Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bill Kristol is talking about a third party in 2016

which is a good indication that the GOP Insiders are starting to get thoroughly scared that there may be not alternative to Trump from within the current GOP Presidential Ranks. Right now I rate this sheer blather, the GOP has actually fractured in an election year exactly once in one hundred and four years AND THAT was in 1912! Although on at least two subsequent occasions independent candidacies strongly compromised the republican's performance in the electoral college....normally third even fourth parties are bad news for the ever contentious democrats. On the other hand the times might be ripe for a third party uprising a sort of Anti Trump Conservative Alternative, but the GOP itself is too staid and too easily scared to make a leap like that moreover what credible candidate could the "abstainers" gin up? Jeb Bush??? Rubio? Scott Walker....I openly predict none of that lot have the guts no matter how much they may hate Trump, I wouldn't even put it past Rubio to join a Trump Ticket as Veep if push comes to shove. Like I said blather at this point but it illustrates the GOP's dilemma nicely nobody wants Trump, Trump continues to top the polls, none of the candidates have a clue as to how to put down The Donald, everyone waits pensively on events like death row convicts hoping for a reprieve. Thin hopes right now IMHO.

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