Thursday, December 21, 2006

Romney Bails...

Churlish to the last, Governor Romney has declined to attend Deval Patrick's inaugural.
His reasoning is not hard to divine, with a personal approval rating anchored well below fifty percent, the Viceroy had good cause to fear booing and catcalls as he made his ceremonial exit from the State House.
Well of course, Dukakis had to hazard as much in 1991, but then he was done running for President. Whereas any jeers and catcalls aimed at Mitt could well end up on in an attack advert come the New Hampshire Primary now a mere 14 months away.

For once I'll split the difference, Mitt ought to show some class for once and execute the traditional inauguration niceties...And the rest of us should refrain from booing and calling him a feckless, amateurish, lazy-assed bum with all the decisiveness of a windsock.

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