Tuesday, December 08, 2015

I will grant that

Governor Baker is likely sincere when he reject's Donald Trump's plan to bare Muslims from entering the USA under almost all circumstances. I mean it's crazy UnAmerican and unworkable and also a deeply desired narcotic to the GOP Base. We can't expect detailed policy pronouncements from Donald Trump he is a bit of a political drug pusher after all, one that the rest of those jobbers in the GOP sweeps can't seem to stop. But it's easy for Baker to reject Trump's plan for Muslim ethnic cleansing....Charlie is after a moderate republican from a blue state. Moreover such resolute public rejection does nicely obscure the Governor's own ambivalence about taking in Syrian Refugees or at least that seems to be how the ever worshipful Boston Globe is playing it in today's metro section. Blogger gold though Trump is, I'm resistant to the urge to turn this into a 24-7 Donald Trump blogathon. That doesn't mean I don't wanna see whatever passes for his stump speech in NH though. BTW by all accounts Trump has a plurality up there and a double digit lead on whatever wanker is in second place this week and all by doing as little personal retail campaigning in the Granite State as possible. I find that part interesting...and instructive as to the "nationalization" of the New Hampshire Primary. My question is, what IF, Trump places in Iowa, wins New Hampshire and sweeps South Carolina....? At that point the RNC would have to get absolutely frantic about stopping Trump, but would the leadership countenance serious all out "Florida Recount" skullduggery in a bid to thwart Donald Trump?

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