Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For what it is worth...

With respect to last night's mayoral debate, Tom Menino sounds terrible over the radio, incoherent, slurs his words, drops the definite article at random with a harassed tone as well.
Flaherty threw some good haymakers but from what I heard over NPR landed no solid knock-out.
To be honest, is there much ideological difference between Tom and Mike? Both are democrats, likely pro-choice, pro gay rights, an ardent lover of Boston's sacred and inviolate neighborhoods, humble promoters of education and both never saw a bridge whose ribbon they wouldn't cut with the utmost glee.
Frankly the debate in this race isn't about philosophy it is about management, who will run a more efficient operation down at City Hall.
If there was any heat last night (aside from sniping at the Mayor about the e-mail controversy) it was mostly generated by competing claims to executive ability.
As long as that is the substance of the debate, then it is all advantage Menino, his rep as an "urban mechanic par excellence" remains unsullied.
Predictably though, Joan Vennochi watched the whole thing with mounting bitterness and surprisingly pronounced a pox on both their houses.

WOW! Where did that come from?? Like Mad Random!

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