Friday, February 08, 2019

Its been a banner week on the Op Ed Page of the Boston Globe...

Joan Vennochi insists Senator Elizabeth Warren is doomed, (big surprise there huh?) and Scot Lehigh has sighed turned over and decided that Bill Weld is Our Only Hope to defeat Trump!
I love these guys, you could set your watch to them.
This quote from Lehigh pretty sums it all up:
"And in states where unenrolled voters can take a Republican primary ballot, he (Bill Weld) certainly could attract socially libertarian, fiscally moderate independents".
Its like Scot has hooked up the bleached skeleton of GOP Moderation to an EKG and he just sits there week after week month after month waiting for the damn machine to go "beep!"
Quite frankly if "socially libertarian, fiscally moderate independents" were gonna somehow save us all, they'd a done it by now! Where the hell were they on Election Day 2016 Huh?
I'll tell you where they were, they were making a bad deal with Donald Trump for "pennies on the dollar" with no thought in their heads as to the good of the nation or what might be best for the GOP, thats what they were doing!
Who knows "because her emails" or maybe "Al Gore invented the internet" or Willy Horton or whatever...but like most people who make chronically bad decisions, they are never gonna walk any of it back and so will likely Vote for Trump come 2020.
It sure sounds like Weld has got Lehigh back on his speed dial, he may not have much of a chance within or without the GOP primary but his hypnotic hold on the Boston Globe's Op Ed Page is as strong as ever.

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