Monday, December 01, 2008

Fair warning to Sarah Palin

if she thinks Willard Mitt Romney will be a pushover in the GOP's 2012 presidential nominating race then she'd better reconsider her thesis top to bottom.
If you don't believe Humble Elias then Just ask Jane "Jingle Money" Swift, Shannon O'Brien and "Scary" Kerry Healey. Democrats and Republicans alike and all women Mitt trampled on his way to grabbing off whatever big brass ring took his fancy in that election year.
Romney is a cold blustery opportunist of no fixed conditions but he has a malign misogynistic ability to abort the careers of female politicians both the inept and the able alike. One might say it is his only demonstrated political talent at all.
Oh well, Sarah will find out when she gets to the inevitable debate at Saint Anselm College where Willard will no doubt spend ninety minutes of air time talking to her like she was a retarded five year old.
And that mah frenz will only be the beginning.

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