Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A misanthrope's progress....

Mitt Romney makes a "triumphant" tour of the UK, Israel and Poland, something that only a serious xenophobe could love.
He called the Brits ineptoids, the Palestinians a bunch of lazy moochers and his press secretary dropped an f-bomb on the attending journalistas in Poland, live on camera.
And the best his spin doctors can do is insist that no-one is paying attention to Mitt's foreign tour (the very thing he was desperately hoping to garner attention) instead it's the economy that is suddenly everyone's concern.
Anyway soon enough the argument will be made that Mitt's many gaffe's were really a deliberate bid to shore up the famously xenophobic GOP base.
But if Romney needs to gin up the base in August of an election year then he has problems wedon't even know about....

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