Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proposal #2

As long as we are in a recession and the natural tendency is to scrimp and save, why not revive postal savings accounts?
I think this is a jim-dandy idea that'll promote microsaving far and wide, especially in rural communities that lack banking facilities. Hell, the PO could add all sorts of simple on-line gimmicks, rent safety deposit boxes and help build up real investment capital at the street level.
Hell, this isn't even a new idea, the PO offered postal savings accounts from 1910 thru 1966, people forget these were huge back in the depression. An account could be opened sans worry or woe by a ten year old depositor!
Fancy that!
The PO is gonna need to re-brand itself going forward it isn't enough to be the paper-mover of last resort mail as volume is dropping thanks to the internet. They have an unmatched community install base and a very professional work force what the need now is new mission, something that benefits the average American and something that'll bolster thrift and a sense of personal responsibilty, I'm calling it for postal savings accounts.

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