Friday, June 12, 2009

So the Boston Globe IS

for sale after all eh...?

Maybe me and the Left Ahead team ought to pool our vast resources with a "better than two thousand dollar" bid and take the whole shit-house over....
I mean two grand talks in this economy...and who else is gonna a flyer in dino-reportage than a bunch of local li-ber-al bloggers?

All kidding aside the Globe is a community asset even in it's current shriveled condition, they still do the best in depth journalism in the region hands down. The current pension reform probably wouldn't have happened if the Globe hadn't taken a front page laser like focus to the issue.
So while the paper is a community asset, I just don't know if it is a profitable asset in these times.
If I ran the show I'd probably try and turn it into a non-profit, emphasize good ground game stories try and figure out some peaceful collaboration between a daily paper and the internet...oh and maybe take a page from Dean Wallace (the publisher of the now defunct Boston Comic News) and put a two tone editorial cartoon on the front page every day.
Other that that I don't have much to offer....

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