Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Hampshire is actually considering

moving it's date for the presidential primary back to December 6th, 2011?
All to ensure that the Granite State has the "first in the nation" primary.
Dunno about that, seems like moving that damn thing out of a presidential election year has a diminishing rate of return...and it is just plain ridiculous as well.
And we all know Granite Staters, they hate to look ridiculous.
Practically speaking that puts the primary date within ninety days from now, serious advantage to Romney since historically a lot of "come from behind" candidacies up there don't coalesce til after the Iowa Caucuses.
I mean a decision like that more or less hands the state over to Mitt Romney without a vote ever being cast.
Just sayin' thass all.
Personally, I think the "first in the nation presidential primary" has become a rather corrupt cottage industry in New Hampshire for both parties equally. I will grant there is some advantage to having said primary in a small state with strong preference for retail politics, but there are smaller states out there, more diverse, with more competitive political parties, that are equally deserving.
Well what of it, no one wants to confront this issue,  I get that....but this is ridiculous period.

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