Thursday, August 31, 2017

I don't know if Joel Osteen's Palacial

"Lakewood Church" nestled in the inland sea former known as Houston Texas is a fit and viable shelter for flood victims...I will grant that much.
I Do Know However, that Osteen is supposedly worth some fifty six million dollars and is further alleged to live in a mansion worth some ten million USD. Fifty Six Million USD and all from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ...or some variant thereof.  I am gonna make the blunt assessment that if you are down on your knees on your respective Sabbath, doesn't matter if its Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim...and the guy up at the pulpit is a MULTIMILLIONAIRE then you need to get out of that congregation PRONTO.  My next door neighbor's cotton poodle has more love of God in her than the wealth worshipping likes of Joel Osteen.  Time and again we are confronted by an ancient truth, we can never rely on mere wealth to do the right thing in a crisis, they are almost always centered solely on preserving & protecting their own privileges and power....and the rest of us can go swim for it...quite literally.

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