Sunday, October 14, 2007

The quiet from out Lexington Mass. (and other news)

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Ma 04 state senate special election has been the attitude and posture of Lexington state representative Jay Kaufman...or more precisely, his lack of any attitude and posture in respect of the contest to succeed Robert Havern.
A lot of factors could be at play here, Kaufman was known to be interesting in making the race earlier this fall despite his lack of residency in the district, Lexington's own candidate Bob Peters has only recently withdrawl from the race then there is the fact that Jay serves in the state house with three of the four announced democratic candidates for Havern's now vacated seat. And two of those guys (DiNatale and Murphy) are quickly building up some props out there as pugilists...seems like keeping a low profile might a good idea when punches are being thrown.
Still and all that, Jay Kaufman and Arlington's Representative Jim Marzilli are known to be allies within and without the statehouse...seems strange that Jay would keep silent in a unique race like this...normally he is the most opinionated of men.
Just sayin' thats all.
In other news, former Arlington selectman Charlie Lyons has ringingly endorsed Burlington Rep Charles Murphy in the coming primary. It is thought that Lyon's big rolodex might give Murphy some traction in Arlington, but then the word on the street is, that Charlie's core constituency is aging and no one has seem him around town since his DUI conviction back in the the endorsement might be a bit of a wash despite Charlie's prominent photo in Murphy's latest mailer.

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