Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Apparently the Big Fix Proposed for the MBTA

comes down to either a ten percent hike in fares over two years or a five percent hike over two years....but pretty much it sounds like it's gonna be a hike in fares come what may. Moreover the Globe has some palaver in today's article about the high number of MBTA employees who pull down over a 100K a year...shocking supposedly the MBTA's fiscal board is ordering an audit, which is music to the ears of Scot Lehigh I'm sure. Not fer nuthin' but I'd love it if some reputable institution would audit the Boston Globe (and for that fact the Herald) to see how many employees therein are scoring for 100K a year despite a decline in sales and advertising revenue....at least MBTA can point in an across the board increase in ridership. I said a year ago or so that in the end the ridership will get stuck with higher fares and a decline in service unless they got into some sort of coalition with the MBTA workforce itself....and from the looks of things that gloomy prediction is coming true.

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