Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gabrieli is up in the polls

more or less tied with Deval Patrick with Tom Reilly trailing but within the margin of error per the Boston Globe today.
It seems to me that Chris Gabrieli is re-enacting much of Mitt Romney's 2002 game plan; parachute into the game, bluster a lot about fiscal viligance derived from private sector success, make many vague promises about education and spend lavishly.
And what the hell, it may work.
Still and all that, Gabrieli clearly got into this race out of spite and is certainly willing to push $15 million dollars worth of chips into the middle of the table...anything to rub Tom Reilly's nose in it.
He may also want to avenge to two past defeats as well...who can say?

The real question is, can he govern??
We've already had one private sector pseudo-technocrat as governor. Will someone running as a better more liberal more engaged version of Romney really be able to govern effectively?

I have other issues with Gabrieli as well...I don't care for his stance on casino gambling but that hardly makes the man another John Silber in my eyes.

Truly, I'd piss on a sparkplug if it meant Kerry Healey and Crazy Christy Mihos will both go home crying come November.
Lets hope it doesn't come to that though.

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