Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday Notes:

Well....I've had one little setback here at the Chimes at Midnight this week, the unknown entities behind the superlative "Romney is a Fraud" blog have dropped me from their links!
Oh well...all those references to the "Kolobian Viceroy" probably made everyone a tad queasy.
What can I say, bitter effusions such as that make me laugh....
Nonetheless, the Romney is a fraud blog is a very worthwhile daily read, all and sundry should bookmark it pronto.
Dang I was listed under "heroes"....
And while you are at it, take some time to drop by my good friend Lis Riba's blog "Riba Rambles", she is concise and factual to a fault.

Oh and Senator Kerry has spiffed up his website, check it out.

If these links all work it'll be a miracle.

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