Monday, October 19, 2009

With respect to the big

Mayoral debate in Boston tonight, Humble Elias is hard pressed to see just how Candidate Flaherty will be able to deliver a knockout blow to Mayor Menino's re-election chances.
The bar is just set so low for Menino that short of gargling all his responses thru a mouthful of Clorox the outcome is more or less assured.
Still, there are political reasons to have second thoughts about Menino, despite some of the attractions of his somewhat quaint style of governance.
Anyone else recall how Mayor Menino turned his back on gubernatorial candidate Scott Harshbarger in 1998, kept his precinct machine home on election day and thus denied the former Attorney General the thirty thousand votes he needed to get past Penniless Paul Cellucci?
It seems His Honor the Mayor was peeved at some of the investigations AG Harshbarger had initiated in and around the City of Boston.
And we all know a peeved Mayor Menino has consequences for us all.
I do, ancient history I know, but come 2010 if a re-elected Tom Menino pulls the same stunt on Governor Patrick don't say you weren't warned.
"All politics is local" said Speaker O'Neill, which brings up "Nugator's Adendum",that "All Local Politics is Personal".
And with Tom Menino some of his personal feuds do have reprocussions for those of us who live beyond Boston.
Just sayin'...

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