Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jingle Money Rises from the Dead...

The Boston Sunday Globe breathlessly reports on the front page, that former Governor Jane "Jingle Money" Swift is quietly refurbishing her political network at looks to new races, like maybe another try at congress should John Olver retire.
Well...fine, except this is old news in Western Mass, I can recall reading news stories in the Berkshire Eagle on Jane's cautious efforts to get back into the game as far back as August 2003!
All this indicates is that it takes a full FOUR YEARS for a good story to make it's way out of North Adams out to Morrissey Boulevard.
However, Jane is a spent force in state politics I think...she may want vindication but the time for that was in 2002 when she was beset upon by Crazy Christy Mihos and Mitt Romney. Instead she tearfully surrendered without a fight and handed the state over to an absentee landlord with strange delusions of grandeur. The lady doesn't have much in the way of a fighting record to share with the voters in that district.

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