Thursday, October 05, 2017

I'm still wrapping my mind around

The fact that some mysterious "millionaire" in Nevada can sneak 27 firearms into a Las Vegas Hotel room WITH a comparable supply of ammunition without anyone the wiser...
So much for the airtight security in Las Vegas.
And as usual its being credited as a"lone wolf attack" which is somewhat questionable as we've clearly become a society that actively and passively enables this kinds of mass-annihilation attacks, given all that enabling its a wonder I'm alive to post this blog entry quite frankly.

This is otherwise natural selection at work at least as a metaphor, its a target rich environment, one that enables the acculmulation of annihilatory firepower, that and the element of surprise is all you need to kill dozens upon dozens.  "Lone Wolves" don't need to conspire or ingather others into their plans they've already perfectly adapted to an environment that favors them to an extraordinary degree.
But this is society we are talking about, an artificial creation in every way, we can change that environment and thus the rules any time we like...but why go on? "I grow lyrical" to quote the Late Mencken.

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