Sunday, January 29, 2012

I care little for the details of Scott Brown's

National Guard service, I am sure the whole thing is on the up and up.

I think it somewhat odd, though, that the nation has been at war for twelve years now and never once has this commissioned officer of the Massachusetts Guard been called up for active duty in a war zone.

Yes I know, he is an attorney attached to the Judge Advocate's Office. Seems ironic though, in twelve years of fighting, that Brown only saw the front lines as a visiting Junior Senator on a fact finding tour.

Then again according to my mother, in the Battle of the Bulge, Eisenhower stripped the rear echelons bare in an effort to stem the German Offensive, all save the lawyers in the Judge Advocate's Office.
My old man confirmed this obliquely when he famously observed that at St. Vith they sent mess attendants, cooks and quartermaster's assistants into the fight..."no lawyers there" he concluded.

No lawyers indeed.
Like I said, I'm sure that Scott Brown's National Guard record is entirely free of any hint of malfeasance or wrongdoing...or heroism for that fact.

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