readers.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The view from atop Mount Schaedenfreude...

a glance through the front window of my local dollar book store reveals that Tim Russert's mawkish "Big Russ & Me" has been remaindered at 20% off.
It ought to be down to 50% off by New Years.
Tripe like this usually comes from heavy market research from the publishing companies.
That is if you were wondering how Tom Brokaw found time to become a historian of World War II...
I'd love to know what kind of inane polling informed Tim's publisher that the public was panting for a book lionizing Russert's father?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

President Gilligan does it again...

Five BILLION US dollars earmarked for "reconstruction purposes" cannot be accounted for in Iraq.
That is five billion in US taxpayer monies that we can pretty much write off write now as the cashola has either been stuffed into a hookah and smoked, tossed around for bribes, or laundered to buy plastique. Who the hell knows where it has gone, with President Dipshit in charge its a fair cop the U.S. Public will NEVER know.
Meanwhile the supply of flu vaccine, the very seasonal lifeline of our senior citizens has dwindled to nothing thanks to a botched deal with a rapacious US drug company.
Honestly, Bush can't do anything right...even a simple task like flu immunizations disintegrates into morass of price gouging and gruesome ineptitude.
The man is a bungler, everything he gets involved with turns into an utter catastrophe. Five billion can get flushed down a hole in Iraq meanwhile here in America flu vaccine becomes as scarce as a sensible opinion in congress.

Oh yes and oil has reached fifty four bucks a barrel...more money picked out of the taxpayer pocket and rushed overseas.

Thank goodness we've got a Texas oilman in charge...can't imagine the world of shit we'd be in if Bush wasn't President!

Ghod no wonder GWB is surrounded by spin doctors and P.R. flacks, anyone as disaster prone as Bush needs all the help he can get in "framing the argument".
He can't think in any other terms except cliches and bromides...
His every action is either an appalling mistake...
The Man is a screw-up an monumental screw up.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The No Spin Fraud...

If George Bush is the greatest class warrior in U.S. History since the salad days of Huey P. Long then certainly Bill O’Reilly (SP) is The President’s Gerald L.K. Smith.
Purists might recall The Reverend Smith was a demagogic preacher whose virtuoso screeds often confused the late Senator Long with Jesus Christ.
Slavishly devoted to the Kingfish, Smith was run out of Louisiana after Long’s assassination in 1935. He ended his career as a Negrophobic jew-baiting Arkansas freakjob.
We live in a information age though, and where once raved a preacher-gone-mad, now La Famiglia Arbusto must made do with a mere pseudo journalist.
Times change what can I say?
Reilly seems to have gotten his tail caught in a crack though, Andrea Mackris one of his former staffers is suing him for sexual harassment.
Ms. Mackris apparently has audio tapes in which the “no spin zone” pundit rants and raves how Roger Ailes (Fox News CEO) has “high level” connections with which to crush Al Franken.
In Mackris deposition, O’Reilly is quoted as saying:
“Look at Al Franken, one day he is gonna get a knock on the door and life as he knows it will change forever. That day will happen trust me”.
Aside from the hopeless childishness of the above alleged quote…does anyone else sense a streak of passive aggressive cowardice in O’Reilly’s nature?
Somehow Roger Ailes is supposed to wipe out Bill’s tormentors.
All I wanna know is whether or not such services are explicitly spelled out in O’Reilly’s contract?
Because it seems Fox News is paying O’Reilly the proverbial shitload of money already…disappearing all Bill’s enemies could really run up the overhead on his chat show.
Several other things can be deduced from these documents; the most obvious being that Bill has no discernable sense of humor about himself and that heckling or whatnot truly sends him into a morbid rage.
The other thing is that based on the transcripts of the alleged tapes, one can see quite clearly how little interest the pundit-right has in a free and fair debate on the issues.
Preoccupied with serving and maintaining those in the power and a profitable status quo, O’Reilly and his ilk spend their off hours pawing sweet young things and fantasizing about Al Franken’s seizure and arrest.
A more Neronian state of affairs cannot be imagined.

IiF the allegations are true J

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lets recap...

What I habve tried to convey in this blog is that very little constrains George Bush Junior's exercise of power.
The congress does not, the senior leadership of that once august body is composed of vile nigh reptilian sycophants and Presidential flatterers.
The Supreme Court gave Bush the power he now enjoys and shows no desire to rein in the President.
The Washington News Establishment is dominated by useless timer servers, lunatics, and outright conservative apologists.
What is to be done?
Clearly if you find the President's misuse of power disturbing or frightening, then the ONLY thing you can do vote for John Kerry on November second.
Nothing else will end GWB's flagrant Neronian reign save total defeat at the polls.
Nothing...the man is not animated by much in the way of reverence for democracy or a "decent respect for the opinion of mankind".
No...not with the Good Lord telling him how to fuck you on a deal...(to quote the late William Seward Burroughs).
if Bush wins next month, be it a landslide or a squeaker, he will inevitably govern in an even more autocratic-ideological fashion.
Hell George Bush thinks he doesn't NEED votes to win this election.

Raised as he was within the counter cultural traditional of the new right and fired by both a hatred of phantom elites and a profound sense of grievance Bush can do no other.
There is nothing more disgusting than a rich spoiled brat of a man who somehow has a chip on his shoulder for all his endless privileges and entitlement.
Self confidence of a rank nature like that also goes by the ominous but pithy Greek term "hubris".
Now over-reaching ambition MAY be Bush's downfall in his still notional second term, but who here in America wants go off that cliff with him?
really the only thing to do is vote for Kerry and in sufficient numbers to ensure Bush's exit from Washington in the back of a turnip truck.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Falling leaves, falling enrollments...

The Boston Globe reports today that GOP registration has fallen by some 15,000 souls since 2002.
Democratic registration is up slightly although by no means enough to offset the commanding position held by independent/unenrolled voters.
On the surface this makes a mockery of Mitt Romney's reform agenda and his vague plans to "grow" the local GOP. All that fuss and bother and yet 15,000 voters have taken a hike from out his aegis.
Where they have gone though is undoubtedly to the independent and unenrolled column which is an ominous trend for state politics.
I think, as the GOP shrinks in size and grass roots support a tendency will be reinforced to seek "extraordinary" candidates from "outside" the political milieu to run for high office come 2006 and 2010.
These types of candidates tend to be naive' self financing amateurs of the Romney template.
As a practical matter we can look forward too ever richer and dumber men being imported and groomed for statewide races because quite literally the GOP has no local farm team to draw from.
If they can come from as far away as Utah, who is to say they can't be flown in from Alaska or Thailand for that matter?
The slow "nationalization" of gubernatorial campaigns therefore fills a need in the Massachusetts GOP for "instant candidates" of a particular type.
However I have to wonder, just as a technical question can a political party that has an aging declining base long perpetuate itself no matter how well funded?
More and more the Massachusetts GOP resembles a shadowy offshore bank...a few little known guys making a lot of decisions backed by a pile of money.
Not much there in terms of mass democratic politics to speak off I'm afraid.

Well what of it?
The game is to glom onto suburban unenrolled voters, preferably women with kids and a huge Menotomy class mortgage to worry about. Drag them and their anxieties to the voting both and you can rule the Kingdom of Heaven.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Miser's Progress...

Y’know there is no accounting for it…Mitt Romney really is a cheap dickhead.
He has these gruesome mailers his legislative campaign is dropping all over his preferred seventeen target districts.
They are full of the usual rabble rousing piffle…lower taxes, free flapjacks…a placebo called reform.
However this campaign literature has been vetted, designed, written, and printed in Washington DC.
Good Ghod…Decaf won’t even spend any of that mad phat cash he’s been shaking down from the likes of Fidelity Investments on a local printer will he??

Hell its okay to spend OUR money on flattering billboards far off Los Angeles advertising the salubrious business climate in Massachusetts and incidentally pushing Mitt’s loopy smirk.
But spend some of his wad locally?
The dope is so unfamiliar with Massachusetts that he can’t find a trustworthy production house for his nauseating campaign vomitus.
Otherwise it appears that Mitt hates Massachusetts on some odd visceral level and for pure spite’s sake will deliberately take his business out of state no matter how trivial the issue.

These are the decisions we can expect from a viceregal personality with an itch to make his bones nationally.
Look for more and more of them no matter what happens nationwide or hear at home in November.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A week later...

And the Globe is already signaling the all-clear for the admin’s neocons.
That was quick.
This after Peter Canellos and George Will pompously assured the masses that no matter who wins the election Messr’s Feith, Wolfowitz and Libby will be burnishing their resumes come November 3rd.
Try telling that to Michael Ledeen, who (according to Jeet Heer and Dave Wagner) is whispering in karl Rove’s ear pushing for the deposition of the Mullah’s in Iran.
Clearly Mr. Ledeen fears no purge of the neocon tendency within the Bush Admin…”on to Tehran” seems to be his current mantra not “abandon ship”.
Well you know how it is with these guys, they were all once stalwart new leftists who happily turned in their Jesus robes and sandals for a laurel crown and a toga patterned on the American Flag once Ronald Reagan made the scene.
The neocons are a product of a famously self conscious, self worshipping, selfish, and shameless generation.
Therefore these leaps from left to right with no intervening angst or reflection are to be expected.
These guys are always ardently right about everything no matter how total the revision in their views.
The real problem with the neocons isn’t their truculence or smug self satisfaction that whole generation as I said, is sodden with it.
No….there is a inherent and seldom discussed contradiction within their ideology. On the one hand they preach a muscular gospel of “global democratic revolution” one to be ignited and carried through no matter what.
They are hung up on a very narrow and rhetorical definition of democracy the way the SDS and the Weathermen were once obsessed with “peace” and all the violent ways paths to that end.
Yet for all their democratic posturing, the neocons do have an subconscious belief that democracy has entered its early senescence here in America.
These guys have no real faith in democracy in America as our republic has entered a doddering old age and is in desperate need of sharp minds to guide this faltering nation along to a right and glorious end.
Why else would such allegedly smart people trifle with a dope like George Bush if they didn’t truly believe that his corrupt and cowardly self was the best the electorate had to offer?
These selfsame sharp minds are profoundly contemptuous of tradition, law, accepted practice, the congress and the like…what they revere though is pure ideology and means to force all and sundry to conform with its dictates.
This is also why they are all so obsessed with secrecy…they wanna hush up Uncle Sam’s alleged senility before the rest of us catch wise and demand a second opinion from a real M.D. and not some penitent ex-marxist scholar.
And so the Michael Ledeen’s of this world go on poking and prodding…talking up an easy invasion of Iraq, fantasizing about a democratic Iran…all very easy when you have no scruples to speak off and a history of loud truculent fanaticism be it “peace now!” or “on to Damascus!”


Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Veep waxes Mendacious...

Dick Cheney’s lies from the late debate are so extensive and pervasive, that it will take scholars several months to catalogue them all.
By then ghod willing, Dick will have fled public life for the salubrious shores of Boesky Island one step ahead of the process servers.

However there are only a few simple points to keep uppermost in mind when contemplating the deceptively complex foreign policy debate.
This war in Iraq was waged on behalf of non-proliferation, democratization, and the annihilation of Al Queda.
As of 7:14pm 10-7-04 “democracy” in Iraq is officially a bitter joke with naught but a collection of bastards, generals, and old sex hating imams waiting in the wings to seize power when the U.S. pulls out.
No amount of money picked out of our pockets and thrown willy-nilly atop the national debt will change that.
Moreover it is now clear that Saddam Hussein had nothing in the way of weapons of mass destruction-and certainly nothing of a biological or nuclear nature.
Everyone involved in the hunt for said weapons has said so, in a rare moment of lucidity our famously truculent Secretary of Defense has even said so.
Saddam may have had atomic intentions and germ-warfare ambitions but as any career officer in the Pentagon can tell you, it is only capabilities that truly matter.
Lastly, Al Queda allegedly the friend of Saddam and his cherished buddy seems to have somehow slipped the dragnet. Could it be that we are looking for him in the wrong place…like Baghdad?

Meanwhile I’m paying 2.00 a gallon for regular at my local service station to cruise Boston like a sick right whale looking for work.
Which is, to my mind a form of private sector taxation in these farcically tax-phobic times.
So really honestly, virtually no aspect of the President’s terrorism policy has worked out…none of it.
Our pockets are being picked as ever by the Oil Sheiks, our troops are blown up and gunned down every day in Iraq while Bin Laden laughs at us and swears in new recruits by the sack load.
This is success?
Bush equates himself in true Leviathan fashion with raw strength. Yet it is raw strength that has failed us here because it has been applied sans wit or reason.
To render it mathematically, Bush=strength yet in Iraq strength= failure.
If that is the case then clearly said strength has to be animated by new and better judgement.
The strength is fine and honed to a sharp edge…it is the people directing it that are dopes, knaves, fanatics and creepy utopians.
I say out with the lot the sooner the better and for god’s sake let us turn over the leadership of the republic to men and women of resolution while there is still time.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

RIAF uber alles!

The Romney is a Fraud blog has blown open a kick-ass story detailing the governor's veto of pay raises for the servitors at UMass Amherst at the same time he is putting through a 7% increase in the pay of his closest courtiers, lackeys, and sycophants.
Yup this is business-typegovernance at it's best...if your private sector model is a successful crack house that is.
Sorry for the lack of a hot link, I've got some formatting issues that I hope to have resolved before they drag me off to a re-education camp.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Did I miss something?

Or did exactly no one notice that North Korea (number one with a bullet on 2001's Axis of Evil charts) announced they have the bomb last week?
You know....the Atomic Bomb?
The one we are all supposed to learn to love or something?
I gotta give Komrade Kim's hellspawn credit, he waited, girt up his loins, and joined the nuclear club right in the middle of a U.S. Presidential Campaign....perfect timing.
And Bush's response?
Sign into law another god damned tax cut thus proving to me once and for all that movement conservatism is afflicted with a kind of gruesome senile dementia...literally the answer to EVERYTHING is a tax cut right up to and including the prospect of regional nuclear conflict in Asia!
My Ghod what is to be done with this new Nero of ours??
The quality of our security guarantee to something like FIVE functioning democracies in the region is degrading by the hour thanks to our passive aggressive policy towards Pyongyang and yet all Bush can do is pass out money in Iowa like he is Eva Peron.
Where will it all end?
I don't know but it will end sooner or later and not in a good way for all of us.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Air America coming to Boston...

starting Monday the scrappy liberal talk radio network will be broadcasting on AM 1200 out of Medford and AM 1430 out of Framingham. As an experiment I could pull in AM 1200 as far north as Salem New Hampshire this the coverage will be pretty far reaching so far as I can see.
I don't think Air America is any type of great white hope for embattled local liberals...but as a means to sharpen ideological warfare in this critical presidential race, it is a welcome thing indeed.
Hopefully this will put some pressure on token radio libs like Jim Braude to re-think their toadying in light of competition from Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo.
Hell if this thing gets Jim Braude off the stick it will be all worth it no matter what the outcome.