Thursday, February 05, 2009

Joanie Vennochi is never more

hilarious to me than when she pretends to be a big loud populist. It is akin to watching my nephews pretend to be space explorers or pirates, the artifice itself is comic gold.
Today, from the toasty fastness of her huge salary and cubicle on Morrissey Boulevard she decries the elitists down in the White House and their malevolent insiderism.
The problem with this pose is, populists have to believe in stuff, free silver, fair elections, one man one vote etc etc...and Joanie doesn't believe in anything except complaining on a weekly basis about democrats. She had to take aim at something or someone today and since John Kerry has been out of the headlines Barack Obama was her only option.
Meanwhile this little known populist grinding away in a distinctly Teddy Rooseveltian fashion...if he takes to carrying a cavalry saber and shouting "BULLY!" then we'll know I guess.

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