Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Romney is still spending like a deadbeat tout in a $1,000 claims horse race

and he is still locked in a tight fight in Iowa and New Hampshire.
I wonder how much longer before Tagg Romney and his brothers figure out that every SUV rental, every spaghetti supper, every newspaper advert, every mini bus rented to transport voters to the polls...is quite literally coming out of their inheritance??
It took Steve Forbes' kids two election cycles to figure out the old man was tossing their legacy away into the hungry maw of the early primaries sans avail...Romney's offpsring though, don't impress me as being all that bright. The thought that their mad phat ticket to ride is being relentlessly degraded by their chilly charmless dad's ambition probably hasn't beaten it's way into their noggins yet.
But it will never fear...even the rich and terminally dumb must sooner or later take counsel with their interests.
Meanwhile all I can say is, SPEND MITT SPEND!

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